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A Madea Christmas - Now Playing In Theaters

Wow! Here we are again. Just know I'm not going to overwhelm you with this. You know that's not my style.

I'm just hoping that you are planning on going to see A Madea Christmas this weekend. The opening weekends are so important. That's how you're judged in Hollywood. You've never let me down before and I know you won't this time 

So please, take someone to the movies this weekend and see A Madea Christmas. I promise you, this is a good, heartfelt laugh that you will enjoy. Your family and your kids will enjoy it. It's a fun family movie.

As always, I'll be at my computer waiting to know what you thought. Thank you guys so much for ALWAYS having my back. May God bless you real good.

Talk to you soon.

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  • John Smith Portsmouth, VA

    Hey Tyler will be goin to go see tht movie this weekend! I know its going to be a hoot hahaahah but wish u ntn but blessings and success in everything you do! Have a wonderful day and Christmas (:!

  • Ms Proverbs NC

    Hellur Tyler :-) :-) You are so Welcome and Yes, I receive it :-) :-). May God continue to bless you "100 FOLD" Yes, I'm smiling Talk to you soon Ms Proverbs :-) :-) :-)

  • Patricia


  • Gerri Iquo Abuja,Nigeria

    Santa Claus Madea for real. Hellrr! Don't choke that whore. Can wait to have my own copy of a Madea Christmas. Tyler you are truly the best.

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