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I Wanna Introduce You To A Very Special Lady

I want you to meet Tina.

For the last few years I have been looking for talented writers and directors who I could help reach their dreams. Those who have the gift but haven't had the opportunity. Those who are gifted at storytelling. Well, in my search of many I have found a few that I'm working on helping, but there was one that is so special and so unique that she is ready now.  Her name is Tina Gordon Chism. She is a writer and a first-time director. She has a new movie coming out on May 10th that I'm presenting called PEEPLES. This movie is hysterical. She did such a great job. I'm so proud of her.

I must tell you, it makes me feel great to be able to help usher her to her dreams. I love seeing the underdog get their shot. If y'all didn't put me in this position I couldn't help her. So thank you. I feel that there is much more room in this business and this is my first attempt at opening this door for another writer-director. I'm excited about the possibility and I'm excited about her… a young African-American woman getting her first shot. This is really cool.

I want you to go out and support her movie, PEEPLES. It is so funny. Craig Robinson and Kerry Washington lead an all-star cast in this comedy and they will truly have you laughing out loud. I'm very proud of this movie and I'm very proud of Tina. I'm telling you, you won't be disappointed. The movie is great and Tina is very special. Let's show her some love, OK?

I'll be talking to you about it as we get a little closer.

PEEPLES in theaters May 10th. GO TINA!!!!

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  • ADEOLA North York

    Good job Tyler! You are so awesome and thanks for the support. Wish Tina the very best in her acting/directing career. May the good Lord keep backing you up in all your endeavours Tyler. You are a good man with a golden heart!

  • Tope Hassan Nigeria

    Tyler I have been receiving your messages for a long time now but this my first time commenting. I really love your movies. My family adores you. We have learnt a lot of life lessons from them and you. Just that my dad has an issue with the way you support divorce in them. Am very impressed with your support for that lady to achieve her dreams. Its very commendable. Mayny cele rities are scared to helping people to the level they are because of fear of competition and that person may turn out to be more popular than them. I say SHAME on them. Pls keep on doing the best you can. I can proudly say that black people and my children have a constructive hero to look up to in the entertainment industry with the 3 essentials: God, Emancipatio of Humanity and Happiness. Fulfilment in what they do so they are not tempted to takeshort cuts. God bless you Tyler. I also love and respect the way you carry along your fans every step of the way. LoL i learn leadership and project management skills from you. I induccted it with my stakeholders and work and its very constructive and advantageous. God bless you.

  • Adeola North York

    Good job, Tyler. You are so awesome and thanks for your support. Wish Tina the very best in her acting/directing career. May God continue to support you too. Good man with a golden heart!

  • Angelica Atlanta Ga

    Mr. Perry. Writers like Ms.Tina are needed because minorities in the film industry are said to be in lack. There's a need for more women, minorities, and youth. But not just to fill that gap. True talent to make that gap shine. Through His favoritism Ms. Tina's talents were found and i pray the same for I. My name is Angelica Price. A diverse writer from the south and i am twenty five years of age. Within what i have prepared. You will find numerous works. Sample of books, screenplay, poetry. We are asked to seek agents which are wonderful. But I don't want to sign my work away. I feel the need of help to manage the ins and outs of all that my mind can produce. In the long run. I aspire to direct my works. But more than management what is needed is advice, guidance, and mentoring. In the black community networking is close to non-existant and the only help that is available comes back to b*** you in the rear. Guidance and wisdom is a necessity on this journey. I plan to reciprocate great things to my lovely state of Georgia where the ambitions of the black youth die daily. I know what it means to struggle and i plan to share what ever i find on the top of my mountain. MY Copyrighted Works Thank You for your time and i hope you found talent in my work and share it. I plant to learn until the day i die and understand that there are many things I still need to learn and am not afraid of revision and perseverance. Im open to all suggestions and comments as i know sharing this with all will hopefully lead to one.

    • Angelica Atlanta ga #1820750

      NICE..LOL...I see that links can not be posted...bummer...will definitely find a way to get out there...great day everyone : )

    • Linda Trudeaux Houston, TX 77082 #1821481

      Tyler Perry, first, let me say first off that I am so very proud of you. I am from New Orleans, but have been in Houston for the past fifteen years. A grand sixty six year old lady who has always followed and supported your work I will certainly support anyone you introduce!

  • Ethan Clemons Detroit

    Congratulations Tina, you have also inspired me too continue chasing much dreams and goals to also become a writer/director. With So much adversity against me and being from such a frowned upon city it'll be difficult but with people like Tyler Perry who understands the struggle and is willing to help I know one day I'll have the opportunity to work with you and him. God bless and keep him first. I'll be to support your movie as well

  • Cynthia Nasa Nigeria

    Hi mr perry, God bless you, for helping this girl Tina to her trnant, I know is like a dream come thru, God bless your good dids, love you lots of kiss

  • Waneda Austell, Ga

    Truly AWESOME Tina!!! Good blessings on all of your dreams and endeavors! Keep God up front and center and you gon be aight! :-)

  • Aljahnay Stone Mountain, GA

    Congratulations!! God bless, I hope you break the box office!!

  • Anonymous Atlanta

    There's a school across from you where minorities are in need of assistance. I'm sure they would appreciate any help you can give. These are talented young people who are accepted, but may not be able to attend because of the economy.

  • A. D. Smith Memphis, Tn

    I am so HAPPY for Ms. Tina! I pray the movie is a success! The more you support another person's dream, the quicker yours comes true! I am an author/playwright/musician-songwriter. Check out some of my videos if you get a moment! God Bless!!!!

  • Anele South Africa

    God is watching, blessed is the hand that gives than the one that receives. Stay blessed and blessing others. God won't forget you.

  • Karen Atlanta

    Thank you Mr. Perry for giving someone else an opportunity to succeed and it not being a homeless or down and out story, but one of talent. I see that too often with celebrities. You are truly a gem, please help more people to be in your position to help others. You inspire me to want to do better. Thank you!

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