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House of Payne last night!

Didn't I tell you! 

Wasn't HOUSE OF PAYNE incredible last night? 

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  • M.H

    I thought about the grass and to be in it. To be there by me would be quite sad,but to be there with someone I love would be quite... insightful. I wanna be me with you in the grass. Hot but making prayers. What's wrong Perry? Peace will come my love.

  • dorothy simpson Rantoul Illinois

    did not like the way you ended House Of Payne . Would have to see a happy ending with everyone thinking back to there time on the show, None of my friends liked it either they were just as dispointed with the show as I was. Please bring back one more show with a better ending . Still love you though and watch everyting that you do, even got the people at the library here buying all of your dvds for the library. keep up the good work.Ps still have to go see witness Protection

  • Ruth A Pinckney Philadelphia, PA 19131

    Ok I was very upset watching the House of Payne on Friday. Why did it have to end like that if the show had to go off (which I did not know ) Why could it not have been a happy one? Why do all the good shows have to be taken off for junk. I only saw part of the new show you and to be frank I did not like it. So I hope if at all possible you could bring back the paynes. God Bless.

  • Ms.T

    I loved that you bring the light of God to this dark world through your movies, tv shows and plays...There are very few if any really good programs to watch on TV anymore its so much peversity in the world we serve a Holy God who does not want us to conform to its ways...please dont change or be lead by thing or anyone else but God...as long as HE is your motivation and HE is leading you in your decisions everything will be OK you have a very large following my only request is Please Dont give in to the secular world continue to plant seeds of God...enough preaching LOL I love house of payne I wish it could have gone on forever LOL Blessings on your head I know things are ruff for you during this season Rest in God he will give you the ability to go through even with the pain May THE MOST HIGH God we serve shower you with his love and peace so that you are not laking in your spirit...Blessings

  • Jackie Miami,fl

    I thought "House of Payne " was so touching. It was so good to see to Sherman and Marla again. It really did my heart good. Tyler really gets it. I am missing "Jasmine". Where is she? I think Kim Kardashian should be given a chance. Most are judging her on rumors ( judge not). Tyler's films are spiritual based. This just might be what and where Kim needs to be. Maybe God put her in this place. She's young and has a lot of learning to do. So, relax and let Tyler do what he does best.

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