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It's Been a Rough 12 Days...

I’ll keep this short and sweet because it's been a rough 12 days for me, with what would have been my mother’s 67th birthday one day and the awful news about Whitney the next. I can’t even think about it... we’ll talk about that some other time, but for now I just want to be sure you’re planning on going to the movie theaters to see GOOD DEEDS this weekend.

GOOD DEEDS opens tomorrow, Friday February 24th, everywhere. It’s the opening weekend box office numbers that count in Hollywood. That is how they judge you, so if you can make it to the theaters this weekend, please do so. I never ever take for granted that you are automatically going to show up, but I tell you, I thank God that you do. I’m hoping that this time is no different.

I gotta say, this is a different kind of role for me, but it felt good to try something different. You know that there are many people who think I can only do Madea. As much as we love her you and I both know better than that. This is the first time I have ever played a character that is this close to who I am as a man and as a person.  

I think you’re going to love it. GOOD DEEDS is going to make you smile, laugh and think, and at the end you’re going to leave lifted and feeling good.

A friend of mine, who has always been honest with me, told me that this is my best movie yet. Tell me what you think. I’ll be on Facebook and my message board all weekend long waiting for the true critics to speak, and that’s you.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Love you and know that I appreciate you so much,


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  • urica tinsley-roach GREENFIELD, MA.

    Today i went to see your movie, by myself to make sure i took everything from it i could. and i must say you are getting better with time. the movie GOOD DEEDS! was a great deed you did for us. to teach usto help and give to eachother without the thought of getting something back. thank you for reminding us again to love eachother. thank you utr p.s if you could help me find someone to help me to write down a story that been in my head for years!

  • Stracy Denver CO

    My son and I went to see the movie yesterday Good Deeds and it was wonderful. To watch that movie in the point in time in my life I must just live for me and my son and stop living my parents dream. I can totally relate to mister Wesley Deeds. Even though I am not a CEO but I do have a brother and so on this is without me telling the movie to those of you that read the blogs just go watch the movie because as a single mother trying to make and take care of my son Tyler I am a cross between you and Lindsey... Thanks we loved the movie keep them coming and God Bless You!!!!! PS Great words at Whitney Houston funeral I thought you were about to start preaching that may be your calling keep listening to God!!!!!

  • Lesa NY, NY

    Tyler, As most of your fans try and do to support you I went and saw the move on opening day. The movie was wonderful. Touches the heart, causes the viewer to think about their life, what we are doing right now, does it fit into their dreams God has given us or are we settling for a life that's been pre-planned by our family or society in general. YOU did an amazing job acting in this film. Praise the Lord you went out of your comfort zone to play a role that is closer to who you really are. High fives man! I encourage you to do more please?! You've asked your fans to be completely transparent with you so here goes: I only had one issue with the film that I haven't seen before in your plays or movies and I imagine some of your fans pouncing on this message and coming to your defense. That's okay, I get it. For the first time I saw a scene of promoting sex before marriage. I understand the point that was trying to be made based on the context of the movie, but I believe it's dangerous to do this from a Godly point of view when we need to be encouraging wholeness and obedience. It's a seed being planted and I really don't think people have been taught the depth of why God calls us to be pure before marriage and the havoc the enemy wreaks on our lives when we aren't. I love you man and we are blessed to have such an artist stepping out and ministering to people as you do, but you slipped this time. Keep running that race of perseverance to glorify the Lord and I'll be at your next movie on opening day too.

  • Renee St. Louis, MO

    Mr. Perry you absolutely did it again! I loved "Good Deeds". You truly inspire me to be a better me. Thank you for all that you do and will continue to do. But I also have to keep it real Tyler. You know Lindsay and Ariel didn't have any passports!!!! Really Tyler?! LOL!!! P.S. you were extremely handsome and sexy in this movie! Look out now... I hope St. Louis gets added to your tour. I would love to see you and your wonderful crew again.

  • reetha

    I really enjoyed your movie.

  • alicia Buffalo NY

    I really enjoyed your movie.Once again you hit your target.I hope that you will have a follow up to this.

  • Tocarra Causey

    @tylerperry I absolutely looovvve the movie. I cried while my husband laughed 2 keep from crying. My white Michael Kors scarf is now brown from my makeup and w** from the tears. I'm going to see it again with my sisters before the weekend is out, so that i can cry like I want to.. Lol.. Keep doing God's work Tyler! I look forward to the next one!

  • Janet

    Mr. Perry, You got this one "really right". Let's hope Lindsey and Wesley check in with us in a few years. Thanks for a great Friday afternoon break.

  • Keesha White Salisbury, MD

    Your movie "Good Deeds" was phenomenal! Great acting by all, especially you Mr. Perry. Thank you for sharing the product of your labor with the world. May your own faith continue to keep you grounded, motivated, and free-spirited. You inspire many. Love love love YOU! Keesha

  • Tina Florence, SC

    Wonderful movie (Good Deeds)...It made me laugh, cry and learn something new about myself. Thanks!!!

  • Christopher Pennsylvania

    Tyler, I saw Good Deeds and loved it. You are explaining your acting skills by playing a regular dude. The movie brought a sense of what a man should do is to live your dreams. You can only lie to yourself for so long until God will put someone in your life to make you see the person you are supposed to be. Tyler, you are the first... You are the first to own a studio, produce your own projects, have theatrical performances, television shows, and producs his own films. You have a lot of haters who will root for your failure but remember having haters is a good thing because they keep you grounded and humble. Keep working hard brother! I have supported you from the beginning and will continue to do so. Christopher!

  • Christine Philadelphia, PA

    I did not go see Good Deeds and may not. This weekend I saw the movie Act of Valour. It is just unsettling to have another black man come out of your camp and make derogatory or simply stupid comments about black women. The reason for my concern is because Tyler has made alot of progress in Hollywood with urban characters that I feel to have individuals that can become influential with Tyler's work can cause the images of blacks (specifically black women) to pushed to the side. The first person being Isiah Mustafa and the second being Brian White. You might want to ask them not to make ignorant/bigot comments when they have movies or projects out.

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