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I just wanted to let you know that I have a new email system.  This will serve you much better and get emails out to you very quickly.

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  • Logan Isom Johnson CIty TN 37604

    Dear Tyler Perry, My name is Logan Isom I'm 15 years old and I would like to talk to you about and important event that's going on with my life and I'm not asking for a handout but today I wanted to talk to you I'm not going to lie to you sir there are things in my life that I have done that I'm not proud of but I would like to explain my story to you to start with I live in Johnson City and i have a younger brother and a mother that is a single parent and she has been that way since I was born but Mr.Perry my mother has went through a lot in her life she has been through cancer twice and I'm so tired of seeing her struggle everyday and i just don't know what to do I pray to god everyday but I don't feel like he is hearing me and another struggle that I'm really worried about is our house because to be honest out houses foundation is caving in all over the house and we don't know what to do and I try my best to help the situation but I don't feel like that's enough and that's where It makes me feel less of a man because everyday I'm having to see my mom go a whole week without eating to just make sure that we get fed or seeing her cry over a bill or hearing bad news about out house and I just don't know what to do and that's where I was wanting to ask you if there is anything that you can do to help even if it's just a step by step process I'm just so tired of seeing my brother struggle since we were little to help everyone else out but when it comes to her needing help she can't get it and it makes me cry everyday but I try my best not to show it but I'm lot asking for anything but only to keep us in ur prayers cause I don't know what we will do cause we might become homeless if the foundation becomes anymore worse just pray for us and that I you for your time Mr.Perry Sincerely, Logan Isom

  • Edwine Delva Miami, Fl

    Hey mr. Tyler Perry, how are you doing today? You've been a great inspiration in my life. Your movies changed my life. If it wasn't for god I wouldn't be here today. I have a great movie idea, I want to share it because I believe it would make a difference in everyone lives, it will teach people to think twice before making the worst mistakes in their lives.

  • Richard clark Houston, TX 77088

    I have a movie idea that has never been done before, i need to talk to somebody

  • Justin Smith

    Good evening, My name is Justin Smith and I am the youngest of 12 kids. I just graduated Crete-Monee High School with about a 3.3 Cumulative GPA, and I love your movies/plays. I am a saxophonist and I play at my church (Family Christian Center) as well as other churches. I am looking to be a business major with minors in music performance and/or criminal justice. My love for the arts is strong. I am seeking help to pay for tuition and room and board. If you can help me out in anyway that would be greatly appreciated. I am looking for any scholarships, grants or monies you may have to offer me. I will be attending Governors State University this fall semester of 2014 and would love to stay on Campus. Please contact me if you will. Thanks and God Bless, Justin D. Smith Home phone cell Phone

  • toya ga

    I Just wanted to show love and say I love all of your shows and movies. Now for you people with all these sad stories. If Tyler helped everyone that had a sad story he would be just as poor as you guys. I'm struggling too but instead of begging for handouts I am working a job while researching how I can audition for one of his shows. You have to work for what u want its not going to fall in your lap. Come on Blk ppl. Y'all have some nerves.

  • Chantel Calderon

    Mr. Tyler Perry... I have seen on the news how many people you have helped and I am famiar with your struggles to get where you are today. My daughter and I need your help. I am a 26 year old mother of a beautiful 2 year old girl named Gia. I just graduated Touro college on June 10, 2014 with an associates degree in art, I work full time in the city, and I just moved into a beautiful two bedroom apartment in the Bronx. I live there with my daughters father. Tonight he beat me up again. The bruises on my face and body are nothing compared to the bruises you cannot see. I am no Addict nor do I party. I work and study very hard to provide a better life for Gia and I. He pays the rent and without him I have no where to call home. No family to turn to and not wanting to become another statistic I humbly ask for your assistance. I am not looking for any handouts. I am simply looking for guidance. I am hoping that with your connections you can help me get an income based apartment. I can't stay here anymore he's really going to hurt me and I am afraid. Normally I would never do something as drastic as this but Iam not ashamed to put my pride aside and ask for help if I need it. Please help me. The shelters in NYC are really bad and I don't want to put her through that. I hope That you can help. Your fan and supporter Chantel.

