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I Wanted You There

Hello there,

I had to write you today. You know that I'm not a man that deals in negativity, but when I'm being attacked I have to let you know.

Something is going on right now that I have to tell you about, but not today. I'll tell you about it in a couple of days.

Today, I wanted to tell you about the opening celebration of my new studio. I refused to let anything get me down this weekend because I was going to celebrate the dream coming to fruition.

Here is the link: http://tylerperry.com/specialMessage

Tyler Perry


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  • M.H

    I love the way your studio look. I love to see some past.

  • M.H

    I'm going to tell you something. I wanted the Studio my uncle built years ago . My family is so messed up. Who cares,right? I care:-(

  • I

    wanted to be there, too. I love you!

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