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Move On!

Here’s a thought (I DON'T WANT YOU TO DO THIS, JUST THINK ABOUT IT). Get into the front seat of your car, then turn your body around. Knees on the front seat with your back on the steering wheel, your face looking toward the trunk. Stay in that position and try to drive the car forward. It’s impossible, right? If by some miracle you do manage to go forward I guarantee you won't get very far. If the car represents our lives then the way we are sitting in the driver's seat represents the way we approach it. It’s really hard to move on when you’re looking the wrong way. There is nothing wrong with the car... what is wrong is the position some of us are sitting in, meaning there is nothing wrong with your life, and you’re just facing the wrong direction.

There are many things that can cause you to be out of alignment with life, but instead of focusing on the many, I’d like to talk about one thing in particular... And that is GUILT.

I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday. He was telling me about all the guilt that he feels. Guilt that his marriage fell apart. Guilt that he doesn’t get to see his kids very often. Guilt that he’s not in a financial position to do more for them. Guilt over the mistakes he’s made in his past. Guilt over lots of money that he wasted doing the wrong things. So much guilt about everything.

I had to stop him and remind him of a few things. What I know about guilt is this: guilt is a tool that is used to destroy you. We all make mistakes. We all have fallen short. We have all disappointed someone, including ourselves at some point. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about it. It's done. Instead of beating yourself up about it, how about putting that same energy into making sure that it doesn’t happen again and healing anyone who may have been hurt by it?

You can’t let guilt win or consume you. You can’t let it take over your thoughts because if you do, you will start a downward spiral. It’s like this... guilt is the trick that makes you feel that you’re unworthy, and if you feel that you’re unworthy then you will feel that you don’t deserve any good thing to happen to you. And so, as a man thinks so is he. If you think you don’t deserve good things you will never have good things. And when things are falling apart you will feel guilty that they are falling apart. Do you see the cycle? There is no winning here. In order to be free and be lifted you must let go of the guilt or it will keep you bound.

How do you do that? Well, it’s a process, but you start by asking forgiveness of whomever you hurt, ask forgiveness of God, and most of all ask forgiveness of yourself. Although God forgives us most easily, we sometimes can't forgive ourselves. You can’t get to great things ahead if you're always looking behind you. It’s like trying to drive your car in that awkward position.

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  • sally hazel california

    Tyler this is soooo true, thank you for Move On i needed to hear this. God bless you always.

  • carol sevilla United States

    Thank you so much for taking the time to not just heal your personal life friends but to reach out to those around the world who need it as well.I hardly use twitter and the MOVE ON captured my attention for the simple fact that it hits home today.God bless you always

  • LadyShay56 USA

    Tyler Perry, you are a wonderful person, I am so very proud of you. I adopted you a long time ago and I keep up with what you are doing. Keep being true to yourself and you will continue to be blessed. I want you to know I have always had a goal of going to college but something always came up, by me being a single mom I put my kids first, but here I am at 70 years young and I will get my associate's degree this month. I know I shouldn't boast but I am so proud of myself. God bless

  • Lesa R Texas

    "And so as a man thinks, So is he." This is so true. We are what we think. We are what we speak. The very words that we speak is the exact message that we send to God. So we need to reflect, what message are we sending to God? This message reminds me, when I was growing up, I use to hear older people say" Some people go through their whole life A** Backward", no offense to anyone, and I think that's exactly what they meant. It's like the glass is half empty or half full. However you choose to see it. We can't move forward if we insist on living in the past. The past is just that, in the past. The future is not here yet, and may never get here. Don't miss out on the Blessings that were meant for today by living in guilt. Move to forgiveness so that you can move on.

  • Kathy Brown Atlorgiaanta, Ge

    Thank you Tyler, I did not expect to receive anything from you, but to no avail this message is right on time. I was setting here thinking what to do about my life. I have not worked in 2 years, and my funds had deceased and everthing has come up against me. I was felling very guiltyl. Thank you for bring me back into reality. God is our source and we must be mindful of that daily, because the devil will make you feel belittled. We must focus on the WORD daily.

  • Mary Payan Phoenix,AZ

    You are an inspiration to humanity, love you! stay real :)

  • Lori San Diego

    Such a great post. I borrowed it for my blog. Of course I sourced you. I love where you're coming from and you are my tribe. :)

  • Jasmine Charlotte Nc

    Jasmine. Sooooooo. I'm looking forward even when the sun is so bright or the clouds are too dark even in a storm bc I know God is behind all of that guiding us and he is the engine in the car that keep us driving we have to keep the engine alive by putting oil in it. To keep god alive we must have faith like the oil. We must keep air in our tires to run over the rocks (trials and tribulation). So God gave us a vehicle and we must read the manual (bible) and we must protect it in a safe place. So buckle up your seat belt and drive drive drive in Jesus name facing forward..Thank you Tyler Perry for inspiring me to write this response and write again. Talk to you soon.

  • Jgunprodigy Orlando

    Amen! Forgiveness is the greatest gift you can give yourself, especially when you have been hurt, wronged or abused. Forgiveness helps you to heal a lot faster. It renews your strength and elevates you to a higher plain.

  • Shannon Garrick Olympia, Washington

    This was an awesome analogy! Loved the "Move on" story and pretty much everything posted I'm definitely a TylerPerry Fan, God Bless!

  • DC Mesquite TX

    Thank you so much I really needed to hear this.

  • Yvette

    Wow...all I can say right at this moment is WOW! I just opened your message (truthfully) and darn near fell off my chair as it was speaking VOLUMES to me! It's so easy to fall into a downward spiral of the 'woulda, coulda, shoulda' because that is exactly what the feeling of GUILT does. Trust that I know because I have done it, tried not to practice it, but have given it more negative energy than it ever deserved! Being a lifetime student as we all are, I am still learning to 'let go', give to God, release that which does not allow you to grow. So Tyler thank you for sending that timely message - I know is the SPIRIT working through you to touch so many others (including me)!

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