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It's Been a Rough 12 Days...

I’ll keep this short and sweet because it's been a rough 12 days for me, with what would have been my mother’s 67th birthday one day and the awful news about Whitney the next. I can’t even think about it... we’ll talk about that some other time, but for now I just want to be sure you’re planning on going to the movie theaters to see GOOD DEEDS this weekend.

GOOD DEEDS opens tomorrow, Friday February 24th, everywhere. It’s the opening weekend box office numbers that count in Hollywood. That is how they judge you, so if you can make it to the theaters this weekend, please do so. I never ever take for granted that you are automatically going to show up, but I tell you, I thank God that you do. I’m hoping that this time is no different.

I gotta say, this is a different kind of role for me, but it felt good to try something different. You know that there are many people who think I can only do Madea. As much as we love her you and I both know better than that. This is the first time I have ever played a character that is this close to who I am as a man and as a person.  

I think you’re going to love it. GOOD DEEDS is going to make you smile, laugh and think, and at the end you’re going to leave lifted and feeling good.

A friend of mine, who has always been honest with me, told me that this is my best movie yet. Tell me what you think. I’ll be on Facebook and my message board all weekend long waiting for the true critics to speak, and that’s you.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Love you and know that I appreciate you so much,


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  • ALEXANDER LE VERNE ELLIOTT temecula california

    i enjoy ALL of your work. i too am a writer what's written several works. i am a retired navy man. both active duty and in a civilian capacity . traveled to more than 26 countries . conversational in french and spanish and, an english grammarian to a fault. also ia m an african -american of seventy two years who still has his original mind set, even from his youth would love to meet/talk with you. alexander elliott

  • Gwendolyn Toronto

    I understand your thoughts about your Mum, I lost my Mum 3years ago, and I still don't know how to cope with her passing. I know they say time heals all wounds, but it's been 3years and the wound is still raw. Let's hope the time comes went we think about them and laugh not cry! Take care P.S I saw DEEDS, it was different, but good different!

  • Ana Quinta South Africa

    Hi Tyler I went this weekend and was blown away. You know I can actually imagine that, that is actually who you are in real life. I so enjoyed it, saw it with one of my sisters and then the next day I told my other sister I would go and watch it with her. It was really good, and oh man, good dance moves, try on the next moving some more moves. Anyway it was so good, thanks for sharing yourself with us all. God Bless & Toodles Ana Q

  • sally Bethlehem, Pensylvania

    Tyler: Don't let the people get you down. You do what you want to do and i'm sure it will be all good. Opinions are like a.. holes everyone has one!!!!! Ha Ha. Anyway, your the most Godly person I know and people will always be jellous of one's sucess, do it anyway. Youir a funny guy with alot of talent, handsome I must add, and very funny. You have a good sense of humor and kindness, and you will be rewarded for that in your next life. May God bless you always and remain as kindhearted as you are, never change for anyone! sincerely, sally

  • davud rosie lane mableton

    i like the note

  • Hannah Uganda

    We love madea, I mean, I love madea but your role in good deeds is the best represstation of you. It was so refreshing to see you as you. Hey I know theres a lot more from where this came from so may the good lord keep it coming through you.Oh and thank you for sharing yourself with the rest of the world, you have no idea to the lives you be changed. Keep it coming

  • Patricia Anderson Blytheville Ark,

    Hello, My dearest friend I read about your mom passing the week you came to Memphis, I wanted to be at the play Madea's get's a job. We called our mom that also, she was a character in herself she passed away the 20th of this month she was 68th the 21st would have been her birthday, knowing that you were in town with the play it made me think the Lord surely know's. because my mom had to do the same thing about a job. That's an unexplainable pain to bear now both of our parents are gone so, the Lord is mom and dad for us now it has brought us together as a family. It is 7 children I stayed across the street from her they tore down the house and the Beauty Shop the day before she died. We buried her Wed. Give all your pain to the Almighty he said it's okay to cry. Love you in Jesus Name

  • Gwen swain davis Childersburg,al

    Tyler, that movie is so bad I went twice to see it! Keep up the good work. When are you going to do a play or movie on madea goes to church? Just loving every minute of it!

