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It's Been a Rough 12 Days...

I’ll keep this short and sweet because it's been a rough 12 days for me, with what would have been my mother’s 67th birthday one day and the awful news about Whitney the next. I can’t even think about it... we’ll talk about that some other time, but for now I just want to be sure you’re planning on going to the movie theaters to see GOOD DEEDS this weekend.

GOOD DEEDS opens tomorrow, Friday February 24th, everywhere. It’s the opening weekend box office numbers that count in Hollywood. That is how they judge you, so if you can make it to the theaters this weekend, please do so. I never ever take for granted that you are automatically going to show up, but I tell you, I thank God that you do. I’m hoping that this time is no different.

I gotta say, this is a different kind of role for me, but it felt good to try something different. You know that there are many people who think I can only do Madea. As much as we love her you and I both know better than that. This is the first time I have ever played a character that is this close to who I am as a man and as a person.  

I think you’re going to love it. GOOD DEEDS is going to make you smile, laugh and think, and at the end you’re going to leave lifted and feeling good.

A friend of mine, who has always been honest with me, told me that this is my best movie yet. Tell me what you think. I’ll be on Facebook and my message board all weekend long waiting for the true critics to speak, and that’s you.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Love you and know that I appreciate you so much,


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  • Mama Mack Tulsa, OK

    Mr. Perry, I went to see Good Deeds this past Friday. It was Great!!! I must admit it had a bittersweet moment for me due to my former experience as a Foster parent and my current (ongoing mentoring efforts to see a greatly deserving mom’s reunification with her children). I enjoy movies that I can deem as instruments of what term Edutainment. Thus my being selective in the movies I invest my time and or money to watch. I am very pleased to say that Good Deeds met the criteria. The scenes involving the mom and her child really touched me due to my Fostering experiences. I only pray that OK DHS will correct the great injustices that are being perpetrated against parents who deserve to have their children returned such as the young lady I have been mentoring for over two years. I have seen kids returned to parent’s with drug and criminal issues whereas this mom’s kids entered the system due to her being homeless. Please take note she has been in her own apartment for the past two years with her bank account current for just as long. I ask your you and your supporters to please keep this mom and her kids in prayer as we continue to fight to expose the corruption in OK DHS while fighting to get her kids out of the grips of a corrupt system that has allowed the current foster mom to exploit her kids to get her home rehabbed to the tune of over $50K even exposing the personal school info and pictures on the internet which is a blatant violation of OK DHS’ privacy policy. Please pray favor for reunification for the mom when we have the next court date on 2/29. I am a former foster parent because I closed my home voluntarily due to see such heartache being done to families and kids due to DHS workers and management abusing their authority in regards to biological parents of no means to challenge them in their efforts. In closing the OK DHS system needs to be fully exposed for the detriment it is allowing to be imposed on the families of inadequate financial means and sometime intellect to challenge their using the system to steal kids from their parents.

  • Jean El Dorado, Ar 71730

    Tyler, this movie was wonderful with great wisdom for life based on my knowledge of the word. As a matter of fact, on my way home I made a life changing decision concerning my life. Relocating or allowing the Holy Spirit to lead us into new territory will bring us to the very thing that we thought was impossibe. I am now waiting for the finances to make the move. Great movie, loved it and waiting for the next. God is using your life in a powerful way.

  • dienay philadelphia

    hello again mr perry I am writting u about this movie again because i cant stop thinking about it u just dont what it means 2 me an if I not got the email and the push from holy ghost 2 go I would not gone to c it saturday night it was a cinderella type of story but very real and attainable her prince swept her away from a very desperate situation and the funny part is his situation was just as dysfunctional as hers even though he had the money with an angry destructive brother who wesley felt resposible after all he saved his life what an obligation and burden 2 carry and an overbaring mother who he did not want to displease oh the ending gave me some confirmation because I 'v been believing God 4 sum round trip tickets to Accra Ghana west africa im scheduled to arrive april 9 and i am walking by faith sum how The Lord is going to do it o an btw idk if u have been hearing about that sermonette u brought at ms whitneys home going but the body of believers have been talkn u betta peach!!!! GBY sir

  • Shirley A Lee United States

    Tyler - This movie was awesome! I agree this is your best movie ever! I think the direction you went in this movie was long over due. I would like to see more of this with you as the leading man. Great movie!

  • my name ellen browne

    hello i went to watch your movie and i love it i cry i laugh and i learn a lot from it i will i gust tend 50 YEARS old and tell my boy friend i want your movie as my birthday gift and he did. and is big birthday gift i never have i enjoy it very well and he also love it very well i tell you he was talking about you all night long we both love all tevie shows and we love too. your are truly a star and a legend an icon and we looking forward for part two for this movie and we hope to see it .god bless you and your family and all your fans i pray for good health for you. Amen. now i will tell you about me. i am from west African Ghana , Thank you for the gentlemen you are.

