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Kim Kardashian in the Marriage Counselor

I think many of you know that this is a very difficult time of year for me, so what I try to do is make sure that I’m working during this time. All I wanted to do was shoot a great film and try to keep my mind off the holiday grief that I have been experiencing for the past two years. I could not have imagined I’d be getting all these emails about Kim Kardashian. I HAVE SEEN THEM!! YOU HAVE BEEN HEARD!! …LOL. Now, may I say something? Can a brother get a word in?….LOL. Y’all gave me a new movie title, Tyler Perry’s “Diary of a Mad Black Woman Cause You Hired Kim Kardashian, Don’t Make Me Take Off My Earrings and Boycott Yo A**.”…LOL.  Some of my ladies are upset. Ok, all jokes aside, can I have my say? Will you at least hear me out?

I was in a Mexican restaurant and the cutest little old woman stopped me and said, “I want to talk to you about KAR-DAT- CHA-NEM.” I said, “Ma’am?” She said, “What is wrong with you putting her in the lead role of your movie?” By the time I explained to her that she was not in the lead role and why I thought she should be in “The Marriage Counselor”, she said, “Oh, I see your point and I can’t wait to see the movie.” So, if you don’t mind, I’d like to share with you what I said to her then maybe you’ll see why I wanted her in the film.

This movie is about a young lady named Judith (Jurnee Smolett), who grew up in the countryside of Virginia in a trailer park. She was raised in the church by her mother Sarah (Ella Joyce). Judith married her childhood sweetheart Brice (Lance Gross) and had the perfect life until she graduated college and went to work in the big city.  After college, all she wanted to do was be a marriage counselor, but the only job she could find was working for a matchmaker named Janice (Vanessa Williams). Janice has several employees that work for her, including a woman named Ava (Kim Kardashian). Ava is constantly trying to influence Judith on everything from her shoes to her hair. Judith meets a man at work named Harley (Robbie Jones). Harley challenges everything in her life from her marriage to her husband to her faith. Meanwhile, Brice (Lance Gross), Judith’s husband works at a pharmacy owned by Mrs. Waco (Renee Taylor). Brice has just hired a coworker named Melinda (Brandy), who has some major demons that she is running from. In the end, the choices that both of these young women have made come crashing down on them and their lives will never be the same.  I wish I could tell you more, but I don’t want to ruin it for you.

After I finished writing this movie, I sat back and re-read it. Half way through my read, the gravity of what I had written hit me. I knew that this message was not only for my age group, but for all audiences, especially the youth.  ESPECIALLY THE YOUTH!!  YOUNG FOLKS NEED TO SEE THIS!!!   And not just the young people that follow me, but the young people that are following other young people, as well.  I wanted a younger cast, that’s why I put Jurnee in the lead and invited Lance Gross, Robbie Jones and Brandy.  About two months ago, long before I even heard about Kim’s marriage or divorce, I was trying to finish up the casting. I said to one of my producers, “who else is out there that young people are looking up to?” One of my producers showed me pictures that his daughter had taken of several hundred kids lined up around the corner to get into a Kardashian store. They wanted to meet Kim. I thought, what better person! She literally has millions of young people following her. I thought and still do think, that it would be very responsible of her to be a part of this film. To have the young people that look up to her, see her in a film that is about, what happens in life when you make the wrong choices. Whether you’re aware of it or not, to be honest with you I wasn’t, millions of young people adore her and are following her every move. If one of those young people see this film and find the strength to live a better life and not go through what these characters went through in this movie, then we have all done what I feel I’m being led to do here. I hope you understand. I really do!

And lastly, because I believe that my films speak from the inside out, why wouldn’t Kim Kardashian be invited into a film about Faith, Forgiveness and the healing power of God?  What is wrong with that??

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  • lois osorio palm bay, fl


    • Bintou Julius Bintu (twitter.com/bintou911) Juba, South Sudan(Africa) #1597574

      Hey Lois, the meaning of 'role model' has not changed!!! According to dictionary.com, a role model is a person whose behavior, example or success is or can be emulated by others esp YOUNG PEOPLE!!! Tyler's reference to Kim as a role model does not necessarily imply that he approves, admires or is impressed by her life-style!!!! Kim may be a 'bad' role model as many Tyler Perry fans think but SHE IS A ROLE MODEL. THIS IS A FACT. THE GIRL HAS OVER 11.7 MILLION FOLLOWERS ON TWITTER ALONE!!!

