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My new Email system

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I have a new email system.  This will serve you much better and get emails out to you very quickly.

Please, if you would, take a moment to update your information so you don't miss out on future emails by clicking the link below.


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  • Ngimbi mbumba DRCONGO

    Hi Mr Perry ,I´m Ngimbi but my friends and familly call me (Afelika)that mean Afrika so,i´m from Democratic republic of congo(DRC) please please if you have any free time to see and read this message can you allow me to email you my full detail story, by the way I have passion in the world of films but never had Opportunity, but this can be a chance for me, I will show all my ability in all I got from my childhood.

  • Thuli Manana Johannesburg, South Africa

    Good Day Mr Perry I would like to congratulate you for all the success you have had thus far in your career. You are a true inspiration to black people world wide. I am a young lady from South Africa who is passionate about Africa and its people. Africa is a diverse continent that is rich with culture and untold stories. It is my dream to create a series that show cases Africa's beauty to the rest of the world and breaks the stereo type that Africa is one big country. It would be an absolute honour to work with you on this Mr Perry. Looking forward to your response. Regards Thuli Manana

  • Latoya chicago

    Please if you have any free time to read can you allow me to email you my full detail story. I have tried to but the system will not let me write very thing in this box. Thank you for your time and if you can just give me a little more time.

  • Makayla Atlanta

    Hi I'm Makayla. I'm not sure if you read these or not but I thought it'd be worth a try. I feel like I've run out of options. I'm 18, working two jobs and trying to make it. I was enrolled in Spelman but tuition was really expensive so I had a balance for first semester and had to leave. The balance is big for me to have to pay on my own. I'm not able to go to school anywhere because there is a hold on my accounts. I don't really have a stable place to live since I've left the dorms. I tried but I was disapproved for my own apt even though I work two jobs. My parents try to help but there is no room for me at home. I don't get lots of sleep anymore. I'm just tired. I said all this to say that I'm staying inspired. I know you brought yourself out of many hardships and so can I. I appreciate those like you because you give me the strength to know I'll make it. I'll get back in school one day, it's really all I want. thank you for reading, if you seen it lol.

  • Beverly hastings Georgia

    I don't know your phone number my father work for you

  • Latoya Terry California

    My name is Toya Terry. I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and raised there for a short period of time. I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus in 1995, and then I moved to California. When I first moved to California my diagnosis was changed to MCTD (mixed connective tissue disease). Since my first diagnosis, I have discovered that I have the factor V Leiden mutation, pulmonary embolism, ITP (idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura), anemia, arthritis, membranous lupus nephritis and possibly fibromyalgia. Aside of that I am the mother of a very handsome and vibrant little boy. My life has been extremely challenging since my time as a young girl. But I’ve managed to make the best of it. I choose to express my hurt, pain and experiences with lupus through poetry. I wrote a poetry book called, "A Piece of Me". For more information check out my website: www.toydeann.com

  • Tyriana Falls Michigan city, IN

    Hello Mr.Perry my name is Tyriana but im better known as Hattie Mae I'm only the young age of 18 and yes everyone calls me Hattie i think it so funny that you actually have a Hattie now i always told my mom and grandparents that i was going to be in one of you plays and when i seen hattie i told them im one step closer there is not a play of yours that i havent seen im watch meet the browns the play right now you and all your actors inspire me so much i love the end of the plays when you come out and talk with the audience and just to let you know i dont have the bootlegs lol but the things you went through shows me that ANYTHING is possible with the grace of god and long as you believe in yourself

  • Bob Grier Boston

    Boss Man.. I have a great idea for you. It is a New dimension that us worth exploring. Need to kn I will more, please respond...

  • E. Denise Caldon Sorkness Macon, GA 31210

    Every Veteran and their family have a story America and Congress need to hear. As a Veteran's Widow and Mother of a Naval Commissioned Officer, I have been encouraged for years to share my 19-Year battle with the VA following the death of my Husband in 1996 from a "service-related" disease certified by the VA. My book has just been released on Amazon: "Stall, Deny and Hope They Die" - The VA's Unwritten Policy.... The Story of One Widow's 19-Year Battle with the VA My ultimate goals include having a film produced and to speak before the U.S. Senate VA Committee - chaired by Georgia Senator Johnny Iskason - who has not responded to my years of requests. This fact is noted in my book. I even received wonderful emails from Actor Reese Witherspoon who was very interested in producing a film on my manuscript. Reese stated in one of her many emails to me: "People need to hear it and connect a face and a family to this injustice." She went on to say,"My Grandmother always told me, "If you want anything done, get a Southern woman to do it." And I will. I would simply love for you, Tyler, to do it with me. I would like to email you the Synopsis of my recently released book - which includes the full initial email from Reese. GOD Bless America...GOD Bless you.

  • Rochelle F. Brock

    Tyler please do not have the grandson die. It hurts just to see him so sick. He has been through so much. Please bring him some happiness.

  • Sherry dayanderson Killeen Texas

    I’m 45years old and have Multiple Sclerosis. Back in 2005 I was diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis. My signs were my foot would get freezing; I kept forgetting thing, dizzy, and kept falling. That same year I was told I have to stop working and apply for disability. At that time I thought I could still work, but it didn’t work for me because I couldn’t keep my balance. By this time I’m mad at the whole world, and thinking why this happen to me. I was very depress, angry, and upset, atil I learned how to deal with living with Multiple Sclerosis. The first thing I done was to accept help from other, not let myself get to tried and get the proper sleep I need. In 2005 I wasn’t able to drive cause of the Multiple Sclerosis, now I’m taking an in fuse called Tysabri’s every 28days. I’m not able to walk or drive anymore . Now I had to have my son do everything for me. To the point of get me up in the morning change me dress me help me feed myself but You can’t let Multiple Sclerosis get you down; you have to fight to live. I have 3 beautiful give me inspiration to go on like to see you do a show on MS

  • Linda blairb p.o.box 16456 Chicago Illinois 60616

    Mr. And Mrs. Perry My name is linda blair, I live here in the Chicago area. The Bible told FATHER ABRAHAM to look toward the stars. So I'm taking that word to look to your hills climbing up asking the stars of God for help in this stop the violence gospel singers program. I have been reaching out to the stars of heaven for guidance, discerning, experience, etc on bringing God in Chicago by ways of music, talent all concerning the love of God. Mr. Perry, we love you and very much respect what God has placed inside of you. I'm not trying to gain financial, or fame from anyone, GOD IS MY PROVIDER. I have been chosen by Daddy to do this. Please help me help them to put the guns down, no more drugs, no more killing our kids. This gospel quartet singing will be in may 2016. I need all help in this new thing that God is having me to do. Thank you and I love you with the love of God. Stay blessed

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