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I Wanna Introduce You To A Very Special Lady

I want you to meet Tina.

For the last few years I have been looking for talented writers and directors who I could help reach their dreams. Those who have the gift but haven't had the opportunity. Those who are gifted at storytelling. Well, in my search of many I have found a few that I'm working on helping, but there was one that is so special and so unique that she is ready now.  Her name is Tina Gordon Chism. She is a writer and a first-time director. She has a new movie coming out on May 10th that I'm presenting called PEEPLES. This movie is hysterical. She did such a great job. I'm so proud of her.

I must tell you, it makes me feel great to be able to help usher her to her dreams. I love seeing the underdog get their shot. If y'all didn't put me in this position I couldn't help her. So thank you. I feel that there is much more room in this business and this is my first attempt at opening this door for another writer-director. I'm excited about the possibility and I'm excited about her… a young African-American woman getting her first shot. This is really cool.

I want you to go out and support her movie, PEEPLES. It is so funny. Craig Robinson and Kerry Washington lead an all-star cast in this comedy and they will truly have you laughing out loud. I'm very proud of this movie and I'm very proud of Tina. I'm telling you, you won't be disappointed. The movie is great and Tina is very special. Let's show her some love, OK?

I'll be talking to you about it as we get a little closer.

PEEPLES in theaters May 10th. GO TINA!!!!

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  • Kimberly Cee

    That's so cool!!

  • charlene chester, sc

    That's great. My question is, how do people get the opportunity to reach out to you for things like this. I have been trying for years to reach out on behalf of my mom who desperately has been looking to live out her dream. She is now 61 and has written and directed several dramas. She often says, " how do people get the exposure to go further." She's constantly believing God and praying for that door to be opened and it hasn't yet. She really desecration that chance and i would love to help get her there. Help!

  • sheryndel trinidaad and tobago

    First and for most I ƪ<3̷̸̮̐‎​√e you tyler and ƪ<3̷̸̮̐‎​√e all your plays and movies saw this show aadvertise and can haardly wait to see it so excited

  • lalarose

    maybe she'll be the one?!

  • Hope Izegwire Nigeria

    Looking forward to seeing themovie soon, I believe it will also be a source of joy and encouragement to other talented people out there. Thanks Tyler you are doing an excellent job.All the best Tina

  • Kim lock Wisconsin

    Congratulations!! And thanks to YOU Mr. Perry for opening a door that's not easy to walk in. It's all God-speed, HIS timing...HIS purpose...HIS will. If he can do it for her???i beta hush...he can do it for me too #EXPECTATION

  • Nesta

    Well done Tyler this is what all who make it out are called to do. We are to reach down and pull, those of our own who want it (You got to want it) out of the thorn bush. Yahweh is using you to help make a difference among our ppl. The enemy hates the fact that you are doing what your are doing...and that is helping to break the cycle of poverty among our ppl,(one brick at a time) by helping them to live their dreams. Best wishes to Tina and her upcoming movie "Peeples"..Thank you Mr.Perry on behalf of our ppl..thank you on behalf of those of all the Hebrew slaves who died in the hope of this day..THANK YOU.

  • carol kansa city Kansas

    I like supporting your talents. I saw the movie, Temptation. I have not been a good girl in the past. But this movie put something on the brain, "honey". Its funny because I have been saying for years "that when you are married or committed, there will always be someone that will catch the eye, but it's the love that gives you the will to resist".

    • Vinal Naidoo South Africa, Durban #1820704

      Ms Tina ur movie is gna b a success no doubt abt dat. Coz any thing God has a hand in is a success. It is good to knw dat der are people out der like Mr Tyler Perry. It wud be a miracle for me to b associated w** sumone like Mr TP. Thank you Mr TP for being such a caring person. I feel da love weneva I watch ur movies an I'm sure I'm gna feel da same w** u Ms Tina... U dnt need luck wen u have god....so I wudnt say gudluck... I'll say God bless Ms Tina

  • Naomi E.O. Joseph

    Yayy and congratulations on another winner...to God be the glory!!!!!

  • Kristi Florida

    Congratulations on the Movie, Tina Chism. I wish you much success and peace !

  • Linda Welcome Ellington, CT

    If you say to see it sir, I'll be there.

  • Kayla Taylor Charlotte, NC

    Go Jesus! Go Tyler Perry! Go Tina Gordon Chism!

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