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I Thank God For Closed Doors

When I wake up in the morning and see the sunrise as I’m running, I thank God for new mercies every day. As I was running this morning I started thinking about this and you know how much I like to share my morning thoughts… LOL

I was out just thinking about my life and all the times that I wished that a door had opened. All the times I had promoters and people lie to me saying that they would help me... I remember wishing the bank would approve my loan request for a house or a car (usually one I couldn’t afford at the time). I wished that this person would help me or that person would do something to help my business, or this person would help my dreams come true. 

As I look back now I’m so glad that none of those situations worked out. I’m so glad God closed those doors because they forced me to find the right path for me. If you’re in this situation and you feel like doors are closing all around you and you are frustrated, here’s something I’d like you to think about: Life can be like a living maze. You know what a maze is. In a maze, you start out at one end and your objective is to find your way to the finish line.

Many times you may make a turn and hit a dead end and you have to go another way. Just like life, that door closing on you sends you another way. It doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen, it just means you need to go another way. If you keep moving, eventually you will get to where you’re going.

Another thing that is important when you’re in a maze, as in life, is to remember where you have been. If you get turned around and confused in a maze, in order to get out, you have to remember the dead-ends that you have already hit. Just like in life you have to remember all the doors that were closed so you don’t waste time going that way again. If you want to get to your dreams you can’t expect to get there by doing the same thing and going to the same spots. You must try something different. I’m not saying give up on your dream, I’m saying try another path to the same dream. Same maze, same dream, but take a different direction to get there.

I feel sorry for people who have a dream and give up because it gets hard. Let me tell you something, "IT’S GOING TO GET HARD!" And my answer to that is, "SO WHAT? MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!" Don’t stop because a door closed. I have learned to thank God for closed doors. You have to know that if God wanted you to go that way, no man could close that door. But for some reason he allowed that door to be closed, but if that one was closed I assure you that there is one that is open somewhere. And it’s the right one. Don’t stop until you are living your dream. 

Is this helping anybody?

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  • Nianti C Torres Maryland

    Tyler… You have no idea how much of a blessing this message was for me. I know and I believe that everything happens for a reason in my life however is easy to say but when you are in the middle of a situation like that is hard to remember. Thank God for you because you just remind me how blessed I am. All the closed doors is my God taking care of me and leading me to the right path… Thank you again. God bless. N.

  • letlala south africa,johannesburg

    Thank you Tyler, this is just the remedy i needed to soothe my aching heart. This serves as motivation for those of us who believe in God...thanks once again...


    THANKS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,AND MORE THANKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

  • Kathy New Mexico

    Yes! This is exactly my situation. You did help me today! My son was promised a job by a leader in our church. Knowing our desperate financial situation, he even asked his hiring manager to hire my son the next time she had an opening. Well, she had 20 slots to fill. She interviewed my son and said he had a great interview. She didn't hire him. We have been so upset and frustrated. Me in particular. My son lets it roll off his back, saying "there were 20 people better than me." But I just have been seeing red. You email helped me a lot. I need to get past the rage...the protective mother bear response. It's hard. But you did help me today. Felt the steam lower...below boiling now. ~Kathy (My son and I love your movies.)

  • Kristi Florida

    Hello. Not only has God shut doors, God has slammed doors, because I am hard headed. I am listening, praying & investigating different paths. Also trying to be still to hear what God wants for me. Patience, patience. You have a happy day. Thank you for sharing. :)

  • Bryce Middleton Hickory, North Carolina

    Wow Mr. Perry, This was a God moment because I literally just finished sending out one of many emails to people asking for financial assistance toward AMDA's acting school that I have been accepted into and given some scholarship money (and financial aid). I have been researching and going to all of my sources possible because of the fact that I am supposed to begin in this Academy in a few weeks but am unable to cover the rest of these costs at all while my mother can't help support me financially either. It is becoming extremely stressful but after I sent out the last email, your email was right there at the top of my inbox and definitely encouraged me enough to keep my head up. What you said in your email is how I have always traveled through this journey and I can't agree with you more (though you have so much more experience and wisdom than I do). You know, in Diane Sawyer's interview on Oprah's Masterclass, Diane spoke about surrounding yourself with people who compliment your inner spirit and soul so then you all can keep each other going and true to yourselves (not a direct quote at all). And you just did that for me. You just reminded me of what I needed to hear in the middle of a trial when things sometimes get so cloudy in your mind and eyes that you just shortly forget and see through all of the wisdom you have ever known. So thank you. Of course, like anyone, I wish I could snap my fingers right now and this financial wall be moved and that finances didn't have to be the one thing to inhibit ones journey to production (relating to the way DeVon Franklin refers to our journeys in Produced By Faith). But I can't. All I can do is remember to leave it in God's hands and stop trying to do it all on my own. So I will just say, thank you Tyler. Thanks...

