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Let's Talk About Last Night's The Haves And Have Nots


Ok, all I'm going to say about last night’s The Haves and the Have Nots is this!

Candace can't get away with her evil forever!

Amanda is not the clueless young lady that you think she is. Just keep your eye on her and you'll see.

Hanna, although she truly is a Christian, is having some major battles between who she was and who she is now. You'll see what I mean. She is going to blow your mind next week. BRACE YOURSELF!

I think Jim is one of the most arrogant, wicked characters I've ever written. If David didn't shut him down he would have set Jeffery up.

Did David shut him down or what?

Do you think all these people are so drunk with power that they think they can cover this up?

Do you think Hanna knows who did this?

Also, not all county hospitals are as bad as that one, but I used to have to go to a county hospital when I was a kid and the doctors at the one I went to were so nasty and direct to us. My mother always complained about it. The less fortunate have a very different hospital experience. It's REAL Y’ALL!

Alright, I'm ready to laugh tonight with Mamma Hattie. We have a really good story line starting on Love Thy Neighbor. Check it out.

Talk to you later.


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  • Gloria Moseley childrey Richmond va.23223

    I love your play, my name is Gloria Childrey, live in richmond

  • blossom rhoden jamaica

    I think Hannah suspects but she is not sure, she is a good christian woman who will give Jim's family the chance to do the right thing but failing to do so she is going to stand up and take action for her son, i cant wait until Tuesday to see how it all plays out.

  • Ms Proverbs NC

    Tyler :-) :-) :-) Very Nice Pic :-) :-) Have A Bless Week Sir. :-) Ms Proverbs

  • Karen IL

    Hello Honestly I haven't been watching the show. Is it possible to run a marathon day of your shows on OWN. Continue to be a blessings. Karen

  • Ms Proverbs NC

    Tyler :-) :-) :-). How are You? I hope all is well :-) Tyler I missed Tweeting Party' last week : -( between class and traveling I didn't know if I was coming or going I mean I had such a hectic week I'm so exhausted, but "The Haves And Have Nots" are too darn hot..LOL! That Jim Crier is something else he's so arrogant LOL! Love. Hanna!!!Entire cast is awesome! Can't wait until next week!! :-)Keep Up the Great Work!! Tyler I'm so Tawd LOL!!On my way to Nighty Night :-) but before I do I just would like to say "I like what I see" with your "Tall and Handsome Self" Tyler your smile put a bigger smile on my face......Thank You :-) :-) Awwww and that is sweet Team Tyler is making sure they are taking good care of you :-) :-) It is nice to feel that your workplace/staff is like family (TPS Family) that is very and this is how it suppose to be (Unity) Sweet Dreamzzzzzz. Talk to you soon Stay Blessed Ms Proverbs :-) :-)

  • Brite-I Oregon via Storm

    I am almost embarrassed to say that my dish network was a causality of last year therefore I can only pray that your story line brings you great success.

  • keithanna Trinidad

    Hi Tyler I am your biggest fan in T and T was wondering if there is a "why did I get married 3 " coming out. I watch all your movies I no ever word in them an amazinly love you r work Ride or die fool ride or die

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  • kat richmond va

    WHAT! I wanted to fly threw the tv like a bolt of lightning and give David a CHEST BUMP! Where in the world do you come up with this? Ok, some hospital are like that, but to give out patient confidential info on Benny's dad! That crazy darn Amanda, don't think Candy will be the BADD B***ch for long. I NEED TO FIND A SPOILER FOR NEXT WEEK!!! LOL

  • Michelle Maryland

    I think that Hanna knows who put Benny in the hospital... even if she doesn't know that she knows yet. She will put it together based on what she overheard. I thought she might have turned to Katheryn to get Benny in a better hospital. Candice is off the chain... Always has something scheming! Veronica.... Although I don't agree with her ways... makes me laugh!! Her portrayal of a black woman finding out that her only son is g** is spot on to the way that many people react. Amanda seems just plain crazy to me... but I'm excited to see what she may have planned. I'm thinking that Benny's dad wants his kidney now... I wonder how Hanna will react... with her being a Christian but not liking Benny's dad at all Can't wait until next week!!!

  • Kathy

    I' glad David spoke up and is standing by his son. I think Hanna knows somewhat, but wanted to make sure her son was okay first. I don't think shes concern about her job more than the friendship she's building. I can see Amanda's wheels turning and that she has something up her sleeves? I just wish it could have been a longer show last night: I don't want to wait another week! :-(

  • #1 FAN