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I Need Your Help

This message is to all my folks, especially my die-hard folks, the ones I call the “Board Members” - you know who you are :).  By now I’m sure you all know that I have moved my TV shows to OWN and on May 28th and 29th I have a two night premiere. On Tuesday night, my new hot drama THE HAVES AND THE HAVE NOTS starts. I’m telling you, I put it all in this show. I not only want you to watch it but we need you to watch it for several reasons. The biggest reason is this is a fresh group of faces and I am beyond excited to see them get their shot. I make you these promises, this SHOW WILL HOOK YOU!!!  I KNOW IT! Then on Wednesday night, which used to be my original night of TV, I’m going back to it with a brand new show called LOVE THY NEIGHBOR. It stars a bunch of new faces including the two folks I said I would give a sitcom to, Mamma Hattie (Patrice Lovely) and Floyd (Palmer Williams, Jr). They are so excited and this show is so funny. So Tuesday get your drama on and Wednesday get your funny on OWN, OK?  

I remember when HOUSE OF PAYNE started how people tried to kill it before it started, but because you watched it and were there, that show went on into the history books with 254 episodes. Thank you for that. You did that through the grace of God. So in less than ten days THE HAVES AND THE HAVE NOTS and LOVE THY NEIGHBOR will start on OWN.  I hope you are planning to watch them. Thank you for helping me help someone else. I wish you could see how excited these cast members are. They have been waiting to see their dreams come true and you know how much I love to be used by God to make that happen.  You’ll see, you’ll see.

And FYI, all of you FOR BETTER OR WORSE fans, it’s coming back with a new season to OWN as well. And all you HOUSE OF PAYNE fans, hold on, I’m trying to work on something..LOL, but we’ve got to launch these new shows first, OK?

Let me know your thoughts.

Many blessings and love to you.

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  • Darlene Raysor Jacksonville,Florida

    This is really wonderful. I can't wait for The Haves and The Have Nots also Love Thy Neighbor. I am glad that I am following you on twitter . I am a big fan of the House of Payne.This is definitely going to be a success . Thank God in Christ.

  • Lynn Gaffney,SC

    Tyler I love your plays and movies but dang I came down to GA. and tried to see you and it's like Fort Knox...But after reading some of the comments I see why now!!!

  • Uneeke

    I am so proud of you and the work you are doing. I love your shows because not only are they funny but they all have a message to learn or live by with a positive ending. I've read your story and it is fascinating to me how you didn't give up. I plan to watch your new shows. Wish you all the best of luck. Stay encouraged!

  • #1 Fan you tube

    Is there a way for me to support you even if I don't have OWN? I would love to have OWN on, but my budget is limited. Please advise.

    • RESPONSE usa #1831621

      Do any of your family or friends have cable?

  • Paula Smith Gastonia, NC

    I have set my calendar on my phone to remind me of both dates, and to make sure I am not on the phone or occupied with anything else. My family and I will be watching, looking forward to it. Keep up the good work and God Bless.

  • MARK R MOSS sicklerville nj 08081

    Hey Mr Ty im definitly watching and supporting you all I LUV YOU and all ur work omg i know its going to be amazing i need to be a part of it so im following my family i luv yall and wish your whole plan a success and GOD BLESS you all from your boy MARK cant wait to hear from you!!!

  • Rosemary Walker United States

    THE HAVES AND THE HAVE NOTS IS A MESSAGE IN ITSELF~SOME OF US CAN AND SOME OF US CAN'T.~The cable packages are not all the same.I understand you trying to support friends....misery love company!!But some friends have and some friends don't. You may need to take a step back and remember when you weren't even apart of the selected ELITE that have.... and remember to not let us down.We need you more now than when you FIRST started on your journey.... I do love all that you do..Cause you are very talented and a true MAN OF GOD!!! MOST PEOPLE DON'T LOVE YOU FOR YOU... ONLY WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR THEM.... just remember~~~ BUT GOD!!!

  • Ricky Anthony Freeman Hampton, VA

    Mr. Perry, I've been a fan of your work since the early stage days. You will most certainly rewrite the History books when it speaks of The Arts & Entertainment. Thank you for your commitment and dedication to bringing people of color to both screens. I pray and ask that you continue to bless the "world" with your creative ability to entertain, yet drive home much needed "life points" that we all need. Also, I would very much like to get to you a script for your 34th Street Studios to produce. I'm well aware that you are very busy, but I am certain you will find my script of interest. Thank you so much for the time you spend with your fans. Be Blessed, always....Ricky Anthony Freeman, Screenwriter.

    • SWEET TV! Bi-Coastal #1830176

      Send link of your work to:

  • Loraine Atlanta

    Sigh. I cannot stand anything Tyler Perry is involved in. Someone please give this man some screenwriting classes!! At the same time, it's amazing how successful he's been with so little talent. Congratulations and continue to employ the black community.

    • AP Florence, SC #1830140

      Get a life. You go Tyler Perry! You have more talent in your pinky this person probably has in their whole body :)

    • Antoinette london #1830143

      Why do you talentless hacks love to hate on people like Tyler Perry? How many successful movies and screenplays have you written? Tyler has a gift from God and he is using it to make people laugh and provide a platform for actors that are locked out of the Hollywood dream. You need to get on with pursuing your dream and stop trying to hate on Mr. Perry while he is pursuing his bliss.

    • Tiffany #1830179

      I see the pattern.

  • IB Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    God bless you Tyler! You are the most kind successful person that I know of. Many successful people help but you look for ordinary people that have the ambition and desire to improve their life but not the opportunity, you give them the opportunity. I believe that you would want to help everyone in need but that is just not realistic or even possible. I know that it is because you put God first and foremost anything that you do, the fact that you pray with your staff is just amazing. I hope that the staff realize how bless they are. My family and I will definitely be watching the new shows on OWN.

  • Melissa Metro Detroit

    Do your thing Tyler. You have my support. Your shows have gotten me through hard times and made me feel things I never thought I would feel again.

  • Doris Cassey Monroe, La.

    Hello Mr. Perry as always I love everything that you do. I can't wait to see the two new upcoming shows you have in store for us. I am excited for you because you continue to let God used you. I am really looking forward to seeing For Better or Worst come back on. and yes I would like to congratulate you for joining OWN station . again congratulations!!!!!! keep up the good work Mr. Perry may God continue blessing you.

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