  • Ralph Holland Atlanta, GA

    Tyler, a perfect word for this time in my life! Divinely inspired!! Keep blessing folks!

  • Alana Sewell Atlanta, GA

    Hello Mr. Perry - Thank you for speaking to my spirit. I have been working on a project for about a month now and just received word from the director that the project has been postponed until the fall. I got your message after speaking with him. I must tell you that I really wanted this one to work but I work under the authority and direction of my father God. So if this is to be, then it will be. I get discouraged because I'll be 40 in August. However, I've learned that doubt kills more dreams than failure. Therefore, I will continue to work until my breakthrough! You are an inspiration...

  • Jo Dawkins Detroit, Michigan

    I loved your comment because there is a reason for every closed door. I was thinking with brazen how hard it is to be a woman in today's world and forever. But it is the realizations that life is worthwhile that makes me feel better. I know that always things could be better but in the interim look what I have gone through a fractured marriage, poor job experiences, living without means totally dependent on others even when working. I was on the stage when I was young and it was for me a good experience since I got better and better. What do you think about a senior returning? I read you Jo Dawkins

  • Angelica CA

    Wow, thank you for that message Tyler Perry. I was feeling frustrated awhile ago, about the same thing: Why isn't God moving? It's funny though how we as people think it's God that has to move, when God already has since He is omniscient. It is just a matter of us moving forward and toward God's will not reverse or backwards. When it feels like we have taken two steps back, we just have to make sure the next time, we surpass what we did before. In Proverbs 19:21 it says, "You can make plans, but the LORD's purpose will prevail." His will be done before ours because God is greater and when we do His will, we will be greater too.

    • Shawn Bentley Guam #1838866

      Somebody once told me...."REJECTION IS GOD'S PROTECTION" and I have always kept those words close to my heart when a door closes, and I wrestle with the "WHY's" and "How Come's" and "Why Not Me?" I truly believe that my character and spiritual growth has been molded through all the closed doors and locked windows. God has a plan for us all. There have been times in my life when I felt God really must have a sense of humor and the joke is on me. However, I know God makes no mistakes and that my perception of his humor has only made me the person I am today. I continue to put my faith in God, not in man, and I continue to "BELIEVE" and trust in the power of his name.

  • Youlandia Addison Powder Springs, Ga

    Tyler, Thank you for that sermon:-) I know I needed that, if noone else did!!! Thanks for pushing us to do not what we think our purpose is, but what God has as our purpose and not to ever give up. Much love and success to you. This is a true statement for me and my family.

  • Jasmine Dennis Memphis,Tn

    God bless you Mr. Perry! Your closed door message has really ministered to me. Im 28 years old and i am currently in the United States unemployment percentile and it is hard. I purseued my dreams of being in the medical fiel 7 years ago after caring for my great grandmother as a teen. I love every minute of being an assistant and helping Gods children during their time of need. I lost my job 8 momths ago after being employeed for 5 years. It left me heartbroken and depressed. I was asked to carry out a 2person task alone which resulted in me bumping a patjents bed which i myself new was terrible but giving the circumstances,me being the only assistant per 30 patients and noone willing to assist me, the outcome resulted with a patient complaint. I never had a write up while i was employeed and to be reprimanded to the third degree hurt me to my heart. I prayed and i pleaded with Gof,Lord you saw me everyday, you saw me helping yhe elders and encouraging the young men and women who were gunshot and stab victims and gang members. Lord i know you witnessed.me handinh out daily bread books to the domestic violence victims and bathing the drig addicts wjo had givven up and i still was told this door is being closed. I didnt understand it then and im still figuring it out but i know the Lord saeme and i know He hasnt forsaken me for only He knows the plans He has for me! ImI know God didnt close that doorbecause of something I did wrong but He knew i had plans on retiring from there and what Hes gonna use me for goes beyond that place! Thank you Mr. Perry because your encouraging words was the confirmation I needed and the reassurance that a closed door is not the end of the story!!

    • Jasmine dennis #1838696

      Please excuse the misspellings, my phone wouldn't scroll up so that I could correct it. #Touchsreen era

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