  • laile wilson york pa

    i love you ,you have acheive, i am a 38yr old single mother of 4 who' just wants to publish a bbok, how do i do that, and we can i get started

  • 4 B.J. (artism) good deeds ne

    I'd like to thank OUR SAVIOR, LORD JESUS CHRIST! It is a pleasure to let tyler know that we thank God for bringing him to the earth through his parents. We know what is means to loose a parent or parents....both ours are gone. It's something about loosing your mother that really hit home to the heart. The LORD choose her to conceive, carry and give birth to all of us and to go through... that is a miracle in it self. Keep God at the center of your world tyler...know your mom left this world knowing, seeing, experienced the success of her son. It's not always how you start, but how you finish! I've heard many people quote: I wish my parents, or someone could of been here to see me shine...just be soooo GRATEFUL your mother did. My son, bj loves everyone of your plays, movies....he yet haven't seen GOOD DEEDS..but we're seen previews and he can't wait to see it. BJ was diagnosed with 'ARTISM' many years ago...my good deeds to him was have FAITH, TRUST GOD, and do whatever I needed to do to ensure a normal life as possible for him. Thanks to Jesus, he is doing well. We meet people in different places it amazes them because a lot of times they have a child or know someone that has a child with "artism'' and say what did you do and their child can only do very little. BJ has asked me to take him to Atlanta to visit Tyler Studio and the aquarium....he wants to be a MUSICIAN....he's been cutting his hair 6years, good in fixing things(especially electronics), cut the grass, wash dishes, vaccum pretty much everything any norman person does. Bj, my son also loves to dance and now has rhythm to go with it. He's starting to check out the ladies on the tv, even magazines. I just pray and hope there will be a male mentor for him...to show him what it's like to be a man. I can raise him and teach him, but i can't show him how to be a man. I am a single mom that has given up many years of my life helping my son, BJ. Trust me, the REWARD is sweet. All i am doing now is pursing my career and writing a book and a play. Tyler, Mother Perry was very very proud of you and she is looking down on you with Thanksgiving and Joy to know that out of all the Mothers in the world....THE LORD CHOSE HER TO GIVE BIRTH TO YOU!

  • lost my mother, age 5yrs old Ne

    Hello Tyler, I feel you when you speak briefly of your mother next birthday! I am now well over 40 years old, but i remember my mother and her taking me to see my older brother and his family in another state. I remember her going to work and leaving me with a distance uncle telling him not to take me to the neighborhood shack...he would buy me chips, pop, candy and set me on the bar stool while he and other older gentlemen shoot the breeze....boy did i hear about grown up stuff at age 5. My mother suspected he was taking me, but she couldn't prove it....in those days they had to work and technology was not as it is today. Just before my mother passed we were taking the hospital to see her....she didn't want us to see her in that shape, but my uncle felt that we should see her for possibly the last time.....we did and it frighten us at first. I even remember the service held for her at 5 years old. One thing.....my mother did before leaving this world....it's one of the best thing she could ever done for us....asking my uncle and aunt to take and raise us...that is exactly what he did, we were raised in a loving christian home. The only thing i hated was the whipping i got...there were many many. You can chastise a child without abusing them. In those days and perhaps now children a being beaten and that is what their parents did and they feel its right....but it's not ok...IT'S AGAINST THE LAW! I am not saying a parent, quardian, grandparent or whoever is taking care of a CHILD cannot punish at sometime or another. Death has no respect-of-person....Ms. Whitney Houston was a bright, beautiful, talented woman, raised in the church (choir) coming from a home with a father and mother. Rules were made and enforced quoted by Whitney. This goes to show being raised in a good environment still things can go wrong. I believe the (root) of your upbringing is the KEY to how you live your life, although we can, will and have gotten off track.....eventually usually brush ourselves off and get back on track. I don't know about drugs only what i've read and witness mostly on the news.....you cannot play with the (devil den) if you go in to win you will loose almost everytime. Please if u read this.......Nomatter what life style you're in DONOT TAKE DRUGS....PLEASE PLEASE.....There's ABSOLUTELY NO REASON BEAUTIFUL, VIBRANT, TALENTED AND HAD A WHOLE LIFE AHEAD OF HER.....WHITNEY HOUSTON IS IN THE GRAVE. May God Bless and keep her daughter, bobby christiana. We PLEAD THE BLOOD OF JESUS OVER HER LIFE. Please pray and support MISSING CHILDREN, FOSTER CHILDREN, HOMELESS CHILDREN, STOP ABUSE, TEACH, LIVE BY IT AND TELL TELL DON'T DO DRUGS OF ANY KIND. Thanks, Tyler.....God bless everyone

  • Robina Wright-Hopkins Chicago, IL

    Hi Mr. Perry. I know your mom see what you've accomplished and is so proud of her son. She's smiling at you and she should be applauded because she raised a wonderful man. You are an inspiration to many. I know what it's like to lose a close loved one. I'm still dealing with the loss of my youngest son. He died at 2 years old in August 2009. I know God knew what was best but my heart is heavy. As for Good Deeds, I absolutely LOVE this movie. I saw it twice in one weekend. Keep up the good work. I look forward to seeing you at the Arie Crown on March 25, 2012. Love, Robina

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