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My new Email system

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I have a new email system.  This will serve you much better and get emails out to you very quickly.

Please, if you would, take a moment to update your information so you don't miss out on future emails by clicking the link below.


Talk soon,



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  • De-Jhane' Jones South Africa

    Hi Mr Tyler Perry, I am a 12 year old girl from South Africa, I don't have a contact number or email address, I am using my mothers contact details, not having a cell phone is not a major as I am to young anyway and my studies come first. A little about myself I am a A student and work extremely hard, my favourites are speech and drama, science, maths and history because I do excellent in them, tonight I have a speech and drama competition at my school, thumbs up for me. Mr Perry you movies inspire me so much my mum actually calls me Tyler, she calls me Tyler because all I do I write stories, I write all kinds of stories and my brother and cousins read them as reading is the most important tool my mum instilled in us. Writing to you was one of my goals and I've written a story about how I would write to you and you would reply and a few years later make a movie about how we became pen pals and the movie would be called Dear De-Jhane' from Africa, I'm laughing as I write this knowing all your other fans would read this but that's not a big deal. You inspire me Sir and please keep up the good work with your stories as the story lines are magnificent. The one trade mark I love is that you always use the same people in your movies and that's so unique, 1 day I will be a great story writer just like you, chat again soon and please take care of yourself.... De-Jhane' Jones

  • Kaye Martell Orange Beach, AL 36561

    Dear Mr. Perry, I want to thank you for being such a kind person and for the example you set for so many-young and old. I know very few human beings like you on this earth. We could certainly use more. I am deeply touched by the love and kindness you have shown during the journey of Bobbi Kristina Brown and her family. Simply put, you are a real class act-genuine and authentic in every way.

  • Kenithia starks'colquitt Griffin,ga 30224

    Dear Mr Perry sorry to bother you but their are a few things I like to say don't get me wrong I would never disrespect my mom didn't raise me like that their was a time in my life when I was going through something's instead of looking to God I look to you deep down inside I felt like if I told you my story you would help me out I reach out to many people but their was no response their were many times I felt like giving up throwing in the towel as some say see where I thought I was week god made me stronger than ever I have a nine year old son who is disabled a daughter I can call my own an husband that loves God an his family I thank God for that we don't have the type of income that keeps the lights, rent ,has paid we have faith the size of a musterdseed the faith we have moves god on the throne my daughter tells me everyday mama don't give up on your dreams dreams does come true one day two years ago god reach way down an pick me up saved me sanctifyed me filled me with his holy spirit my spiritual eyes an ears became open to the truth about me I thank God for that I thought maybe if I could have audition for you are maybe even became a janitor anything to establish work an a pay check I could do more for my family I will never give up on my dreams to sing in one of your plays I thank God for all of the plays I have seen they help me get through some very tuff times in my life one day I believe that one day my dream will come true so to say thank you for all you have done may god continue to bless an keep you. Sincerely yours Kenithia s Colquitt He is able to do more than I could ever think are ask

  • Jeynice

    Hey, This is the fundraising campaign for Get Me To Dubai!!: Sent from my iPhone

  • Jeynice Edwards Texas

    Hey, This is the fundraising campaign for Get Me To Dubai!!: For my daughter Ashleigh, please forward to those you feel that might help. Thank you.... Sent from my iPhone

  • Kim Davis Flint Michigan

    To whom it may concern. My name is Kim Davis, I wrote a book based on my true story of being falsely arrested on my way to work. The title of my book is "Police, Lawyers, Judges Bullies With Power". I was jailed for 3 days with my rights taken away. (And no priors or wants. No speeding, nor drugs. I was jailed for being black and proud. I was jailed for knowing my rights. It seemed as if they became angry when I handed them my General Motors worker I.D. The same police that are supposed to protect me are the same exact police whom tried to destroy me. If my story interest you any my contact information is below. Email: number:

  • Shania

    My Name Is Shania and I'm 17 Years old. I Just Wanted To share with you what my school and I created. It's a dedication to the innocent black people that have gotten killed over the past few years. We've got to stop with the assumptions. The fact that black On black violence exists doesn't give an officer the right to assume that every black man, woman and child is criminal. My life matters. Enjoy

  • Andrea Memphis TN

    i, I just sent this same letter to the governor and two people in charge of the Head Start and Pre K program, and I honestly am not trying to start a war or make it a bigger issue than it is but I would like answers, because this issue has been bothering me for some time and maybe you can help? Hello, my name is Andrea and my daughter's name is Leya, and I'm writing you about the head start program in Memphis, Tennessee. I recently went through the application process of trying to get my child in the head start program, and she was denied, because my income is not poverty level, and I just don't understand how that makes a different. I mean, because I'm trying to have an okay life for my daughter and I, that we don't deserve any help while mothers sitting at home doing nothing children's get to go to school, not to knock anyone down, because I do understand that there are some parents working and not making enough money, but what about the single mother's that went to school and working and barely making ends meet who can't get any help, because it is said we make too much, but after paying rent, MLGW, health insurance, doctor bills, student loans, and groceries, do we really make too much, because it's a struggle keep our heads above water, but then do we make too much when I can hardly put gas in my car. I mean seriously do I have to quit my job and sit at home to get help, because honestly if it wasn't for my mom I would have to quit, because I've looked into the price of daycare and private school and those aren't even options, because there too expensive, and I just do not think its fair that my child cannot get an education, because I supposedly make too much. Please help me to understand. I just do not think its fair, because I'm trying I don't qualify so I'm writing you for answers as to how and why or what can I do to get my child in the head start program? Is my child not as important? Thank you, Andrea Murphy

  • camiio dvill patton denver co

    Hello again mr perry..i am just a young man on a spirtual adventure i am learning to believe in myself and go after what i want in life i am simply begging for advice and wisdom...how did u do it how can i get sumone to see what i write how can i interpret gods message to the world through my stories i just need a little inspiration please help or write me back it would be a very huge blessing to me and my family i just want to show my mother that i am a man and im not afraid to apply myself i want to make her and my children happy..thats all may god continue to bless you mr perry thnk u.

  • camiio dvill patton denver co

    Hello mr perry my name is camiio i am a young man who lives in denver co and am a big fan of yours.i am a talented 27 year old writer who has recently givin himself to god..he told me to write u although i am nervous i would like to know how to take my writing to the next level and i would like to get my stories out there to deliver a msg to the world through my writing about the lord if u can give me a little advice it would surly help im felling a little discourage. Thank you god bless

  • Henrietta Long Burlington,N.C.

    Dear Sir, Thank you so much for putting black folks in your movies. The new summer movies do not have one if any blacks preforming. May you continue to do what you do to entertain our communities. Thanks

  • William San jacinto,ca

    Dear mr. Perry I would just like to respond to the letter you sent out about Bobbi Kristina it is so unfortunate that she ended up this way especially after her mothers death I pray that there is some great miracle where she awakens and is fine and has a second chance at life. We don't realize how we take for granted life a beautiful thing... No matter what we are going through there's always someone going through something worse ... I just want to say that your words of wisdom and encouragement have helped me in situations that got me through a lot. I would love to get a personal response from you. Sincerely william J.

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