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Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I have a new email system.  This will serve you much better and get emails out to you very quickly.

Please, if you would, take a moment to update your information so you don't miss out on future emails by clicking the link below.


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  • Sade Florida

    I just had an idea I wanted to share. I don't know if this will be read quickly or slowly, I want to post that idea here, but, at the same time I don't want another person to take it away. I hope you get to this post or at least see it. I want to tell you this idea of mine if you want to know. You're the only one I know who writes plays and stories and this is the only way I know to contact you. Sincerely, Sade T. Anderson

  • Kathryn Cumming, GA

    Hello, Please call me as soon as you get a chance. Thank you, Kathy

  • franchot woods United States

    Dear Tyler perry I'm just writing you to let you know that your movies are a inspiration to all the urban communities you know I sit up and listen at how you talk about how you were homeless and didn't have anything and look at how God has blessed you now I'm not gone be long with what I have to say my life has took a dramatic change I use to live the street life it caused me prison time came home and ended up going back but I decided to change my life back in December I had stated working at a car lot that my cousin owned and I ended up becoming the #1 salesman there then back on June 3rd my life took a whole 360 degree turn my cousin that owned the car lot he believed more in me than I did and he told me if I would leave them streets alone he would make me successful and he was doing just that then on June 3rd he passed away so then I felt like I was left alone that was my source of income and it gets hard out here but I still haven't went back to them streets and I'm not going to but I don't have nowhere to turn but to god Thank you for listening and god bless you....

  • Valeria B Selma NC

    Here's a good idea, for love thy neighbor, adding Madea into a few episodes. In Madea gets a job the play, Hattie seemed to know Madea. My son and I think that would be a hilarious episode to watch. Please reply back.

  • loreen ATL - S.F. BAY AREA

    Hi Tyler, I am communicating to you and others about a play running in SF at the BRAVA Theater. It is called "love Balm For My Spirit Child" Based on real testimonies of Bay Area Mothers who have lost their sons because of systemic violence. If you know someone who could go see this play which is in its second and final at BRAVA. You may find yourself wondering how you could play apart in reaching larger audiences. I also sent email to Oprah as well regarding this profound piece of work. I nor the creator of this work my daughter Arielle Julia Brown will receive no compensation for this run. Our desire is for others to have the experience and possible healing through this artful piece of work. God Bless 7/18-20/14. Loreen Booker Brown- for AriellejJuliaBrown,Playwright

  • Nikkia Booth Bowie, Md

    Good Afternoon Mr. Perry, My name is Nikkia Booth mother of Chase Maison Booth. He is currently 2 years old, and we reside in the Bowie, Md. area. He is a finalist in the Internationals Sunburst Beauty Pageant and Baby Contest, which is being held Friday, August 1 and Saturday, August 2 2014, located at the Hilton Atlanta Airport, 1031 Virginia Ave, Atlanta, GA 30354. I diligently am trying to get my son into the modeling/acting market, but am experiencing a very hard time doing so. I am a true fan and supporter of you; in fact one of my favorite movies is Madea’s Family Reunion. You are highly respected African American in the industry, and I adore the way that you reach out and give back to others. Therefore, I humbly request your presence at this event, if your schedule permits. I certainly respect and understand how valuable your time is, however it would mean a great deal to me if you or someone from your staff are able to come out for a short period of time to see him it would be truly appreciated. I have experienced difficulty in trying to break into this market, which is why I submit this appeal to you. I have worked so very hard to get him to this point and your input would be invaluable to me and the many individuals who have supported him up to this point. He will be competing in several various categories and the times are listed below. I thank you in advance for taking the time to consider my humble request. With Gratitude, Nikkia LaMour Booth - August 1 Swimwear: 2-4yr old boys: 9:45am Day care: 2-4 yr old boys: 1:45pm Saturday-August 2 Formal Wear: 2-4 year old boys 4:00pm

  • Terene White Chicago Illinois

    Hello I know everyone ask you for help and if you could you would try to help everybody I'm also asking for your help I started a fundraiser my goal is 15,000 dollars will you please support it www.gofundme.com/bcwv1w it's for a really good cause Thank you for your support

  • Lillian jones marion ohio

    I am sending this email because i am a single mother of 5 and im starting over, i have bn clean from cocain one year and six months,i have a past criminal recors and its hard to find work in my area, in a low income apartment with my son who is 20,i would love nothing more to b able to put my kids in a house and i am asking for ur help plz.Thank u Lillian

  • lisa USA

    lol........ You ppls crack me up Do you really think Tyler will help any of you. He only helps if the media knows he helps. Forget about it.

