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I Wanna Introduce You To A Very Special Lady

I want you to meet Tina.

For the last few years I have been looking for talented writers and directors who I could help reach their dreams. Those who have the gift but haven't had the opportunity. Those who are gifted at storytelling. Well, in my search of many I have found a few that I'm working on helping, but there was one that is so special and so unique that she is ready now.  Her name is Tina Gordon Chism. She is a writer and a first-time director. She has a new movie coming out on May 10th that I'm presenting called PEEPLES. This movie is hysterical. She did such a great job. I'm so proud of her.

I must tell you, it makes me feel great to be able to help usher her to her dreams. I love seeing the underdog get their shot. If y'all didn't put me in this position I couldn't help her. So thank you. I feel that there is much more room in this business and this is my first attempt at opening this door for another writer-director. I'm excited about the possibility and I'm excited about her… a young African-American woman getting her first shot. This is really cool.

I want you to go out and support her movie, PEEPLES. It is so funny. Craig Robinson and Kerry Washington lead an all-star cast in this comedy and they will truly have you laughing out loud. I'm very proud of this movie and I'm very proud of Tina. I'm telling you, you won't be disappointed. The movie is great and Tina is very special. Let's show her some love, OK?

I'll be talking to you about it as we get a little closer.

PEEPLES in theaters May 10th. GO TINA!!!!

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  • Ms. Proverbs

    Hey Tyler, Great Morning to you Rise & Shine......Here We Go!! "Peeples" movies is out in theaters today....YAY!! Go Tina!!! Go Tyler!! I'm so happy for the both of you..Black American Woman Director (the first time-this made history) Tyler you are such a blessing who helped Tina turn her dream into a reality...I watched ya'll on the Huff Post Live Chat....Tina was so happy and she has every right to be...I'm so happy right along with her...What A Blessing This is the only the beginning and I believe so much more is to come...God Is Good :-) Tyler I pray that God bless you real good and give you back 100 fold for every seed that you have sown into other people lives..Yes You are a Good Man :-) Not only for what you do but for Who You Are :-) God sees your heart and obedience . Mother Maxine is so proud of her baby because you are doing such a Great Job! I hope this encouraged you this morning because it is the truth...Keep Up The Great Work!! Higher Heights and Deeper Depths in God is coming through you..There is always room for Growth...Keep Moving Forward... Oh by the way I came across one of your youtube as your portrayed Ike and Tina Turner OMG! I laughed so hard until it hurts...You are so crazy...and why in the world you hopped off of Maury Povich stage in your Madea Big Happy Family movie?...Tyler I was no more good after that Whew I tell you..I said this man is plum crazy but I love it....LOL!! Have A Bless Day :-) Ms. Proverbs

  • you are

    Really inspiring peeples.Lol. I got a chance to watch some of it and it was really good to see and hear. I kinda laughed at the part when dude had to ask a question and didn't almost understand what he was saying and the girl in the back of him was trying so hard not to bust out laughing. And Tina was very excited and full of energy and she's happy. Thank you for being you cause people can think more easily when they know that their not being JUDGED. :)

  • Bracha Dallas,Texas

    I am so looking forward to seeing this movie. Ever since my Pakistani friend told me about Tyler Perry I have been watching and enjoying his films.Your films make me laugh when I am having a horrible day due to school stress. I will spread the word on FB about this film. I love to promote amazing videos in my city.



  • Ms. Proverbs Owings Mills, Maryland

    Hi Tyler, Hope your day is going well :-) I just wanted to share something with you..The month of May is very special to me because of Mother's Day and my Birthday :-) Enjoy Your Day! Ms. Proverbs

  • autumn blackcloud tama, iowa

    Would like to say, like everyone that your movies really home I lived in each of your movies in my life...so i just got to say, thank-you for putting real life situations that nobody wants to talk about because we were taught not to!! Im proud of u and hope nothing but the best for you and your dreams!! Im still chasing mine, i just know once i can finish school , which by the way before i had to drop out i actually got good grades..well in school nothing but c,d,f. I will keep trying for my dream cause without an education nobody hears me.. but they will, just wish i had some support.. well sorry for taking up your time, you are the one person that became someone that really had something to say.... I. Love it!!!!! God bless

  • Ms. Proverbs Owings Mills, Maryland

    Hi there Tyler, I hope that your day was blessed and stress free You can exhale now...Aahhh! :-) LOL!..I enjoyed that little video clip with you and your babies...Ok I hope I'm saying their names right...LOL! Aldo, Peter, Paul, & Mary Tyler they are so cute and obedient..they were so glad Daddy came home :-) Your flowers are so lovely just beautiful Garden Of Eden...WOW! Place of meditation, peaceful and quiet times spent with the Lord..Absolutely no Distractions...Yes Indeedy! Halleluyer (my Madea's voice) LOL! I hope that you don"t mind me picking a bouquet of flowers out of your backyard...LOL!! I love beautiful flowers they can change the very atmosphere within your home...Brings Life! Well Sir You Continue to Enjoy Life and Stay Blessed and Yes I'm smiling because God is Good all the time....I can't wait to see the movie "Peeples" Go Tina!! I know it's funny...LOL! May 28 & 29th can't get here fast enough for your two new shows You Go Tyler! :-) on OWN Go Oprah! ...YAY!! I will be relocating soon to GA I'm so looking forward to it now..Tyler, I'm moving out of God's way and letting His Will Be Done..Sweet Dreams Nighty Night...:-) Ms. Proverbs

  • Heidi Everett, Ma

    Kerry Washington rocks! I've seen her as an actress. She's great!

  • Sharon New York

    Hi Tyler, WOW! I just say the promo for your new series on OWN and it looks "fabulous." We don't have Oprah's station, so I will have to wait to see it on DVD.....hopefully. It reminds me of DALLAS with J.R. Ewing and the cast of wonderful and scandalous characters. It looks pretty exciting! I'm proud of all of your work, Tyler. Keep it coming. Love and Hugs

  • Safiya

    Hi! I hope Tyler Perry sees this... Ive always had a passion for film. I'm a sophomore at Penn State and I was an Immunology and Infectious Disease major. I wasn't doing so hot in math and science, and I realized, I chose the IID major because it will guarantee me a job. But it wasn't what I liked or enjoyed doing at all. It took me a whole year to figure out that the best thing to do was follow my dreams, so I switched my major to Film and Video. I would DIE of happiness if I could just work side by side with Mr. Perry or even shadow him. He gives me hope that a black female like me could make it big in the film industry. I have so many ideas and I know it's hard work, but I realize, if I'm passionate about it, I doesn't seem like work at all. Please respond Mr. Perry ! Pretty please !


    Needing some comic relief right about now...can't wait to see it!!!

  • nikki trinidad

    hi tyler have not wrote to you in a long time. Just wanted to know will you ever be coming in the carribbean just to do a live show for us?

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