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I Need Your Help

This message is to all my folks, especially my die-hard folks, the ones I call the “Board Members” - you know who you are :).  By now I’m sure you all know that I have moved my TV shows to OWN and on May 28th and 29th I have a two night premiere. On Tuesday night, my new hot drama THE HAVES AND THE HAVE NOTS starts. I’m telling you, I put it all in this show. I not only want you to watch it but we need you to watch it for several reasons. The biggest reason is this is a fresh group of faces and I am beyond excited to see them get their shot. I make you these promises, this SHOW WILL HOOK YOU!!!  I KNOW IT! Then on Wednesday night, which used to be my original night of TV, I’m going back to it with a brand new show called LOVE THY NEIGHBOR. It stars a bunch of new faces including the two folks I said I would give a sitcom to, Mamma Hattie (Patrice Lovely) and Floyd (Palmer Williams, Jr). They are so excited and this show is so funny. So Tuesday get your drama on and Wednesday get your funny on OWN, OK?  

I remember when HOUSE OF PAYNE started how people tried to kill it before it started, but because you watched it and were there, that show went on into the history books with 254 episodes. Thank you for that. You did that through the grace of God. So in less than ten days THE HAVES AND THE HAVE NOTS and LOVE THY NEIGHBOR will start on OWN.  I hope you are planning to watch them. Thank you for helping me help someone else. I wish you could see how excited these cast members are. They have been waiting to see their dreams come true and you know how much I love to be used by God to make that happen.  You’ll see, you’ll see.

And FYI, all of you FOR BETTER OR WORSE fans, it’s coming back with a new season to OWN as well. And all you HOUSE OF PAYNE fans, hold on, I’m trying to work on something..LOL, but we’ve got to launch these new shows first, OK?

Let me know your thoughts.

Many blessings and love to you.

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  • Melita Walker Long Island, NY

    Good Morning: I would like to say thank you for being a positive role model for our youth. I am not posting to request finical support however I am asking for signature support. I was in the process of opening a Black owned all Organic Wellness Day Spa which focuses on Detoxification in NY and was stopped when the town refused to issue my building permits even though they ok'ed the project 3 months earlier. I was 6 months into following my calling in life 100% funded with my own money. I am a 2 time cancer survivor and my calling has now been set on helping others NEVER go through the suffering I endured. If you beleive in my cause please sign and share my petition. There is strength in numbers ..... and I am determined to get this open :) Some of my personal story: For the rest of the commenters: Your stories completely break my heart. To see/ read about the suffering going on in todays world rips parts away from my soul. I want to tell you guys I was there ..... 14 months ago I was broke, 2 children, just moved to start a job, and 3 weeks later I was re-diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and given a 2 year life span lolll. I can laugh at it now because if that never happened I would have NEVER came to terms with my true purpose in life, I would have never focused on the law of attracion and meditation even though I had been studing it for a year prior, I would have never focused on affrimations and the fact that you can change your life by changing your mind. I lost everything and close to everyone in my life while scared to death if I was going to wake up the next morning. The more I chanted, wrote affirmations all over my house walls (and made my kids do it also) gave up everything including the SAD american diet and changed my MIND everything and I mean EVERYTHING came back to me. Its possible, if you believe it, not just say it, deeply KNOW its going to happen IT WILL HAPPEN for you guys also ~~NAMASTE~~

    • Melita Walker Long Island, NY #2039813

      lolll ... I did not know you could not post links so ill try this mwpluckadiagnoses(dot)blogspot (dot)com ... instead of the dot you would put a real . lolll the link to change (dot) org is a little tricky and none of my search words pull up my petition howevr the link is on ever page of my blog. Thanks for the support :)

  • Nellie Taylor African American

    Tyler Perry just want you to know I watch your medea movies and plays and I also If Loving You Is Wrong I love that show

  • Celestine Whitfield Camilla ga.

    Hello my name is Celestine Whitfield and before I begin just let me say I love your moves and plays. I just want to know if you can help me IM a single mother try to make a living for my children I've been out of work for a while because of my one year old son his being sick from day one I have been getting by ok but now I can't pay my light bill my land lord say if I don't keep my lights on they will have to put me out and I don't have any were to go so right now IM come to you for help because I don't know what to do.

