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Let's Talk About Last Night's The Haves And Have Nots


Ok, all I'm going to say about last night’s The Haves and the Have Nots is this!

Candace can't get away with her evil forever!

Amanda is not the clueless young lady that you think she is. Just keep your eye on her and you'll see.

Hanna, although she truly is a Christian, is having some major battles between who she was and who she is now. You'll see what I mean. She is going to blow your mind next week. BRACE YOURSELF!

I think Jim is one of the most arrogant, wicked characters I've ever written. If David didn't shut him down he would have set Jeffery up.

Did David shut him down or what?

Do you think all these people are so drunk with power that they think they can cover this up?

Do you think Hanna knows who did this?

Also, not all county hospitals are as bad as that one, but I used to have to go to a county hospital when I was a kid and the doctors at the one I went to were so nasty and direct to us. My mother always complained about it. The less fortunate have a very different hospital experience. It's REAL Y’ALL!

Alright, I'm ready to laugh tonight with Mamma Hattie. We have a really good story line starting on Love Thy Neighbor. Check it out.

Talk to you later.


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  • Marshay Goodwin Charleston, SC

    Mr. Perry I think The Haves and The Have Nots should be an ongoing show like the Young and the Restless. It is awesome and the storyline can just go on continuously.. Keep up the good work. God Bless You.

  • Bobby United States

    This show on so any levels is so good, keeps you on the edge of your seat, I Love it, never know what is going to happen. The case of Hanna and her son, the law suite to take Benny of life support. I know family;s have to make such choose every day. Do you remember the Jefferson's? Made money in the Dry Cleaning business? There was a vital Dry Cleaning business, closed 11/15/2013. I would purchase it If I could get funding, Will you help and even use it as some other form of the Jefferson's????? The Business would make money and would be a wright of your taxes. As for as a studio. I beg of you to help this place stay the best Dry Cleaners?? You could come and see the property you could stay in General Morgan INN. I would need around, $257,000.00. This place is on Agnes list.

  • M.Stewart Virginia Beach, V a

    GE, Tyler Perry I like you but I don't know the direction of the show, honestly I need you go in. Hanah is really just soft, and silly she needs to get a back bone and stand up to people. The other maid not sure of her name she needs to be contained sometimes. Last the governor's wife she has to much money to be soft. I really like the judge's wife( black man) wife she holds her own. But I do like the show overall. Be Blessed!!!!!

  • Danielle

    You are getting on my ever lasting nerves with The Have and Have Nots! And THEN ONLY THREE EPISODES???? REALLY Tyler Perry. You ain't rRights

  • lakisha Texas

    I had some storyline ideas...Hannah's Christianity should be doubted by your viewers. Benny's alleged father should not be his but Candice's son that she's hiding. Benny's father should relly be the married man. Katherine should attempt to pay for Hannah's silence

    • lakisha texas #1921349

      Benny's alleged father was molesting Candice while he and Hannah were dating which is how Candices son was conceived. This should also be the source of Candice's anger toward Hannah.

  • Jane C Washington. DC

    Hi Tyler, Love the The Have and The Have Nots show. My sister, our 97 year old mother, and I can't wait until Tuesday night. keep up the Genius Work. The best show on TV. Also , Love the comedy Love Thy Neighbor, too. See it evey Wednesday night. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK and GOD BLESS. Jane C

  • Awesome fan VA

    Mr. Perry, I love all of your shows and I pray that God continues to bless you and give you the wisdom to write and glorify his name. Whether it is your movie, play or TV show, there is always a positive message in them. Now for the Have and Have Nots, I think Jim has a son by the maid!! Hum!! I can't wait to see what is revealed next.

  • connie Indianapolis

    This is an excellent show. I don't miss an episode. I even have my husband watching it every week!!! Tyler, please keep up the good work.

  • Torrie Adams Tifton, Ga.

    I am just so PROUD to see Tyler Perry do his thing. I enjoy every single story,play and etc. The only thing missing is my character. I am a natural. But enough of me. Keep doing what you do. I really enjoy watching. I can't watch a creation of Tyler's without leaving feeling better and feeling I can do anything. I will always admire the TRUTH in his films. THANKS, TYLER. AMEN

  • Karen Brown IL

    How about offering a fan a chance to meet and spend the day together. From walking around the studious and your work environment to see and observe what Tyler Perry Day is like. I would love to be one of your first choice. Just bring your self and a can create the best "holiday". May be you could think of something for Valentines if you don't have a sweetie. 'I too on bended graciously ask for your hand to lead me to a secret place and enjoy a nice warm beach short stay vacation. Blessings for you always. Karen

  • Gwen South Carolina

    Mr. Perry, you have really turned it up a notch on the Haves and the Have Nots. I sit on the edge of my seat and watch the drama play out. Sometimes I am speechless as I watch your creativity unfold. This is truly my favorite show. My godmother just passed away, she was 97 years old and she loved the show.

  • simone williams winston salem nc 27101

    I love the god in you I wish I could met you just to talk about god you have so much wisdom and knowledge about life I need this knowledge you have to help me to understand thing s in my life your real man of God you are real man of God and I love that spirit about you so if you read this please call me Simone number is god bless you after I did he touch your heart to contact me in Jesus name I pray amen be blessed always.

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