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MADEA, Jumping the Broom, House of Payne

I have to say thank you again to all of you who are watching these episodes of House of Payne on Wednesday nights on TBS. Last Wednesday, WOW, RIGHT!  I told you it was a fantastic season. No matter what you may have heard, IT AIN'T OVER!!! 

And to all of you who went to the movies to see MADEA's BIG HAPPY FAMILY. I'm telling you, you keep me going. It's still in theaters, so go see it. You'll laugh yourself silly. I thank you for your support. Your support means the world to me. It shows us that we all need to and can support each other.

Like the movie currently out called, JUMPING THE BROOM. I'm sure you heard of it. It is REALLY GOOD!  I'm so proud of the filmmakers, Salim and Bishop Jakes. You should see it. It's a beautiful warm and fun story. I really enjoyed it. I know you will too. We don't have to make a choice on supporting one or the other, let's support both. That's what I'm doing. :-)

Ok, I gotta go now. I am writing this on Friday morning, the 13th of May. I have three live shows this weekend here in Atlanta at the Cobb Energy Center. If you haven't heard, I'm doing a play called, A MADEA CHRISTMAS and I'm taping it for DVD. Gonna be fun!  I'm not sure if there are any seats left, but you can try the box office. All seats are only $25, no matter what anybody tries to sell them to you for. Bootleggers drive me crazy!

Talk soon. Tyler P.


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  • jane adams dennison ohio

    I just love Madea ,she tells it like it is .but she has a big heart .she just don,t went to to come off as a softey

  • Elmira Virginia

    Luving u from Virginia Tyler, luv Madea and all your movies and plays.. If I had my way I would have every one of them.. smooches!!

  • Cassandra Barnes 427 Wren Avenue Bessemer ,Alabama

    We love u Tyler in Alabama can u help me get my book out their to the national level A Breeze On The Realside check it out at Barnes and Noble.com, Amazon.com, or Xlibris.com thank u in advance;Cassandra

  • Tiffany Searcy Buffalo, New rkYo

    Thank you for all That you are and do God has given you a wonderful gift and it is to be commended. God has given me a gift of cooking and he is using me in that area and i know he is not finished with me yet but this is just the being God has a grand plan for me. God is good all the time and may God keep blessing you and you blessing others.

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