  • Deatra Hitchcock, TX

    Hi Tyler My husband and I are the leaders at a small church in Hitchcock, Texas. We have very few members. Our passion is to help the community along with reaching out to the elderly who has paved the way for us, also the youth who are trying to find their way. We are constantly seeking GOD in prayer, we are passionate about being in GODS house weekly, although sometime it may just be my husband and I. We feel people do not come due to the repairs that the church need. The church has roof issues among other things. If you can help us in anyway it would be sincerely appreciated.

  • Ali JA

    Good day Mr.Perry, you are very blessed, I know also it is because you are hard working and driven. I also am working hard to make my dreams become true and to be successful and take good care of my children. I work part time and am attending school to receive my degree and hope to specialize some day. I know money is hard to come by, but I am humbly asking if not to just hand out money to me but to give me a loan with no interest that I will give back in future. 1-4 years then you may keep it or give to someone else in need.I will admit I'm not suffering as some are and I won't paint a picture as such, I am surviving and I do thank The Lord each day for my blessings whatever little they may be, I have a thankful heart despite my circumstances which I don't care to leave here. I hope your heart of kindness will lead you to think of me , I could really use a no interest loan at this time. I'd be elated for a freebie but I don't mind giving back directly what has been lent to me to make myself better so that others can profit. Of course from my success though it won't be on a large scale as yours I hope to also give back to the people of my country here in Jamaica. Everywhere I see fellow students unable to continue studies, hospitals without supplies, many struggle just like others across the world. You may decide the loan amount. Honestly the minimum would be 20,000 U.S. Or would you consider vacationing in Jamaica and buying the Jamaican dollars you'd need from me @ $90 per u.s. I'm getting ahead of myself. Again I ask please Consider my request. A loan for a time to work with and then give back to you, or you can give me $10000 and I will build from there upon it. Thank you kindly for your consideration

  • Taneisha lewis Nantucket,ma

    Hi Mr Tyler Perry, I am a mother of four kids, who is very thankful that we are all healthy. I work from 8 to 5 and I pick up on Sundays. If I found a night time job I would take it. We live in a house that is not worth $1500 a month not included some utilities. Now my landlord says he is going to raise the rent $1800. Because they have stuff on the house to fix. Stuff like getting a new furnace and the roof. I just need a place to call home. We are tired of moving. I looked at houses to buy,but as a first time buyer with not so good credit and I'm a single mom is not good to the lenders. I just need help in anyway possible. Thanks Taneisha

  • Tiffany Ashberry Atlanta, Ga

    Hi! How are you? My name is Tiffany and i want to tell you that i love all your movies and shows. You a great actor and person. What i love about you that you give back to the community and always willing to help others and thats a blessing. I would like to ask for your help for me and my kids im not working right now and im doing the best to try to make sure my kids are good but its hard for a single mother. I have four kids and one son decease which is still painful and i want my kids to have a good christmas and holidays. We stay in some apartments and they have bed bugs so i had to throw the furniture, beds etc. away cause we was getting bit up. I dont have no help are money to get my kids beds or furniture. Sometimes we might not have groceries cause i dont get assistance cause of a charge i had back in my prime times i had to support myself but thats been years ago now i have my kids so i dont live that lifestyle anymore. I thank God for helping me thru that and putting me on a different path. Its very hard for me and my kids so I ask if you would help me and my family thru this crisis my kids and I will greatly appreciate it. And may God continue to bless you and your family. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

