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I Can't Find the Words

I’m trying to find the words to say thank you. Almost 3 million of you went to see MADEA’S WITNESS PROTECTION this weekend. WOW! I THANK GOD FOR YOU!! It’s going to take me a second to get the right words together to share. But just know that I so appreciate it, along with everybody here at Tyler Perry Studios.

If you didn’t see MADEA’S WITNESS PROTECTION, it's in theaters now, although it’s in far fewer theaters than any of the movies that opened this weekend (which is one of my fights). I hope that doesn’t stop you from going to see it. You may have to drive a little bit, but you’ll laugh a whole lot.

I told you it was hilarious. Tell all your friends and Facebook folks and tweeters to go see it. Ok? Don’t leave all that laughter to yourself :)

I love you.

Talk soon and may God bless you,


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  • Dee Pittman New Orleans

    I didn't have a chance to go and see it yet but as soon as I get my money right I'm going to catch it. I try my best to support you in everything you do. You are 1 in very few who still make clean entertainment, I love and respect you for that. Please don't change. I know you were saying you still have to fight after all this time but keep fighting. Your fan base is solid, it's not a fad that goes in and out of style. Continue to follow your heart and keep your soul, your real fans are watching and we love you just the way you are. Always know that if it's made easy it aint worth nothing. With Love, Dee Pittman

  • Carolyn L.A., CA

    You are so very welcome! We really enjoyed the movie & you are right it was hilarious! It was worth it!

    • Alyce Newport News Va #1704320

      I didn't think the movie was hilarious, even though parts of it were funny. As a matter of fact, I didn't think the intent was to be funny. To me, it was a lot about real life and lessons to be learned. I went with my 3 and 6 years old granddaughter and they both paid attention, especially to the gospel singing part. My 6 year old got the message taught when the teenager was told her parents were dead. She said that's what she got for being so mean to her parents. But the funnies part to me was the outakes, specifically the one with the bidet and commode. Now that was very funny!

  • Connie Memphis

    Hi Tyler. Going to see Witness Protection this Friday. Would have gone opening night, but this is not my pay week. (Believing God to be paid WEEKLY). Anyway, I am taking my mom mother-in-law Friday. Then my hubby & I will take the kids Saturday. Love the previews! TYLER PERRY SUPPORTER FOR LIFE! P.S.-Don't be moved by the haters. If Jesus had haters, you know you are doing something right if you have them. Be blessed

  • Gainmore Bulawayo Zimbabwe

    That is great i am happy for Tyler. It's unfortunate for us who are in the other side of the planet. We haven't seen your new movie yet but hope it will be here soon. Keep it up peace

  • susieq falmouth

    are soowelcome big guy lol xxxooo love ya lots

  • Lasharon DETROIT

    Your welcome :-) I have made almost everyone I know go see your movie. I loved it! Oh by the way I seen it twice Friday @ the movies and Saturday @ the drive in. Keep doing what your doing!

  • Mableline Bk DaQueen Nawhlinz

    Well I haven't seenchit yet.

  • Sophie Texas

    Mr. Perry. Just want you to know I understand you may have trouble as you release movies but just keep in mind if God be for you, WHO? can be against you? sir, know that is how you are doing your greatest work for Chirst, it is through the struggle. You are Blessed of God and there is no one that can stop you from being Blessed. God has given you such a gift and you are not sitting on your talent, you are doing what you are supposed to do with it and guess what? God will only increase it. Mr. Perry you amaze me with what you do but I understand it is God through you. You have made me laugh, cry, sing, dance, and extremely Praise Jesus!. You sir, have no reason to hang your head down. Keep doing what God says do and you will continue to WIN!. I am on your side always and I thank you. It is ALWAYS! my pleasure to support you. I too am from Louisiana and my mother and her sisters are related to Madea. (Smile). Keep your chin up brother and always know; WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. HE IS ON YOUR SIDE AND HE WILL NEVER LEAVE OR FORSAKE YOU. Continue to be Blessed.

  • Cheryl North Caroina

    Tyler, I took my twins and one of my daughter's friend to see your movie Friday afternoon. We really enjoyed the movie. You really have a way of bringing laughter to others. I heard you on the TJMS talking about your new movie in October and saw the preview while i was in the theater. Looks like there is going to be a lot of action and suspense. Wow 3 million viewers. That is wonderful for just 3000 theaters. Imagine if you had more theaters, what the total would be.I'm praying that you won't have to fight as hard in the future. Good luck Tyler and God bless.

  • To: Mr. Perry

    Tyler Perry, I’m trying to find the words to say: Let me work with you! I can tell you immediately that I should work with you! Regarding the movie, "Madea's Witness Protection," you did tell us that it was hilarious. I can tell that you read the messages and have really considered the opinions of your supporters based on the verbiage in the message. That means a lot. But, to be honest, I have watched you and read your messages. And, I see the growth. I see the consideration that you have for people and the constructive comments given by your supporters, even if you do not always agree. You still maintain decency and respect; and you do not come back with rude comments. That is a sign of greatness, integrity, and maturity. And, it shows that your desire is to do right by people. So, you're welcome! It is my pleasure to support you. It would truly be a pleasure for me to work with you. I know that I will be a tremendous asset to your work and life. You will not regret it. I am serious, Tyler Perry! Trust God that He has your best interest at heart! Talk soon and may God bless you!

  • Regina Houston

    Mr Perry. At first when you started out, I didn't quite understand the stage plays. (I'm sorry, I'm slow.). But as I began to watch your movies I saw the messages., You have a great ministry. I hope you see your work like that. May God bless you for it. Let me say ( in my Madea voice) I don't care who don't like it, baby, you keep on keepin on! We just bought and watched Good Deeds and We were floored at the humanity you and Thandie displayed. My husband and I thought it was very well done. And you are growing. We are one of your prayer intercessors and we lift you before God daily. Never lose sight of who God has made you to be and what He has purposed you to do! My birthday is this week and we are going to see Witness Protection. We may post again. I'm getting the hang of tweeting and blogging! Bless you man of God! Derrick and Regina

  • Lilieth Hyattsville, Maryland.

    Hi Tyler. my collection of all your DVDs are very special, I have even bought some and send them to friends as gifts, ( Not bootleg), my latest is Aunt Bam, which my husband and I really enjoy watching, I thank you for providing us with so much laughter, which takes away the stress of life at times. I pray that God will always be your Anchor and support when things get too rough, you are firmly establish in his spirit and his love, May the peace of God be with you always .

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