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I Just Had To Thank You!!!

Sitting here in my den watching the sunrise. Just finished my morning prayers and I’m about to do my workout for the day. Even though I have so much to be thankful for, this is still a very rough time of the year for me. As I’ve said before, most of you know why, but for those of you who don’t, I’ll tell you.  My mother died two years ago around this time of year and she was the closest person on this planet to me. We spoke just about every day, I mean almost EVERY day. I couldn’t go two days without hearing her voice, hearing her laugh, or hearing her stories. She was the best!  Ever since I was born we had such a bond. So needless to say, getting through these holidays that she loved so much is beyond difficult. So to get from Thanksgiving to December 8, which is the day she died in 2009, to Christmas, then to the New Years and to her Birthday, which was on February 12th, to Mother’s Day in May, can be rough. I simply try to float through this time of year the best way that I can. I think about her every day! She would have been 67 this year. ONLY 67. Life is so precious and but a moment.

I said all of that, so you know what kind of headspace I’m in.  “It’s a little grey,” but I didn’t want another day to pass without me telling you how much I appreciate all of you. My God in heaven, my shows on TBS moved to a new night. It was Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, and an advertising campaign that was nowhere near as aggressive as the launch of House of Payne and still 3.4 million people watched For Better or Worse last Friday.  WHAT!!! That’s INCREDIBLE!!!  Thank you so much.  The show is only on every Friday until the end of December. So if you haven’t seen it, please check it out this Friday. If you have seen it, keep watching.  In the next few weeks this show is going to take you on a rollercoaster ride that you won’t believe. Now that all the characters have been established, we can get into a story that is going to challenge trust in every sense of the word, you’ll see. And it’s not what you think:-)

I also want to thank you for sending A Madea Christmas to the top of the DVD sales charts this past week. What a blessing that is!  It is miraculous that I have been allowed to live my dream and even more of a blessing that you all stand with me constantly.

You have no idea what your support has meant to me, my family and the hundreds of employees that work at Tyler Perry Studios.  My prayer is that for everything that you have done for me and mine, that it comes back to you.

God bless, thank you - I’ll talk to you soon,


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  • Dominic A. Parson Fayetteville, NC

    May God's peace which transcends all understanding guard your heart and mind. When you are weak , He is strong. Your mom is in the cloud of witnesses cheering you on. Tyler you are doing a great job and i am very proud of you. Just imagine momma saying that my boy.

  • Tasha Washington

    I love you!

  • Kim Macomb, Illinois

    Tyler! why are you always depressed ? and why does it take you so long to get over things? I have never seen so many depressed rich people in all my life, people are starving in the world with no jobs and your in a grey area! wow. and when you tell your fans thank you, is it for making you richer? or for believing your crap. Will the real Tyler Perry please stand up!

  • Michelle Ross Jacksonville, Florida

    Dear Tyler, Please get a studio audience or some fake laughs or something in on the For Better or Worse set. I think it would really help the show out. I love it so far. I especially like how you have really toned Angela down. She is still herself but you can definately see she has evolved. Also can you please post when you will be having more casting calls for your upcoming plays or shows. I am sure you have some very talented fans (like myself) who would love the opportunity to audition for you. I am also so sorry to hear about your loss. I lost my grandmother/ mom ( she raised me) on November 18 2010 so I know first had how bad the holidays can be. Just know that I am praying with and for you.

  • jane pau

    Just heard about your loss, although i haven't known you for long, but i know within this short time of my knowing you, i have come to like you, and i know that just like you came out of you childhood abuse and overcome it, so shall you overcome this grief that you feel with the help of God, i feel your pain and the loneliness you feel right now, wish i could help you come out of it but i am far away and all i can do is pray and wish you well.

    • jeanette #1595743

      Jane, The best thing you can do for Tyler and anyone else is to pray for them! Don’t think about the pain you endured, fixate your thoughts on knowing that you had the COURAGE to SURVIVE. Find Jesus and call upon him as your Savior. When you do, then you will know that you are never alone. Call on the name Jesus and he will never forsake you, and he will set you free!