  • Natika Turner Morrow, GA

    Good Morning Mr. Tyler Perry...First of all Thank You for You. :) And what I mean by that is basically thank you for being who you are and what God has chosen for you to be and become in this world. You are an amazing man, actress and philanthropist. Mr. Perry I really do not even want to ask you because I know and see that you get more comments on HELP than "Hey great movie". LOL But I'm going to send this to your way anyway because God works in mysterious ways. Just to give you a brief run down of my current situation and help request. I am a 38 year old single mom of two children I recently graduated from San Joaquin Valley College from the Clinical Medical Assistant program in June 2014. I relocated to Morrow GA from Richmond Hill GA to do better for my children and to start fresh and new. Well I did just that but unfortunately I came across a rough path this month and due to the fact that I have not started my job at Home Depot in Morrow located on Mt. Zion Rd, no fault of my own, they are waiting on my background check. My bills have piled up on me but to be honest with you Tyler...I truly and honestly am asking for your assistance in helping me with my rent payment just for this month. I am due to take my certification test on Oct. 22 so that I can become a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant so that I can begin working in my field and go back to school to get another degree in diagnostic sonography in the winter semester. Tyler can you please help? My children and I do not have anywhere else to go and all I am asking for is just help with my rent this month and a blessing. If you can help me please and thank you. If you can not thank you for taking the time to read this and good luck and blessings to you and whatever you do Tyler...NEVER STOP THE BIG SCREEN FROM MOVING. Thanks Again Tyler and Much Luv and Blessings. Natika Turner Morrow, GA.

  • mike dills north carolina

    Tyler , My name is Mike Dills i am asking you to give thought in helping me i am in needed of my fourth back surgery this surgery is not avible in the US so i need to go to Germany to have it done going out side of the US my disibilty ins. will not pay for this iam asking if you would be willing to help me.Please call and i could tell you all the details thank you for what ever you decide to do mike dills

  • stephanie atlanta

    tyler perry i am in need of your help i had an emergency surgery my appendix was ruptured an i had to have the surgery.but im in need of help with my housing an my kids xmas an i needs clothing an shoes for my kids i dont have the funds now to pay my rent or to move with so if you can help me and my family thank you very much

  • Shawuna Frazier St louis Missouri

    Hi Tyler my name is Shawuna, I dont have alot of time as this message is not for me though however I do enjoy your work. No this is for my Best Friend, My Soul Mate, My big Sister who is my rock. My sister is a 43 year old mother of 3 and she just lost the father of her kids 4 mos ago only to be faced with sudden heart attacks herself. We rushed her to the hospital and Tyler this woman not only pulled through it but walked to the ICU unit. Thats how strong she is. Now they say her heart is weak and after many stints on the back side of her heart she has to have the front side taken care of. This is the problem they are not sure it can be fixed. MY sister needs a complete bypass from her hips down otherwise she is in danger of losing her legs . This woman went from working 80 to 90 hours aweek to nothing as she can hardly walk. She has no Insurance and can not make ends meet. She cant leave her kids she is the only one they have left. If by chance you read this Please help me by saying a prayer for her. This woman is amazing Tyler and I know you would just love her. She meets no stranger and always helping when she could. Her spirit has been broken and it breaks my heart to see this. I struggle everyday trying to help her in her needs. She goes in on the 16th of Oct for the 2nd surgery. Please reach out to us to if any raise her Spirits alittle. Respectfully Submitted Shawuna Sister of Glinda

  • Vanessa Flythe winstonSalem

    Mr.Perry first and for most would live to sayi love all of your stuff!I am 29years old never thoght iI would ever do this because my pride and determination.I have these two girls!I have no biological kids of my own.These kids has been thru alot.Molested by there mom,other family!My heart is so heavy,wI have scarfised so much.To the point where.I have went broke trying to keep these kids safe.No help.I had to give my job up last year due to no child care.I paid for it as long as iI could.I was scamed for my last 1000 for a home that iI found off craiglist.We arw niw homeless but notheplless!So we lived off my money until it ran out.Would love to futher the education.Found our selfs sleeping in my car.We have a hotel this week.So hard ,iI can not give up on these kids.They need me!Need a home for these kids.I know ayou probaly have ppl asking you for stuff all the time.Fell like iI am at a dead end road with no way to get out.I have gave,helped ppl to the point where iI can mnot help my self.Anything is possiable with god.Listen to Alica Key cabn you send me an Angel every day,also don't feel no ways tired.Lord iI know,there are still some angles out thete.Mr.Perry iI love you to the moon.Y have been my determination.Every since iI first heard of you.Your story is a testimony!God bless y ans be with you much love!

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