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I Need Your Help

This message is to all my folks, especially my die-hard folks, the ones I call the “Board Members” - you know who you are :).  By now I’m sure you all know that I have moved my TV shows to OWN and on May 28th and 29th I have a two night premiere. On Tuesday night, my new hot drama THE HAVES AND THE HAVE NOTS starts. I’m telling you, I put it all in this show. I not only want you to watch it but we need you to watch it for several reasons. The biggest reason is this is a fresh group of faces and I am beyond excited to see them get their shot. I make you these promises, this SHOW WILL HOOK YOU!!!  I KNOW IT! Then on Wednesday night, which used to be my original night of TV, I’m going back to it with a brand new show called LOVE THY NEIGHBOR. It stars a bunch of new faces including the two folks I said I would give a sitcom to, Mamma Hattie (Patrice Lovely) and Floyd (Palmer Williams, Jr). They are so excited and this show is so funny. So Tuesday get your drama on and Wednesday get your funny on OWN, OK?  

I remember when HOUSE OF PAYNE started how people tried to kill it before it started, but because you watched it and were there, that show went on into the history books with 254 episodes. Thank you for that. You did that through the grace of God. So in less than ten days THE HAVES AND THE HAVE NOTS and LOVE THY NEIGHBOR will start on OWN.  I hope you are planning to watch them. Thank you for helping me help someone else. I wish you could see how excited these cast members are. They have been waiting to see their dreams come true and you know how much I love to be used by God to make that happen.  You’ll see, you’ll see.

And FYI, all of you FOR BETTER OR WORSE fans, it’s coming back with a new season to OWN as well. And all you HOUSE OF PAYNE fans, hold on, I’m trying to work on something..LOL, but we’ve got to launch these new shows first, OK?

Let me know your thoughts.

Many blessings and love to you.

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  • Kahlil White Miami , Fl

    I'm watching , And yes I need at least 40 more House Of Payne episodes!

  • Jennifer Spring Lake, NC

    I can't wait to see these new shows. YES, I will be watching. I love your work and do not get tired of watching all your movies, shows, reruns over and over again. I think that the laughter and joy that you provide for me and my family improves our health and well being. (@ ways in the message and the belly laughs). I love ya' and keep up the refreshing and good works.

  • Mrs B Chicago, IL

    I wish I was able to watch your shows but due to the overwhelming costs, I have canceled my cable package. Any chance of OWN network allowing your shows to be viewed on HULU Plus or Netflix? I would love to watch your shows, and support your work whenever I can. Please keep doing what you do!

  • Clara Davis Colorado

    Sadly, I will not be able to watch any of your new shows or any of my all-time FAVORITES, as DirecTV has decided to charge to view OWN. Notwithstanding, here's wishing you ALL the success you deserve. Over the years, I LOVED "House of Payne" and later "Meet the Browns." "For Better or Worse" was my weekly-feed on a good nighttime soap. ALL of the shows were great! I wish you and Ms. Winfrey much MORE success in your endeavors. T.T.F.N.

  • Layna Beaumont, tx

    I'm happy for your move to OWN but next time can you please put the part about "For Better Or Worse" at the beginning. I literally read every other word until you started talking about that show. I have to know whats happening with them. Now HOUSE OF PAYNE! Oh my goodness. I really hope you are seriously thinking about bringing them back. Now don't fret I did go back and read the beginning of your message and I have already set my DVR to record the two new shows.

  • Winnie Nairobi

    Congratulations on your move Tyler! Way to go.

  • Romell Greenlee greensboro nc

    Mr. Perry If you are in the Houston TX area on June 22, 2013 Come check out my daughter's play "Girls Night Out" I know you will be blessed. Playwriting is just one of my daughters attributes. The Lord has blessed her with many more, she just needs the right person see her at work. I think that person is YOU!

  • Jocelyn Brown - Fort Albany, NY

    Every week i look for a peace of your gift to make me laugh out loud ,, Thank you for letting me see people like me live out my dream !! I gave up singing & acting for my Husband at the time.. Now he is gone and GOD is the main Man in My life ... I am just happy to be here to see all the Magic that you do .MAY GOD KEEP ON BLESSING YOU!

  • Shantel Arnett Hattiesburg

    Congrats on your moved to OWN...I am ready for the new show the preview I say had me like alright Mr. Perry. Making more room on my shelves :) Much Love to you and your work.

  • Fee Fee

    No cable for me so I can't watch. I'm sure the shows are going to be good. I'm sure you put your all into the shows.

  • Ms. Proverbs Owings Mills, Maryland

    Hi there Tyler How was your day blessed Man of God? Hope your day went well :-) ...I can't wait to see your two night premiere on OWN....I'm so happy for you and Oprah too :-) God Bless Youuuu....Tyler this is a Funny Moment: Earlier today I had a "Madea Moment"from Madea Big Happy Family LOL! I was thinking about you singing that song hearing it again in my head....it goes like this...."Tell the Passuh I say Come On In the Room, Jesus is My Doctor..hmmmm Write all of my Scriptures" Tyler Lawd Have Mercy I started to laugh and said that man is so crazy...I was telling my co-workers and we all began to laugh about it this morning because they remember it too...Tyler you made our day...I appreciate you and your sense of humor...I really believe that you are even more funnier off the screen....LOL! but I love it Blessings to you sir :-) Night Night Ms. Proverbs

  • CLAUDIA DAVIS United States

    tylor love everything you do my favort is how i love her you are the best i love the last p lay you did with the concert at tend oh how blessed i felt you should be a preacher you are so blessed just want you to know i love ya and you work keep it comming i from atl to i miss it i live in fl now nothing like the atl and ga take care

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