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It's Time To Break Through

First, let me just say thanks for another great weekend for Temptation. The movie is doing just what I hoped it would do. It is speaking to marriages and relationships all over. Thank you for seeing it in the theaters. It really is changing lives.

Now on to why I'm writing. It's about 6am here. Really quiet. The kind of quiet where even a still small voice can sound like a scream. I was sitting here thinking about the first time I took a flight on a small private jet. Many of you know that I'm an aviation buff. I love planes and flying. That's crazy, seeing as how my passion for it started out as a way to get over my fears. And my first flight was my scariest.

That morning, when I got to the airport, it was cloudy, raining and cold. I told the pilots that I was a nervous flyer and asked how the weather was. He said, "it’s rough down low but great up high." Now I'm looking at the sky, it didn't look so great up high to me. But I said a prayer and got on. We took off. It was so turbulent. I was bouncing all over the place. I sat there thinking, "why would they tell me the weather was fine?"

After about ten minuets of being bounced around I asked the pilots why it was so rough. They told me that it would get better as soon as they were allowed to climb higher. I asked who was holding us at that altitude and they said Air Traffic Control. There were a lot of planes in the area and for our own safety we had to stay at that altitude. I sat down, bouncing around some more, white knuckled and all, until the flight attendant told me that we had just been cleared to climb higher. I felt the plane pitch up and the thrust of those powerful jet engines kick in. We bounced around some more. It seemed to have gotten worse. Visibility through my window was non-existent. I was about to ask them to land and let me off the plane. But then we broke through the clouds. There was the sun and the air was so smooth that it didn't even feel like we were moving.

By now, I'm sure you're wondering, "why am I reading all this?" Well, I’ll tell you. Flying through rough weather is a lot like making it through life. Sometimes there are a lot of dark clouds, a lot of bad moments. So bad that you want to give up or turn around like I wanted to. Sometimes you can't go higher because something or someone is trying to hold you back or you're being held at that altitude for your own safety. Sometimes you’re not ready to go higher. God is protecting you from yourself because he knows that you can’t handle going higher. Sometimes he’s hiding you, preparing you to be ready. (That gave me a million thoughts. I’ll save that for another email). Sometimes it's so dark you can't see which way to go. But just like air traffic control had to give us permission to go higher, this morning I wanted to give you permission to go higher. Climb!! The weather is so much better up there. The sun is shinning bright up higher. Stop living your life so low.

Now it's not going to be easy to get through those clouds. You’re going to have to hold your head up and use all the strength in your soul to get through, but you will. Use prayer as your fuel and go higher. You have just been given permission to climb higher. Fly above it all.

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  • Katja B Florida

    I have a lot of dark clouds all around me. The difference is I really don't think I can find my way through this time. Your blog today made a lot of sense to me today. I'm praying. I really am.

  • E. Morgan United States

    I needed this today. Many people give up while they are in the middle of "going through". If we just hold on until we get all the way through the storm, the trial, the hurt, the pain, the frustrations, the anger, the loss...that's when we breakthrough! Sometimes we just need a reminder of that. Thanks for giving that reminder to me.

  • Carolyn Perry United States

    Tyler,...this was nice...thank you and you take care... Carolyn...

  • Angela Cleveland, Ohio

    Mr. Perry thank you for these words tonight. I am a writer trying desperately to break through. It's truly amazing how the right words at the right time came push you forward. Every conference I go to, every person I know tells me I'm a great writer, and yet I haven't been able to break through, despite the words of encouragement. Today I put 3 chapters out on writerscafe.org and posted a request begging for my friends to pass along the link and write a quick review, so few took the time to write the review it left me feeling hopeless. I was checking twitter to distract me from obsessively checking Facebook and my email when I saw your post and I wanted to take a second to say thank you for giving me that little push when I so needed it. Once I was lucky enough to be mentored by the great urban poet Wanda Coleman, she told me my work could not be put away and just when I thought maybe it could be there were your words. I will break through one day Tyler Perry and I hope to meet you and thank you in person when I do.

