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I Just Had To Thank You!!!

Sitting here in my den watching the sunrise. Just finished my morning prayers and I’m about to do my workout for the day. Even though I have so much to be thankful for, this is still a very rough time of the year for me. As I’ve said before, most of you know why, but for those of you who don’t, I’ll tell you.  My mother died two years ago around this time of year and she was the closest person on this planet to me. We spoke just about every day, I mean almost EVERY day. I couldn’t go two days without hearing her voice, hearing her laugh, or hearing her stories. She was the best!  Ever since I was born we had such a bond. So needless to say, getting through these holidays that she loved so much is beyond difficult. So to get from Thanksgiving to December 8, which is the day she died in 2009, to Christmas, then to the New Years and to her Birthday, which was on February 12th, to Mother’s Day in May, can be rough. I simply try to float through this time of year the best way that I can. I think about her every day! She would have been 67 this year. ONLY 67. Life is so precious and but a moment.

I said all of that, so you know what kind of headspace I’m in.  “It’s a little grey,” but I didn’t want another day to pass without me telling you how much I appreciate all of you. My God in heaven, my shows on TBS moved to a new night. It was Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, and an advertising campaign that was nowhere near as aggressive as the launch of House of Payne and still 3.4 million people watched For Better or Worse last Friday.  WHAT!!! That’s INCREDIBLE!!!  Thank you so much.  The show is only on every Friday until the end of December. So if you haven’t seen it, please check it out this Friday. If you have seen it, keep watching.  In the next few weeks this show is going to take you on a rollercoaster ride that you won’t believe. Now that all the characters have been established, we can get into a story that is going to challenge trust in every sense of the word, you’ll see. And it’s not what you think:-)

I also want to thank you for sending A Madea Christmas to the top of the DVD sales charts this past week. What a blessing that is!  It is miraculous that I have been allowed to live my dream and even more of a blessing that you all stand with me constantly.

You have no idea what your support has meant to me, my family and the hundreds of employees that work at Tyler Perry Studios.  My prayer is that for everything that you have done for me and mine, that it comes back to you.

God bless, thank you - I’ll talk to you soon,


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  • Kay Memphis

    Hello Tyler, I lost my mother a day before Mother's Day In 2001. My mom was my best friend, she was the one who kept me smiling when I felt down. My mom was my heart and I loved her dearly. Sometimes, I think I loved her so much, I forgot my God. When I had a problem, I would go to my mother. I didn't care what went wrong around me, as long as I had my mother. And one day God said her time was up here on earth. My mom was a true woman of God. I was reading this book my Terry McMillan at the time, Dollar Short, and for some reason I didn't want to get to the end of this book because I was living that moment. My mom was dying and God showed me. Just as I got to the end of the book, where the mother died, the next morning I received a call saying my mother was brain dead. My heart seems as if it just stop beating. And through all this my husband ( at the time) asked for a divorce because he said I was spending too much time with my mother during her illness and he felt I should be at home with him. Well to make a long story short, I was very bittered, but I came around. Creflo Dollar's "Love" series helped heal me. To this day, I don't celebrate Mother's Day. I try to avoid it by staying at home. I still cry because I miss my mom so much, but I know she's in heaven enjoying herself ans still praying for her family. I'm glad she don't have to hurt no more, worry no more, I'm glad she's free and at peace. Tyler be in peace knowing that your mother is at peace. One day we will have to go away, but it will be a glorious day. We will have our wings and there will be no more hurt or pain. And best of all we will she our mothers again. Be strong and stay encouraged. Keep up the good work. You are awesome. Love You

  • Prayerful~KIKI Tx

    Good Evening, Tyler, (in the words of Bishop Paul Morton) I pray for you, you pray for me and watch God change things. I am in my Joseph season; the pit (I know it's just a test and I just have to hold on). Don't know my left from my right but all I know is I got to hold on for me and my family. I keep speaking the word and speaking positive and I know it's got to change because it's his word. I've Lost everything but had I not lost everything, I couldn't say that God is my everything. Very limited income (went from $2500 a month to about $1200) and one month away from having to move but yet my faith is in him. He has never let us down and I don't expect him to either. All I can do right now is praise him and trust him. Yes, I'm tired but I can't give up, but I know that God is a miracle worker. I watched a youtube video from TD Jakes and all I could do is cry because God allowed him to speak to me from a video months ago. Tyler, I know that you are a very busy man and it be a miracle if I'd meet you or get a call but I ask that you pray for me as I continue to pray for you.

