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It's Time To Break Through

First, let me just say thanks for another great weekend for Temptation. The movie is doing just what I hoped it would do. It is speaking to marriages and relationships all over. Thank you for seeing it in the theaters. It really is changing lives.

Now on to why I'm writing. It's about 6am here. Really quiet. The kind of quiet where even a still small voice can sound like a scream. I was sitting here thinking about the first time I took a flight on a small private jet. Many of you know that I'm an aviation buff. I love planes and flying. That's crazy, seeing as how my passion for it started out as a way to get over my fears. And my first flight was my scariest.

That morning, when I got to the airport, it was cloudy, raining and cold. I told the pilots that I was a nervous flyer and asked how the weather was. He said, "it’s rough down low but great up high." Now I'm looking at the sky, it didn't look so great up high to me. But I said a prayer and got on. We took off. It was so turbulent. I was bouncing all over the place. I sat there thinking, "why would they tell me the weather was fine?"

After about ten minuets of being bounced around I asked the pilots why it was so rough. They told me that it would get better as soon as they were allowed to climb higher. I asked who was holding us at that altitude and they said Air Traffic Control. There were a lot of planes in the area and for our own safety we had to stay at that altitude. I sat down, bouncing around some more, white knuckled and all, until the flight attendant told me that we had just been cleared to climb higher. I felt the plane pitch up and the thrust of those powerful jet engines kick in. We bounced around some more. It seemed to have gotten worse. Visibility through my window was non-existent. I was about to ask them to land and let me off the plane. But then we broke through the clouds. There was the sun and the air was so smooth that it didn't even feel like we were moving.

By now, I'm sure you're wondering, "why am I reading all this?" Well, I’ll tell you. Flying through rough weather is a lot like making it through life. Sometimes there are a lot of dark clouds, a lot of bad moments. So bad that you want to give up or turn around like I wanted to. Sometimes you can't go higher because something or someone is trying to hold you back or you're being held at that altitude for your own safety. Sometimes you’re not ready to go higher. God is protecting you from yourself because he knows that you can’t handle going higher. Sometimes he’s hiding you, preparing you to be ready. (That gave me a million thoughts. I’ll save that for another email). Sometimes it's so dark you can't see which way to go. But just like air traffic control had to give us permission to go higher, this morning I wanted to give you permission to go higher. Climb!! The weather is so much better up there. The sun is shinning bright up higher. Stop living your life so low.

Now it's not going to be easy to get through those clouds. You’re going to have to hold your head up and use all the strength in your soul to get through, but you will. Use prayer as your fuel and go higher. You have just been given permission to climb higher. Fly above it all.

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  • Heavy heart

    Inspiring and yet depressing. How I wish I could walk out of my 9 to 5 & soar but when u have mouths to feed, it's not so easy and with life curve balls it makes it even worst. So I keep telling myself God will move me when he's ready 15yrs later I'm still here. What is a person to do? But It's always nice to hear how it works out for some.

  • chara Detroit

    Mr. Perry I'm willing to do internship......ty

  • Chara Detroit

    Thank u for getting up early to post this post. I appreciate ur obedience God really uses u n His mighty way. Pc n my phone are both acting up i guess the enemy was tryn to stop this message. I wanted u to resend it because it disappeared from my phone . Lol the devil is a liar! Anyway the bible states that u hv not because u ask not , so Mr. Perry I'm asking u for a job. Thanking u n advance...hv a Bless Day! Chara

  • Ms. Maynard FL

    Wow thank you very much for share that inspirational story is was profound and very uplifting, I needed to hear that :-) Congratulations on the success of the movie it's well deserved have a wonderful day and God Bless.

  • Evangelist Corean Walker Marion, Indiana

    Tyler: Thank you for these words of encouragement as they have truly blessed me this morning.God in heaven knows, I stand in the need of a breakthrough. I pray that one day God will bless me to be a blessing to others. I pray your continued success knowing that you keep God first. Tyler have a blessed day in the Lord and continue to soar as high as God has already ordained for you to soar.

  • AD

    Good Morning Tyler..I just wanted to say that this is a awesome ontime message. I cry as I type this because I hear the LORD telling me to keep going and dont give up. Dream Big and Live Bigger. It's so easy for me to encourage others to do it. But I feel like sometimes yes GOD I trust you...BUT WHEN??? When am I going to be able to enjoy this life...but I keep going serving and working...knowing that my time is coming...but I'm tired and feel weary alot lately. Anyway i'm probaly rambling...I just wanted to thank you for the encouragement this morning...I truly needed it!!

  • Beverly Hall Savannah

    Hello Tyler, you've done it once again! Not just the movie, but your messages always, always seem to come at the right time in my life when I need to hear it. That is amazing! My journey is like that flight and I feel the turbulance and the holding back until I'm really ready to go higher. Oh my God, thank you so much! I'm going to fly above it all and it's not easy, but if success was easy everyone would be successful. It's not the end result, it's the journey that you took along the way that will lead you to another journey, a different journey that you can learn from and share with others that are trying to climb higher, to try and let them know that the road may be rough, the going may be tough and the hills are hard to climb but if you've decided to make a choice (God) and prayer, you can make it through. Thank you for all that you do, Beverly

  • Anita Florida

    Thank you Tyler for that message, I am in need of a break through. God bless you maybe one day soon I'll be able to work for you or with you.

  • Njaire Shabazz Detroit, Michigan

    Good day Mr. T.P, I hope all is well with you. I just wanted to thank you for sending out the It's Time to Breakthrough email. I needed to read that for reassurance. I love the concept you gave about the plane, it was very appropriate for your point. Thanks again, and have a wonderful and prosperous day! Ms.Njaire Shabazz

  • Lia Greatheat Poughquag, NY

    The movie TEMTATION WAS GREAT! Love2Love

  • Lia Greatheat Poughquag, NY

    Dear Oprah and Tyler, First, I just want to thank God for leading me to Oprah. Second, TEMPTATION was SO GREAT! The casting, creatativity in the writing, sytling, music, scenery, make-up, hair cars, houses every thing was perfect. True. Understanding is knowledge...it was dynamic, fantastic, phenomenal work Tyler! There's so much I want to share with both of you. Giving you my story to touch lives younger generation of viewers...! God led me to Oprah and I will

  • Pamela Friday Round Rock, TX

    Good morning Mr. Perry, Thank you so much for this message today. It was just what I needed to hear. I have so much going on that I brought on myself. I don't care too much for me right now and I have made many wrong decisions over the years. I am in a place right now that I just can't seem to get out of. However, encouraging words from you and others have helped me to hang in there. I will go higher in Jesus' Name for I know He's working it out for my good. God has truly been good to me. Be blessed and continue to be TYLER PERRY. You're pretty wonderful. God Bless You!

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