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  • John Knight Virginia Beach, Va

    Dear Mr. Perry, I want to thank you for your work on "The Passion". This was the most uplifting program on network television I have seen in many years. You boldly glorified our Lord, Jesus Christ, in a world and time where doing so is unpopular. I am overjoyed that you are using your platform and gifts to spread the Gospel that so many still need to hear and take to heart. I look forward to worshipping with you in Heaven! God Bless You! -John Knight

  • Lina rott Phoenix

    I loved the passion. And your commentary was awesome. It was an experience You would make an awesome preacher. Hope it is coming out on video. Would love to see it again. Cast was awesome. Thank you

  • Mary Caldwell Palm Springs, CA

    Mr. Perry!!!! Husband and I LOVED The Passion.

  • Chris Grier Silver spring md

    Mr. Perry I'm a remarried father (not a steroetyped baby daddy) whose battling the Family Court system and my child's mother for the time and love of my son. I'd love to share my story with you. Father's rights needs to be put on public display and noticed and I hope you would be willing to address this situation. Thank you!!!

  • Fiore A. Freda New York

    May God bless you and your family for giving the world this beautiful gift of The Passion. Please run for President!!

    • Dale Syracuse NY #2176543

      We second that motion. Tyler for president:)

  • mike bell Lawrence, KS 66049

    Mr. Perry, My wife & I just finished watching your program "The Passion Live". I wanted to say job well done! As an Evangelist, I would LOVE to have an opportunity to speak with you about getting my hands on this awesome witnessing tool to reach more people for Jesus. I am a small ministry with BIG plans - lol. God Bless you & Thanks again for standing in the gap for America! ~ mike

  • Teresa FoxNorth Carolina

    I loved the passion! You opened the eyes for a lot of young people! Please you have the means and the way to start a new movement to open the hearts to Christ. Please let this event be one of many!!!! Thank you

  • Brad White My Pleasant, SC

    Tyler: Praise God for you! May all of Hollywood take notice! In general, doesn't seem to be many Christ followers or at least ones who take a stand for Him like you have for Him tonight through the Passion. Great job! Will bring many people to Christ through this!

  • Cheri Elkridge, MD

    Thank you Tyler Perry for the Passion. I am crying - this will bring many to experience Gods love. You are an angel He speaks through.


    MR PERRY, you have long been my inspiration and motivation from mostly the messages in your movies and you can tell they are from the heart. my wife I think gets tired of me watching Madea movies which I can almost repeat verbatim. I'm not going to go into detail but I would be honered if you would speak at my funeral which will be in the next 2-8 month's. I know we have never met but that doesn't make a difference to me. I look at a person through their heart and eye's and what they have done to help other's. the FORGIVENESS in MADEA GOES TO JAIL hit me so hard I had it tattooed on my hand's.each of your movies has had a awesome impact on me and so many other's. I won't go into detail but the last 10 year's have been far beyond whatever satan could have dished out but yet I know there are so many other people that are far worse off than I am and they are in my prayer's daily. I pray ever day to make a person or pet/animal smile and be happy and to save someone or pet/animals life.i admire you that's why I would like you to do this for me.my settlement money will take care of all your cost's if you do honor me and do this. I don't want a sad service,more like a PUFF PUFF PASS funeral. I want everyone laughing. I hope I get to meet you before I pass on but if not know you have made many many of us think about life and what's important in it. my wife is still stunned when I stop to tell a person and their boss how awesome and uplifting they were or buy someones lunch or dinner.GOD BLESS YOU MR PERRY and thank you so much for all the uplifting stories and lesson's you have taught us. MUCH LOVE TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY

  • Amie Wellman Milwaukee Wisconsin

    Hello Mr.Perry my name is Amie Wellman I have been trying all my hardest to go to your auditions for 2 years straight its my biggest dream to become an actress under you I turned 19 in September but I have a background I don't know where to go from here all I want is just the chance to prove my background doesn't define me please get a hold of me thank you!!!

  • Julia Garatt Paducah, KY

    Mr. Perry, I have no way to know if you will ever see this, but I am hopeful. My family and I are going to see your performance at The Fox Theatre in St. Louis on April 3rd, 2016. One of my children is actually my nephew, of whom we have had custody for many years, ever since both of his parents were incarcerated. It’s a long, sad story, and his folks will be in jail for many years to come. But this child is amazing – smart and talented. He is involved in school and local community theater, and to hear him sing will bring tears to your eyes. He is 14, an honors student, and about to begin high school. This kid has a future, one he hopes to peruse in the entertainment industry. It would have such a positive impact, if he we are able to meet you, a successful African American man who has built a career doing something he loves. I am certain the impression you would make would significantly impact this boy for the rest of his life. Please let me know if there are back stages passes, some type meet and greet or other opportunities to meet you. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

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