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Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I have a new email system.  This will serve you much better and get emails out to you very quickly.

Please, if you would, take a moment to update your information so you don't miss out on future emails by clicking the link below.


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  • CHARLES United States

    Greetings in the name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I pray that this message find you in good spirits. I do realize that you are a very busy person, being that you have put on several events that have your fully focused throughout the year, but if I may have a moment of your time, I would like to first congratulate you on all of your award winning shows and plays. I am honored to be able to say I am a true fan of your work. With that being said, I would like to request your help and presence to assist me in putting on a much needed YOUTH GOSPEL EXPLOSION for the youth of DETROIT, MI. I am the recently appointed Minister of Youth in my local church and I find it very difficult to reach them in the manner that I should. I know that a lot of the youth know your work and admire you and from your recent visit here, I can surely say that they love you. So, with that being said, I hear you say before that you are not a person about money, which is good because the church have no funds in the Youth Department at this time and everything that I am planning is based on my out of pocket budget. I am asking your presence as a GUEST SPEAKER, and any other means of support you may be able to provide. I thank you in advance. May the joy of the Lord be with you. Rev. Charles E.S. Dunnell Jr. Youth Minister, Antioch Missionary Baptist Church of Detroit, MI.

  • brittany alabama

    Can you consider possible letting Keisha be in a bad car accident which she end up in a command or dead. If she was off the show we would not miss her. Make more show of love thy neighbor. Love that shoe

  • Leola Houston Texas

    Mr. Perry would you consider making The Haves and Have Nots and If loving you is wrong as a soap opera I just love your work but this would make me very happy. Please consider

  • wanda Dillon, SC

    Hi Tyler,well I just want to say I love what you are doing and keepbup the good work and god bless you with many more wonderful movie

  • Eboni Posey United States

    Hi Mr. Tyler Perry Im not very sure if this email Thiggy-MyJigger is acurate or even real.. But it never hurts to try. I was told to NEVER give up on my dreams... Also never let anybody tell you that you can't achieve anything. I'm from Memphis, Tn and I Belive that everyone has a dream and a talent in some sort... Because God blessed everyone diffrently l. I'm a women who wants to work for my dreams and strive for it and show what I'm capable of so if by any chance you read this wish from me... I'd love to show and prove to you that I'm willing to take a huge step in showing you that I'm worth working with. Maybe dreams do come true. Much love and dedication to you Mr. Perry your work is phenominl so keep it up.. Thanks for your time !

  • Rae'ven Bennett baltimore,md

    Dear Mr. Tyler Perry, I would really suggest that if you kindly would make a film about us young black mothers I am 20 years of age will be 21 in the next month or so and I would like to share my story with you. I had been in a 1 year and 1/2 relationship with my child's father. And, so when I had became pregnant he had been so excited my daughter was planned she wasn't a mistake or anything. So, he then had been treating me terribly and so I left for about a month 1/2 then I had found out through the internet that he had been seeing someone else let alone committed himself to her as bf and gf. After, I had found out I was broken and disappointed when I had been in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy I kept asking myself did I want an abortion and for some reason I couldn't do it. I had decided to keep my child. However, when I was in Arizona visiting my grandmother I cried for days even months I had entered a depression that I thought that I couldn't get out of at all. My daughter had came into the world on October 5th 2014 her name is Yelena Rae Emilia, and two weeks before she came into the world her father married the girl that he had been dating while I were pregnant with his daughter. I had never been so hurt in my life, I was broken and I still am I feel so numb there isn't a bone in my body that actually cares for any man at all. Some days its hard for me to wake up and actually smile, but I get up anyway I believe my daughter is my strength. Somehow, I decided when he got married to save myself for the person that will love me and my daughter forever. Right now I'm working a part time job at macy's and I actually enjoy it, I have my days at times when I'm sad but she always brightens up my day. Therefore, my daughter she has my last name he had threatened to take my daughter and the person that he's with had said harsh things like she would raise my daughters as if she was hers. So, I took it upon myself and gave her my last name I did not let him sign anything and I did not put him name on the birth certificate at all. And, now he doesn't want to do anything for her, because she doesn't have his last name and as god is my witness I feel like if he were a man and actually would've been there for our child instead of slandering me and talking about the mother of his child and showed up to ultrasounds also not saying he would take my daughter etc. Then, I would've given him the last name but I stayed in the hospital for three days and I prayed asking for god to give me discernment and he told me not to give him the last name at all and so she has my last name now. I would love if you could further hear my story throughout the world I would like to be an example of a single mother. I choose to be respected instead of walked all over, and now that he's married he treats her not even like a wife he married her for her money so now he's paying for what he did to me. There's more to the story, I would like to share it with you.