    • Yolanda Michigan #1645717

      Did"t see the movie maybe i will be able to see one of your movies one day

  • Minister Vivian S. Drakeford Columbia, South Carolina

    I listened to you spoke at Whitney Huston funeral although you are still hurting with the loss of your own mother as you have mentioned. That took real courage and you did an excellent job with the message of Grace. Your up bringing, along with the things you have suffered; your plays, your movies, your success, your willingness to help others, and the path you are charting daily is all covered with this same Grace of God. In addition, this same Grace you talked about will daily, monthly, yearly, and with every second you take without your mother will help ease your pain. Mr. Perry, I leave you with these words from a reading in my quiet time with the Lord. " In our lives, we will discover the limit of the world' answers. Its pleasures and possessions inevitable will fade. Others people will disappoint us, But God is faithful. For he never changes." Mr. Perry, the Apostle Paul said, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness" (2 Corin- 12:9). God grace is there to help you to move onward, upward, and inward toward Him. Be bless in the Lord Mr. Perry and thank you for all you have given to the world; Always bringing them laughter and nuggets of truth in the things you say and do.

  • Tamika Currie Murfreesboro, TN

    I saw Good Deeds yesterday. I went alone. My friends had other things to do. I enjoyed ever minute of this movie. You did a terrific job. The casting was great. It was very different and much need to not prove but show the skills you have. Don't let anyone hold you back or limit you from doing the great things you have to offer. May God bless and keep you motivated.

  • Tyeast Newark NJ

    Hi Mr. Perry, Just to let you know, I have never reached out like this to a well known person but I had to after watching Good Deeds this weekend. First to let you know I saw the movie in Linden NJ and the theater was packed, so I believe you did well. You were right Good Deeds had me laughing, crying and most of all thinking. I agree with you friend. I believe this movie is one of your best yet with you as a character and the actors you used in Good Deeds was a refreshing change not to say I haven't enjoyed the others, because I have. Mr. Perry kept on making your movies because I so enjoy the messages that God has placed in your spirit and by the way when you spoke and Ms. Houston funeral, I believe had you gone on another minute the world that was watching would have been in a uproar. Please don't stop giving God's message out to us. Sometimes this is the only Church people get. Love you in Christ

  • Tammie Ratliff Charlotte North Carolina

    Authentic is all I can say! Very good movie Sir. We all want someone in our lives who has the natural ability to, even in times of their own weakness, bring life and illumination to others. I left this film feeling hopeful and feeling rich on the inside because of my own uniqueness. Awesome job. Thank you for enriching black film.

  • Treaver Houenou High point nc

    I seen Good Deeds Friday and I must say that it was great. The movie left me wanting to see more. There has to be a Good Deeds 2

  • Suzy Harris Greensboro, NC

    Bravo Tyler!!!! I went last night to see "Good Deeds" with my 20-year-old daughter. We loved you in this role, Tyler. It allowed me to see a different side of you. When we left that packed theater at Greensboro's Four Season's Theater, we saw people crying, and talking about the movie as they walked out. I kept telling my daughter that I was so happy for you, because the movie seemed to speak to your own life, and some of the feelings that you may be experiencing as a person. Like when your mistress in the movie says something to the effect that you have all these people around you in a day that you care about a lot but they don't really know you, and they don't speak the truth to you, because of your important position, or in your real life case, because of your fame and fortune. I know this must get stressful for you, sometimes. It appears that you have always been fair in your choice of actors for both Madea plays/movies, and fair in your choice of actors for all your big screen films. Continue to stay in the Word of God and you will be alright. Your leading women in "Good Deeds" were fabulous choices, and of course, everyone in the theater got rowdy during the elevator brawl with your brother scene lol. And ooooh Tyler, that sex scene made me go home and call my mother, so that I could tell on you LOL. I was feeling down when I went out to see the movie because I am out of work again, and I've been looking for work and can't get an interview, but this movie said to me, "stay encouraged, and don't give up, no matter what my present circumstances look like, because miracles happen everyday." We love you Tyler, and keep up the good work, because not only did Madea minister to the lives of those who have watched your productions but I can feel it in my spirit that your new ventures at movie making is going to have an even greater impact on your audiences. I will keep you in my prayers. Grace and Peace, Suzy M. Harris Greensboro, NC

  • Kuterbug America's backyard

    Tyler, I just wanted to take a quick second out of my amazingly hectic life to make sure that YOU KNOW how truely amazing you are! I have pulled myself up by my own bootstraps, during the lowest time in my life and without even meeting me, you have helped me along. With Gods invisable hand also giving me that little push I needed to believe in myself agian, I struggled to reach my heights and reteach myself how to soar. There is so much I would like to say to you and honestly Im not even sure where to begin. You are truely one of Gods chosen children. Everything you do "Breathes" our heavenly father into the world like a radient beam of light for others to gain hope from. I feel truely blessed to be able to learn, laugh, and give praise to my God during your movies and plays. When I struggled with my own despare after the tragic death of my fiance by turning to a road of addiction to mask the pain, at my lowest, I read about your life story and had the pleasure of meeting Madea through my tv screen. I truely believe God brought you into my life at that very moment to save me. After going years without cracking a smile, I spent an hour trying to catch my breath from fits of laughter while watching you play Madea! Thank you Jesus! I could go on thanking you all day but I know your time here on this earth is of our God and who am I to interfere with such a heavenly sent blessing. Keep doing what you do Tyler! I hope my testimoney has made your day:) Thank you for everything you stand for. (Are you married?) LOL. Just kidding

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