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Kim Kardashian in the Marriage Counselor

I think many of you know that this is a very difficult time of year for me, so what I try to do is make sure that I’m working during this time. All I wanted to do was shoot a great film and try to keep my mind off the holiday grief that I have been experiencing for the past two years. I could not have imagined I’d be getting all these emails about Kim Kardashian. I HAVE SEEN THEM!! YOU HAVE BEEN HEARD!! …LOL. Now, may I say something? Can a brother get a word in?….LOL. Y’all gave me a new movie title, Tyler Perry’s “Diary of a Mad Black Woman Cause You Hired Kim Kardashian, Don’t Make Me Take Off My Earrings and Boycott Yo A**.”…LOL.  Some of my ladies are upset. Ok, all jokes aside, can I have my say? Will you at least hear me out?

I was in a Mexican restaurant and the cutest little old woman stopped me and said, “I want to talk to you about KAR-DAT- CHA-NEM.” I said, “Ma’am?” She said, “What is wrong with you putting her in the lead role of your movie?” By the time I explained to her that she was not in the lead role and why I thought she should be in “The Marriage Counselor”, she said, “Oh, I see your point and I can’t wait to see the movie.” So, if you don’t mind, I’d like to share with you what I said to her then maybe you’ll see why I wanted her in the film.

This movie is about a young lady named Judith (Jurnee Smolett), who grew up in the countryside of Virginia in a trailer park. She was raised in the church by her mother Sarah (Ella Joyce). Judith married her childhood sweetheart Brice (Lance Gross) and had the perfect life until she graduated college and went to work in the big city.  After college, all she wanted to do was be a marriage counselor, but the only job she could find was working for a matchmaker named Janice (Vanessa Williams). Janice has several employees that work for her, including a woman named Ava (Kim Kardashian). Ava is constantly trying to influence Judith on everything from her shoes to her hair. Judith meets a man at work named Harley (Robbie Jones). Harley challenges everything in her life from her marriage to her husband to her faith. Meanwhile, Brice (Lance Gross), Judith’s husband works at a pharmacy owned by Mrs. Waco (Renee Taylor). Brice has just hired a coworker named Melinda (Brandy), who has some major demons that she is running from. In the end, the choices that both of these young women have made come crashing down on them and their lives will never be the same.  I wish I could tell you more, but I don’t want to ruin it for you.

After I finished writing this movie, I sat back and re-read it. Half way through my read, the gravity of what I had written hit me. I knew that this message was not only for my age group, but for all audiences, especially the youth.  ESPECIALLY THE YOUTH!!  YOUNG FOLKS NEED TO SEE THIS!!!   And not just the young people that follow me, but the young people that are following other young people, as well.  I wanted a younger cast, that’s why I put Jurnee in the lead and invited Lance Gross, Robbie Jones and Brandy.  About two months ago, long before I even heard about Kim’s marriage or divorce, I was trying to finish up the casting. I said to one of my producers, “who else is out there that young people are looking up to?” One of my producers showed me pictures that his daughter had taken of several hundred kids lined up around the corner to get into a Kardashian store. They wanted to meet Kim. I thought, what better person! She literally has millions of young people following her. I thought and still do think, that it would be very responsible of her to be a part of this film. To have the young people that look up to her, see her in a film that is about, what happens in life when you make the wrong choices. Whether you’re aware of it or not, to be honest with you I wasn’t, millions of young people adore her and are following her every move. If one of those young people see this film and find the strength to live a better life and not go through what these characters went through in this movie, then we have all done what I feel I’m being led to do here. I hope you understand. I really do!

And lastly, because I believe that my films speak from the inside out, why wouldn’t Kim Kardashian be invited into a film about Faith, Forgiveness and the healing power of God?  What is wrong with that??

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  • Moira Nash

    Tyler, My question to you is: can she act and does she fit the vision you had for this character when you wrote this piece? I'm a Director in the Theatre and casting a show, play, movie, or whatever is 85% of the job; if you cast it properly, your job as director will be infinitely easier. I have watched your movies since you're started and been pleased with your growth and the increasing complexity of the characters. Complex (meaning real) characters is one of the things that make me watch a movie. I don't care who Kim Kardisian is and who she represents and who follows her. In the end, if she is a good actor and does well in this movie, I will be satisfied. If she's terrible, it won't make me not ever watch your movies again, but I will certainly be disappointed. Why? Because you have made movies that have positive messages and they give hope. If this is just a sell out to make money, I will be sad because I think (at least from what I heard you say yourself in interviews) it means you have forgotten where your source is, God. He has determined that you have something to say that the world needs to hear and it comes from HIM. To sell out is not necessary as your success is in HIS hands. Blessings to you brother and I hope everything works out. Sincerely, Moira

  • teerah Newark, New Jersey

    okay Tyler i understand where u coming from, but i also understand where the people r coming from. The problem may be that her role is not lining up with her real life actions. Now say if kids get to like her and start to look up to her from the role she played in your movie. Then the start to look her up on the computer and follow her. What type of role model can she be to a child, teen, or young adult outside of that movie? I watch meet the browns all the time and Cora is a great role model on screen, but i'm pretty sure if anyone wanted to follow her off screen especially kids, parents would not be to concerned. Shes not a whore, she dose not dress slutty, she don't make it seem like its all about money and she is not in the spot light for doing bad. Again i understand ur point, but if God did not change her in real life then why should she play that part especially after all the negative attention she been getting. If u had kids would u want ur kids or take ur kids to support someone that plays a angle in a movie, but outside the movie which is real life that person is getting arrested for drugs, dont care about life, sleeping with this person and that person ect.

