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It May Take A While

It's funny how a song, a taste, a scent, or something as simple as a change in weather can trigger a memory. Certain times of year make me think about when I was homeless. Especially the winter. I started thinking about this one lady in particular who helped me out during that time. She was a good soul who saw me in need and gave me money and food. She didn't have much but what she had she shared out of the kindness of her heart. I told her that when I got successful I would pay her back. She smiled and said, "You don't have to pay me anything. I just felt led to help you."

I couldn't stop thinking about her the other day so I did some research and found her. Imagine her shock when I called her. She didn't even think that I remembered her. It's funny how something that was a small gesture to her was a huge blessing to me. As we went on talking, she reluctantly told me that she had just lost her job and was facing foreclosure. Of course, I did some things to help her out.

Why am I telling you this? I'm glad you asked. She gave to me out of the kindness of her heart. She gave to me from a pure place and expected nothing in return. The thing that brought tears to my eyes and blessed me so about this situation was this: this woman planted a seed in my life almost twenty years ago. But what she didn't know at the time was that the seed she planted would one day come back and bless her life just when she needed it most.

So what am I saying? I'm saying that if you are a giver of whatever you have... time, money, love, help, whatever it is... if you plant it in pureness it has got to come back to you. It may take a while but you will reap a harvest from that seed. Don't be weary in well-doing. It will come back to you. I know sometimes it may seem that all the good you do goes unnoticed by people, but if they don't notice, it doesn't matter. If they don't acknowledge your kindness, it does not matter. You know why? Because I promise you God sees it all and He is the only one that matters. And He is bound by His word, and that word says you will reap what you sow. So sow on, sow good seeds. They will grow and come back to you when you least expect it.

God bless you today.

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  • Michele-Rene

    y Uuuuuu make MeCryyyyyyy ...y? missU-_-TYLER ... LoveU*2^_^i*DU

  • Dee Alabama

    Thanks so much for that. I really needed to hear that. I know it is true, but sometimes you just need to hear it again, especially when you feel that you are not appeciated no matter what sacrifices you make for others--I realized it is not about me, but everyone wants to be appreciated. Now, here I go, going on and on. Well, anyway. Thanks so much for the message. I so needed that encouragement today. Have a Blessed Day Tyler.

  • Ndumi Johannesburg

    I was almost moved to tears, GOD bless you Tyler!!

  • Chewrita Memphis, TN

    Thank you Tyler. As the commentor, Tomorra, stated "It is amazing how God works." Yet for me it calls to attention how much I have slacked in that area over the years. All I cared about AT ONE TIME was doing good deeds. Periodically I do some volunteer work, but certainly not enough. I pray a lot for those who are homeless and I give when I can yet I know more can be done by me. The Lord has certainly convicted me on this morning and I truly love Him for that. He is so amazing in my life. Yes if you sow a good seed you will truly reap a fruitful harvest. Amen....

  • Lisa Tennessee

    You're so right.......thank you for being a blessing!

  • Lorato Ralehike Johannesburg South Africa

    I loved when you said the woman told you, you don't have to pay her back, often people help each other expecting to receive but little do thy know how much ther next person needed that help or even a smile from them, am taking your courage and will run with it . God bless youy more

  • Trisha Rushing Kansas City, MO

    Thus blessed my soul! You can count how many seeds three are in an apple but you can't count hire many apples are in a seed! May Gif confine to bless you!

  • Jamie M Ward Upstate New York

    What a great way to start my morning. I thank you so much for sharing. I do not have much monetary value in this world but I truly feel blessed because I have the opportunity to work 2 jobs and supply my extended family with shelter, food and wamth. I have been helping my Aunt who has been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer by opening my home to her so that she can be close to her doctors. I have been helping my sister and her 8 year old daughter with shelter and food and warmth while she is experienceing marital problems. I have been told by many friends and family members that I need to close my doors and that it is to much to take on. It is not my responsibility. To this, I laugh. If I can not help those closest to me, than who should I help. I feel so bless that the Lord has given me the strength to be of assistance. I can only hope that, like you, if and when I am ever in need of assistance, someone will be there to help me. Thank you for this. It helps put everything in perspective. God Bless You!!!

  • Tomorra Philadelphia , Pa.

    It is amazing how God works because I am a giver and a doer and I had just started to begin to get weary in well doing so this is what I needed to hear today. My husband and I are always doing for others and I started questioning God about why it was that when we needed help there was no help to be found but we always had when others needed help. And then I had to Remington myself that Iam not my own and that I am a vessel being used by God for kingdom work!

  • Patricia Akron

    Well said.

  • Amarachi Nigeria

    God bless you Tyler. You are truly inspirational.

  • Tenisha Washington DC

    Awesome message, God is good. That lady Had no idea and neither did you that God had already had that day planned, not an accident that yo thought about her and reached out in the very time she needed it. God is AM-AZ-ING!!! Love it, God Bless

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