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I Can't Stand These Kinds of People

People who do this are some of the lowest in my book.

There are some scams going around the Internet asking people to pay money to have an audition for me. THAT IS NOT TRUE. You never have to pay for an audition. I, nor any professional company, will make you pay for an audition. DON'T GET SCAMMED.

Also, I DO NOT HAVE A SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM. Do not let anyone tell you that I have a scholarship program that you have to pay to be a part of, ok? That's NOT TRUE! I have put a lot of kids through college but it's not something you can request or pay me for. They have been gifts, so don't let these folks trick you.

Do not give anyone any money in my name. This is all a SCAM. I HOPE THESE PEOPLE GET CAUGHT.

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  • Lillian Detroit

    Wow some folks! You really have to be careful, it's hard for me to trust folks. Because of stuff like this. And folks I thought were my friends weren't care

  • BRITE-I Right Here

    I wanted to share: The story about the captive who was held in a cage. Year in and year out the captive sat in the cage meekly accepting the hopelessness of his situation. One day, quite by accident the captive came to press on the door of the cage only for it to swing open. The door had never been locked, and the captive had been free to escape at any time all along. The moral, of course, is that the captive had only been a prisoner of his own thinking and nothing more. This story reminds me of myself as I attempt to form my experiences into a positive, or is this quota saying just FLY!!!!... Then that goes back to your Eagle and the distance between the nest and the ground and would there be anyone there to catch me.. Serious Business Proposal... Be Blessed and if you chose not to respond send prayers....

  • Sharon New York

    Thanks Tyler, You are great for informing your fans about these scams. I am a Performing Arts instructor and am constantly telling my students and parents that they have to be careful when going to auditions....in addition to being aware of scams to obtain money. Thanks for letting us know. Love and Hugs.

  • anita california city, ca

    I've been through a lot like that so that's why I didn't get into it. currently I'm praying to God that I get a job for modeling or acting been trying since I was 10 years old but I live in a small town which is really hard I do have transportation to get to my job but like you said they're scams out there so I just prayed to God that good half

  • Michelle Chattanooga tn

    Just left from seeing h*** hath no fear like a woman's scorn!! I could absolutely rewind it If it was possible I love love love loved it!! Everybody did awesome it's a must see! Wish tyler was here/there I love mama Hattie and Cheryl Pepsi Riley!! Since I was a kid Cheryl hope y'all come back to Chattanooga!! Mamma Hattie TU-Turn up Chatt town!! Hahaha this play was amazing!!

  • Ms. Debra L. Johnson MICHIGAN

    Thank you for the warning...I've not had cable-TV(by choice) and your fan like me is greatful that you took the time to alerts us of tricky-deceit-manipulation-conning-of wicky spirits that are trying to lure your followers. GOD BESSS YOU TYLER....I've missed a lot of your shows due to my legal battles of which I'm called as the pro-se litigant in my case for which the holy spirit has empowered me beyond my understanding. I'm so humble to the wisdom/guiding force that is moving me that wont' watch TV until this case is over so your updates are appreciated. I hope to meet you in person one day your sister in Christ have been following you from the start and you have been such a blessing to me I just want to say THANK YOU.

  • Shelley Jones FL

    Good day Mr. Perry, I think it is disgusting that people are so scandalous that they are willing, determined, and motivated to steal and mislead people. It is very important to do research on any company before you invest anything. Thank you for the heads up. There are many individuals who are desperate in pursuit of their dreams, and so to come across what seems to be an amazing opportunity to work with Tyler Perry can be all that is seen. I really don't know how people like this can sleep at night but they do. In fact when they sleep, they dream of schemes. Smh.

  • Wanda Delaware

    Thank you for posting this and it answered my other comment I posted!! I appreciate and glad we checked into it farther too!!

  • Alana Sac, CA

    Hi Tyler, Thanks so much for the heads up. I know I would never fall for something like that, but there are some people that do and that's sad. Folks have to use common sense, why would you ask for money if you're "helping" someone. Auditions??? Everyone should know better. I hope they get caught as well! I can't stand a slimy snake, and that's just what scammers are. God threw the snakes out of heaven! I get fraudulent email all the time and I forward it to the company they are "using." (Western Union/Money Gram/Amazon/Walmart) The list goes on. People need to forward them to the company they're fraudulently using as well. If everyone gave a heads up, I think they can get control of it. I feel so bad for the elderly, they get scammed all the time. Thanks Again! Be Safe and Many Blessings to You!

  • BRITE-I Oregon

    Thanks for the heads up, I read an article about PO and it stated that within the last year 10years 10,000 minorities have been displaced out of the same five mile radius I have always lived... Where did my people go? Was this yet a scam? For now I find myself living in a neighborhood that has become unwelcoming, and yet a strange place to me... Still seeking to free myself from the bondage I have placed myself.. Hopefully the weather is clearing up for you.. Be blessed, and if you do not send me a life jacket than send me prayers.. <3 <3 <3

  • Joan Craig Jacksonville, NC

    Thank you Mr. Perry for the information you have provided. I have gotten caught up in this game. And unfortunately I have paid monies. But was able to cancel it after I had seen a message from you about this a while ago. But I do not know any other way to at least get an audition. I have been trying for years. I am not young anymore, but I would at least like an opportunity to play a extra. I am on the drama ministry at my church now. And love it! I have written a couple skits also. It would be a dream to just be under your anointing and experience your talent. Thank you Mr. Perry for just listening and hope to hear from you or your staff soon. Praying for your continued success and health. Much Love to you.

  • Vaniecia Houston

    Thank you for the heads up. I just absolutely love the way you communicate with us your fans. I have even suggested your model to other celebs. Keep on keeping on! You are one-of-a-kind.

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