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I Can't Stand These Kinds of People

People who do this are some of the lowest in my book.

There are some scams going around the Internet asking people to pay money to have an audition for me. THAT IS NOT TRUE. You never have to pay for an audition. I, nor any professional company, will make you pay for an audition. DON'T GET SCAMMED.

Also, I DO NOT HAVE A SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM. Do not let anyone tell you that I have a scholarship program that you have to pay to be a part of, ok? That's NOT TRUE! I have put a lot of kids through college but it's not something you can request or pay me for. They have been gifts, so don't let these folks trick you.

Do not give anyone any money in my name. This is all a SCAM. I HOPE THESE PEOPLE GET CAUGHT.

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  • Gloria Georgia

    What should we do if we want to audition for you?

  • vicki ohio

    Mr. Perry, I just happened upon this web site last evening, and felt that this was my one chance to let you know, that you are an incredibly intelligent and talented man. I am not a soap opera fan, so I do not watch that series. I am a great fan of your movies, the work and honesty you put in them, and your choice of actors and actresses who star in them. I love Madea and the way she reminds me of how it used to be when I was a child. I hope god continues to bless you all of the days of your life.

  • M. Alston Greensboro, NC

    I would like to say thank you for the inspiration to keep on going. During the past few years I have lost many loved one that have gone on to be with the Lord and that has left me as the Matriarch of the family. I am the one that the entire family depends on and this has really become a strain on me. I basically work a minimum wage job at a university, where I have graduated and received my undergraduate degree and I am currently attending a university to obtain my Master's Degree. Through all of this I am really trying to maintain my sanity and my faith, but it feels like it has become too much. I have fallen behind on all of my bills and they are threatening foreclosure on my home and to turn off everything else. No matter from listening to your testimonials, watching you pray for Bishop T.D. Jakes and remembering what I was taught by my Great Aunts (103 and 108) before they passed, I just have to say "TO GOD BE THE GLORY". Your movies and plays are such an inspiration to me and they keep me going along with my faith. Your movies remind me of members of my family and they show me that GOD is always in control no matter how you deliver the message. PLEASE lift me up in prayer for GOD to show me my vision and my direction, and for him to deliver me from this test. Peace and Blessings!

  • Vina L Webb United States

    YouTube...Webb Twins at Milano's

  • BRITE-I Looking 4 me

    Just wanted to say "Hey" Physically & Mentally tired.. B- Blessed and place me in your prayers for healing..

  • Ms Proverbs NC

    Hi there Tyler :-) :-) You are something else :-) Yes I do believe you are a 'BIG KID" at heart too...LOL! Tyler I am too...I absolutely love Teddy Bears!! Well I Do...LOL! Tyler, I was going to order this 6 feet tall Teddy Bear that was advertised on T.V. This is true...LOL! I said to myself "Nah" I didn't wanna go to the extreme right now.....but maybe later..LOL!! Tyler your airplanes are really huge (Nice) Can I play......with you?? :-) :-) How in the world do you fly them? Would love to see the remote control for those mini airplanes.....Enjoy Yourself Sir with your "Tall and Handsome Self" Yes, I'm smiling while typing this post to you :-) :-) Nighty Night Sweet Dreamzzzz...Ms. Proverbs

  • michelle kennedy detroit michigan 48212

    hay and god bless you mr perry you are one of the greatest people god ever made the world need more people like you and it would like heaven paradise a better place to live in keep on with the keep on put god first in what ever you do in life it will keep on working for you like allways love you much keep on doing like you are trusting in the lord god love michelle kennedy

  • jadarius madea

    madea gets a job was hilarious really funny

    • jadarius madea #1924400

      madea s big happy family play hilarious really funny

    • jadarius tyler perry #1924402

      madea gets a job was hilarious really funny and the after thing was good i love singers

  • BRITE-I Seeking an Affimation

    I was wondering what happen to your inspirational corner section of your page, you have not recorded in a couple of years just wondering "Why?" The voice that people long to hear is yours whether it come from "You" or your "She" you - You are a living confirmation not only does God answer prayers, but he Lives.. The concept of continuous faith having faith at your weakest point is what I attempt to accomplish. When I find myself growing weak or my mind becoming empty I seek out the word. The blessing of this time, is the fact that the word can be found in many places... Thank you for allowing your page to be one :) Your story is not in where you have been yet were you are going. B-Blessed and know you are a blessing to many. Send words of affirmation, for that is the true blessing you can give to others. Still awaiting a prayer.. <3 <3 <3

  • Carla ohio and a dime)Cleveland

    Happy New Years TYLER" I have not written in a minute also...I want to say Hello, and when you come to Cleveland, and you need a quiet moment Benevolent Love Ministries is the Place to be, also Carla's which is myself will cook you a great home cook meal......I have had to change my email because, forgot password ...anyway you can always call....God Bless you and your Family.......Keep Letting GOD' use you.......THANK YOU ....

  • Isaiah Williams Denver Colorado

    I am your biggest fan.I love all of your movies and plays.

  • Veltee Davis

    So, you only use 1 Casting co for extras and it's Mainella, right? Okay because our group was questioning this last night. We don't know how casting work when it advertised. Or how it may look. I didn't understand the wording. But, Dana cleared it up for us. 10 to 12 for $75 a day and I'm wondering what does that 10 mean. It got to mean 100. 75/10. That is a lot of work. They have to be standing around waiting for a scene to start. Well, hope Dana wasn't upset with me questioning her. LOL You have a bless day.

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