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  • amina robert reensboro nc

    what can i do to be in one of your movies? I learn that it is very heard to an actor.

    • amina Greensboro Nc #1903085

      How does it feel like to play has Madea?

  • sharmaine philadelphia Pa

    I'm an inventor who is trying to get my invention done,It's very hard,I can't find an investor for my invention. I would like to see you do more comedy,creating more comedy.I'm asking for your help me Please.

  • Casandra Stanford Humble, Texas 77338

    I've been with you since your 1st show. I've watch you grow and become better every movie and play.y.es I would like to see the house of payne again. I'm also writing about a serious venture I would like to discuss with you. It would take 20 -30 minutes of your time but I do believe it would be worth your time to hear me out. Please give me a return call

  • lamonica jackson AugustaGa

    I say yes I like it because it funny

  • Drea Oklahoma

    I am late hearing that you will consider creating new episodes for House of Payne, but I thought I would post anyway. I would really enjoy seeing the show begin again. It was something I looked forward to seeing weekly. It is nice to be able to watch a show with my family and frequently we used House of Payne as talking points with our children. Some of the conversations that we have had are related to drugs, teenage pregnancy and molestation, changed lives, homelessness, mental illness, faith, forgiveness and prayer. The show was not just a show for laughs alone and it continues to be appreciated in my home.

  • Mariah college station, tx

    OMGosh yes.! I would love it even if it's just one more season. House of Payne is hands down my favorite show. I love it, I love it, I love it! I thinks it's one of your most underrated works. The story line, the twist, the hilarious quotes, this one deserves just one more shot.! I'm already working on adding all of the seasons to my DVD collection. Inspiring and entertaining, it doesn't get any better than that.!

  • clametra white aka Soul Tyler Tx

    Tyler I needs to find you..I so Love you an all the shows an movies.An Im waiting to be in one if you meet me you will never f**** me..I just need someone to give me a chance...Just one Real Chance an its on From There...Thanks

  • Marlene Tucker Duluth, GA

    Absolutely! You may also contact me to star in the new series with a speaking role. I played an extra in the Have and Have Nots for Season 2 during the past 2 weeks. My friends and family laughed at me for 10 years when I professed that I would get a chance to work with you on the set. Can you say the word FAITH? You will recall I was that dignified brown sister with the fur on her sleeves...LOL! Looking forward to working with you again real soon! Marlene Tucker

  • Tangelia Gulfport, MS

    Hi! I'm sure you don't remember me but I met you back when Madea was only in NOLA. What I'm trying to find out now is how to start up a show. I wrote a story that is very unique. After sharing the outline with close friends they feel I should really push a play at least. Everyone said I need to call you...lol ring ring! Pick up.......

  • Ms brown

    How do u stay so sexy said ms brown

  • mary page Graham N.C

    would love to see the Payne's again

  • Jamaira Green Rochester,NY

    Mr.Perry it has been a while I used to post messages everyday after House Of Payne ended expressing that you should bring the show back. After a few weeks I just accepted that the show was gone forever. At 15 I have seen many show reality, comedy and all but none of them that are positive and can be related to by the average people. I think that you should consider bringing the show back, however I don't think it was a good idea making Miranda leave Calvin. I think you should have them work out their problems and show other people that if you love someone you have to show them because your actions speak louder then your words. And I know your a busy man and that you probably wont read this or respond but if you can please call me, I don't want anything I just want you to know how passionate I am about this show. It would also be really cool to be able to even get on the phone with a person who brings so much laughter into my life, and whose creativeness shows me that my life could be 10 times worse then what it is and that I may not be where I want to be but im where I need to be and with hard work and determination I will be where I want to be as long as I stay positive, please give me a call but if you don't or cant I understand.

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