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I Thank God For Closed Doors

When I wake up in the morning and see the sunrise as I’m running, I thank God for new mercies every day. As I was running this morning I started thinking about this and you know how much I like to share my morning thoughts… LOL

I was out just thinking about my life and all the times that I wished that a door had opened. All the times I had promoters and people lie to me saying that they would help me... I remember wishing the bank would approve my loan request for a house or a car (usually one I couldn’t afford at the time). I wished that this person would help me or that person would do something to help my business, or this person would help my dreams come true. 

As I look back now I’m so glad that none of those situations worked out. I’m so glad God closed those doors because they forced me to find the right path for me. If you’re in this situation and you feel like doors are closing all around you and you are frustrated, here’s something I’d like you to think about: Life can be like a living maze. You know what a maze is. In a maze, you start out at one end and your objective is to find your way to the finish line.

Many times you may make a turn and hit a dead end and you have to go another way. Just like life, that door closing on you sends you another way. It doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen, it just means you need to go another way. If you keep moving, eventually you will get to where you’re going.

Another thing that is important when you’re in a maze, as in life, is to remember where you have been. If you get turned around and confused in a maze, in order to get out, you have to remember the dead-ends that you have already hit. Just like in life you have to remember all the doors that were closed so you don’t waste time going that way again. If you want to get to your dreams you can’t expect to get there by doing the same thing and going to the same spots. You must try something different. I’m not saying give up on your dream, I’m saying try another path to the same dream. Same maze, same dream, but take a different direction to get there.

I feel sorry for people who have a dream and give up because it gets hard. Let me tell you something, "IT’S GOING TO GET HARD!" And my answer to that is, "SO WHAT? MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!" Don’t stop because a door closed. I have learned to thank God for closed doors. You have to know that if God wanted you to go that way, no man could close that door. But for some reason he allowed that door to be closed, but if that one was closed I assure you that there is one that is open somewhere. And it’s the right one. Don’t stop until you are living your dream. 

Is this helping anybody?

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  • Courtney Nyc

    Tyler- I am one of your twitter followers, and as I sat down this afternoon to set forth a new ' plan of action' for following my dreams, and charting a new direction to take all this in, I stumbled upon this blog post. Thank you so much for the beautiful reminder that even though this dream of mine is impossibly hard, doesn't mean it's actually impossible!

  • MR NC

    Mr. Perry, Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insight. You are an amazing soul and the Lord is using you to touch so many lives in everything that you do. Keep it coming! God bless you!!!!

  • Tina Long Island, NY

    Oh how timely this message is, especially the way things are going (or not going, for that matter) professionally. Some opportunities have presented itself for growth and each time I know that it has to be for me, the door closes smack in my face. Yeah, I'm hurt, confused and frustrated and wonder if there is something else I'm suppose to do, or maybe I'm just wasting my time, energy and money placed in earned degrees. OK, OK, I'll try my best to receive it as a blessing... and look for yet other path in God's maze.

  • "C.C."


  • Renée Jéan Florida

    Perfect Word, Perfect Time. Thank you...yes, this is helping somebody...me. God Bless, Renée Jéan Promised Word, Inc. Verse In Motion™, Inc. Our Motto: "Instead of going through the motions, place God's Verse In Motion® in You and in the World."

  • Queen Samonye Colorado

    Baby Baby Bay Where did our love go??? BabyLove my BabyLove ....You are Boo Boo Mr. Tyler Perry...hehehehehee sending you kisses catch them with your lips...hehehehehehehe

  • Dallas Georgia

    Thanks for your insights. It is really hard sometimes to recognize the blessings of a closed door. But you have learned the lesson of a persevering spirit. May the Father continue to bless you, as you continue to bless others.

  • Tina Pasquale-Klatt California

    Thank you again for your encouragement! Sometimes it is down right confusing and frustrating when doors close. The fire in my soul is there. I continue on. Thank you for reminding us about perspective. Tina:)

  • Renna Chicago

    I say thank you. I ask God all the time to help keep from being discouraging in this process of life that I go throught daily and you are right it gets hard and discouraging. When you have so many doors slammed in your face it can take the wind out of you and make you wonder should I get up and try it again. Pray and passion will keep you going even when times are difficult. I have gotten kind of use the the doors being slammed in my face, after you have so many being slammed they kind of loose their affect. This does not mean that it still don't affect you in some way it just its not a powerful as they use to be. I'm not sure where God say I will end but I know that the most important thing is to know that he knows where the end to the place you need to be will be. I have learned in my life through the trials and tribulations you have to go through to get too. If God would give you what you need when you think you need it, these message and the effect would not be the same. It is all in his perfect timing when ever that will be is when you know that what God has for you it is for you. Babies are not born the next day it takes 9 months to get the baby developed where it can be delivered. It takes time for houses to be build they have to start with a solid foundation in order to be a house that can stand. This is not something I learned over night, it is years of heart ache and tears but yet I still keep moving. Thank you for confirmation that God is still working. Be encouraged and keep doing what God has you to do because that is a sure thing like money in the bank you will never get overdraft fees because he keeps replenishing the account. Be Blessed Tyler and thank you for being a vessel.

  • Riki Baltimore, MD

    The irony of me seeing this email right now! I say to myself all the time "If I keep doing the same thing expecting different results I am going to drive myself insane". I was right in the process of doing it when I saw your email. Thank you God for waking me from my trance. I am back on track now. The journey, the path, the maze they are all apart of life. In the past I have made it my mission to burst thru those doors only to find that what's on the other side I never really wanted in the first place. It wasn't until I lost everything that I realized that maybe I didn't have the key to that door because it wasn't my door to enter. My Mom always tells me "Let go and let God!". It took me a long time to understand what that really meant. But I do now and when I find myself at a crossroads that's exactly what I do. I stop but my hands up to God and it has served me well. Although my life is not perfect and not without its valleys. God has truly blessed me beyond belief, I would not have and could not have prayed for the blessings he has bestowed upon me and my family. Thank you Tyler for sharing what inspires you, it does help!

  • sky

    God always uses you to answer the questions to my prayers.. Amen!!

  • boitumelo thema stinkwater, south African

    Thank you ....

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