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I Thank God For Closed Doors

When I wake up in the morning and see the sunrise as I’m running, I thank God for new mercies every day. As I was running this morning I started thinking about this and you know how much I like to share my morning thoughts… LOL

I was out just thinking about my life and all the times that I wished that a door had opened. All the times I had promoters and people lie to me saying that they would help me... I remember wishing the bank would approve my loan request for a house or a car (usually one I couldn’t afford at the time). I wished that this person would help me or that person would do something to help my business, or this person would help my dreams come true. 

As I look back now I’m so glad that none of those situations worked out. I’m so glad God closed those doors because they forced me to find the right path for me. If you’re in this situation and you feel like doors are closing all around you and you are frustrated, here’s something I’d like you to think about: Life can be like a living maze. You know what a maze is. In a maze, you start out at one end and your objective is to find your way to the finish line.

Many times you may make a turn and hit a dead end and you have to go another way. Just like life, that door closing on you sends you another way. It doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen, it just means you need to go another way. If you keep moving, eventually you will get to where you’re going.

Another thing that is important when you’re in a maze, as in life, is to remember where you have been. If you get turned around and confused in a maze, in order to get out, you have to remember the dead-ends that you have already hit. Just like in life you have to remember all the doors that were closed so you don’t waste time going that way again. If you want to get to your dreams you can’t expect to get there by doing the same thing and going to the same spots. You must try something different. I’m not saying give up on your dream, I’m saying try another path to the same dream. Same maze, same dream, but take a different direction to get there.

I feel sorry for people who have a dream and give up because it gets hard. Let me tell you something, "IT’S GOING TO GET HARD!" And my answer to that is, "SO WHAT? MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!" Don’t stop because a door closed. I have learned to thank God for closed doors. You have to know that if God wanted you to go that way, no man could close that door. But for some reason he allowed that door to be closed, but if that one was closed I assure you that there is one that is open somewhere. And it’s the right one. Don’t stop until you are living your dream. 

Is this helping anybody?

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  • Cheri Epps Murrieta, CA

    Tyler, There you go! All up in my yard, peeking through my windows. You know what's funny - this is not the first time we've heard this, but for some reason, the more we hear it, the more it gets through our thick skulls. Thanks for the encouragement. I will pass this on. Someone else thinking about giving up may just need that extra little push to keep their eye on the prize and keep moving forward. As always, "Be Happy On Purpose!"



  • Tasha SC

    Thanks so much Tyler! some of us still have a dream of real love that make all other dreams worthwhile...I know u were mostly talking of careers...but when God closes a door on a relationship He doesnt allow u to go back...Thank God! My pray is to always know when God has closed a door and not me....Lamentations 3:22-24

  • Smith

    Thank you Mr. Perry. This message could not have come at a better time. I was ready to give up on something – literally like five minutes ago. In an effort not to lose in the next few minutes, I text my mother to see if she had time to talk and share some encouraging words with me. Then I checked my email. Yours was at the top of the list - it had just come in. You just don’t know how much it meant to me to read your message! You know, my morning devotion today from Today's Word with Joel Osteen talked about seeing His Glory. Joel wrote that whenever something good happens, large or small, God is saying, “That’s a sign of My presence.” Your message is definitely a reflection of Gods Glory for me. I believe that was God showing me his goodness and that He sees right where I am in this very moment. Thank you Mr. Perry for your ministry via television and film, and praise God for greater to come! #stayingthecourse

  • Gloria chsapeake va

    Thank you,. I'm going to take a deep breath let it out. I soooooo needed to read/hear this..many blessings to you Tyler

  • Latisha Round Rock, TX

    Preach! I am in that season where doors have been closed, but I'm believing God to direct me to that open door!

  • Nette Gainesville, Fl

    Yes, the message is helping me. Sometimes I have often wondered and become fustrated about my dreams. I would say Lord your will be done but at the same time wanting to pursue my dreams. I feared that my dreams were probably not in God's will because nothing seemed to be happening for me (no oppurtunities, no connects, no nothing). Even now I don't see how im going to accomplish my dreams but I choose to believe anyhow. Thank God for closing the many doors!!! Picture yourself in your life's maze with many doors some open in which u enter, some closed and locked, and some even open but closed right in your face as u are about to enter lol. What if death was on the other side of one of the closed doors...God said No, im not through with u yet, keep going until u make it to the end.

  • Diane Charlotte, NC

    Thank you for those words of encouragement, Mr. Perry! I have not had a consistent full time job for almost three years. Since then I have had opportunities that I just knew would put me back on top. By on top I mean back to being able to make ends meet and still have extra so that me and my daughter could live comfortable again. Of course, those doors were closed. Now I'm back to square one, out of work and struggling to make ends meet. But your encouraging words gives me the continued strength I need to keep searching for the door that only God can open. Once again, thank you! Love, Peace & Blessings!

    • Safiya Brown South East Asia #1838888

      This is the 3rd email I received today about open and closed doors. Thank you for reaching me all the way over here. ~Saf

  • Anna NC

    Tyler, I've watched many of your movies with my family. They keep it real, yet do not glorify things of the "darker" side. I can't imagine the opposition that must exist, up against your efforts to provide positive entertainment. It's a good thing that God is all powerful! I often feel like I'm traveling down roads that end up to be dead ends. But somehow, I have hope for reaching that somewhere beyond where I am right now. You mentioned the discouragement that comes when others do not do the things they promised to do to help you advance your cause. For this very reason, I try to always follow through when I promise to help others with my 5 loaves and 2 fishes. Yes, your article helped and it came at just the right time. God bless your efforts! Anna @GoogleOrGod

  • Karen T

    Tyler, I really needed to read those words. Thank you so much for letting the creator use you to bless others you are appreciated more than you know.

  • Charla Hammond N. Little Rock, AR

    Tyler, I TRULY appreciate your caring heart. You take the time to share what God is speaking to you, and for that I will always support you. 'Thanking God for Closed Doors' is the Word I needed to hear and be reminded of today. I have had several things in my life from relationships to my music and acting career that have raised sooooooo many questions in my mind, such as....When will this happen for me? Or should I do this or that? However, I'm reminded today to s**** to my life motto "If it don't flow it don't go!" I'm praising God for those closed doors and moving forward to the success He has for me. Thanks again!

  • Linda Pennsauken, NJ

    Thanks Tyler. That message was right on time. I had a door to close in my face so hard, I didn't think I could regain consciousness. BUT THANKS BE TO GOD's smelling salt. I'm back on track. May God continue to bless you real good. Love you. LJ

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