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I 'm Going To Take a Long Break

I don’t know if you remember this or not, but around 2005 I took off from touring my Madea plays for about 5 years. During that time, I was working mostly on movies and TV shows. Well, as much as I love to be out on stage and doing a live Madea show, the time has come again for me to take a long break from the stage. I have some major projects that I'm working on that will require a lot of my time and effort. Just know that I did not want to stop this tour until I had hit as many cities as possible. So I'm going to finish out this Fall leg of the tour and then take a long break.

Madea Gets a Job will start the last leg of the tour on September 20th and end just before Thanksgiving 2012. It was also very important to me that the ticket price start at $25. If you have never seen me live, you have never seen me at all. I'm telling you, ask anyone who has and they will tell you. Come out and see me and bring your family. This show will have you rocking and rolling and laughing and crying and singing all the way back home. You’ll see!
MADEA GETS A JOB! Here are the tour dates. Call for your tickets now.

Columbus, GA
September 20th
Columbus Civic Center

Albany, GA
September 21st
Albany Civic Center

Greensboro, NC
September 22nd
Greensboro Coliseum Complex

Macon, GA
September 23rd
Macon Civic CentroPlex

New Orleans, LA
September 27th
New Orleans Arena

Mobile, AL
September 28th – 29th
Mobile Civic Center

Little Rock, AR
September 30th
Verizon Arena

Greenville, SC
October 11th
BI-LO Center

Columbia, SC
October 12th - 13th
Colonial Life Arena

Fayetteville, NC
October 14th
Crown Center

Raleigh, NC
October 20th
PNC Arena

Augusta, GA
October 21st
James Brown Arena

Seattle, WA
October 25th
Key Arena

Las Vegas, NV
October 26th
Planet Hollywood

Oakland, CA
October 27th - 28th
Oakland Coliseum

Charlotte, NC
November 1st
Time Warner Arena

Jacksonville, FL
November 3rd
Veteran's Memorial Arena

Savannah, GA
November 4th
Savannah Civic Center

Orlando, FL
November 8th
Amway Arena

Miami, FL
November 9th - 10th
American Airlines Arena

Tampa, FL
November 11th

Cleveland, OH
November 15th
Wolstein Arena

New York, NY
November 16th - 17th
Madison Square Garden

Milwaukee, WI
November 18th
US Cellular Arena

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  • muktar Minnesota

    Hi my name is Muktar i want to work with Tyler Perry. My inspiration is my mother. I Love her and i want to make her proud

  • muktar Minnesota

    Hi my name is Muktar i want to work with Tyler Perry. My inspiration is my mother. I Love her and i want to make her proud. My email is

  • Toya Raleigh NC

    I will be getting those tickets in advance. u best belive that with God help.

  • Toya Raleigh NC

    Stay in touch Tyler, again thanks so much for putting raleigh nc on your list. luv you so much. IAM SO EXICITED!!! thanks again. i can wait. my ankle is still sore after i hurt it on the bed. so thanks again. luv u tyler!!!

  • Latoya Roberson Raleigh NC

    Hi Tyler, Oh my God, thank you so much. i can barely type this message, i just hurt my leg on my beg jumping up and down. first thing come tommorrow night i'm schelduling that time time out october 20 for raleigh nc for madea gets a job. i will be there with Jesus help. like my grandma always say put Him ahead of everything. I CANT WAIT!!!!

  • Talitha South Africa

    Hi Tyler. I just saw your latest update and for some reason I felt led to contact you with regards to my God-ordained mission (@HisBigStory) which is to connect the body of Christ worldwide. I'd like to possibly e-mail you about it. If this catches your eye and you feel led please contact me at my e-mail address here or where can I contact you?

  • Asabe J. Toronto, ON. Canada.

    Dear Tyler, I hope you get some quality rest during this long break. When are you going to include a Canadian city in your tours?

  • Terry Byrd Charlotte, NC

    Hey bro, I totally understand! We have not been to a live play but have seen all the movies and watched the plays on DVD. So think we are gonna check it out when you come to Charlotte!! Will be awesome I know! Do you do meet and greet type stuff at the plays?! Would love to meet ya man! In the meantime know we are praying for you, your ministry, and the impact for Christ that you have on this world! God is gonna do even greater things through you bro! I have faith that the best is yet to come! Love ya man! Byrd

  • Lori Spencer NEWPORT, RI

    Good for you!! You have a heart of gold and deserve a break!! Enjoy life and have a wonderful relaxing break! You are still loved very much and I am always pleased to know you!! God Bless you and thank you for being you...you have been a blessing to me and I am grateful for the way you have been so inspirational in my life! I truly wish I could talk to you in a live voice

  • Christine Jefferson

    Wow. I had not been on twitter for awhile and today at this very moment decided to and with no glasses ($ tree magnifyers) My eyes widen at the words "I'm going to take a long break" Wow. Well you enjoy yourself Big Guy. haha which reminds me I seen Reginald VelJohnson on the episode of "Meet the Browns" today. Wonderful guy. I was like really. Cory's father. I laughed at brown and him the most. "You were with Madea?" haha sad face "Yeah" hah "How did she get you?" haha "She knows I like bacon. Can I have one of your hotels?" smh my jaw still hurts I laughed so hard and still can't get this grin off my face smh that was this morning. Oh how upset I was when that Miranda just left Calvin like that. smh Kind of saw it coming the way she acted when the baby was baptized and he didn't show up. I mean come on after an hour a wife should be worring about her husband and she could have called her phone for messages since it died already smh these are not even real characters and I want to just strangle her. haha That's when you know good acting is involve. haha great story telling. Guess we all should have seen it coming with the back to back to back to back Tyler through. You need your rest. Take as much time you need Big Guy. Maybe bike riding to Africa creating wells for fresh water. I seen hints of which in the movie "Good Deeds" and when Larramie Doc Shaw dated strange girl reads people and fundraising.

  • Sherelle Diggs Playa Del Rey, CA

    Dear Tyler Even Jesus took a break. Of course he spent 40 days of challenges but he stepped outside of his normal daily activity, to get closer to God. I understand. And you will most likely not see this as you have staff read and write for you. I myself got disappointed in that non-personal touch from you. You are successful. It won't go away unless you lose touch from where it came (your success). God got you. You push too hard sometime. Do you have people around to tell you that. I hope so. There are some in this business that have been doing this for a long time. I think they forget their humble roots. I think they think they have enough cushion to believe they are covered. I think you try thinking that. But you will never forget. So yes, time off is needed, but surround yourself with the humble people. Mega rich ain't always humble. Talk to the struggling too. Talk to the villages trying to help these children be better citizens, while their rent checks are bouncing. We are still good of heart, but the struggle is never ever done. No matter who you are. Sherelle Diggs Playa Del Rey CA

  • Brandon R.

    Tyler as your #1 fan I'm upset that you're not coming to Louisville, KY ! I saved my birthday money so I could buy me a ticket to see you live! PLEASE reconsider and put Louisville ,KY on your tour schedule ! Be Blessed !

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