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I 'm Going To Take a Long Break

I don’t know if you remember this or not, but around 2005 I took off from touring my Madea plays for about 5 years. During that time, I was working mostly on movies and TV shows. Well, as much as I love to be out on stage and doing a live Madea show, the time has come again for me to take a long break from the stage. I have some major projects that I'm working on that will require a lot of my time and effort. Just know that I did not want to stop this tour until I had hit as many cities as possible. So I'm going to finish out this Fall leg of the tour and then take a long break.

Madea Gets a Job will start the last leg of the tour on September 20th and end just before Thanksgiving 2012. It was also very important to me that the ticket price start at $25. If you have never seen me live, you have never seen me at all. I'm telling you, ask anyone who has and they will tell you. Come out and see me and bring your family. This show will have you rocking and rolling and laughing and crying and singing all the way back home. You’ll see!
MADEA GETS A JOB! Here are the tour dates. Call for your tickets now.

Columbus, GA
September 20th
Columbus Civic Center

Albany, GA
September 21st
Albany Civic Center

Greensboro, NC
September 22nd
Greensboro Coliseum Complex

Macon, GA
September 23rd
Macon Civic CentroPlex

New Orleans, LA
September 27th
New Orleans Arena

Mobile, AL
September 28th – 29th
Mobile Civic Center

Little Rock, AR
September 30th
Verizon Arena

Greenville, SC
October 11th
BI-LO Center

Columbia, SC
October 12th - 13th
Colonial Life Arena

Fayetteville, NC
October 14th
Crown Center

Raleigh, NC
October 20th
PNC Arena

Augusta, GA
October 21st
James Brown Arena

Seattle, WA
October 25th
Key Arena

Las Vegas, NV
October 26th
Planet Hollywood

Oakland, CA
October 27th - 28th
Oakland Coliseum

Charlotte, NC
November 1st
Time Warner Arena

Jacksonville, FL
November 3rd
Veteran's Memorial Arena

Savannah, GA
November 4th
Savannah Civic Center

Orlando, FL
November 8th
Amway Arena

Miami, FL
November 9th - 10th
American Airlines Arena

Tampa, FL
November 11th

Cleveland, OH
November 15th
Wolstein Arena

New York, NY
November 16th - 17th
Madison Square Garden

Milwaukee, WI
November 18th
US Cellular Arena

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  • HowellTonya Detroit MI

    What about Detroit? Financially we are struggling, but if tickets are $ 25.00 I know we will be there. we need your positive inspiration.

  • Joni White Covington GA

    Mr. Tyler, I am so proud of you because you allow God to define who you are. You listen to His still small voice that brought success in your life. I asked God for wisdom and a dream for my life. I will like to share an idea and a product with you. Why should your pillow be square? Change your pillows to the Emo comfort pillows. These pillows promotes more restful sleep, maintain proper body alignment and prevent shoulder from medial rotation. These pillows are not in stores as yet but I will like to send or bring them to you. How can I make an appointment to see you? You can change my world. Please make contact. I will also love to go on tour with you to encourage your audiences to love one another. God continues to bless you I Love You and will do you no harm.

  • Manuela Greensboro NC

    Mr. Perry I saw this post and wanted to share with you how the Madea character and plays have been an blessing and comfort to my daughter since the blessing of her grandmother. I wrote a whole two page letter, lol, however woudl rather not post to the public. Is there somewhere i can send that to just for you to read and know how you help so many and not even know it?

  • Deborah walker Peekskill NY

    Hello my friend while you are on break keep writing and making us laugh. Peace & blessing.

  • Tammy Ozark Ark.

    Hey Tyler How are u? I am so excited u are coming to Llittle Rock! I can't wait! I know u have had trouble spreading Gods word! And u have trouble playing certain places! But I am thrilled u are coming! And you think Detroit is off the hook wait until you meet Little Rock ! Sincerly Tammy

  • Pamela Brinson (fellow Angel) Delray Beach Fla.

    Hello Fellow Angel, I was at your studio on Sunday August 12,2012 and your security was kind enough to give me post cards of your studio.I was not trying to break any laws by trespassing, just wanted to see the place God Blessed you with.(smile) I am trying to purchase tickets for your dates in Florida on 9&10 of November at the AAA in Miami. But they don't have you posted on their calender thus far.

  • Berry Brown Columbus ohio

    Please come to COLUMBUS OHIO please please come

  • Ebony Olar Galion, OH

    I see your coming to Cleveland, OH on Nov 15th, but I cant find tickets ANYWHERE!! Not even where they are sold out, no listings at all!! My sister, my daughter, and I LOVE everything you do, and are just So excited that you are coming close enough, but we desperatly need to find tickets!! Can you help?? Thank You!! God Bless!!

  • CHERYL Columbus ohio

    PLEASE MR.PERRY READ ME PLEASE I am 15years old and have never sseen you libe and now have the money and time please come to COLUMBUS OHIO because my grandma got sick and was put in a nursing home 2 years ago and my mother never visit her and this play would be an eye opener for he so please come to COLUMBUS OHIO.

  • COLUMBUS OHIO Columbus ohio


  • Jerry Saunders Columbus ohio


  • Charles Kelly Columbus ohio

    Please Mr.Perry i love you and madea and your work so much and would love for Madea gets a job to come to COLUMBUS OHIO

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