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This Little Letter Changed My Life

I did something about a year ago that was so liberating and freeing. You should try this. I'm telling you, it will help you.

I was asked by CBS This Morning to do a segment called "Note To Self". It's where you write a letter speaking to your younger self. Have you ever done this? If not, you should. What would you say to the child that you used to be? I'm telling you, it's amazing. Try it. Let me know how it moves you. Here's the link to the one that I did.


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  • Tina Elkhart, IN

    Your 'Note to Self' came as close to my own as I've ever heard. There was so much I didn't understand when I was younger, when rage and bitterness were presented as 'God' in all His righteousness and glory. When terror and fear dominated my every waking moment. When all I wanted to do was take my mom and my siblings and run far, far away. I was barely ten. Helplessness and loneliness gave way to my imagination, where I too could run free and swim with God's creatures in a perfect world of love. I'm older now. Helplessness has turned to strength, loneliness has turned to family, community and opening my heart to all that God's blessings have surrounded me in. My imagination sparks words, words lead to stories and characters, creatures and galaxies not so far away. I know God's footprints are all over the paths I've trod. Hallelujah! My faith and God have made me whole. Bless You

  • Barbara Terrill Stillwater, OK

    I write a letter to myself and put it away with a note not to open it until a certain date. At that time I open it and see what has changed in my hopes, dreams, challenges, and goals. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes sad, but always interesting to see how I felt and what I was doing then compared to the day I open it.

  • Cameron George Columbus, OH

    I saw that airing one word POWERFUL.

  • Roberta Whitewater WI


  • Michelle Hamilton San Diego

    Thanks for sharing. You have a big heart that has no ruff edges because you live to give back and this is truly living. Keep up the good work Tyler your a blessing always.

  • Shail Kamini Ramcharan Gainesville, Florida

    Dear Mr. Perry...I love your story about your Mother and it made me smile too, especially the part about seeing a picture of you in your beloved PJ's. Maybe Madea could wear them because no one would dare call Madea crazy right? :) Wishing you the very best for the Holiday Season as well...Happy Thanksgiving!!!Merry Christmas!!Happy New Year!!!

  • Ms Proverbs NC

    Hi there Tyler, just checking in on you to say "Hellur". (In my Madea's voice). LOL! I hope that you are having much fun there in Paris. :-) :-) Tyler I was just thinking it would be so hilarious for you to direct a movie called "Madea Goes to Paris". Tyler, what do you think about that? Oh t would be so FUNNY!!!!! Just sharing my thoughts...Oh and I like your picture..I'm still smiling too :-) :-). Stay Blessed We Miss You Here!! Be Safe and God Traveling Mercies Upon You :-) Ms Proverbs :-)


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  • Rayna Jade Louisville, KY

    I was on the treadmill at LA Fitness this past Sunday night and watched, "Diary Of A Mad Black Women" for the 12th time....Absolutely Love It! I am not black, nor white, I am Hawaiian aka: a Polynesian female. I am proud to be "Brown." Thank You, Tyler Perry...Your many productions has caused me to heal inside for I have been seriously "Bullied" when I was a kid. Also, I was forced to snort cocaine (at age 16) and severely molested by my Employer...Still trying to figure out why some people did this to me. By the way we share the same birthday, September 13...the best day ever...Aloha

  • carolyn Haskins Dillwyn Va.

    For a longtime i've been feeling some kind of way.It like god is tellingwe need to meet n person . something will b complete. what i have no idea. Bit a young man such sd yourdef can tell an old 49 yr. old woman alot about life. please call and do a personal pray.we cant meet cause i donnot have it like that .so please call soon goddkeep the blessin business goin

  • I

    Love you!

  • Mary T

    Hey, Tyler you up. I must share what Im feeling at this moment. I feel I'm ripped of everyhing God has placed in me. Have you ever let someone in your space (circle). You thought knew God's and that being saved is a real jounery that you can live being sincere,honest,focus,truthful,loving,kind,nonselfish,surrender to God loving life. This person tried everyday to prove me and God wrong that this kind of person the one I meantion above don't exist. I've realize that person was not happy with himself. This man didn't believe it like a lot of people don't. They only date God on Sunday or Saturday for a few hours. Me and God is Married. Always on a date and I'm never giving him a divorce. I'm in Love Tyler. You can have knowledge of the word, (heck even Satan know the word) but unless you believe,understand, pray, read, apply, trust and have a Zeal for God. Then your life change you will start living for him in true intimate pure untainted oneness (Relationship). I know my King, Prince Charming is still seeking to find me. I'm glad I didn"t believe the lie. Love the prayer you said over Bishop Jakes : ) . No matter what people Say or Think let God use you..........

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