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It's Time To Break Through

First, let me just say thanks for another great weekend for Temptation. The movie is doing just what I hoped it would do. It is speaking to marriages and relationships all over. Thank you for seeing it in the theaters. It really is changing lives.

Now on to why I'm writing. It's about 6am here. Really quiet. The kind of quiet where even a still small voice can sound like a scream. I was sitting here thinking about the first time I took a flight on a small private jet. Many of you know that I'm an aviation buff. I love planes and flying. That's crazy, seeing as how my passion for it started out as a way to get over my fears. And my first flight was my scariest.

That morning, when I got to the airport, it was cloudy, raining and cold. I told the pilots that I was a nervous flyer and asked how the weather was. He said, "it’s rough down low but great up high." Now I'm looking at the sky, it didn't look so great up high to me. But I said a prayer and got on. We took off. It was so turbulent. I was bouncing all over the place. I sat there thinking, "why would they tell me the weather was fine?"

After about ten minuets of being bounced around I asked the pilots why it was so rough. They told me that it would get better as soon as they were allowed to climb higher. I asked who was holding us at that altitude and they said Air Traffic Control. There were a lot of planes in the area and for our own safety we had to stay at that altitude. I sat down, bouncing around some more, white knuckled and all, until the flight attendant told me that we had just been cleared to climb higher. I felt the plane pitch up and the thrust of those powerful jet engines kick in. We bounced around some more. It seemed to have gotten worse. Visibility through my window was non-existent. I was about to ask them to land and let me off the plane. But then we broke through the clouds. There was the sun and the air was so smooth that it didn't even feel like we were moving.

By now, I'm sure you're wondering, "why am I reading all this?" Well, I’ll tell you. Flying through rough weather is a lot like making it through life. Sometimes there are a lot of dark clouds, a lot of bad moments. So bad that you want to give up or turn around like I wanted to. Sometimes you can't go higher because something or someone is trying to hold you back or you're being held at that altitude for your own safety. Sometimes you’re not ready to go higher. God is protecting you from yourself because he knows that you can’t handle going higher. Sometimes he’s hiding you, preparing you to be ready. (That gave me a million thoughts. I’ll save that for another email). Sometimes it's so dark you can't see which way to go. But just like air traffic control had to give us permission to go higher, this morning I wanted to give you permission to go higher. Climb!! The weather is so much better up there. The sun is shinning bright up higher. Stop living your life so low.

Now it's not going to be easy to get through those clouds. You’re going to have to hold your head up and use all the strength in your soul to get through, but you will. Use prayer as your fuel and go higher. You have just been given permission to climb higher. Fly above it all.

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  • Kathryn Weaver Fort Washington, MD

    Just read your airplane message. it hits home with me. I have been trusting the Lord for His guidance to move our plan forward. he told me this morning, "No more riptides. No more getting pulled under. it's time to birth your baby and lift the veil of silence!" He said,"See, I calm the Spirit and smooth out the rough waves?" I was stopped by someone I don't know today who told me I needed to contact you. I have and organization called "The Charity Carrousel". Our mission is to generate resources and funding to fight against homelessness and hunger amongst children and families. We are to build the largest carousel in the country through sponsorships and use the profit to fund the programs to help. The Lord told me to put it on this hill near the Potomac River. It will be as if the Lord is standing there with His arms open wide saying come unto me all those who are weary and worn and I will give you rest. This is the vision. I have started the work with the food program called "1 Can A Week, Yes We Can", to raise can food donations to feed kids and their families. I would love to tell you about what we are doing. If eel like I am on that plane and we are having to get through the clouds, been flying for awhile, been through turbulance

    • Kathryn Fort Washington, MD #1820473

      And I believe we are finally gaining altitude. I would love to tell you more about the work. the Lord said this was like a snowball. You start with a little snow. Pack it firmly in your hands and roll it. Watch it get bigger and bigger and bigger. Thanks for listening. God Bless. kathy Weaver. Ps its the Charity Carrousel, because of "Faith, Hope and Charity, these three. but the greatest of these is Charity." I said you mean love. he no we can't call it the love carousel, people will misunderstand!

  • Ja' nett Bennett Jacksonville, FL

    Hello Tyler. Thank You for those encouraging words. I just got my phone back , I have been in the hospital having back surgery . I apologize to you but I was not able to see Temtation as ofyet but as soon as I am able to get well enough. I am going to see the movie. I was so upset because I am usually the one who would ask my manager to let me rent a school bus and I would take some of my coworkers and some of the parents that did not have transportation to the opening of your movies here in Jacksonville but I have been out on injured leave since 2010 and I hear nothing from no one but that is sometimes how people do if you can not do any thing for them they do not keep in touch. My 13 year old grandson is the only one here to help me out and he asked could he sell candy at school to buy me a scooter because I can not walk right now due to the back surgery the feeling has not come all the way back yet and they told him no it is against school policy but just the though that he loves me makes me feel good.

