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Making a Little Time for Myself

Last email I sent about working 7 days a week a lot of you said, "Dont forget to take some time for myself." Well, I'm getting some rest now. This is why I don't mind working so hard... When you do the rest is so much sweeter.

Here's the sunset from my bedroom at my place in the Bahamas. The heavens declare the glory of God!

Hope you're getting excited for MADEA'S WITNESS PROTECTION on June 29th!

Talk soon,


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  • Jacqueline Troy, Michigan

    Wow...imagine that. Seeing the sunset pic reminds me of when I grew up in The Bahamas, my home-sweet-home. I spent numerous nights camping out at the Cabana, under beautiful sunsets such as those, and awakening to quiet mornings where you hear only sounds of waves gently rolling on to shore . I MISS HOME! My crazy self is up here in Michigan! What is wrong with me??? Enjoy Tyler...you deserve it.

  • Trish

    Thanks Tyler. I've made your view my screen saver!! It's a motivator for sure :-) I'm encouraged. Trish

  • Toni Harvey IL

    Thanks for sharing. It encourages me to continue to reach for my dreams.

  • Jennifer Lewis Plantation, FL

    JUST HAD A THOUGHT! LOL! Your in my neighborhood! We're getting closer! Jennifer J <:>< DARE 2 DREAM....

  • Mableline Bk New Orleans, Louisiana

    Soooo Tyler Perry Werry woo woo! Sooo what you're waayy in the Bahamas! Annnnd! Whatchu tellin' us fuhhh! Showww off! I just play'n! I just play'n boooh! Lol! But surisly tho, that iuh bruutifruul! I would love to visit places like that but ohz too scurred to flyz. Nope, won't dooz it, but it's wrundafruul that you don't have that fear. Heyyy, I have an ideareth, since you have your own plane howz bout you help me face that fear. That's the only way I would "think" about facing it, if I knew someone with a private jet, plane or even a helikockta. Wait a minute, the thought of it just made my heart drop to my footses. Nevermind. Annuwhooeth, as usual....Enjoyyyeth. Hugggz and mmuahzeth. (uhm, that's if you see this, lol)

  • Tina Hunter Apopka, FL

    Beautiful! We serve an AWESOME God! Thanks for sharing Mr. Perry. Enjoy!

  • charlene lane st louis, mo

    Hey Tyler, This is a much deserved rest! I hope that one day I'll be able to have a gorgeous view like that where ever I'm resting! You have earned it. God bless you. I can't wait for MADEA'S EYEWITNESS PROTECTION movie comes out. I'm sure it's going to be a great movie. God bless you, again.

  • Elizabeth Legunsen London, England, UK

    You deserve it, but am soooo jealous:)) Enjoy, you really do need the rest.


    Beautiful. Wish I was there.

  • Gillian Ashton United States

    Wow Tyler that is absolutely breath taking. May the good Lord continue to bless you. Have an awesome vacation, you definitely deserve it:) Love and Peace Gillian

  • Jennifer Lewis Plantation, Fl

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! YOU made my day!! I have this HUGE smile on my face!! Yes! The Glory definitely goes to God! I love you Tyler... You deserve it! The sea of endless possibilities... looking forward to seeing you in the near future. God Bless you, Jennifer J. <:><

  • Beth Oak Ridge, TN

    Hi Tyler, Glad to hear you're getting to rest. What a beautiful sunset. Thank you for sharing one of God's pleasures. God is good. Peace, Beth

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