  • Bintou Juba, South Sudan

    The truth here is that Tyler Perry is one man that has, is and will continue to amaze, amuse and inspire people of all age groups and races. I wish Tyler could consider running for president of the Federal Republic Of the United States of America!!!! Yeah. I mean exactly that!!!! Kim Kardashian in the Marriage Counselor!!! And what is wrong with that??? Eh??? Tyler Perry is not a mere entertainer but is much more than what some if not most fans think. Tyler just like Bintou (that is the writer of this comment) is living in times where young people are looking for and actually finding an hero, idol, role model, I mean someone to look up to. For many young persons out there, that idol is in the person of 'KIM KARDASHIAN' who has turned out to be so unpopular according to Tyler Perry Fans. To know how popular this girl is, see twittercounter.com/pages/100. or even twitaholic.com. So, I am really surprised that some fans just can't understand Tyler's style!!! How can you fail to see that Mr.Perry is teaching people to learn to forgive, to learn from the mistakes of the past. Would a young man or woman repeat the same mistake that landed Ava(Kim Kardashian) of Tyler Perry's Marriage Counselor into trouble?? I have just learned that some other people including fans are criticizing Mr.Perry for referring to Kim as a role model!! Well, I think I know where THEIR problem is....!!! Tyler's use of the term 'role-model' does not necessarily mean that he approves of her life-style or conduct. Even with role-models, there are both good and bad ones but both are ROLE MODELS!!! Dictionary.com defines role model as 'a person whose behavior, example or success is or can be emulated by others especially by YOUNG PEOPLE!! If you followed the links I provided in the third paragraph, you should have learnt that actually Kim Kardashian is Number 4 on the list of the Most Followed or Most Popular people on twitter with a mind-blowing 11.7 followers!!! Now tell me, who would be most suiting for Ava's role in Tyler Perry's Marriage Counselor??

  • Deezy Weezy Baltimore, Maryland

    The truth and only truth Mr. Perry is that you are casting her in hopes of attracting crowds to see the movie. In my opinion, this will back fire on you. By casting her, you are attempting to do to your fans exactly what she did when she made a mockery of the institution of marriage and made millions of dollars for being married a mere 72 days; and then the irony of putting her in a role for a film called "The Marriage Counselor." This is like casting Bishop Eddie Long in a movie called "Handsome Boys." But if you are caught up in Hollywood, and can't understand the message you are sending by casting her in a film, and if it is dollars that you are considering, I offer that this is a poor business decision for you. First, I think that America is sick of the Kardashians, and this possibly good story line, will become a movie that is remembered as a public display that America is fed up with the Kardashians and a young lady that, plain and simple, got famous from making a sex tape. Acting is real work. I cannot see you being able to produce a solid product if she has anything more than a role where she disappears after the first 3 minutes of the movie. This great story line will become the b*** of late night jokes, and will get Kim Kardashian her first Rasby award. I like your movies, and they are usually funny, but I must admit that they are also well known for bad acting, and I cannot see Kim Kardashian pulling off a stellar performance. So her mediocre performance will be what this movie will be remembered for. So again, if you cant see how inappropriate it is to hire her in this movie, then I caution you, as a brother, to consider that her poor work ethic, coupled with America's disdain of how she has made a mockery of our way of life, will backfire on you. I pray that this doesn't happen, but if I was one of your trusted advisors, then this is the advice I would give you. Her best performance was her sex tape because she didn't have to act, she was being and doing what she is good at- it was her in real life, but I don't see her pulling off nothing more than a sub par performance that will make this movie the laughing stock of America, thereby totally drowning out any message you intended to convey to us young, dumb, uninformed people, who still have VCR tapes of your live plays around the house and who have yet to miss one of your movies in the theater.

  • Lashaunda

    I wish ppl would stop being so judgmental

  • Noemi tx

    Boooo! That was lame!

