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My new Email system

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I have a new email system.  This will serve you much better and get emails out to you very quickly.

Please, if you would, take a moment to update your information so you don't miss out on future emails by clicking the link below.


Talk soon,


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  • Jude United States

    Hi Tyler, I honestly got on this page to do two things; encourage you and share my problem, but after reading the horde of emails and requests and problems here, I have decided to rather encourage you, pray to God about my problem, and pray for you. I admire you and your stand for God, more so considering the platform you're on (one that blinds most people from seeing the need for God). I was sharing with my wife the other day (after we listened to your point-of-light charge) that it is a lot more work (with a far reaching impact) for someone like you, Tyler, to say something as simple as "God is real" or "Jesus is Lord", than it is for me to preach a salvation message to a congregation of 500 people. The difference is in the platform; the stage. Keep using your enlarged and highly-raised platform to the glory of God, and He'll keep raising you higher. God bless you. I'll pray for you today.

  • rodney United States

    Dear mr. Perry, I have a message from God. First I wanted to say thank u for all u have done to inspire millions of people and lead them to the Lord. I was presented with a message after praying and it could of only came from God. This is an amazing story and trust me I'm not the type to be writing a book or be telling someone about a vision I had. I wasn't a believer in god till I came in his presence. This message was mentioned to be told and I would love to share it with u or someone from your company.

  • Tyler Posada Alabama

    Hi Tyler Perry, My name is Tyler and I recently just saw your post on Facebook for doing the ice challenge in honor of ALS awareness. I just really want to thank you for help getting ALS out there. My grandfather recently lost his battle with ALS a couple years ago and it was really hard to see him go threw it. People would always ask what ALS is and it always blew my mind how people didn't know what it was but then I realized because know one was getting it out to the people so I really thank you and all the other people who are doing this for ALS!! Thanks!, Tyler

  • Omer Markham

    Hello Tyler. The last few years, I've always wanted to be an actor, as being on stage is the one place I find my escape from reality and just be myself. Now, I've written a script of a different underdog story I would love for it to become a reality. May you help me out with advice, tips, or personally help out to make this a dream come true? To be on stage is the one place where I am happy

  • Shannon Avondale, LA

    Hello Tyler, I am a little hesitant to write you after perusing some of the things that people have posted on this site, but I figured, "What the heck! Give it a try." I don't want money, donations, or anything like that. I am a wonderful person. I don't drink or smoke. I love the quietude of home, and I've been teaching middle school for the past 16 years. I'm not after your money. I make my own. I would like a wonderful person with whom I can laugh, share my thoughts, etc. I am a very caring, compromising, and intelligent person. I was educated in New Orleans. Give me a call, and perhaps, we can get better acquainted. Evenings would be better because of my work schedule. I hope to hear from you soon. Goodbye.

  • Greta Wilson port st. luice

    hey, Tyler Perry I was wondering if you had any new acting jobs I want to start acting so maybe let me know.

  • Loretta Chicago Illinois

    I love all your shows.l watch the haves and haves not and love thy neighbors.I LOVE them all. Tyler I just email Oprah can you please contact me Thank you Loretta.

  • Eve London

    Hello Tyler, Today I was all in tears, beaten down by life. I was asking myself why I was so invisible yet I put so much work into things. I was lead to write you a little story about myself. I am original from Nigeria, got married at 19, my ex husband was the one who brought me to london 16 years ago, I have 3 sons for him, My marriage broke down, in September 2013 I moved back to Nigerian to start a new life cos my ex will always tell me that he brought me to London and if I don't want him anymore I should leave, 10 months after my stay in Nigeria, I came back to see the kids cos he dnt want me to take them with me, the taxi dropped me at home and d kids opened the door 10min later my ex came and asked me were I will be staying, in anger I answered him if this is not my house, we started fighting and he called the cops on me, he told them liars and the took my with them and I stayed over the weekend in cell. I came out and was ask not to go back to d house I partly own, at the moment am in my friend house with her 6 children, I was told by the housing that am not allowed social housing because my name is in the house my ex asked me not to enter, my children only come to visit 2 or 3 time during d week for 3 or 4 hours. I was raised to cooks, cleans, make sure the house is ok, and to take care of my man. At the moment I don't have money to go to the lawyers to file for a Divorce d lawyers said I should be looking at £5000-£10,000 pound. I don't want to fight any divorce with him, I just want to be able to see my children, my 9 years old son wants to go with me but I can't take him, I don't have any one to help me? You have to help me please, i don't want to lose my kids, the are all I have left, I don't no why life has been so unfair to me, from the age of 15, I don't no what happiness is, I have tried to be happy but one thing or the other will alway come to take the happiness away. You talked about the point of light, (would you please be that point of light in my life) I don't have the point of light in my life! You talk about believing in yourself, at 37, Tyler, I have lost faith and hope in my life, noting is going right. On shoulder to lean on..... I just think God has forsaking me, he is no longer there to hear my cry...

  • Shawn United States

    Mr. Tyler Perry I'm a college student at SSU in need of you assitance , I'm facing a catastrophe in my life that is centered around the health of my mother....... I'm at wits end and I don't know what to do.

  • Cassandra Roswell, GA.

    Hey Mr. Perry, I hrew up in Chicago, Il. In an historical building that a story line to it I can only think of you to produce it. Please contact me, Thank You in advance

  • Bernice Smith Memphis, TN 38118

    Hi Mr. Perry please contact me. I am needing your help

  • Z United States

    Hi Tyler, will you or your staff contact me. Please

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