  • Sharon New York

    Congratulations Tyler, once again on your new movie!! You deserve the best. I would "love" to see Madea portray a teacher. It's something to consider, if you just sit and ponder the idea. I know that you must have so many projects in your mind, but this, Tyler would be great. Think about it. See you in the movies. Love and Hugs

  • Stacey Dallas, TX

    Thank you for this message I really needed to hear that. Tyler, If you only knew what I was believing God for...and with his will ...IT WILL BE ..IN JESUS NAME! And you know why, because I have faith, I seek his face and do my best to follow his commands at all times..He is a faithful God and he is so good that even though I do all these things I am still not worthy or qualified to receive such a blessing..BUT GOD...HIS FAVOR AND SUPERNATURAL BLESSINGS ARE UPON ME!!!!! THANK YOU LORD...I CAN'T WAIT...I KNOW MY TIME IS NOW!!!!

  • satara wiliams miami fla


  • Lady E Orlando

    Great and inpiring words indeed! Can we expect anything less of this great guy that has beaten the odds! Kudos for all your success and for sharing your encouragement and motivation with us..For the fans, I am a writer and producer as well working on a comedy series comparable to In Living Color. I have put a few links for your viewing pleasure. I hope you enjoy! The C****** Family J*** Asks

  • Prophetess Miranda Jackson Chicago, IL

    Dearest Ty, Wonderful uplifting message. Very inspiring. Thanks for the messages. They always come in the nick of time. Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to encourage those of us who love to climb to higher heights. One request, you've been taking a lot of pictures of your homes lately and sharing on social media. Please don't give so much away and keep a little mystery. Just because you are in the entertainment industry doesn't mean you have to share so much. Those who admire you and want the best for you will respect your privacy. Just things to make you go....hummm. Hugs and kisses. Hope you're getting ready for your next flight...it's going to be a whirlwind adventure, but with God as your co-pilot, you'll be just fine. Let us pray..hee hee.

  • Tyler's Temptation(Eve) plane


  • lawrence st.louis mo

    Just wanted to say temptation was wonderful and I liked it but I want to comment on your flight and how god works I've been singing and acting fora long time here and around but I just cant get higher and you made s valid point maybe god don't want me to be higher but i still try

  • Carole G. United States

    I can't stop thinking about the movie "Temptation". Especially the scene in the airplane after the trip and she finally gives in. (Great job to all the actors!!!) You did the movie so tastefully, especially with the sex scenes. Its like the love songs we used to hear in the 60's and 70's. They would paint the scene but our imaginations had to fill it in. So much better than trash. Thanks again for another great movie!!!

  • Ms. Proverbs Owings Mills, Maryland

    Great Morning to you Tyler......Just wanted to send and speak kind words to you....Tyler we appreciate you and God does too...Haters going to always be around speaking negativity..It only means that you are doing what God instructed you to do...I love the analogy that you shared on your Temptation live chat about "Eating the meat of the steak and throwing away the bone" Since the releasing of your Temptation movie the devil is so mad at you, but who cares right?Again, I'm smiling while posting this message because God has you reaching the masses (.people from all walks of Life)..Thank God you don't live your life in a box and or a people pleaser but a God pleaser because that is what matters most. :-) As long as you keep God first your eyes on Jesus (keep looking up) You will always be blessed, successful, safe, loved, protected, cared for and all the beautiful promises that God has for your life..Tyler, you belong to God and that's the truth...Many of us are on different spiritual levels but we Thank God who is the only one who can meet us on every level of need...He is a Great God Sweet Jesus....I'm so glad that your mother Maxine (I'm smiling) shared Jesus with you (the best gift any child can have) and now you are sharing Jesus to the world...I'm praying that God will open the door for you to release your new movies internationally..(maybe it's already happening I'm not sure) I mean your gift is beyond United States..I am hoping that you will open the portal so that people can order your movies and plays via your website internationally...they are hungry for the word of God...Oh I would love to talk to you more but I believe you know what I'm saying...Keep ministering through your movies and plays, keep sharing your parables(on your message board) keep spreading God's love (Jesus Is Lord) For those who will receive it God bless them For those who rejects it Pray for them...Sir you are in my prayers Greater is coming your way and I give God all the glory, honor, and praise. Tyler we all have flaws and even shortcomings but I know for sure you love Jesus and he loves you too. You are a confident yet humble kindhearted man with Integrity and Wisdom..Continue to be who God created you to be and God is going to take you further beyond your human comprehension.. I'm so glad that you don't get caught up in the social media (neither do I) I hoped this encouraged you this morning..Stay Blessed Keep Smiling God got your back...Have A Bless Day :D :-) Ms. Proverbs

    • Ms. Proverbs Owings Mills, Maryland #1818694

      Reference Scriptures: Matthew 6:1-6, Matthew 6:33, I;m going to share more with you later.. I'm thinking about your movie Madea's Big Happy Family when you was singing at the table about scriptures 'Come On in the Room" and Aunt Bam was sitting next to you..You are sooo crazy I laughed so hard at this movie..It was hilarious and Byron's baby momma saying his name so ugly like a siren...Tyler only you I tell you I love it though...Enjoy your Day :-) Ms. Proverbs

  • Ms. Proverbs Owings Mills, Maryland

    Tyler.....Yes first and foremost I believe God without him I am nothing....I'm lost without him,.. He is everything to me...Sweet Jesus I love him..it's sweeter than the day before..Having a relationship with Jesus is the best relationship anyone can ever have and Tyler we know that you love Lord Savior Jesus Christ too He loves us so much... Now I can talk about him all night long :-) Tyler..Nighty Night Ms. Proverbs

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