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My new Email system

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I have a new email system.  This will serve you much better and get emails out to you very quickly.

Please, if you would, take a moment to update your information so you don't miss out on future emails by clicking the link below.


Talk soon,


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  • harris United States

    Though darkness may fall there will still be a faith of light so why walk as if you can't see???I know you don't trust god so of course you will stump your toe in darkness but those of that who follow the faint light will be amazed at the ability to walk blind in a room full of wild lions #poetryforgod just a little something

  • Daniel Leeds, England

    I am writing to you because I tried with an offer of $800 to get an actress to do 1 days work on my project and no greedy talent agent accepted and I really haven't the budget for The Power of Dreams to pay 5 and 6 times more, if I could I'd pay 1000's to get a famous actress as the lead, That is why I thought of bringing my independent project to you, I had a director I was working with but he kept on not paying the lead in time and he was slow in so many ways on getting things done so I had to s*** him, leaving me still an unknown screenwriter and casting director who is unknown to production crews over the USA and while I still build my contacts I have a long way to go to be known in this industry. I hope you'll listen to the concept on my project: The Power of Dreams centers on 18 year old Alegra Cruise, she is a Catholic girl from Decatur, Alabama who has an extraordinary dream the night before she starts at North Alabama University and she is lucky enough to pass for about 13/14 so gets mistaken for a high schooler all the time. She is now graduated high school and is heading to NAU to spend her next 4 years and gain BTEC's and Degrees. She is joined there by her rebellious best friend Daisy who is like the complete opposite of Alegra. Madison, captain of the cheerleading squad gets to look after Alegra’s and influences her to tryout for the squad but Alegra is very doubtful on how controversial it could get. Madison witnesses an accident and when she tells Alegra about it, she admits to dreaming the exact incident the night before. Daisy feels this could be rather useful in the prospect of gaining popularity at the biggest state university but Alegra feels it was just a fluke and nothing worth exploring further. Daisy tries to get Alegra interested in Netball as she had a bit of talent in it in high school but Alegra has made her mind up that she is going to tryouts and make the cheerleading squad. Alegra announces that she was in the Miss Alabama’s outstanding teen pageant over the summer and Madison is surprised Alegra didn’t win. I hope we can talk more. Best Regards Daniel Staley-Myers DSM Productions Sent from my iPad

  • Nathan Houser Mi. 48093

    Hello Tyler, I am an great actor from Michigan and would love to work with you in film one day, some of my work is The Forever People Film, you can watch on Facebook, about 13 minutes!! Keep hitting those home runs in film!!!!

    • Ivory J. Taylor Atlanta, Gerogia #2188804

      Hello there nathan. I see your interested in working with tyler perry. Exactly where is the link to this movie that you produced. I would like to see it on facebook.

  • Leah Jones Cincinnati,oh

    Dear Tyler Perry, I am a 30 year old single mother of 2 out of Cincinnati, Ohio who just recently got engaged on Mother's Day. After several failed relationships with 2 resulting in children I honestly did not believe that I would ever find true love, let alone someone to spend the rest of my life with until Evan walked into my life. After being asked out a few times and me blowing him off I finally said yes, and I must say that was one of the best decisions of my life. I have been blessed with such a loving, giving, selfless, God fearing man who not only loves me but accepts my children as his own, as I did with his children.Now as you know many of us have dreamed about our perfect wedding since childhood, and we want that special day nothing short of amazing. I have always envisioned a beautiful elegant wedding and now the time has come where I get to plan it, but the reality of it is that our finances are limited, with him being the only one currently working. I'm asking if there is anyway that you can help make my dream wedding come true as we blend our families and become one I would be forever grateful. Our wedding date is set for 6/17/17! May God Bless you in all you do, thank you for your time and consideration! Leah Jones (The link below is the proposal video)

  • Glenda Albany, Georgia

    Hi Mr. Perry, I love everything you do the plays ,movies and especially The Haves and Have Nots- If Loving you is Wrong. Please let lucion and Natlie get married and be happy and please let Lucion bring Eddie and the rest of them down. Mr. Perry I don't know if you help strangers but I am a 60 year old black female this is in trouble financial trouble. Mr. perry If you could just sparea 100.000.00 thousand dollars to help me out of this h*** I would appreciate it. If not the 100.000.00 anything because right now I have nothing.

  • Shar o Wisconsin

    I just read about your start in life with taking all your money and doing a play and for years you did it and never gave up. Thank you for your example. My son is a pastor and doing a startup Church in Ohio and is struggling to get it going financially. has six children and hasn't given up either. He puts all his faith in God and knows that God will help. Again thank you it gives us hope.

  • Audrey Kentucky

    Forgive me, for not doing my spell check words demo, and from thanks!

  • Audrey Kentucky

    Praise the Lord! How are you doing? tyler fine I hope, I need some advice on how to get started acting, movies, singing, plays, etc... African American, female Anointed Appointed by God! People always tease me, calling me madea, saying I look like you my glasses, hair, eyes etc.. Hopefully I can land a roll playing your sister, LOL. I was touched by your " gifts of helps" for many people and how you blessed Bishop Paul Morton, When you got blessed you didn't forget the man whom put change in your pocket. So tyler you pocket him because of the change in your life. God has gifted me with a voice to sing his praises, some say sound like Shirley ceasar, candi staton, pretty much can mimic most artist. My passion Children ministry seven years, prison ministry thirty five years present, Recording Artist, song writer, did a dem in Nashville years ago. Training Instructor for the Transit Company/ Coach Operator. I would love to talk with you in person if all possible, dinner, fare on me. Thanks! Hope to hear form you soon!

  • Domineik Blanton Natchez Ms

    Hi Mr.Tyler Perry I Really Want To Be On One Of Your Plays. Im 19 I Love to Sing And Dance Act Sometimes Please email me soon Thank You

  • Tonya campbell Texas

    I heard your commencement for the gradates at University of Tuskegee. Beautiful and inspiring. I have one question for you...why aren't you running for president? We need you to lead this country.

  • Tyra Bonner Norcross, GA

    My daughter has wanted to be a writer since she was 8 she is now in her 10th grade year and now says she no longer wants to write. I am looking for help, a mentor, ideas to get her love of writing back. I thank you in advance for any and all help.

  • Lakiah B. Pittsburgh PA

    I need to talk to you when you get a free min. I just need some advice, I'm loss and confused. I have faith that the Lord will touch your heart to get back to me. Thanks☺

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