  • kayla

    Sorry about your mother and I hope you do well on your next play or movie that you write. I have always been a big fan of yours and always wanted to be in one of your plays or movies. You have inspired me to in so many ways. You have always told the truth about whats really in the world and I appreciate that. So stay close to god and keep writing about the truth. GOOD LUCK!!!!:-)

  • Kia Great Lakes Naval Station, IL

    Hello Mr. Perry, I just wanted you to know I enjoy your new show For Better or For Worse. I declare this is my life in some form or fashion, I have the baby momma drama with no end in sight. The show is awesome!!! The reason for my message to you other than to let you know how good the new show is, is to say thank you!! I have been down lately, today my son who's 13 and I decided to watch the play Madea Goes to Jail, this play is old as you know because you wrote it but the message was so real, just as it was the first time I saw it. I thank God for you, because everything, I mean everything that goes on in my life you have written a story about it and at some point, your stories lift me up. I always say God always shows up just in time and in the strangest ways. I just want to say I appreciate you and may God continue to bless you as you have blessed me. I love you!!

  • Caroline Nyc

    God Bless you always! Holidays are so hard I miss my pops and its been 13 years. I miss my one and only uncle/ TIO who was like my 2nd pops! It's going to be 3 years an I still ball up ' Thank God for our memories Take care

  • Anita cleveland

    Tyler, my mother passed away 2 years ago. December 12th two days before her 89th birthday, I can feel you and understand. This time of the year is very rough. I do a lot more reading of my bible and more and more extra prayers to get me through this very difficult time.

  • Sherry Price Charlotte,NC

    I learned to respect the power of love, and once I respect the power, I learn of God's love. Tyler, smile .

  • Ty Virginia

    TP I know the holidays are challenging for you because your Mom isn't here. However, she left you so many memories! Think of her and smile. She would want you to be happy not sad. My Mom is 63 and I can't imagine my life without her. I understand how important she was to you. I want you to be encouraged because you are not alone! I appreciate all the times that you made me laugh when I wanted to cry. Thank you so much! Your movies have blessed me a great deal! It is amazing. Every time I see one of your movies, I think about the goodness of God. I'm thankful. Well I gotta go. I'm a little stressed right now because of final exams but I know it will soon be over! :-) I believe we all reap what we have sowed whether good or bad. I give in some way everyday. I believe God has wonderful plans for me. God has never let me down. I trust God to do what only He can do! Blessings are on the way. I pray that God will super-exceed His blessings in your life! Take care. Talk to you later. :-)

  • Maureen Nairobi, Kenya

    Hi Tyler, Youve always been a role model to me. I can understand that feeling only too good....I lost the person i loved most in this world on 5th dec. 2003...my dad That's one day i'll never forget...then the next day was my mom's 50th birthday..... since then this time has always been a sad time. Anyway, let me say that i really look forward to watching your movies and shows. I find them so inspiring. Thank you and keep doing what you do best... Maureen Achieng' Nairobi, Kenya.

  • Charlene Menlo Park, CA

    I understand how you feel during this time of year. My mom passed a year before yours, in the same month, only 7 days before Christmas. Whenever I hear, "Silent Night" by The Temptations, the tears come. She was my best friend, and to me, the best mom in the world. :) My mom's birthday was in January, too. So, Christmas, New Year's and then her birthday, it does tend to be much, but then I remember the things we used to do together and I smile. I thank God for her. He knew what He was doing when He gave me to my mom. Just remember the good times, cry if you want to and then smile, because you know she's free.

  • Nota Chicago, Illinois

    No thank you Mr. Perry. My God continue to bless you. Remember one day at a time. Its gets better.

  • Monique Netherlands

    Thank you for your message! I can imagine that you miss your mother everyday. As I see my mother getting older I think of it everyday what will happen to me when she is not here any more. I talk to her every day, I tell her I love her, I hugh her. She is so emotional at this age 78 so I observe her alot and I can see that she thinks alot about her life, when I ask her what she is thinking she never tells me she says it's oke or she laughs. I love my mom. Bless Mo:)

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