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Kim Kardashian in the Marriage Counselor

I think many of you know that this is a very difficult time of year for me, so what I try to do is make sure that I’m working during this time. All I wanted to do was shoot a great film and try to keep my mind off the holiday grief that I have been experiencing for the past two years. I could not have imagined I’d be getting all these emails about Kim Kardashian. I HAVE SEEN THEM!! YOU HAVE BEEN HEARD!! …LOL. Now, may I say something? Can a brother get a word in?….LOL. Y’all gave me a new movie title, Tyler Perry’s “Diary of a Mad Black Woman Cause You Hired Kim Kardashian, Don’t Make Me Take Off My Earrings and Boycott Yo A**.”…LOL.  Some of my ladies are upset. Ok, all jokes aside, can I have my say? Will you at least hear me out?

I was in a Mexican restaurant and the cutest little old woman stopped me and said, “I want to talk to you about KAR-DAT- CHA-NEM.” I said, “Ma’am?” She said, “What is wrong with you putting her in the lead role of your movie?” By the time I explained to her that she was not in the lead role and why I thought she should be in “The Marriage Counselor”, she said, “Oh, I see your point and I can’t wait to see the movie.” So, if you don’t mind, I’d like to share with you what I said to her then maybe you’ll see why I wanted her in the film.

This movie is about a young lady named Judith (Jurnee Smolett), who grew up in the countryside of Virginia in a trailer park. She was raised in the church by her mother Sarah (Ella Joyce). Judith married her childhood sweetheart Brice (Lance Gross) and had the perfect life until she graduated college and went to work in the big city.  After college, all she wanted to do was be a marriage counselor, but the only job she could find was working for a matchmaker named Janice (Vanessa Williams). Janice has several employees that work for her, including a woman named Ava (Kim Kardashian). Ava is constantly trying to influence Judith on everything from her shoes to her hair. Judith meets a man at work named Harley (Robbie Jones). Harley challenges everything in her life from her marriage to her husband to her faith. Meanwhile, Brice (Lance Gross), Judith’s husband works at a pharmacy owned by Mrs. Waco (Renee Taylor). Brice has just hired a coworker named Melinda (Brandy), who has some major demons that she is running from. In the end, the choices that both of these young women have made come crashing down on them and their lives will never be the same.  I wish I could tell you more, but I don’t want to ruin it for you.

After I finished writing this movie, I sat back and re-read it. Half way through my read, the gravity of what I had written hit me. I knew that this message was not only for my age group, but for all audiences, especially the youth.  ESPECIALLY THE YOUTH!!  YOUNG FOLKS NEED TO SEE THIS!!!   And not just the young people that follow me, but the young people that are following other young people, as well.  I wanted a younger cast, that’s why I put Jurnee in the lead and invited Lance Gross, Robbie Jones and Brandy.  About two months ago, long before I even heard about Kim’s marriage or divorce, I was trying to finish up the casting. I said to one of my producers, “who else is out there that young people are looking up to?” One of my producers showed me pictures that his daughter had taken of several hundred kids lined up around the corner to get into a Kardashian store. They wanted to meet Kim. I thought, what better person! She literally has millions of young people following her. I thought and still do think, that it would be very responsible of her to be a part of this film. To have the young people that look up to her, see her in a film that is about, what happens in life when you make the wrong choices. Whether you’re aware of it or not, to be honest with you I wasn’t, millions of young people adore her and are following her every move. If one of those young people see this film and find the strength to live a better life and not go through what these characters went through in this movie, then we have all done what I feel I’m being led to do here. I hope you understand. I really do!

And lastly, because I believe that my films speak from the inside out, why wouldn’t Kim Kardashian be invited into a film about Faith, Forgiveness and the healing power of God?  What is wrong with that??

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  • Denise A. Hodge St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands

    I think that you should go ahead with your plans. You have done great thus far and will do even better for the future to come. Kudos to you and your everything that you do. Just remember the minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get even less than you settled for.