  • Lanette

    Thanks for the explanation Tyler...but I will not support this movie with Kim K. in it. She is and her family is NOTHING I would want my children to look up to. My children are very aware children who also have made the conscious choice of NOT supporting anything this family puts out. I WILL NOT buy this movie nor go out to see it. PLEASE, DO NOT give in to the fame of $ and thinking that in order to make more $ you had to put such a person as Kim K. in your film to sell it. You have done this without that kind of people in your movies and can do so much more. Know that I am a woman of faith, but I will never sell my soul to the devil by putting one of his demons in anything of my life. I am just very sad and disappointed in your choice and your explanation.

    • Karla Lynwood #1590449

      I have seen all of your movies but this one I will not support. Kim Kardashian is not a proper role model for any youth!!!

  • D. Ellis III Greensboro, NC

    A lot of people have complained about why you may cast people you cast for the roles that you cast them for. Really, your only doing what God has told you to do. You DO NOT people an explanation or anything. However, I do understand and appreciate you for taking time out of your day to give the people what they THINK they deserve! Everyone that has said that will not go see this flim...Willing to bet that they will.

  • Wanda Columbus, GA

    Dear Jurnee, Vanessa, Lance, Brandy, Ella, Robbie and Renee I am so sorry that you all have been overlooked because of Kim! When I first heard she was cast I said no way, I would not be seeing this film. That has changed a little only because I feel you TRUE ACTORS and ACTRESSESS have been dealt a bad hand. As I calm down and think, I am starting to cool a little. I think I may see the film but it will probably be at the dollar movie. I pray that there is a sequel without Kim and that movie will be #1

  • Yolanda Hopewell, VA

    I "feel" some kinda way about this. I too look at your movies for their sentimental value. I don't see the sentimental value in Kim Kardashian. I am not feeling your reasoning behind this choice or you following your passion in this one, Tyler. Just go on and call it what it is... a MONEY Maker.. Enquiring minds wanna know what would she do... VERY Disappointed. !

    • Mufoot #1871103

      Tyler, I hope that you learned a lesson from this, and maybe wont repeat it? I feel that casting Kim K. was simply a means to get more revenue, in a very sneaky and dishonest way. She is indeed a child of God, but is in no way shape, form, or fashion a role model She makes a p*** film, has a phony marraige, and stalks black men. She has absoulutely NO talent, and you diss other good actresses for someone that is basically s slut. Can she dance, NO, act, NO, sing, NO, write, NO. Does she try to help others? NO. Has she confessed, repented, and turned? There is NO shame in her game, and you reward negative behavior. God has been too good to you to be acting like a crackhead Tyler!

  • Venice jacksonville, florida

    Tyler, The Lord has blessed you with a very special gift and you are in my belief using it just as God wants you to. You have managed thus far to cast the right people in rolls that has delivered a message from God. I believe you are more qualified than the ones complaining to pick the right actress or actor. There will always be someone unhappy with what you do or don't do and that is their issue not yours, but I do appreciate that you take the time to try to explain why. You owe nobody an explanation for what you do, its your money, your time, your mind, and your belief. As long as everything is alright between you and God at the end of the day, its all good. It is what it is! Continue to be bless and carry on God's message!

  • Jamaica Love Phx,AZ

    All I want to know is when this is comming out cuz this movie seem EXCELLENT!! ☺ ♥ Always & God Bless

  • Phyllis Richmond Virginia

    Tyler has been very generous to our black actresses, why would anyone be upset that he hired Kim K. This is case of there is no smoke, so there is no fire. People just hating.

  • Cynthia Washington D C

    I hope her part is small. I get what Mr. Perry is saying, but I believe the overall impact of KK may be negative. She may appeal to the youth, but she doesn't set a good example. Not because of her divorce-anybody can get divorced- but because she exemplifies many of the problems of the youth today- Obsession with material things, wanting to be famous for famous sake, not seeming to have any real depth or spirtitual life. KK would be a better example if she was a little more real, moved away from all the glamour crap, which is a lie, and told the truth, the real honest truth about her life. That would help young people more. What are the pitfalls of fame? What does it mean to have so much of your success and life based on your looks? What happens when that fades? Why are relationships difficult for her? KK could talk about the business of show business and how she parlayed that into other things. If you can get a little of that in the movie, then OK. Otherwise, she's just a bad example on the screen- a giant screen....plus it would prove that being seemingly vapid and empty inside equals success and a movie role. Truly, there are other people who would appeal to the young. How about Niki Minaj (sp) At least she can rap (I guess she can, I haven't listened to any of her music :)

    • Abigail Philadelphia #1590097

      No offense to you but u just said Niki Minaj I think you should listen to her music before judging KK she doesn't scream Role model either her songs are about being the baddest "b" and shaking your a**. She has a whole nation of females thinking they're barbies and need to have bigger butts so I think she is just as negative.

  • Kernell M Hunt, Sr. Georgia

    Tyler, I buy your movies because you have bought humor that Hollywood doesn't give us so why are you now going to Hollywood when they originally rejected you? Casting Kim K. in your movies is like going to Hollywood she is not representative of what you have been displaying in your films.

  • Terry El Paso, Texas

    I love all your movies because you cast people who are believable and can really act. I'm sorry but Kim K. is no actress. Even the great Marilyn Monroe knew that her looks and popularity weren't enough and took acting lessons. Kim K. may be followed by millions but that doesn't mean she has the to pull off the role in one of "your" movies. You make great movies... I think you're making a mistake casting someone for their celeb status and not their "true" talent.

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