  • Rev Lonnie D. Newman III 9406 S. Perry Ave Chicago, IL 60620

    Dear Mr. Perry Christian STEM Scholars Academy opened its doors on Sept 3, 2013 in the Princeton Park Community providing children and parents the unique opportunity to enrich young lives, nurture the minds and spirits of children...and so much more. As you may know, many schools in the Washington Heights, Princeton Park, and Fernwood area have closed down, leaving our families with little option for a good education for their children. Parents, community leaders, alumni and friends have come together to raise funds to help underwrite our budget so that we may continue to provide our excellent service and programs. We have set a short-term budget of $250,000 with a long term goal of 500,000. Parents will be making a significant contribution to this goal through pending tuition increases and ongoing fundraising efforts. We need your help to turn this plan into reality. Please join our parents, friends, and supporters by sending your contribution to Christian STEM Scholars Academy, and help us to continue to provide an excellent education through SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, AND MATH to our students. All DONATIONS are TAX DEDUCTIBLE and will be designated to keep Christian STEM Scholars Academy operational and restricted for that sole purpose! Please contact us via email, mail, or phone. Thank you for your time in advance. Phone, , 9406 S. Perry Ave Chicago, IL 60620 Address. Sincerely, Rev. Lonnie D. Newman III President

  • shiela gibson United States

    Hello your an awesome man...I'm reaching out today to see if you can help this family out any kind of way....I would like for you to read the story for your @ tweet. .@ my facebook has well or Nikki Joiner Seller..or @fundme.com Sandy...Thanks so much for taking the time to read this. ..Have a wonderful and bless day...

  • Kenny Paterson , NJ

    Hello Mr.Perry ,my name is Kentaya Whitaker , I'm 17 , African American female , I have to inform you that I'm g** , I love girls . I grew up kinda hard , getting raped , abused , dyfs , and a lot of other things a child should not want to go through . My mom is an alcoholic and abuse it a lot. I honestly hate my life , but at times I enjoy the good things that come my way. I was born in Paterson NJ and raises in Newark Nj. Growing up in the hood with just noodles to nibble on and seven other siblings to look after. My mom has 8 children and I'm the oldest. Sadly to say she is only 35 years old. My life story can go on and on , all I want is a chance to be heard. I want people to know my story and understand that everybody go through things rather it's bad or good. It's life

  • Tiani snailville, Georgia

    Hello Mr. Tyler Perry, my name is Tiani Dunn and I am a 15 year old actress in Atlanta, Georgia. My love for acting begin when I was very little. When I was growing up my elementary nor middle school had a drama team or club, so I started my acting just last year. I've done many monologues one including "spoon river." I've done a one act and a fable fest. And just this March I played a role as an orphan named Kate in Annie. I have emailed you today in questioning of your latest auditions in Atlanta. Thank you ~ Tiani Dunn

  • Xavier Freeman Monroe,La

    Hey , My Name Is Xavier and I'm Just A Young Black 15 Year Old With A Bright Idea For Black Male Teens and Adults That Grows Up In Poverty Like Me .... It's A Great Idea . I Promise

  • John Haller Houston

    Dear Mr Perry my name is John Haller and I am interested in acting and possibly becoming one of the worlds break out actors . The reason that I reached out to you is because I feel that you have the power to at least give me a good shot on fulfilling my dreams. Just to give you a run down I'm 32 years old I'm married to my beautiful wife Wendi who I love with all my heart we have 2 kids a 6 year old name Da'jon and just recently welcomed another child into this world named Ja'cion. So that's my family now I do have a job I work for the post office an my wife is in oil an gas so you see Mr Perry I am kinda living a American dream it's just not my American dream I feel that there is more to give in this world. I also know the road is not easy but I'm a hard worker and a believer so if you could send me some kind of response to let me know what do I have to do I would Appriciate it very much hope to here from you soon 'm 5'9 fit bald head Carmel complextion just incase cast directors need to know

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