  • Malika Potter St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands

    Honorable Tylor Perry, My advice to you is to do what you feels works for you movie. You do not owe anyone an explanation for why you do the things you do. The critics are only doing their job....hating on anything a progressive peron has going for themselve. It is so funny how as black/african americans tried for centuries to not make RACE an issue but here it arises again from our own. SMH (shaking my head)...its a shame, I'm shamed! Thats just goes to show that you cannot go through life trying to please people because their never going to be satified. Continue to do you Tyler Perry and May God continue to give you blessing through it all.

  • Tiffany Virginia

    God can use anybody...Jacob was a cheater; Peter had a temper; David had an affair; Noah got drunk; Jonah ran from God; Paul was a murderer; Gideon was insecure; Miriam was a gossiper; Martha was a worrier; Thomas was a doubter; Sara was impatient; Elijah was moody; Moses stuttered; Zaccheus was short; Abraham was old and Lazarus was dead. So why couldn't God use Kim K? If we are discounted the blessings of God because of what we have done in our past, NONE OF US WOULD QUALIFY to be blessed!!! You have no idea the plans God has in store for Kim K. It could be her presence in that movie that acts as the pivot point to turn her life completely around. People need to watch what they say...you can disqualify yourself from being blessed, simply by trying to disqualify others.. .. Blessings and peace to you Mr. Perry!

    • Abundant Living Arizona #1697099

      Very well stated Tiffany!

    • Lea Reynoldsburg, OH #1708494

      Tiffany... I applaud your post! You are 110% correct. God always has a plan. Kim K is no exception to that plan. I believe in Tyler Perry and his decision to cast her. We all need second chances. Sure she has made some mistakes in the past but so has everyone. No one has the right to throw stones and pass judgment on her. Tyler casting her in his play does not mean he condones her past mistakes, it merely states that he is willing to give her a chance to show her fans that she is more than a beauty. All of the negative comments from people shows ignorance and hatefulness. She has the right to move on with her life from past mistakes and make legitimate money doing so. I'm praying for Kim's redemption and for Tyler Perry's peace from all this criticism. God Bless.

    • Desiree' #1780783

      If turning your life around means still being married and getting pregnant by a man that is not your husband then she sure did turn it all the way around. I don't doubt that GOD can use her, but you have to be willing to make a change. With all of that fame, notoriety, and young female fans she should set a better example for them and she is doing no such thing. I would respect her way more if she was doing something positive with her life but all she is doing is making more money for herself. That is all. I pray to GOD that one of her fans/followers see this movie and decide to make a change in their lives. I hope and pray she does too.

  • Amor Bridgeport, CT

    Tyler, Tyler Tyler, what can I say? Last night I walked into my den and studied my DVD collection. There are over 15 movies and stageplays that I have that have your name on it. OFFICIAL COPIES NOT BOOTLEGS! i find it outright disrespect to your entire fan base to cast a woman such as Kim in one of your films. Kim Kardashian is a beautiful woman, but by far one of the most dumb, nasty, and the worst person to be in the limelight influencing our young women. Please correct me if I am wrong but to date isn't her most acclaimed TV performances a sex act with Ray J? Is this what we want our young daughters to idolize? Does she not publicly advertise and suggest that open and multiple sexual partners is acceptable? Where Im from around here they gonna call a "SMUT...JUMP...BIRD" but since we all brought her p*** tape she got $$$ in the bank? Thumbs up America! Come on. You give her a such role and allow what I consider a real role model Keshia Knight Pulliam to portray a prostitute!! SMDH!!!! I mean I have to really put emotions aside becasue it seems so easy for you to have a black woman portray what it truly means to struggle or sacrifice ( Good Deeds, I can do bad All by Myself, Madea Goes to Jail, Madea's family Reunion) but allow Kim to portray someone who is trying to change her Boss?!?!?! Disappointed, I thought you would always remain a voice for the unspoken...I guess not any more....

    • Toussaint San Francisco #1678368

      I dont understand how Mr. Tyler Perry's =) decision to cast Kim in what sounds like to me a small role, in a rather large and complicated script of events supports Kim's decision to be a whore? Maybe you could explain that to me. He is not the one prducing her reality show, nor did he film, star or direct the p*** with Ray J. Seems to me it should be parents and communities teaching little girls to be better women, not movies and t.v. Oh, I forgot, everybody is too busy to be parenting, and blaming others is always easier. In the meantime, what disturbs me is how all of you naysayers are willing to totally disregard Mr. Tyler Perry's =) real true raw talent because of an opinion about 1 single solitary cast member of an upcoming film. What does that say about us as a people? Thats right, the same thing it said in Kemet where we enslaved one another before any white or Spaniard ever arrived.