  • j

    I didn't know you two years ago, well I still don't know you, but you know what I mean! Sorry, for your loss! Let me tell you, the last conversation I had with my grandmother she told me " I'm too old to take care you and your son, I raised my own kids and my grandkids too, you have a child now, he is your responsibility, go to your mother" That night she pased away! She died so that I can live! Remember your mom, praise her, exault her, allow her memories to bring you joy! I'm confident that she would want to see you at peace with yourself. Your thoughts are flowing like a river. Let them be a river of happiness, joy, peace of mind, prosperity; a river of life! I will continue to pray for you!

  • Brittany Springfield

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    • Heather Las Vegas, NV #1599818

      What is the link for gifts please?

  • S. Hornsby Tampa, FL

    Hello Mr Perry. I understand that this is a hard time of the year for you. My father passed away in a car accident 3 days before Christmas when I was 10. It has been 17 years and it still hurts knowing that I never got a change to tell him goodbye or that I love him. I continue to honor him every Dec 22nd and every birthday, July 26. It is rough but all I try to focus on is that at least he's not here on Earth going through pain or not knowing who I am but that he could be in a better place with God. Hope this helps you in your time of need. Thank you for all that you do.

  • California California

    I always appreciate it when you share your feelings about your mother at this time of year. It helps me to feel like someone else understands what I'm going through and gives me the chance to talk about it without feeling guilty or like I'm burdening my friends. My Mother died 3 years ago on December 6th (tomorrow). My birthday is on December 7th. She died too young and spent too little time in the easier part of her life after unfairly enduring such hardship. My mom was my girl, my best friend. We had a very deep and close bond. I loved to make her laugh and to find ways to make her feel special. I worked hard to do well in life just to make her proud and give her something to smile about. Although the whole holiday season until Mother's Day is difficult for me too, this is the hardest week of the year. I decided to spend this week at the Big Idea Festival in Half Moon Bay. Being near the ocean with smart innovative people trying to solve the challenges of the world helps. My mother was about doing good for others and liked to see me working hard on important matters. I hope she's smiling and pleased. Hang in there, Tyler. I hope you also feel the extra closeness of your mother at this time of year. My mom told me, just like I'm sure your mom told you, that she was just going home. With all of your good work, I know you will see your mom again. I'm working hard to make sure I see mine, too. Thanks for letting me share my story. Happy Holidays

    • Rose Delgado Puerto Rico #1595387

      Hellar there Tyler, just read this about you and really touched me. I just turned 67 on 12/1, Lost my lifetime partner going on 6 years, and it hurts for a long time, but there comes a time when you just remember the happiness, this person bought to your life. God bless you, time will heal. I still have my mom and she is 86. I and millions love your work, when the new movies come out, I go to laugh a lots and feel happy. Take care my friend, :) God be with you.

  • tanya college park,ga

    Mr. perry, Just read your message about your mom. Praise God you had her that long. Lost my mom at the age of 49. Not a day goes by between March and Sept. that i don't not still shed a tear. Still to this day from 1989 when she died in her sleep, that I don't understand what happened or why. Talked with her everyday, and sometimes when the phone rings at a certain time, I jump and say "That's Mama". Then reality quickly sets in. Love your work. May God continue to Bless You. Loave ya!

  • emily Ghana

    we appreciate what you have been doing for us too. I am looking forward to the day Madea comes to Ghana. That will be so much fun. think about that too. have a blessed week. lots of love

  • Shay Chey Virginia

    Hi Tyler, Wow, you are really a class act. No, thank you for staying humble and full of humility. You deserve all of the success that God has given you and we pray you much more!! I loved the new show as well as the Christmas play. I went out on my lunch break to get it! :o) Our family traditionally will watch all of your plays for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was great to add to the collection. Keep em' comin...oh and I'm availble too for casting, LOL! #shamelessplug ;o) God Bless, Shay ;o)

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