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I Just Had To Thank You!!!

Sitting here in my den watching the sunrise. Just finished my morning prayers and I’m about to do my workout for the day. Even though I have so much to be thankful for, this is still a very rough time of the year for me. As I’ve said before, most of you know why, but for those of you who don’t, I’ll tell you.  My mother died two years ago around this time of year and she was the closest person on this planet to me. We spoke just about every day, I mean almost EVERY day. I couldn’t go two days without hearing her voice, hearing her laugh, or hearing her stories. She was the best!  Ever since I was born we had such a bond. So needless to say, getting through these holidays that she loved so much is beyond difficult. So to get from Thanksgiving to December 8, which is the day she died in 2009, to Christmas, then to the New Years and to her Birthday, which was on February 12th, to Mother’s Day in May, can be rough. I simply try to float through this time of year the best way that I can. I think about her every day! She would have been 67 this year. ONLY 67. Life is so precious and but a moment.

I said all of that, so you know what kind of headspace I’m in.  “It’s a little grey,” but I didn’t want another day to pass without me telling you how much I appreciate all of you. My God in heaven, my shows on TBS moved to a new night. It was Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, and an advertising campaign that was nowhere near as aggressive as the launch of House of Payne and still 3.4 million people watched For Better or Worse last Friday.  WHAT!!! That’s INCREDIBLE!!!  Thank you so much.  The show is only on every Friday until the end of December. So if you haven’t seen it, please check it out this Friday. If you have seen it, keep watching.  In the next few weeks this show is going to take you on a rollercoaster ride that you won’t believe. Now that all the characters have been established, we can get into a story that is going to challenge trust in every sense of the word, you’ll see. And it’s not what you think:-)

I also want to thank you for sending A Madea Christmas to the top of the DVD sales charts this past week. What a blessing that is!  It is miraculous that I have been allowed to live my dream and even more of a blessing that you all stand with me constantly.

You have no idea what your support has meant to me, my family and the hundreds of employees that work at Tyler Perry Studios.  My prayer is that for everything that you have done for me and mine, that it comes back to you.

God bless, thank you - I’ll talk to you soon,


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  • Sister Willie Mae Neal w/the 5 pies Selma N.C 27576

    Hello Mr Perry, How are you I just want to thank you for being dedicated to your work and giving all of your love time, patience in everything you do oh yeah it shows I am grateful to you. For Better or Worse was a blast I enjoyed it every television show that has been on I have watched it. Bless you and your staff I love you all thank you so much.I may not get up here often but just know I am with you keeping you all tightly covered in prayer. God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Willie

  • Niki Blalock Barber Dallas,NC

    Tyler, We (my husband and I) really do appreciate you. All that you stand for. All that you are. Al lthat you do. We are either quoting something you said, Madea said or just anything from one of your shows. Your sincerity and love jumps off the screen. We support you as much as possible. We missed the shows in Atlanta the week of august 28-september 4. Hard decision. We were married on August 28th, son's birthday on Sept. 3rd and finances were too tight due to paying for our wedding. My husband informed me that he was told you were coming to Charlotte the 1st weekend in February. Is this true? Need to know so i can put in for vacation that day. Plenty of days built up so why not use one or two for one of your shows. We love you Mr. Perry. Our prayer for you is that God continue to increase your territory and give you continuous strength to do his will. Lord please continue to give him and his staff traveling mercies throughout all the assignments you have for them to fill in your name. Amen. Mr Perry may all your days be blessed.

  • Babbette Mitchell Drew, Ms. 38737

    Thank you Mr. Perry for putting out all of the plays and movies because I be killing myself laughing at all the things that the cast and you are doing to make people that or down and having problem like some of the thing in the plays and movies you do. Mr Perry can I ask you something, I'm trying to graduate this coming semester, but I can't because I owe Moorhead College $1250.00 dollar and I don't have it and I was wondering could you help me out because I really want to graduate in May 2012. So could you email me and lt me know something because I really and truely trying to graduate.

  • Donna Strothers United States

    Tyler: I would just like to say THANK YOU! Thank you for being the God fearing person that you are. Thank you for answering your calling and being true to your purpose. Every movie, play, or show that you do leaves the audience laughing, but not without a true life lesson to take home. People of all ages, races and background can relate to the messages. Keep following the steps that God orders in your life. I will continue to pray your strength in God and comfort through this rough time of year for you. Stay on your knees...an you will stay blessed.

  • Jennifer Lewis Plantation, Fl.

    Good night Tyler, I was on the road most of the day, and finally I found this moment to write you. I too have experienced the loss of my mom in 2008, three days before Christmas. I remember it as if it was yesterday, painful memory to reflect upon. Through curiosity, I just checked my calculator & discovered with much grief... she would have been 53 today. I couldn't hold back the tears at the realization that she died so young. My mom had a rough life, and it is through her adversities and resilient nature to fight & start all over again. That I am carrying the torch to supreme greatness in God. GREAT NEWS!! Just reunited with my father after 20years, unfortunately I haven't been able to see him in the flesh. I firmly believe in Gods perfect timing... Mothers... Never ever duplicated. You mentioned the watching the sunrise from your den, must be absolutely beautiful, and the workout is a definite must. In order for us to live out Gods plan for our lives, dying prematurly will be tragic to those that need us. I'm so very very happy for your success on " FOR BETTER or WORSE." Please forgive me!!! Due to the obstacles of life, I have yet to tune in!! Soooon!! I promise!! Lol! I love you!! & I THANK YOU!!!! You always brighten my day!! Whatever you do, enjoy this Holiday Season. Your Mom would want you too. Warmest Regards, Jennifer J <:><

