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I'm Still In The Fight!

One day I’m going to write a book and tell you about all the crap that goes on behind the scenes in my life. Good God almighty, you won't believe some of the things I have to deal with. You would think that by now I wouldn’t have to fight to release a movie... but I do. Everything is a fight. I mean everything. By the time the movie comes out I’m so exhausted from the fight that it’s hard to unwind and take it all in.

Hear me good when I say this to you, I never take for granted that you are going to come out and see my films. Never. I know that you have a lot of choices and a lot of other things you can do with your time and money, so all I can tell you is that I’m so glad that you do and that you have been with me from the beginning. This means the world to me. It really does. That is where I get my rewards, knowing that you are with me. I want you to know that I, and everybody that works at TPS and their families, appreciate it so much.

With that said, MADEA’S WITNESS PROTECTION opens Friday, June 29th. That’s tomorrow. Just to let you know where this idea came from... I was sitting at dinner with a friend and I said to them, “the punishment for Bernie Madoff should have been that he had to move in with Madea." Isn’t the thought of that funny? Light bulbs went off in my head, so I wrote THE FUNNIEST Madea movie I’ve ever written. You’ll see! This movie is hilarious. It’s nonstop laughter. I sure hope you have plans to go out and take your family, friends, social and church groups to see MADEA’S WITNESS PROTECTION this weekend. The first weekend is so important. That’s how you’re judged in Hollywood. And that is how you can help me fight, by showing up at the movie theater this weekend.

I sure hope you still have my back… I need your help to win this fight.

I’ll be on Facebook, Twitter and tylerperry.com’s message board reading your comments.

Talk soon,

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  • Sinentokozo South Africa

    When will it Show in SA?

  • Shanda Ellenwood, Ga

    I gotta say that I fully understand your distress regarding this matter. It's injustices like this that cause so many racial divides in this industry and even outside of this sector. People who pave the way for those who are artistically talented should be celebrated for the work they produce and release around the world especially when it's not depicted as racial discrimination...just good, wholesome family fun and laughter for the whole family. I applaud you for staying in the fight and if you are the last man standing in the fight to create balance and tolerance for a cast that breaks the color barriers by exposing talent, not race then I say...STAND TALL. So what if the cast is not African American. I don't want to still Madea's words. I don't see color. I only see talent. You have a talent for bringing laughter into homes and hearts all around the world and no value can be placed on that. I know there are other motivations that try to stop your purpose in film but here's what I want to say to the black community and African Americans who you support by making room for their talent in film, we have to support our own because of the existence of pre-existing struggles in Hollywood and elsewhere. Tyler Perry belongs to God but Tyler Perry has a talent and business that caters not just to the black community but too people of all race, gender, and ethnic backgrounds. Not only that but how can this man do his job effectively in the movie industry if he does not cater to all ethnic backgrounds even those who know poverty oh too well to those to who are well to do. Tyler Perry is a black man. We know this. But when racial divides are no longer evident, you will be able to judge Hollywood for its phenomenal talent instead of seeing the talent that exist based on race, ethnic background, and the lifestyle they live or came out of. Support the man. Support the movie. Above all, laugh and show Hollywood (critics) who has the final say so. Support the purpose in the man...the content of his character. This is America. Freedom is, as freedom does. I was on the elevator @ the Obama reception and everyone was in cuhoots about who to vote for. One man said, I'm voting for Romney. The lady looked at him and said you know the great thing about America is that you can vote for whomever you choose and nobody can judge you for it. They didn't bring you to America and they can't put you out. The man was not even born here but he was a citizen. The same scenario applies to your situation. So, we join you in the fight, Tyler Perry. WE SUPPORT MADEA'S WITNESS PROTECTION by coming out to the theater this weekend of JUNE 29th because we believe in you, your purpose, and your drive to take ownership of what' s due you in the name of Hollywood because you have a true love for the driving force of what keeps Hollywood productions in production...the people.

    • Gloria #1700363

      I am grateful to have read what you wrote

  • Monique Netherlands

    Goodluck with the movie! I havent seen it but I love your work. Mox

  • Gillian Ashton United States

    My family and I are HUGE fans of your work Tyler and will always support you:) Can't wait to watch dear ol Madea lol

  • Ezgi ( D.C)

    taking my mom and sisters to see the movie tomorrow Mr. Perry.

  • arleen pinole,ca

    Dear Mr. Perry I really have to give you all the props in the world. I really appreciate that you make films that are diverse and funny. I think its great that you have all colors and nationalities and I also really think its great that your movies are funny and safe for me to take my 14 year old son to. Too many movies today feel that you have to cus and show nudity to make money. I also love the fact that you always incl.vthe Lord in some way shape or fashion be it in a funny church scene or just in a prayer. I love it and I want you to know I will be supporting you on Friday for your new film!! Shame on those people that can't accept diversity and only have negative things to say! God Bless you

  • Linda Winston Salem

    Absolutely loved GOOD DEEDS!

  • Jaclyn Zingali Phoenix, AZ

    I pre bought tickets to see your movie this Saturday with my Mom! I can't wait. I LOVE Madea and YOU Tyler! Your movies are the BEST and always my top FAV ;) I hope I will be able to meet you one day. As a graphic designer I really hope I can collaborate with you some day on one of your projects :) You are an inspiration and help grow others FAITH!...I have your back Tyler! And when no one else does, all you need is God's. The forces that are for us are FAR GREATER than the forces that are against us! God bless.

  • Naaman Jackson montgomery, alabama

    Im so thankful that you do all you do for the liberation of our community. Also I want to thatnk you for allowing me and thousands of others to audition for your company. Stay in the fight and remember nothing just happens!!!!

  • Fanny Magnificat

    Will it be coming to Calgary, Alberta in Canada?

  • Tameko MD

    Tyler, I always wish you the best in everything you do and can relate to every message you send through your films and plays. I am truly looking forward to tomorrow's release of your new movie. I know it's going to be hilarious. You stay strong and keep your head up and know that God puts nothing in our paths that we can't handle.

  • Karen Lancaster, TX

    We got u man. Keep up the gud work Tyler. You keep producing we will keep coming out and seeing ur work. Let God fight ur battles. He can do what u can't. Hv a great wknd

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