  • Derale atlanta

    Mr. perry, u dont have to explain urself to anyone. there is a reason for kim to be in this flim. kim is in search of love just like the rest of us in this life. sometimes we jump too fast thinking that finally this may be the one. this is just the theropy she may need to get her spirit right. sometimes being that beautiful could be a curse. all men want you but its hard to tell the fakes. and its even worse when u have such submissive women like kim seems to be. she is too sweet to men. which allows her to be hurt and deceived quickly. tyler u know exactly what ur doing! she is gonna be blessed beyond measures for her soul which is what she needs the most at this very moment. your right time perry!!!! god bless u.

  • Rochelle United States

    Tyler you just said a whole lot of nothing, its as if you didn't even here the complaints but I guess you do what you want because its your movie.That was a poor justification and you were better off just saying "I just want here in my movie because shes kim, suck it" because its obvious at this point thats What you really ment.

    • Maria New Zealand #1595583

      Love your movies Tyler! Have cried and laughed through all of them and can relate to a lot of the characters. I think Kim Kardashian is a great choice and all I can say to the people out there judging her - he who has not sinned cast the first stone!

  • Anonymous

    Well if this doesn't smack of condescension and disdain! I've never been a fan of your work, but many of my family members are. They have expressed concern over the choice of Ms. Kardashian for this film... and that is their first amendment right. Therefore, this letter was directed at people I care about. I don't appreciate them being talked to like they are petulant children. They give YOU their hard earned dollars and they have a right to speak, be heard and be respected for their opinions, even if you disagree, and continue to move forward.

  • Kimberly New Jersey

    I've read through some of the posts here. It seems as though many have something against Kim Kardashian and her past. Quiet as it's kept we all come from somewhere. All of the dirt we've done hasn't been exposed for the world to see and many don't know the secrets we keep or the skeltons in our closet. God has a purpose for everything under the sun and all things work together for the good of those that love the Lord and have been called according to His purposes. We each have our journey. If being a part of Mr. Perry's film changes her life toward Christ, then I'm all for it. Thank God Mr. Perry isn't closed to the endless possibilities in God in people. She too was made in God's image and who are we to judge or criticize her journey. I have 7 nieces that I am raising so I know how influential entertainers can be but have put my life on display for them to see and use as a tangible example.

  • Ronsheavia Welch United States

    Yes sir!! I completely agree and understand your choice in making Kim Kardashian apart of this movie... Though I am a Pastor daughter and completely disagree with some her personal choices that the media has blown up. I do see your point. As a young teen my self witness that a lot of my classmates and even young adults truly admire who she presents herself to be. Though I do tend to get away from that particular form of drama and concern; I see the impact and influence she has on young ladies. Putting her in your movie seemed very hypocritical and came off as a desperate move at first to me, but as I read the truth I completely agree with you on your decision. God Bless you Mr. Perry your a forever Role model and trend-setter to me. God bless. Love you much!

  • A. Grady MD

    Mr. Perry - I pray for your continued success, but unfortunately I WILL NOT go see this movie. I don't understand how putting Kim Kardashian in one of your movies suggests forgiveness. Was Kim saved while filming this movie? If this choice was made to increase sales, please just tell us that. I, like many others, expect greatness from you and am disappointed that you express no remorse for your decision.

  • Debra Moore Dallas, TX

    Mr Perry, please understand and at least acknowledge our objections. It's about the sex tape more than the marriage and divorce. You have not addressed the p*** sex tape objection at all. Are you even aware of the sex tape? DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD AND FREQUENT WE ARE HAVING TO DISCUSS, PREACH, PRAY AND CRY ABOUT OUR YOUNG GIRLS MAKING SEX TAPES AND CITING KK AS THE EXAMPLE? DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY BOYS ARE USING THE SEX TAPE TO PRESSURE YOUNG GIRLS TO MAKE A SEX TAPE? It seems that you want to be right in your decision, and not even considering that our objections may have some base to it. We look up to YOU! YOU are our role model. We are proud of and love YOU. And because of your stature and standing, it would do you well and heal the process to just say that perhaps it wasn't the best decision and that you did not know that so many would feel so strong about it. This breach is not worth the damage.

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