  • MIRACLE LADY LONDA Pensacola, Florida

    I first want to tell you thank you. I know it must be hard to loose someone so close. I wanted to take this time to encourage a young lady who never ever gives up hope. Her name is YOLANDA POSEY. She helped me this year learn the meaning of taking a leap of faith. She has lost a lot this year but, she still smiles in the midst of it all. She told me today even rich people hurt when they loose a love one so, Mr. Perry she is where you were but, she never lost hope. In your HOLIDAY TIME just think, you lost your mother but, HE GAVE YOU something better HE SPIRIT TO CARRY EVERYDAY. Our lives are not promised but, what and how we treat others when we can matters. I was feeling sorry for myself but, she helped me today understand that JESUS IS LOVE. Trust God and make the best movies you can and when you get a chance call her so you can make a movie on her life story so you will be inspired to do even better. I left everything in contact so that you will be changed as well. You are such a blessing! Thanks so much

  • Rachel D.

    I find it interesting the way you write your letters to "friends" such as myself. You are quite brave to open yourself up like this. Your story speaks to me personally as I lost my Dad on Good Friday, eight years ago. There has not been a day since then that goes by that I don't feel him still with me in my heart and abound. There is not an Easter weekend since he has died that I do not think of him and in some way relive a part of the grief. But as time has gone by I surprised myself by being able to relive the laughter more and more. The holidays were hard but then I was able to relive the happy times by remembering some of the best Christmas holidays or just his island way of explaining reindeer, it still is great to talk about. Losing my Dad was devastating. However, I am blessed with my mom still alive and well with us, and she is not much older than your mom would have been. As a matter of fact, we just celebrated her birthday. Well, the point is, your story reminds me that we are not alone in our experiences, good or bad. Though the pain of loss is unique to each of us, the experience is something others relate to in some way and can support you when you feel weighed down by the loss. So, I am a friend/fan saying, you are respected and supported in your difficult times.... and of course good ones too! Congrats on the new series and DVD sales.

  • sherry price charlotte

    I don't know how to say this, but at least you had felt a mother's love. There are so many people, like myself, have never felt a mother's love. Listen; yes it take time for people to get over pain, but Tyler, you have to realize and know in your heart God do not make any mistake. I never forget, when my first baby that die. I was 18. I was already a lost soul. (Can you imagine that happen to someone that love God), but hate her self because how love rejected her at 3, long story, now this didn't happen one time but two babies die. It can time in my life I had to believe in a dream that was of dream, and move on with my life, an believe that God will never live me or forsake me. Now TP, it is time for you, to believe beyond, what hear and see, and know, pain had to birth itself, so you can receive Love, beyond your mind. I will see you soon.

  • tracy minnesota

    Hello Mr. Perry I just wanted to tell you that I know how you feel. My grandpa passed away two days before Christmas and he was my best friend, I know it's not a mother but he was like my dad and I miss him dearly. I pray every night that it will get easier and for you as well, never forgetting them, but easier. Please know that she is looking down on you and is so very proud of you. You are a wonderful man and just know that God has you in his hands, and he is a wonderful Healer. May he keep you Strong and in Perfect Peace. God Bless you Tracy

  • Arlisa Memphis,Tn

    Hello Mr.Perry I just had to leave you a message.I know exactly how you feel.I lost my mother Dec.14 2009 and her birthday is Feb.23 and she too would have been 67. My heart knows your pain .I just want you know that you are not alone,These days seem to make life just alittle unbearable,But thank God we know a man who knows how to ease the pain.I thank you for being the strong person you are .For it is said God is a healer and he would never put anymore on us then we can bear!!!!!STAY STRONG HE'S HELPING ME THROUGH YOU,THANK YOU.

  • Angela L Parker Port Gibson, MS 39150

    Hello Mr. Perry, This is Angela, I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone. I lost my mother last year as well, to be exact it was December 30, 2010 a week after Christmas. I understand how you feel and what you are going through and I also know that I Lord will make a way. My mother was my rock, my bestfriend and she was there to teach me all the things that I know about the goodness of what God can give. I pray for you every night when I pray for myself because I know in my heart that God will ease our pain. Notice that I said ease and not take away because I feel that the lost of a mother is a great pain and if a person hasn't gone through what we have then they will never know how it feels to have that pain. So continue to do the work of the Lord and know that He is there with you to hold your hand and to follow you thoughout this journey. Be blessed and know that God loves and so does your fans.

  • Sherri Holland Indianapolis In

    You are very welcome, and thank you for taken the time to say THANKS. I have to say this to you, out of all my years living you have always said THANK S, I love the fact that you understand that you are not doing it alone, and the GOD has truly places people in your life that see your dream,and see that you are a talented man, and I hope one day to meet you. I undestande how you feel when It comes to your mother, I lost my mother four years ago and she was 50th years old and I was 32 years old and now I'm 35 and my birthday is December 6th. Stay blessed and I will always be there watching to see what you have next. Love Sherri

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