  • Sharon S. Minneapolis, MN

    Mr. Perry, I'm so delighted and so very thankful to God for blessing you with skills and talent that you have. Your movies and plays depict the TRUTH; truth's that are mostly kept behind closed doors. I'm an aspiring writer and a faithful dreamer (oh, and a hopeless romantic) :) I can remember the very first time I viewed you on television. You were in a personal interview on the Oprah Winfrey show. I was so inspired to get an inside scoop as to who you are, what you represent and your continuous fight to be exactly who you are. Against all odds, you have managed to make it to the very top as a black man; a very humble man at that. Your movies not only touch millions of people through your powerful messages, the movies and plays are quality in nature. You are truly a blessing to many, especially someone like me. I'm that black woman who has experienced a lot of what you write about. The behind the scene pain, struggle, anger, temptations and abuse. You and your work has enabled me to pull myself away from many of these negative things - THANK YOU so very much. Mr. Perry, I have always told my friends and family that I will one day have the opportunity to stand in your light by meeting you. I'm going to have faith that it will happen. I think you may also find value in my life story. I hope to hear from you... God Bless!

  • shalise benjamin Sacramento CA

    My name is Shalise Benjamin and I am a recent graduate from FIDM San Francisco, (Fashion Institute Design Merchandise). I am looking for an opportunity to shadow you, “A day in the life of Tyler Perry”. I admire your passion to motivate and empower young women and men across the world to follow their dreams. I watch all of your productions and I must say it inspires me to reach out and take a chance Mr. Perry it would be an honor to be able to shadow you as a successful African American entrepreneur who has branded himself to success. I am an aspiring entrepreneur with many interest; fashion/entertainment industry, public relations, event planning, management, and much more. I am currently interning with a PR company called Glass House Communication gaining experience in PR, Brand management, Mobile Marketing, and so much more. Though I have many dreams and goals, I am proud to say I have accomplished one of my biggest goals, graduating college. I am a first-generation college student and graduate. I dedicated myself to breaking the family cycle of not pushing forward with dreams and life goals, which has existed for many generations. Now I am able to inspire my family and those around me, that a college degree is attainable through perseverance and determination. As a child, I dreamed of becoming successful and I knew finishing school was the first way I could make this dream a reality. Between graduating high school and attending college, I got pregnant and though many believed my dreams would come to a halt; however I pushed forward and allowed my son to motivate me even more to have a successful life. After having my healthy baby boy, I returned to school and 12 months later I completed my A.A degree in Merchandise Marketing and now I am pursing my career. I have big dreams that may seem impossible, but with my determination, I plan to go far in my career goals and dreams. I have had extensive schooling in subjects such as trend forecasting, retail marketing, business operations, and management techniques. In my future success, I want to give back to my community and mentor for the youth; encouraging them that knowledge is power and in the words of Paul Brandt, “Don't tell me the sky's the limit when there are footprints on the moon.” I want to be a positive influence, helping create a better tomorrow. I understand that I will be faced with many more challenges and even some road blocks but I am willing to endure and overcome these obstacles for both my family and myself. I believe shadowing you, a person who has experienced many adversities and was able to successfully overcome them, would give me great insight and experience. To some people I may be doing the impossible, but I have faith and I believe that if I continue to apply myself to the vision I have, my dreams will come true. I greatly appreciate your consideration for this grand opportunity! Thankfully,

  • Yolanda United States

    Greetings Mr. Perry I hope this finds you in good spirits and health. I wanted to share something humorous with you. Last night my daughters age 23 & 14 and I went to see an advance screening of The Purge Anarchy. While watching the movie I know we are not supposed to talk we all had a thought how funny it would be if Madea was in the movie. I'm not sure what part of the movie had us thinking this but then I said to them yes, it should be called Madea's Purge. After the movie was over which we thought it was a very good movie we just couldn't get the image of seeing a spoof movie like this with Madea in it. Well I hope you can find the humor in it like we did. I hope maybe one day you would think about doing something like this. I know all your movies deal with some type of message in it so I hope it is no disrespect to you. You have a blessed day and may you keep on doing what you love. Much love from me Yolanda, my daughters Daneicia & Asia.

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