  • Yvette Apollo, PA

    All I can say is GOD IS INDEED GOOD! I am still mad from my day at work today. All it told me was I can't, no won't do this for the rest of my life. I have no idea how I let my life get away from me like it has but I'm TAKING ALL OF IT BACK. I'm tired of giving giving giving and not getting getting getting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I don't know how but I am going to dig my a** out of the h*** I let myself lay in for so long. I've got so many ideas for movies and stories I just don't know what to do with myself. I actually have a finished novel beside me now. I want to fly like everyone else. Wait. I wanna fly like me I can't be anyone else and shouldn't try. When I get my story out there look for a shout out from the lady on the cloud beside you.

  • Valerie Denver CO

    Tyler, Wow! Truly amazing inspiration. This settled my soul. Thank you! Valerie

  • :::::::YOU SAVE MY LIFE TODAY::::::::: Virginia

    This message saved my life today. You just don't know how much despair I was in...God really used you. I will not give up!

  • Barbara Hewitt Atlanta, GA

    I woke up this morning not knowing exactly how my day was going to be. It was an absolutely beautiful morning and enjoyed being out since I was up and out handling some errands. I took my car for the dreaded emissions test since I just relocated from Miami. Unfortunately, it didn't pass. Oh well, next step. I drove the car through the car wash, at least I would leave with a clean car. While drying my car, I was approached by a gentleman and it was quite reassuring to be noticed in my absolute worse look (normally I don't walk out looking wretched). I needed to return home to call my girlfriend to help her with some marketing for her business. Afterwards, I continued handling my own personal business as I am searching for employment. So I was able to reach out to a few individuals that I haven't spoken to in a long while and for some reason I was on a resume posting path to film studios, which led me to your website. I was being led to your "My Messages" and there was your message. Reading through your post Mr. Tyler Perry was truly a reassuring moment for me. I reflected on the past year and a half of my life and it was quite frankly head on! I've been feeling as though I'm being held back, that I'm not supposed to get ahead just yet or that the path for me has been paved but I'm restricted from walking on it. So basically air traffic control (Lord/God) hasn't given me the "ok" to go higher, yet. I'm going through the dark clouds, the turbulence, but I'm still trying to climb higher despite what comes my way. But in spite of it all, I'm very confident that I will break through the clouds where the sun shines and attain the road to financial independence again. Thank you for your inspiring words. My faith continues to be reassured in the Lord and the Father above. We are fortunate to be able to read words of confirmation that affect people in their own special way. Stay humble and most of all, please don't stop writing. It is definitely helpful for me and I will return to it again. May the Lord continue to bless you. :D

  • Diana Felfle Elgin, Il

    Thank you so much for this word, it is the confirmation I was looking for after so many tears and fear of change. God is relocating my husband and I to Houston. Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you. May the Lord continue to use you as you remain Humble to His calling and still voice. You are a blessed man. Kind Regards, Diana Felfle

  • Fee Fee Dallas Texas

    I'll go higher when god tells me to. Great message big country. I really appreciate it. God is getting me ready. I know this for sure. Thanks big country. now this will be my final message forever! I have a book to write.

  • Sandra Menorca ,Spein

    Dear Tyler, rigth naw is so dark down here for me, broke with my five year old relationsheap with my partner, changed home, and today i was farewall of my work because they have to downsizing (because of the crisis) i was the last one, and because i dont have children,that was the easier thing to do.. all my life i felt i dont belong here,in this ireland ,althow i love summer here..but here is were i have born.How can you find the strenth to climb higher when your plane is not strong enough? some times you need some help or some one to blow you through the clouds..

  • Jothanette Meeks Norfolk, Va

    Mr. Perry, Thanks you so much for this word. On March the 28th someone set my house on fire. Then on the April 8th someone broke into my shed behind my house and tried to get in the house and couldn't. I have insurance so that made it a lot easier. But because it was a set fire the people make you feel like you did it. I am so thankful i know who God is and i know this is the time to move up higher. Thanks

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