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I'm Still In The Fight!

One day I’m going to write a book and tell you about all the crap that goes on behind the scenes in my life. Good God almighty, you won't believe some of the things I have to deal with. You would think that by now I wouldn’t have to fight to release a movie... but I do. Everything is a fight. I mean everything. By the time the movie comes out I’m so exhausted from the fight that it’s hard to unwind and take it all in.

Hear me good when I say this to you, I never take for granted that you are going to come out and see my films. Never. I know that you have a lot of choices and a lot of other things you can do with your time and money, so all I can tell you is that I’m so glad that you do and that you have been with me from the beginning. This means the world to me. It really does. That is where I get my rewards, knowing that you are with me. I want you to know that I, and everybody that works at TPS and their families, appreciate it so much.

With that said, MADEA’S WITNESS PROTECTION opens Friday, June 29th. That’s tomorrow. Just to let you know where this idea came from... I was sitting at dinner with a friend and I said to them, “the punishment for Bernie Madoff should have been that he had to move in with Madea." Isn’t the thought of that funny? Light bulbs went off in my head, so I wrote THE FUNNIEST Madea movie I’ve ever written. You’ll see! This movie is hilarious. It’s nonstop laughter. I sure hope you have plans to go out and take your family, friends, social and church groups to see MADEA’S WITNESS PROTECTION this weekend. The first weekend is so important. That’s how you’re judged in Hollywood. And that is how you can help me fight, by showing up at the movie theater this weekend.

I sure hope you still have my back… I need your help to win this fight.

I’ll be on Facebook, Twitter and tylerperry.com’s message board reading your comments.

Talk soon,

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  • elijah mcmarion bastrop texas

    Dear Mr Perry.if you somehow stumble upon this comment, it will be because God willed it.I am about to become the father of triplets, and I am going through he'll.I am having trouble finding employment ,and I don't know what I am going to do.I am reaching out!to you hoping that the lord will make a way for you to help us.i need your help, my life is only beggining and i feel the devil trying to end it.i am praying that God touches your heart,i know that only he can make a way.I am only asking for help with my electric bill, I am willing to work for everything, but it is hard on me right now. All I need is a chance.

    • T.T. KING NEW MEXICO #1707692

      ELIJAH , THANK GOD EVERY DAY WHEN YOU WAKE UP FOR THE THINGS THAT YOU HAVE - your health and strength, three blessings on the way and internet connection to look for work. If you thank HIm for the small things and work hard for better things , line up with His word ( Pay your tithes , even when you think you can't afford it ) He'll bless you with abundance.

    • janet smith hopemills nc 28348 #1718308

      I totally agree with you about trusting in GOD AND ONLY IN GOD!!!!. It has been plenty of times that me and my family have been in tight binds with paying our bills. We alomost lost our home to foreclsoure but because we are believers of the word and held on to our faith God not only saved our home but decrease the payments by half. We are tithers and givers. We do not have a lot of money but is always more than enough. I know that once I finish college there will be not a job but a career waitng for me. God is miraculous loving, willing and able God to those who trust in him. God Bless you all and God bless you Tyler Perry Janet Smith

  • Katrina Hansen Muskegon, MI

    Dear Tyler, Even though it was not the first weekend my friend and I went to see MWP today and we were laughing all the way through it and a few times I thought the people in front of us would hush us but they did not. I have enjoyed your films and am anxious to see the drama you are in coming later in the year. I am sorry that Hollywood still does not want to make room for you but God always makes a way. I would like to see Shemar Moore in another of your films he was so hot in those dread locks. Katrina

