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My new Email system

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I have a new email system.  This will serve you much better and get emails out to you very quickly.

Please, if you would, take a moment to update your information so you don't miss out on future emails by clicking the link below.


Talk soon,


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  • snowy United States

    Tyler stop fooling these people you don't want to help any of them. You only help when the media knows about it. And come out the closet.

    • carol williams new bern, nc #1989191


  • Beckie U.S.A.

    Dear Mr. Perry, I'm an intercessor & am feeling strongly led to contact you to offer to be a prayer warrior for you. Don't want a thing from you. We have all we need from the Lord. Just want the privilege to pray for your needs. So contact me if you feel led. (and you can ask my husband of 38 yrs. - I don't even tell HIM things people ask me to pray for. I'll never share what you share with me with anyone else) Be blessed.

  • MELISSA United States

    Hi Tyler, I want to ask you if you can cause I know that your are a very busy person. Can you take a look at my play. I started this play and I'm writing more, this one I wanted to start off with and show to people on Facebook. PLEEEEEEASE! I would love to work with you one day to make it come to life whether it's that play or the others. It means a lot to me, cause I am a fan of your work. Thank you so much. God bless. You can go to FB and look up "Bella Satin Secrets". Enjoy!

  • Denise LA

    Tyler Perry I believe that after reading Isaiah, you too are one of God's messengers, saving the remnant! Colored Girls told a story of both sadness and success! All too often 'colored girls' are immediately singled out as stronger than steel and that their feelings don't matter irrespective of their eruptive experiences! I know that you are 100% man who is mighty enough to showcase his softer side! Thank you for informing society that 'colored girls' are human beings who tear, bleed and mourn just like all the rest! However , even though we do like all the rest , we are not like all the rest ! Except for people like you, because we are inimitable , no one would hear us when we cry or rush to bandage our wounds or even sit with us when we sigh!

  • Gloria Loren san bernardino, Ca

    Tyler a Message for you :-)

  • Star Jackson

    My favorite scripture Ph. 4:13..." I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me"... though it may seem impossible anything is possible...this coming from an eighteen year old girl, raised by a single mother, who hasn't made it yet LoL! Still, God is working...Be still, and know that [ I am] God. Please be Blessed! I'm not giving you a choice, I am telling you ;p

  • Caitlin Dallas, TX

    Please take a moment to read this book, "He Was My Husband Too..." It is an amazing story, that I think only you could do the justice of bringing to the big screen. Thanks Caitlin.

  • Amiah Conyers, Georgia

    Hello my name is Amiah and I'm 4 years old. I love watching your shows and they are funny. I can't spell or type so I have my mom doing it for me but I can act, I'm friendly, smart and very cute. I would like to meet you one day. Call my mom if you need to get in touch with me. Btw. My dad said you were very nice, he played in your band before.

  • Fabian Richter Cape Town , South Africa

    Hi there Tyler My name is Fabian Richter, 37yrs old and I live in Cape Town, South Africa. My reason for writing you is to let you know that you are an Incredible Inspiration in my life with your movies that you have brought into this world. Just to brief you in on my life.......I was a drug addict for 12 years, I was lost and I was broken and I had lost my self-respect. I was losing some of my teeth and my appearance deteriorated. I lost some good friends that I was in a long term relationships with someone who entertained my self- destructive behaviour. There is much more that went with that until 2 and a half years ago when I met JESUS and he has changed my life forever. He has lifted me up and I’ve been promoted and highly favoured at my church JCI(JESUS CELEBRATION INTERNATIONAL) and I now head the Arts and Entertainment Ministry where I have written 2 Drama plays in 2013 and 2014. I am always inspired with the story lines and message that you bring through in your movies. It is real, honest and it deals with everyday issues that we as human beings face. I am going to start writing my 3rd Drama Play soon and the Holy Spirit has revealed un- forgiveness so I have to focus on that as the central message of the story line. My dream is to meet you soon and trust that I could learn so much from you Tyler Perry. I’m just trusting in GOD that he will make this happen. I love you sir Fabian Richter

  • Loren Givens san bernardino, Ca

    The SALT and The LIGHT; a Story of JOB. We must TELL it.

  • Tracey Williams Columbus,ga

    I am asking for a pledge for our 1st annual sickle cell awareness fund raiser..it will be held on September 13,2014 at flat rock park in columbus ga...the organization is the knee draggaz motorcycle club. Thanks in advance

  • Brigitte Haller Port Huron Michigan

    Thank you so much Man of The Lord. I'm a woman of God, I Just want to thank you for blessing me, by accepting my book " How Can I Take It" at the Women's Empowerment Expo in Detroit on July 12 2014, You said someone would be blessed on that day. I was the one you blessed. I left there feeling so much better than when I came. I know this will not be the last I hear from you. May The Lord Bless and keep you, once again thank you very much for making my day God Bless You.

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