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Let's Talk About Last Night's The Haves And Have Nots


Ok, all I'm going to say about last night’s The Haves and the Have Nots is this!

Candace can't get away with her evil forever!

Amanda is not the clueless young lady that you think she is. Just keep your eye on her and you'll see.

Hanna, although she truly is a Christian, is having some major battles between who she was and who she is now. You'll see what I mean. She is going to blow your mind next week. BRACE YOURSELF!

I think Jim is one of the most arrogant, wicked characters I've ever written. If David didn't shut him down he would have set Jeffery up.

Did David shut him down or what?

Do you think all these people are so drunk with power that they think they can cover this up?

Do you think Hanna knows who did this?

Also, not all county hospitals are as bad as that one, but I used to have to go to a county hospital when I was a kid and the doctors at the one I went to were so nasty and direct to us. My mother always complained about it. The less fortunate have a very different hospital experience. It's REAL Y’ALL!

Alright, I'm ready to laugh tonight with Mamma Hattie. We have a really good story line starting on Love Thy Neighbor. Check it out.

Talk to you later.



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  • Dee Stone Mountain,GA

    I love this show!!!!! But 7/8/14 was the worst show ever. Jeffrey and David both need a back bone. I turn the T.V. down the way Veronica talk to David, and then Jeffrey crying like a PUNK!!!! Please Tyler next season bring that stuck up Witch Veronia down... His father said don't go with your mom, and he did. When the girl force Jeffrey to have sex last week oh my goodness, he could'nt fight her off. Amanda love her, let her get pregnant by Candice EX. Hanna oh my she is the worst actress on the show. She treat Benny like her man, not her son. Can't stand her. My girl is back, at first I hated how Candice treated her mom, now I see why now. Candice do your thing, get Jim

  • Evelyn Maryland

    I would like to say Candace may be evil,trying to survive,her mother loved Benny so much it's not normal and Candace begging for a little love from her.Candace does not deserve to die.I can't wait for others get what they deserve too.

  • Veno Kauaria Namibia

    Eish, we are behind with episodes on this side of the world, I hope Benny survives. David is a piece of work. Candice must not die. Benny's father! Selfish guy that one. Jeffrey must develop a backbone and fight his mother. What is wrong with the boy?

  • michelle rockford,il


  • Pamela Cromer Baltimore MD

    Tyler all I know is the lady that plays Hanna on the Have and the Have Nots! She needs an Awards because she is too deep mannnnnnn! Can I tell you I've been crying on her most stunting parts! OMG! She is the bomb.com! LOL! Please keep that night time soap going Tyler me and alot of my lady friends look forward to it and talking about it afterwards! We even talk about it at work! Be blessed!

  • Just Ron Wisconsin

    This is the only "soap opera" I watch other than the ish during election years.lol You totally get it done with your writing, what with fleshing out the characters and etc. Your characters are complete, whether they're nasty, put upon or "victimized" as is Jeffery by his "mutha". Yes, Veronica is more of a mutha than a mom. Angela is so complete in her portrayal that she has all the facials down. She's really good butt, I still detest Veronica;~) What I really want to ask you is about Benny. How long did it take you to write and him to memorize his lines?lol I wish I would have come to the show when it was new however, I am seriously hooked. And, I'm an older, single white guy who has been an athlete, is a gym rat and not one to sit on the couch to watch TV. This show grabbed me what with all those who we love to hate. Yolu're going to have some serioous chops to bat this one, T-man

  • dronn nyc, brooklyn

    Hello mr perry I been watching all of your work from your very first show till now. I use to take my mother to all your plays as a treat to her to show her how wonderful she was. Sadly she got her angel wings on november 3, 2009 a moth before your mother received her wings. Well that play in febuary of 2010. I had brought tickets to your show and I was dealing with so much at that time your show help me grieve what I needed to. I felt that she was talking to me through your cast. I wanted to say that the have and the haves not is amazing writing. Even though I wish Jeffery would stand up to his mother. I came out to my mother and she accepted me for who I was and did not judge me. But I have friends who went through what he is. I dont know if u read ALL you fan but thank you and please tell the writers to write in Jeffery standing up for him self to his.mother she need to accept him and respect his choice its not we want this life its how we feel and who we are. Thank you for your time and hard work it pays off by the response you get and the audience that show up for your shows. So looking forward to the next Madison square garden show nyc here thank you and have a great day.