  • P.R. Pittman Jackson,ms

    Tyler, I've always supported everything you've done, and i won't stop supporting you. Although, I understand your reasoning, and it seems sound, it still is hard to see Kim in one of your movies. I'll trust your judgement, because you have always seemed to consult God with your decisions, and he's blessed you in accordance with that. She is a broken woman, and really needs help. Maybe her experience with you has helped her, because I recently saw where she and her mom have been going to church. I hope that your influence is the greater for her, and that she realizes that all of these superficial things she's seeking, still cannot substitute for true happiness. She gained her fame in the completely wrong way, by sex and objectifying her own temple. I really almost want to weep for her, because she's so lost, and looking for love, and constantly is unful-filled - because of her love for money. I just caution you, not to be like so many of God's chosen, who had a life filled with drama because of the influence of women in their decision making (David, Sampson, etc.). You love beautiful people, and you know the draw they have for your movies, but don't get sucked in, and allow the subtleties of the devil, to veer you off your purpose. You have a gift, and favor, so no one can take from you what God has. But remember, just as favor is given, it can also be taken away, and no man can GIVE you what GOD doesn't want you to have. I wish you the best, and continued success and prosperity, because your greater good has always outweighed any of your bads. And if we follow God, it's all good (Rom. 8:28)!

  • Desiree Dixon Los Angeles, Ca 90037

    Hi Tyler, I want u to know, I am 51yrs., and wear it well (I might add...lol), I believe that the majority of the women (I do believe these are women too) who dislike Kim are jealous of her. All I can say is let the haters hate. No one is perfect, so they should not judge her. I can't wait to see the film. I believe it will draw crowds from not only the young and old in the black communities, but people from all walks of life and color; furthermore, I want to see just how much of a actress she is. Reality T.V. oppose to acting is two different things. So again, bring Ms. Kardashian on!!!! She's beautiful.

  • Elaine Lopez Shamong N.J.

    Dear Mister Tyler Perry I haven't seen or even heard about ant previews about this new movie of yours but from the others i can only say i can't wait to see it. I have all your plays and the movies you have available up to now and I can see my family and friends in them you seem to touch on topics that many people are either afraid to discuss or they just tell themselves that the topics in your works doesn't apply to them. Thank you for your films they do help and I don't believe it's a racial thing it's a human/universal thing because no matter what race you are stuff happens. again thanks and keep doing what I believe God is leading you to do. Remember when we follow God and his leading we will be ridiculed and persicuted God Bless and keep you.

  • Monica Rumph Macon, GA.

    Hello Tyler, I have yet to see your new movie. I hope to see it soon. Anyway , I would just like to say this , yes..you have alot of fans really giving you h*** about placing KIM K. in the movie, but they are speaking and acting on their own feelings & emotions toward KK. I also feel like Kim isn't the best role model for various reasons. One can also say that about me. LOL!! All this is just " JUDGEMENT"... unfortunately..we are not allowed to judge no one b/c we all come short of his glory....so I think that the fans just need to concentrate on thier house...meaning if you feel like KK is not the best for the movie...don't go see it ...don't allow your household to be effected by the KK movement...we do have control over that!!!! Tyler, do what you feel like God is directing you to do..if its turns out that you heard wrong...hey , it happens and keep it moving... I personally really don't care one way or the other because my motto is " Your business & Your Problems does not belong to me"....so I live my life...If I don't agree with a certain thing or person..then that is what it is!!! ALL the upset Fans....Keep it moving..You make your decisions let Tyler make his.....also think about this.... Is there any Perfect Role Models? NO!!!!! IF you say that it is ..You are lieing!!!!

    • Toussaint San Francisco #1678370

      Well written! Well said!!!!

