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It May Take A While

It's funny how a song, a taste, a scent, or something as simple as a change in weather can trigger a memory. Certain times of year make me think about when I was homeless. Especially the winter. I started thinking about this one lady in particular who helped me out during that time. She was a good soul who saw me in need and gave me money and food. She didn't have much but what she had she shared out of the kindness of her heart. I told her that when I got successful I would pay her back. She smiled and said, "You don't have to pay me anything. I just felt led to help you."

I couldn't stop thinking about her the other day so I did some research and found her. Imagine her shock when I called her. She didn't even think that I remembered her. It's funny how something that was a small gesture to her was a huge blessing to me. As we went on talking, she reluctantly told me that she had just lost her job and was facing foreclosure. Of course, I did some things to help her out.

Why am I telling you this? I'm glad you asked. She gave to me out of the kindness of her heart. She gave to me from a pure place and expected nothing in return. The thing that brought tears to my eyes and blessed me so about this situation was this: this woman planted a seed in my life almost twenty years ago. But what she didn't know at the time was that the seed she planted would one day come back and bless her life just when she needed it most.

So what am I saying? I'm saying that if you are a giver of whatever you have... time, money, love, help, whatever it is... if you plant it in pureness it has got to come back to you. It may take a while but you will reap a harvest from that seed. Don't be weary in well-doing. It will come back to you. I know sometimes it may seem that all the good you do goes unnoticed by people, but if they don't notice, it doesn't matter. If they don't acknowledge your kindness, it does not matter. You know why? Because I promise you God sees it all and He is the only one that matters. And He is bound by His word, and that word says you will reap what you sow. So sow on, sow good seeds. They will grow and come back to you when you least expect it.

God bless you today.

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  • Patricia Loff Alberta

    Good man Mr. Perry.

  • Shonda Turner Virginia

    Tyler, It's true when they say god know exactly what we need. Thank you for those words, I needed that. I'm a giver and it's beautiful. There are times when I know it's not appreciated and I have learned to accept because when it's your purpose it will forever exist. Purpose is what make us human and I thank god everyday for making me this way. Thank You Again :)

  • Rosa Inwood Heights, NYC, NY

    OMG Tyler. Thank you for this message today. Sometimes you think no one notices and then a message comes right on time and sometimes from somewhere or someone we never expected it from. I have a friend who is constantly complaining that she does all these favors, or good deeds an that no one notices, acknowledges or even appreciates it. I try to remind her that the reward of giving is in the giving itself. The nature of a "gift" or favor is that you give it freely with no thought to recompense or reciprocation. That is what makes it a gift. Whatever happened to doing the right thing for just the sake of it being the right thing? Helping someone just because they need your help and you have it within your power to help them? Thank you for today's message once again Tyler. You are right-He knows and He is always watching. God bless you.

  • Stacie

    This is right on time! Sometimes it feels like my kindness is abused, and I was starting to think I shouldn't be so kind. I don't give for credit, but sometimes everyone wants to feel appreciated! I know you're right! Because you helped her, you'll be blessed again!

  • latoya raleigh nc

    i was just thinking about the good that i have done when i was just riding in my car, i started asking God why is it i remain stuck. So thank u TP this was good encouragement for me. sometimes you just got to keep it pushing even when the windshield wipers will never stop. much luv:)

  • Sally Eriksson Vange Sweden

    Dear Tyler, Thank you for sending me your story, I have been planting seeds for so long ever since I was a very young girl, and I am going to keep on planting them. Especially for people who need help, even though at times I may feel that I am going through some of my hard times, I always find that there are some people who have much harder times then me. I have also been there moving around, hunger tired used and abused so I know how that goes. I always reach out to the needy and to the ones who need help concerning justification and civil rights, hunger etc. through out the world as much as I can or have to give. I am a true black African American woman and I will never forget who I am and where I come from no matter what people try to say about me. Keep sending me some inspiration because I know the creator has a m***** plan for me. Take care and god bless you too! With regards from the cold and snowny Sweden Sally P.S. hope to meet you one of these days!

  • Adanna Lagos Nigeria

    Hello Tyler, thanks a lot for that moving testimony, it came at the moment in my life when I am contemplating changing because I feel everyone around me takes me for granted. You see, my life is that of giving, I have always lived for others be it family, friends, whoever comes my way. The bad news is that the hand of goodwill I always extend, eventually gets burned, and at the lowest period of my life, no one is there for me. Your testimony has encouraged me again to keep sowing, I had made up my mind to go selfish this year and turn a blind eye to anyone and every one. Thank you for being a source of encouragement to many, may God's grace continue to be more than sufficient for you in all you do.

  • Demetrius Baxter Simi Valley

    This is simply amazing. A girlfriend from my previous employer just e-mailed it to me. First off, thank you. Thank you for your honesty and the faith to step out and share it. It brought me to tears. What a wonderful testament to God's love you brought into her life. WTG on "paying it forward" to that woman who touched your heart and soul so many years ago. Just when she needed it most, God worked through you brother. That's so wonderful to witness, a child answering Daddy's call to help another child. Blessings.

  • Grace Nigeria

    hello tyler, thanks a lot. This is really inspiring, May God continue to bless you.

  • Catina Goldsborough Bridgeton, New Jersey

    Hello Tyler (Abraham), Your message came in right on time! I am a person who loves to give what I can...time, money, a listening ear, a kind word, love, and I expect nothing back in return. Lately I have been going through some things of my own and there is no one there for me. I am not the type to remind people of what I have done or been to them, but yesterday I broke down wondering why there is no one for me to talk to. Reading your message was a God sent! I needed to hear that. Thank you for being someone who gave me inspiration...I love you, Sweet Heart! With Love and Continuous Prayer, Catina (your Jersey family and friend)

  • Dorothy Johnson Indianapolis Indiana

    Tyler it is funny that you mention these things of giving, and spending time with ine another, my thought on a few days ago was to give two things to this person, and with this note from you it was confirmation. I have been doing this off and, on for a while with this person but it's the joy in my heart that matters, and the smile on this person's face, I've even backed my car up and, gave to someone not even begging but I stated God put this on my heart and, I gave. Thank you for that note it meant the world to me. Dj

  • Beverly Pearson Riverside,R.I.

    Hey Tyler,long time no hear....you never seek to amaze me,your heart is pure as "Gold"! The heart is the soil of the soul,any thing that's good comes from the heart and "God". That woman is a child of "God" because she wasn't thinking only about herself,she thought of "You". I thank her, because she helped you on your way....who knew that you would become one of the greatest comic movie makers? Thank you, Mr Tyler Perry for going and looking her up,"Bless Your Heart"!! We need more people in this world like "You",your friend "Oprah" and that "Woman",I'm on board too, who share that " Unconditional Love" of "God" with "Others"....."Amen"!!

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