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I'm Still In The Fight!

One day I’m going to write a book and tell you about all the crap that goes on behind the scenes in my life. Good God almighty, you won't believe some of the things I have to deal with. You would think that by now I wouldn’t have to fight to release a movie... but I do. Everything is a fight. I mean everything. By the time the movie comes out I’m so exhausted from the fight that it’s hard to unwind and take it all in.

Hear me good when I say this to you, I never take for granted that you are going to come out and see my films. Never. I know that you have a lot of choices and a lot of other things you can do with your time and money, so all I can tell you is that I’m so glad that you do and that you have been with me from the beginning. This means the world to me. It really does. That is where I get my rewards, knowing that you are with me. I want you to know that I, and everybody that works at TPS and their families, appreciate it so much.

With that said, MADEA’S WITNESS PROTECTION opens Friday, June 29th. That’s tomorrow. Just to let you know where this idea came from... I was sitting at dinner with a friend and I said to them, “the punishment for Bernie Madoff should have been that he had to move in with Madea." Isn’t the thought of that funny? Light bulbs went off in my head, so I wrote THE FUNNIEST Madea movie I’ve ever written. You’ll see! This movie is hilarious. It’s nonstop laughter. I sure hope you have plans to go out and take your family, friends, social and church groups to see MADEA’S WITNESS PROTECTION this weekend. The first weekend is so important. That’s how you’re judged in Hollywood. And that is how you can help me fight, by showing up at the movie theater this weekend.

I sure hope you still have my back… I need your help to win this fight.

I’ll be on Facebook, Twitter and tylerperry.com’s message board reading your comments.

Talk soon,


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  • Geraldine Iquo Okon Abuja,Nigeria

    Hi Mr Tyler, d Holy Spirit helps us in all our fights. Read Zechariah 4: 6-10. The Holy Spirit helps us to fight our battles,removes all mountains from our paths,helps us to appreciate our small beginnings & finish d Good work he has started in our lives. I thank God for using you to bless the World through your Movies. God has used you to bring Joy,Happiness & Laughter in homes & Families all around the World. I must confess the only movie of yours I have watched is why did I get married & why did I get married too. But by God's Grace I promise to take out time during my vacaation. & spend my Vacation time just watching all your movies. God bless you.

  • Zion H. Mukisa Kampala, Uganda

    I believe when you purpose to pursue GOD's will for your life, the enemy fights. Personally, it seems as if each fight gets harder as we persist. However, like you said, I am still in the fight! GOD bless you.

  • Zion H. Mukisa Kampala, Uganda

    I believe when you are purpose to pursue GOD's will for your life, the enemy fights. Personally, it seems as if each fight gets harder as we persist. However, like you said, I am still in the fight! GOD bless you.

  • Linda Houston, Texas

    Sorry I hit the wrong key. I was about to comment that your plays and movies you write somebody always want to change something. Thanks for keeping them clean.

  • janet smith hopemills nc 28348

    Dear Tyler I have not seen the new movie yet but I know it will be awesome. Tyler remember work unto man as you would work unto God. So do not let Holllywood or the people in the world transform or stop you from believing. I am firm beliver that the battle is not ours but it is the Lord. Jesus fights for us everday. Just continue to rely on God and only on God you will prevail. Continue to pray and give God praise daily because he will never put more on us than we can bear. Even when the world or fans seem to turn against God will keep you. He love us so much that he gave us his ONLY BEGOTTEN SON SO WE COULD HAVE LIFE AND HAVE IT MORE ABUNDANTLY. SO GIVE HIM SOME PRAISE EVEN IN THE MIST OF YOUR WORSE DAY GIVE HIM PRAISE AND WATCH HIM TURN THINGS AROUND FOR YOU. God Bless You Tyler and keep the faith, also keep up the goood work. your sister in christ Janet Smith

  • Anon Texas

    Just because you "lose", doesn't mean "you lose". Just because you "win, doesn't mean "you win". Stay humble and don't forget to smile

  • adele sutton queens ny

    I saw Witness Protection about 2 weeks ago and I am still laughing every time I think of something done in your movie I watched for Better or Worse and really injoyed the show I gave us a lot of insight about life and what matters and still was very entertaining, Cant wait till the next episode You always bring us the best you are again a breathe of fresh air to what is out there I rarely go to the movies or theater but when I hear you have something new out I run to see it. This world is a rough place to survive in dont let the baracudas out there tire you out by gi ving you a hard time getting your films going. I am so happy for you and you Aunt Madea you deserve your success May God continue to Bless you.

  • Brenda

    u r the most amazing man i have never had the pleasure of witnessing such wonderful works that have inspired me in my own daily living. Im actually relieved to know that im not the only one with the same views regarding life children and most importantly our lord..thank you sweet kind man u..

    • Debra Artis NYC #1709907

      Hi Tyler, God sends out messengers to us You have been that voice to me on several occasions I know even with success comes the struggle I am a true testament Nothing has ever come easy but it has always been easily lost However, I keep looking for that little light or lesson from each stage of my life But, most of all I keep listening carefully to hear God's message to me That's what keeps me strong and able to survive He always sends me a word in some way Please Stay Humble before God Stay Loving to all others (even the ones that touch that sensitive nerve) Stay Real Folk (Don't get a big head). I will pray for you Please do the same for me You must know many fans that you have BUT I don't believe you really realize the the depth in which the messages from your words and movies affect peoples lives I am definitely sure you have kept a great many people from going off the ledge or going postal I look forward to your continuous enlighting and encouragement May peace be yours I pray God continue to bless you! Sincere Regards Debbie

  • Sh'edra Edwards 68521

    Ok Mr. Perry, I'm here in Lincoln, Ne. & we are getting ready for a youth conference & I believe we need to get back to old School way of life & thinking I could really use Madeas help to remind & reenforce those old school values on our kyouth & up coming adults, so plzzzzz get bk @ me & GOD bless u n the "Fight"...

  • Tasha Columbus, OH

    I can only imagine! All I can do is pray for you and your strength, and ask God to continue to give you favor and help you fight along the way! God bless you


    Poor baby. I would love to read that book if you ever have time to write it , If you need a ghost writer , holla at ya girl, I'll be more than happy to ride around on your jet and jot your notes into magic. But, for right now thank you for being the only one besides Steve Harvey , trying to keep Jesus in it and remember like the song says , 'He's come to far to leave you." also, buy my poetry book SLANG*ETRY then push it so that a sistah can take my kids on some trips lol! Love you though I don't know you T.T. King.

  • Miss P. USA

    Hello Tyler Congratulations on 20 years of being in show business. You truly deserve the honor and respect of all who see your films...Keep up the good work...Goodnight

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