  • Tawanna Germany (US Army)

    Tyler you know I love and respect you for all that you do. I had some time today to go back and review some of your messages that I missed due to my busy schedule from time to time. I am reading about all of this Kim K controversy regarding her being cast in The Marriage Counselor. Some of the fans have been very outspoken in how they feel about your decision. I did read your reasoning for casting her. For the first time Tyler, I do not agree with you. I just wanted to give you my opinion and hope that your hear me out. I personally do not like or respect Kim. I do not allow my children to watch her or follow her. As a woman, I am embarrassed by her. I do not like the way she carries herself, nor do I like the things that she does. Recently she took risque photos of herself in her bedroom and posted them on the internet. I agree with some of your other fans,she does come off like a whore. She is also very disrespectful to her mother and more importantly she has no respect for herself. There is nothing positive about Kim, nothing!!!! Have you ever seen any other star get floured??? You try your best to help everyone. You can't help someone who does not want to help themselves. I have seen, enjoyed, and supported everything that you do. I have to be honest I do not want to see Kim K and this will be the first Tyler Perry project that I will not support. I still love you and I will continue to support everything else that you work so hard on to give us for our enjoyment. This one, I just don't understand. There are so many others out there that young folks look up to that you can utilize besides Kim. I really think it is sad that parents allow their kids to follow her. Think about Lawrence Fishburne's daughter, she stated in her interview that she decided to do p*** to get into the industry because it worked for Kim K. Is she really someone that young folks should be looking up to??? My concern is really for our young women. I wish you continued success because of who you are and how you manage to touch my heart. I really wish you would reconsider.

    • ally c. georgia #1675667

      I completely agree, and I'm a 25 yr old female.

    • Toussaint San Francisco #1678379

      I agree with alot of what you said, because I am not a fan of Kim K. But clearly the most important thing you said was that as a parent you do not allow your children to follow Kim. This is what missing. Across America, all over the televison, sex has always sold. I dont subscribe to the notion however that Mr. Tyler Perry's =) work wil be any less significant because Kim K. is in the movie. And, I thinks its sad that you can say that there is nothing positive about Kim yet you do not know her, and neither do I for that matter. While her public persona leaves much to be desired for most of us, my mother always said that there is something positive about everyone. She actually has a great fashion sense, and sounds like that is a part of her character's role in the movie. Again, I would never debate you on the fact that Kim has made some terrible decisions by being an industry whore. But the fact is unfortunately she made her bed and she, not Mr. Tyler Perry =) should have to lie in it. On a side note, thank you for being brave enough to stand and fight for our freedoms. Though I totally disagree with 80% of whats happening in, and to our country I am thankful for the people who risk their lives in support of us all.

    • Tonya Wilmington, NC #1685689

      I don't like Kim K either, and I don't allow my kids to follow her, but I agree with Tyler on this because the world is so crazy look at all these young people lying, stealing, doing whatever they want to get what they want and thinking they are entitled to it. Trying to push their friends into being the same way, reading his response as to why he casted her, I think he chose the perfect person change has to start somewhere, and people have to be held accountable for what they do, and no one will ever learn if they do not try. Maybe since God is telling him he's doing the right thing he is trying to make change in certain people some disagree with and how better than in a movie like this. As I said before, change has to start somewhere and maybe some lessons will be leaned and change can be a new beginning, because what every true fan of Tyler knows is that he inspires and touches peoples hearts and usually brings them closer to God, people who watch his movies and plays as well as some of those who act in them, if we are real Christians or other deonominations we will not judge him for trying to make things better no matter what our personal opinions of one of the actresses are. Keep doing what you do Tyler I am with you and agree with you 100% I get it!

  • Carol S. Howard Atlanta,Ga. 30316

    When I saw Good Deeds, I thought it was the best work you have done. Keep it up and may God continue to Bless you mightily to continue doing what you do.

  • Marlene Temecula, CA

    I completley agree with what you have to say. Everyone is quick to point fingers but only GOD can judge us. Keep up with your great work. Love all your movies!!! :)

  • Mathapelo Centurion, South Africa

    wow...I'm blown away with what you doing for this lady. I think she has been unfairly judge by the media and your fans. Please continue to inspire and help others, God will surely continue to bless you. i'm a big fan of your work and dream of working with you one day. God bless and keep well.

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