  • Karen R. Baltimore

    Hey Tyler- Every week I look forward to the next episode of The Have and The Have Nots. I just have one thing to ask- DO NOT LET BENNY DIE !!! Of all the characters he is the most straight forward, without bringing alot of drama. ALSO, HE IS NOT HARD ON THE EYES (don't tell my husband). I do have something else to ask- Is your studio open to the public for tours? Thank you & God Bless

  • Josetta Byrd Metairie,La. USA

    Hello Tyler, I am writing this to tell you that I am loving The Haves and The Have Nots. You really put your foot into this show. I got to give you, your props on it. I also want to know what you are going to do about Jeffrey and his mother I mean come on in last weeks episode his mother call herself blackmailing him with the picture of his car. I know that if I was Jeffrey I would call her bluff because it would effect her and her husband just as well as it would him. I mean I would call the police myself in front of her if I was Jeffrey. He needs to let her know that she can't get her way just because it is her son that is gay. I hope Bennie is going to be ok and if not I sure hope that his father doesn't get want he wants. I mean like Hanna said he is only doing this because he is hoping that his son is a match and can get his kidney. Amanda is one h*** of a B I T C H and I thought Candace was the queen B I T C H I think she better watch out because I think Amanda's learning from the best and she is a little wacko as well. I mean everyone better watch out she is dangerous to be getting on her bad side. I love the way you have her going to her teachers house and his bed room and putting the gun his mouth and making him pull the trigger and his wife and daughter sleeping right next to him and not hear a thing until she has gone. I just didn't like it was done with his daughter in the bed with him. You had her do the same thing when she was in his house and he was taking a shower and she was there as well as his wife been home. I got to hand it to her she got balls. I like her style and keep on doing what you are doing. Oh by the way what's up with Hanna and the cop I hope there is a relationship brewing between them two. I mean I know it is a bad way that they had to meet but we all have to meet someone in our lives one way or the other. I hope that Hanna do some serious stuff with her and the other maid at the Crowers house I mean they use to be best friends but know she can't stand Hanna. I also hope you give Hanna bigger balls to be like she use to be. I mean we would love to she the black girl take all her earrings you know what I mean LOL. I went all the way back to season one and watched and caught up and now just waiting for the last two or three episodes left. Stay sweet and Strong Sincerely your, Josetta,Board Member P.S.Did you see the petition that some of Oprah's fans has put out to get her to drop you from her network. I think they have at least 179 signatures, but don't let that get to you because all the others are still standing behind you. Good luck with bring your talk show back. The Tyler Perry Show. TBS and what ever other station dropped it and all your other shows as well what do that tell you and all your loyal fans.

  • Dee Doylestown, PA

    I love this show! My mom who's in a nursing facility & my sister who lives in another state & I watch it every week & during commercials call each other with "what do you thinks going to happen?", can you believe that!, do you think they'll let him die? What is Amanda doing!, etc Can't wait for next week!

  • Melissa United States

    CHARITY HOSPITAL IN NEW ORLEANS WASN'T THAT BAD oh I'm sorry it was worst but the hospital won five Emmy awards AND HANNA HAS THE BEST DR THEIR IS for her son> Dr.GOD.

    • Joseph Oxnard #1925195

      Amanda needs some stronger medicine

  • Ashley Statom

    omg me my mom was stuck to the tv, couldn't stop watching, can`t wait for next week!!

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