  • Wanda Berrios Puerto Rico

    Tyler : I first saw your movie , Diary Of A Mad Black Woman , it took a while to be convinced , by my daughter , Crystal , it took 2 years , to be exact , it just didn't sound interesting enough . Well I did on 1 of my trips to Florida to see my grandchildren . It brought me back , so many bad memories , when I was 16 I was forced to get married , because of my pregnancy . I went Trough the same thing , all of it , one difference I was old enough now , to understand all of it . I fell in love with your work , I laugh so hard ,, except in my life there was no Media , to help me , trough such hard times . I became Media , slowly it was either feel sorry for myself or keep ,, going , it was toff , in New York , 17 single 2 small girls , working , going to school at night . that light bulb you talk about in d/ play , class reunion , didn't light up . After 29 years of matrimony , 5 adult children , now taking care of my mother 91 , bless her . I don't take b*** from any one , I am honest say whats on my mind , had to go trough h*** & back to raise 5 children , I wish I can tell you my full story , that would be a block buster . I live in Puerto Rico , USA / I have must of your plays & movies , I get them at Wall mart ,, but I am so pissed off !!! I was counting the days for d/ 29th of June , for your new movie , Medias Witness Protection Program & guess what ?? they will not , repeat will not be showing it ,, in any of d/ theaters here in Puerto Rico . your movies & plays are a therapy , for me , I love you , your cast , & I am your no. 1 FAN . help me with this , why ?? I love you , the cast & will love to meet you , some day ? MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU . WANDA BERRIOS ......I TELL EVERY ONE ABOUT YOU , CALL ME ......

  • Gernira T New Orleans

    You need help?...Tauhh..We need help too. I mean thanks for making us laugh, but the pain and the things we go through are still there. Dont get me wrong I love you and you are amazing. But I need help just as much as you do..Anyways good thing you have inspired me not to give up! Thanks so much! <3

  • Tyana Dallas ga

    Tyler, I have read some of your neg, fans telling how to do your thing. God has given you a talent, you are different that's why people out here love you. Some people only know how to ask, rather then just a thank you. For those who bring you down, Tyler you have made it this far on your own and you will there are not many of you out here so stay who you are . I wish I had just. A bit of your strength. I know it's wrong for me wanting out my life I just wanna sleep and not wake. But you are amazing in your stories to tell us. Take care Sir...

  • Tyana Parker Dallas ga

    Tyler, thank you for all your hard work, I can't imagine all you have been through, am glad you fought your way through. Cus u have hit home a lot in my life. I am so sick of living, nothing is every right. I just give up. But I never get a chance to meet you I wish the best for you. Take care of your self . Much love.....

  • Daniel brown Dallas

    I want to be your show the Floyd's show please notice me I want to be in the floyds show please notice me I am a fan

  • SimoniaMeChelle Memphis Tn

    I swear my phone rang 4 times trying to write this, Tyler Hope you & the Madea sweetie pie is well! I just wanna know if you can take mail in forms in your next contest because everytime I tried to use my computer it malfunctioned & knocked my chances out to enter the contest. I said let me make him aware of those less fortunate

  • LINDA Houston Tx

    YOU 'LL right I bet you have a lots of problems trying to get your material made into movies and plays. I believe god is behind you. Tyler I see a big, big, big future in head of you. As Whitness Huston would say to her daughter ''I GOT YOUR BACK'' Tyler GOD got your back

  • Mableline Bk DaQueen Nawhlinz

    Annnd Accction!: "Ohhhh I gotcho back allllright. Jump on that sucka and rideja like a horse! GiddyUp f** head! GiiiiddyyUuuup! Waahhwhoooooo!!! Wohhhhhhh nelly! Wohhhhh!!! Oh just play'n. You see, it's because you're so tall and I just......uhhhmmm.....nehmind. Just a little humor thurr. Tee hee? What? Not funny? Oh nah you talking about fite'n, well weez bout to fite! Put'em up.....put'em uuuup! You gon' laff at this or get knocked the heck ouuut! Don't ruuun! Come backchia!" Annd Cuuuut!

    • Mableline Bk DaQueen Nawhlinz #1704107

      I don't know why there's an asterik after the letter 'f' when it's just the word 'fat'. Make it seem as if I'm cussing when I'm not. You might need to correct that.

  • Juanita Buffalo, ny

    Hi Tyler my family and i went to see madea witness protection we had a great time. We all have busy schedules and do not get together as much as we would like, so thank You for giving us an opportunity to come together and have some fun

  • Sandra Jacksonville,fl

    Hi Tyler I told you so believe you are a little silent, can I buy a vowel!!(smile) hope those ratings find you in GREAT SPIRITS for a FANTASTIC WEEKEND!! have a very happy 4 th of July all of Jacksonville sends there hello and shout outs for a great movie talk to me real soon after those ratings hit the roof!!

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