  • Lesa E. Carter Stone Mtn Ga

    Mr Perry my issue is a request for funds .I am a divorced single mom with a 14 yr old son. Receiving no child support. My situation is: before the divorce construction had been started on my home. When the x left only the addition frame was in place,. there were birds flying into my home. It was colder in my home than outside (during winter 2008). I have become deep in debt trying to get loans to complete the construction. Then in 01/2014 there was a flood in my upstairs bathroom. Carpeting in upstairs bedrooms, hallway, stairs downstairs living rm, dinning rm, kitchen, and family rm was destroyed.. The insurance only gave me partial funds for repair work. Then in 03/2014 my home way robbed. All electronics were stolen and all my jewelry. Insurance replaced electronics, but my jewelry that hurt., my nursing pin, my sorority pin (AKA), items from my deceased father. My request is for about $20,00.00. This would cover loans and credit cards used to limits. I am a RN working a lot of OT, last year I worked full-time 2080 hrs. and took call for 2863 hours. I owe the IRS 7,000.00 for claiming 10 to receive all funds I can. The harder I work the further in debt I become. It hurts my pride but I have no other place to turn. My son and I live in Stone Mtn and all my family live in Rand, WV. I'm not asking for a hand out, just to borrow funds to get on my feet. I plan to repay every dime. I was raised to not ask for help, but I'm not making it with my current income, I can't save for my sons college or for my retirement. I can't work anymore hours (there are none left) in 24hrs. You can set me up on a payment plan, again my goal is to repay you. I believe God has plans for me, I pay my tithes, read my bible and attend church. I try not to worry and put my problems in God's hands, but it is so hard. If you can't I'll understand, at least I tried. God bless you and your family and continued success.

  • Phoenix Devereux Sandy Springs Ga.

    Mr. Perry I am appalled at the prices of the tickets for your show, Madear On The Run.....$800 dollars for main floor seats? Are you serious? I heard you once say how appreciative you were for ALLLLL the support you've received from the LITTLE people that got you where you are and how you'd NEVER have a show with tickets so expensive that they would no longer be able to attend, well I guess you've FORGOTTEN about the little people huh...Let me assure you of one thing TYLER the say way GOD blessed you with ALLLLL that you have, He will snatch It away...Please don't become HOLLYWOOD so much to the fact that you have forgotten where the h*** you come from( in my madear voice) With that being said, I will NEVER buy another NOTHING pertaining to you, I will be seeing this play simply because I have friends that LOVE me and wanted to have a Girls day out and bought tickets, I will be commuting to Chicago from Georgia, for $90.00 dollar bleeder seats(BALCONY) in the event you've forgotten what a bleeder seat is. I wish you nothing but continued success, but watch how you're treating those that has helped you elevate!!!

  • Joel Solino phoenix, AZ

    Hello Mr Perry, my name is Joel Solino. I have read through some of the comments and can see im not the only one reaching out. Ill jump to it then, I feel I am supposed to be a youth pastor, my heart is broken for hurting youth. I have an amazing opportunity to intern at my church and im taking it. In order for me to give this internship 100% I will have to shorten my hours at work. This means I need to raise funds., my wife and I started a fundraiser, we would be honored and blessed if you could take a look at our fund raiser gofundme.com/r79k5dc as well as share it on your social media's. Thank you for being amazing and bringing laughter to our home Sincerely, Joel Solino

  • Lehlohonolo RSA South Africa

    Dear Mr T Perry, I hope my email finds you well. Kindly advise, I would like to ask if you do offer funding for Foundations. If yes compassionately advice on how to apply because I have a registered Foundation. Regards L

  • Karl Murray Florida

    Good day to you Mr. Tyler Perry. I was so delighted when I saw your online advertisement for new talent. I am a past student of the Jamaica School of Drama. I am an actor, storywriter, composer of lyrics, singer, animator and commercial specialist. I have sang a song that was a hit song in England on the Impact Label. I have a manuscript, the title is JOURNEY. I have several octaves of laughter I can do with my voice. I am also an impersonator. I would like to be auditioned by one of your personnel. I am hoping to hear from you . More power to you Mr. Tyler Perry. I would like to get a push start. I well be an asset to your crew. Thanks and God bless you. Respectfully yours, Karl Murray.

  • Earl Miranda Hayward,California

    Hi,Mr.Perry. My name is Earl Miranda,Im one of your biggest fans,my brother Henry , and I have a Puerto Rican Style Salsa band,called,the (LRB)Latin Rhythm Boys,we are performing live at Stanford University"Springfest"Thursday May.21,2015,from 11am through 1:30pm,with three time Grammy Award singer member of Spanish Harlem Orq.We would love to have you there as a special guest.We are not signed to any record labels,we are hard working,and we have our own original tunes.We qualified for four Grammy nominations,but didnt get voted for,we have youtube videos, and a website latinrhythmboys.com,we hope to play live for you one day soon,take care , and God be with you always, Mr.Perry Sincereley with much Love and Respect,Earl Miranda