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I've Heard You! Now's Your Chance!

For a long time now, people have been asking me how they can be in one of my movies, plays or TV shows. Even as I read through my message board, the most popular question I see is, "How can I be in one of your movies?"

So… this one's for YOU! Now's your chance to earn a walk on role in one of my upcoming productions!

Just enter the Tyler Perry Talent Search!

I've created this competition to give my entire online family a chance to showcase their talent, and I expect to see some future stars. Even better, you'll be responsible for picking the Top 10 finalists. That's right… you get to vote for your favorite videos! Then, I'll personally choose the winner from your Top 10. 

The competition starts NOW, so click HERE and follow steps 1, 2 & 3 to participate.

Voting closes and the Top 10 will be announced on June 29th – the same day MADEA'S WITNESS PROTECTION hits theaters.

Then, I'll personally choose the winner on July 6th.


Good luck!

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  • tristian smiley charleston sc

    Hi mr perry I just wated to thank you for the opportunity to join the family andask who won the competition please email me or call .god bless

  • Singer Takira Robbins, IL

    Good Evening Mr. Tyler Perry, Thank you so much for having the contest and allowing me and my brothers to showcase our talent to the world! I truly admire you so much. I do appreciate the fact that you cared and took out the time to view all of those videos. You didnt have to do it BUT YOU DID! This is why my family and I will continue to support you in the years to come. Hopefully one day when I make it to Hollywood, I will have the honor of just being in your presence. Thank you again and God Bless you, Takira

  • Raychelle McDonald Edmond, Oklahoma

    Hello Mr. Perry just wanted to stop by to say hello & thanks for the opportunity with the youtube competition!!!!!!

  • Ashly Canoga park,CA

    Good morning ,i first wanted to thank you for the opportunity to showcase my talent for you even if im not the top ten. Secondly,when will we be informed of who exactly the top ten are,just curious! Anyway have a blessed day and ttyl

  • Fee Atlanta, Ga

    Hello Mr. T. Perry, I heard you briefly on the radio yesterday and you mentioned that you were also looking for writers and directors. How can I send you my written work and still keep it protected from other people? Maybe I missed the part of how to send it, if you mentioned it on the radio because I only heard part of the interview. I have several synopsis that I am working on turning into treatments. Please advise? Whole Heartedly, Fee

  • Eddie James Morrison-McBride Atlanta, GA

    Dear Tyler: Every Now and Then, You Got To Fry Some Baloney, Baby ! Seriously, I would like to thank you for the opportunity of approving my video submission. I didn't realize that my video submission was approved until five day after (smile). Again, Tyler, thank you from the entire Morrison-McBride housewhole. Sincerely, Eddie James"Suga-wuga"Morrison-McBride

  • Evelyn

    Mr. Perry, While I would love to be in one of your movies, plays or TV series, acting is no my forte. I couldn't help but laugh out loud when I saw you on J** Leno. You were talking about some of the video auditions you had received and you said here was one who just knew they could sing, God told them they could sing. You smiled and said, God didn't tell them that. I couldn't help but laugh because it would be akin to my sending you a video saying I could act. Nonetheless, I do very much want to be in one of your productions...by proxy that is. I am a retired navy and I have a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, Evelyn's Ultimate Pecan Pies and More. So, if you have any upcoming food scenes, my pies would love to audition for a spot. My signature dessert is pecan pie in 6 flavors (traditional, amaretto, orange, raspberry, chocolate chunk, and coconut). Other desserts include sweet potato pie, and sweet potato pecan pie. All come in 3 sizes (9 inch and 3 and 4 inch tarts). I would love be one of the companies you use to gift clients, thank friends and associates, celebrate parties and social holidays. In any event, thanks in advance for your consideration and samples are available at your request. All the best and continued success, ELL

  • Tauria Bermuda

    Hi Mr. Perry, Thank you so much for the opportunity to be a part of something great!! I am a little late in the game. I uploaded my video just yesterday and was getting many votes already. Unfortunately when I went to check my views and comments it was reading zero views (even though I know there were many). And today when I tried to log on the the link is not working. Please if you can assist with this I would be VERY grateful as I know...my work deserves a fair chance. PLEASE HELP ME AS TIME IS RUNNING OUT!! Thanks!! Tauria

    • Hattie Detroit, MI #1700711

      Hi Tauria, I know exactly what you mean. Happened to me too. They may show up eventually. It is very late in the game and marketing is everything. You may have to take advantage of the next opportunity. They have a Casting Call section. We need to check in on that a lot. I wish you much success Tauria.

  • Dream Big Soul ( kingtree south carolina) somewhereFar

    Tyler perry is trulel an inspiration to me dearly. He has proven no matter where you come from or what situation you are in , the beginningyoudont have to stay there. I am only 17years old but you, Tyler perry has inspired me so much to go after my dreams in acting/movie and play writting/ dancing/singing. I do hope that God lead me to you oneday. To maybe work with you on a play. Maybe you helping me with aplay or movie that I have written.Though last week I threw ALL my movies and plays and songs ( that were toe up into pieces)in the trash becuase I a wasnt happy with my work , though I did keep my poems. I feel so bad that I did that. But now I plan to work on some new material.I dont have an email adress and I cant put all of my personal info on here, but i do live in south carolina. But anyway, I cant wait to see your new movie this friday :Witness protection". Youhave truely inspired me to go far. This year starting in august, I will be a senior at my school, I am so excited.... I love you Tyler Perry. And remember You will be thanked for what ever God has in store for my future even if it doesnt include Fame.Youhave a place in my heart. (ps. the emial up top doesnt work) By: Tyler M .S

  • alesha davis

    Hi, I uploaded my video for the Talent Search Contest, but I wasn't sure if it went through because there was no confirmation saying it submitted successfully. So I uploaded my video again, but when I tried to view my video it will not play and a message comes up that says "This video is a duplicate of a previously uploaded video". Please let me know what I should do to solve this issue so that my video can be viewed. Thank you!!!

  • Monique Netherlands

    Goodluck everyone on the Talent Search of Tyler Perry!! mo

  • Piaget Ventus New York

    Hi My name is Piaget. I am trying to make my own opportunities. Since I did not have a huge youtube fan base I need to step up my game. Everyone please give me a chance and watch my video My Youtube channel name is Piaget11 PLEASE VOTE

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