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I Can't Find the Words

I’m trying to find the words to say thank you. Almost 3 million of you went to see MADEA’S WITNESS PROTECTION this weekend. WOW! I THANK GOD FOR YOU!! It’s going to take me a second to get the right words together to share. But just know that I so appreciate it, along with everybody here at Tyler Perry Studios.

If you didn’t see MADEA’S WITNESS PROTECTION, it's in theaters now, although it’s in far fewer theaters than any of the movies that opened this weekend (which is one of my fights). I hope that doesn’t stop you from going to see it. You may have to drive a little bit, but you’ll laugh a whole lot.

I told you it was hilarious. Tell all your friends and Facebook folks and tweeters to go see it. Ok? Don’t leave all that laughter to yourself :)

I love you.

Talk soon and may God bless you,


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    TP, thank you so much for the laughs. I saw Madea Witness Protection on Friday night with some friends. I made sure I ate before I left home and did not purchase anything to eat or drink at the Theater. Sure glad, I did it that way...I laugh so much it was hilarious. Listen, Bernie Madoff would not have last one hour with Madea. Praying that God would touch the hearts of those people that control which movies go to which Theaters, God is going to change their hearts suddenly. Continue to do and follow the path that he laid out for you. What God have for you is for you. YOU ARE A BLESSING...YOU BLESS US AND WE BLESS YOU!

  • Tawana Lael Atlanta

    We love you too Mr. Perry! I saw the movie on Friday and it was hilarious! I have you on my dream board and it is my desire and prayer that one day I have the opportunity to work with you in some compacity. I am a Singer/Songwriter/Actress and it would be an honor if you would please check out my music at www.tawanalael.com. In the meantime stayBlessed!!!!

  • Shelia Football Hall of Fame, Oh

    Hi r. Py have not had a chance to go see it yet, but few my co-workers and I are planning on going to see it when one person come back from this week from vacation and have plans with my son girlfriend to go see it. I love your work and may God keep Blessing you in all that life bring your way. May your battles be turned around for your victory.

  • Tina Milford, CT

    I loved it as I thought I would. My son and his friend enjoyed it as well. Can't wait to see the new movie you are in "Alex Cross". Totally different re for you but it looks like you pull it off. Just wish you gave us a heads up on a new movie you were going to be in. Oh well I guess surprises are just as good. Just keep making us laugh!!!

  • pat bayless martinez ca

    Just seen the new Madea movie loved it also cant wait for your new movir to come out

  • Keidra Jackson atlanta, ga

    U r so welcome, Thank u so much for sharing your gift with us.

  • Ty North Carolina

    Hi Mr. Perry I just enjoyed a home cooked meal by my mother. I am delighfully full. :-) I plan on going to the movies to see Madea's Witness Protection tonight. Hopefully, my mother will go with me. I believe you are truly thankful for all the support. After I see the movie, I will post another message on your page. I love and appreciate you.

  • Mae Nelson Corona

    I enjoy all of Tyler Perry movies, this one was funny it's a must go see movie


    HEY TYLER , thank you papa for all that love and care you have for all of as. God Bless You and know thing we will always be by your side!! here is a lil spanish for ya muchos besos > lots of kisses. Dios Te Bendiga > God Bless You . te quiero> love ya lol talk to you soon love!

  • Jennifer Smith Pembroke Pines, Florida

    WELL! WELL! Tyler Perry, you've outdone yourself. Madea's Witness Protection was a riot of fun and laughter. All seats were sold out. It was pleasing to my eyes to see people of different nationalities supporting your movie. A Latin woman sat next to me, she carried on to be a Tyler Perry die hard junkie fan. She laughed so hard until she made me laugh harder. It served her right that you did that old school thing, pouring a bucket of water on her. The way this generation mouth off to their parents, I can only say they are a foreign breed of a different evolution. Significant messages were delivered in your movie. I sent out referrals to watch it. Greatly accepted they were. Tyler Perry, I must say, it was refreshing to see new faces in your movie. Smile on, you've earned it! Jennifer Tyler Perry, daily I practice that significant message that you said in your movie about not giving up. I won't give up on you personally responding to Detour Literary Project. You can relate tremendously to Detour Project. It has your name written all over it. Free choice I'm sharing with you my daughter and I had no aspirations of becoming writers. We stumbled into it because God planted the seed with my daughter while on her spiritual journey. The spirit prompted me to prepare your informative Detour Project Portfolio, since January twenty twelve. God sent me knocking at your door. When it's God's will, nothing can stop it. Patiently I await for you to answer my knock for me to submmit sampling Product Detour Project Literature to your email. Uplifting and inspirational it will be to you since two thousand and eight, the presenter and I engaged in conversations of you aboarding Detour Project. What I am looking for to relate to my series of books: The negotiation of a play, movie, and a book deal. So long, I'm out of here to continue preparing your God sent Detour Project portfolio, which means God is first class all the way. African-American Mother and Daughter Authentic Authorship. A wilderness family story.

  • Sheneith Hawkins Dallas,Tx.

    ...and we love you.

  • lasonya holloway

    U r best in show business today!!!! GOD bless

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