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A Madea Christmas - Now Playing In Theaters

Wow! Here we are again. Just know I'm not going to overwhelm you with this. You know that's not my style.

I'm just hoping that you are planning on going to see A Madea Christmas this weekend. The opening weekends are so important. That's how you're judged in Hollywood. You've never let me down before and I know you won't this time 

So please, take someone to the movies this weekend and see A Madea Christmas. I promise you, this is a good, heartfelt laugh that you will enjoy. Your family and your kids will enjoy it. It's a fun family movie.

As always, I'll be at my computer waiting to know what you thought. Thank you guys so much for ALWAYS having my back. May God bless you real good.

Talk to you soon.

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  • Yolanda Williams Marietta

    I just saw Madea's Christmas. I could not stop laughing. It is a good movie.

  • Angela Jones Middletown

    I'm still very disappointed with you!! On a Very Personal issue that is very serious to me!! Anyway I Wish You a Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year!! I can't stay bitter not good for my spirit and Peace of Mind!! Plus if you go belly up you'll never be able to make it up to ME!! Big TIME!! Good spirit with your new MOVIE!! I'm still Angry with you!!

  • Tweetie Dang San Jose, CA

    Good morning, Mr Perry; This is my first time writing to you or any celebrity. I am a little nervous, but because I just learn that You are a good Christian; I would like to show my support! My family always loves your movies and God-given talents. We have a super busy weekend at church with banquet and rehearsals but will try to find time to go see your new movie A Madea Christmas. I now know how important the opening weekends are. Will try to help you on your other movies from now on! May God bless you to continue to serve and glorify HIM!!

  • BJ Tampa, FL

    Went to go see the movie last night. It was getting really good. Then the movie sound went out of us. We waited, and waited to see if it would work. The workers came and told us, that they were sorry. But they are having problems. So I'm hoping that I can catch it another day. You always do great work., so I know the ending has a great message. You bless me and I'm grateful that God keep allowing you to write plays, and movies. The best is yet to come. You may think you have everything , God wants you to have. Just sit back and watch God work. He is up to something. God bless you Tyler. Keep up the God work.

  • Tanya Baker United States

    My 8 year old daughter and I went to see A Madea Christmas last night and once again you have produced a great movie during a perfect time of the year for family entertainment. Thank you for sharing with us. And by the way, we were the only African Americans in the theater. It was a lot of older white couples and they were cracking up laughing. It was good to see.

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  • Gerri Iquo Abuja,Nigeria

    Hello Tyler,Congratulations on a Madea Christmas. I usually come to the www.tylerperry.com to get inspired and uplifted. But lately you have stopped. You seem to be very much carried away with your fans on Facebook,Twitter,goggle+ and Instagram. U never post all d beautiful pictures of your going to Paris,promoting your own movies on your own website. What a shame. Since you are very busy promoting a Madea Christmas and can't be an Inspiration to me right now. God has blessed u with Favour and Grace. I noticed you neglect your own webpage tylerperry.com in Favour of favour of Facebook,Twitter,google+ and Instagram. I advice you give your Website priority over all this networking websites. God has lifted you up,put your website 1st before this social networking websites. If your Fans who truly love you want to meet with u and Socialize with you,let them do it on www.tylerperry.com. Tyler Perry do you know if you think big you can make your site a social hub for all your fans to meet get inspire,uplifted and share ideas. I think Facebook,Twitter,google+ and Instagram should just be a reference point about Tyler Perry and www.tylerperry.com. While Tyler Perry.com should show d substance of who Tyler Perry is,his works,his life,his business and what Tyler Perry is up to. Please try posting pictures of your life,your trip to Paris,ur promoting your movies and your life on your works on www.tylerperry.com. Don't make your own website inferior to Facebook,Twitter,google+ and Instagram. Instead bring and let all your fans who love you to www.tylerperry.com. Tyler i believe if you believe in yourself www.tylerperry.com will be greater than Facebook,Twitter,google+ and Instagram. All u need is believe.

  • Josephine Canada

    Hey Mr Perry, hope you had a sound and peaceful nap. When will A Madea Christmas be available in Canada? You have fans over here too,we love you and keep up the good works. God bless you. Have a merry Christmas and a fulfilling new year.

  • Shail Kamini Ramcharan Gainesville, Florida

    Dear Mr. Perry...I'm sure you are not at your computer right now, but I just had to take this moment to let you know that I just got back from the late showing of "A MADEA CHRISTMAS". It is definitely one of the high points for my Christmas celebration and I want to thank you and Madea for making me laugh so much. Your movie is not only funny, but very touching as well. It was great to see Tika Sumpter in this role because I love her in "THE HAVES AND THE HAVE NOTS" and she was great in this role too. Tears came to my eyes when that little kid Noah broke out in "Mary did you know...". Thanks for making my Christmas a very merry one indeed and I wish you all the best for the New Year coming. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Tyler Perry!!! :)

  • Alberta Austin Canal Winchester Ohio

    Tyler Each time you had a movie, sitcom, play I try to support you but either they cut your movie because the previews showed you Talking to children as Mrs Claus and we never say that part. Enjoyed the movie. Thank you again God Bless you he blessed you to give back and you are

  • Isaiah Williams Denver Colorado

    I can't wait to see A Madea Christmas

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