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My new Email system

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I have a new email system.  This will serve you much better and get emails out to you very quickly.

Please, if you would, take a moment to update your information so you don't miss out on future emails by clicking the link below.


Talk soon,


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  • Erica johnson georgia

    Hey Mr. Tyler Perry I Just Wanna say Your Work Is outstanding and I would love to be apart of your success I'm going through so much of people trying to take what I barely have its so hard out here especially having a child not working and don't have any support from neither side life is hard I just wish I can be apart of what you do to be a better person life is hard especially when I don't have any transportation please help me out I asking from what I'm going through its hard

  • Shedricka Freeman Anniston A.L.

    Hi Mr.Tyler Perry,I was lead by God to send you this email,can you please call me.

  • Errol Rushing Decatur, Ga

    Hi, my name is Errol Rushing and I want to congratulate you on the wonderful job that you are doing for television. There's not a whole lot going on on tv these days, but rest assure that whenever you bring either plays, movies, or any series out. It's like television is revived again. Keep up the good work peace and blessings.

  • Ruthann Borndes hannibal

    Hi my name is Ruthann....i was told to let you know about doing a "Black" Tarzan!!....thats all i need to say...love you and all your movies and plays

  • Angel Dallas, Texas

    Their is someone pretending to be Tyler Perry. Tell people that he would send them 50,000.00 dollars. And asking to receive money in return.

  • Tisa Grier New York, NY

    51 single black women now in a domestic violence shelter in New York had to be transfer from Atlanta because my abuser found the Domestic violence shelter. I've never been out of work so long and getting ready to lose my storage with my deceased son pictures and I can't breathe. I've been crying so much my eyes are swollen. I need help please. Please save me

  • Emmanuelle Frowner Detroit, MI

    Hello! My name is Emmanuelle Frowner, I'm 18 years old and I'm a 2016 Graduate from Clarenceville High School. All I love to do is Sing, Dance, play piano, and entertain people. I will be moving to Los Angeles, California to attend The American Musical and Dramatic Academy and the Tuition is very high. I have been in a ton of musicals/ plays throughout my highschool years. In March 2014 I participated in The American idol experience at Walt Disney World. It was one of the best experiences of my life, I ended the competition in 2nd place. I also competed in Farmington Idol and won 1st place for the audience vote! Any donations would be great, this has always been my dream school. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunities that I have had so far, and I am so thankful for each contribution, no matter how small. Thank you for taking the time to read this Will you help me follow my dreams?

  • Brittany Charleston, SC

    My name is Brittany Mack. I'm from here in Charleston, SC and I'm just reaching out to people in the community I feel can help make a change and give back to our people. I'm trying to plan an event and I'm hoping to get as many people out as possible as well as volunteers. This is what I'm trying to put in motion. Tell me what you think. Do you think you'll be able to help any? Hope all is well. My name is Brittany Mack and I am w graduate of Burke High School. I was reaching out to you for help with a small project in trying to do. I believe in the empowerment of our youth and our people through positivity! So much negative things are happening right in our community and I wanted to bring peace and positivity through my work. I always wanted to give back to my community and I feel we need it now more than ever. In a few months, I want to host a positive and informative event. Preachers, community leaders, police officers, firemen, lawyers, doctors, etc. This will be led by our very own young African Americans in the community. It's about 5 of us helping but we are trying to move with the power of our own. I know my people have many questions and what better way to ask them. This event will bring peace and fun but will give our people the chance to ask questions. It will show that our young people really do want change because we really do care. Please let me know if you are willing to help or if you can direct me to places and or people where I could get help. Thank you greatly and you have a blessed day! 2 minutes ago

  • Rennay Turner

    I would just love to screem out my pain , can't sing but that's what I do somethings stay in my room and sing to myself , because no one really have the time to listen

  • Averil Carnegie Houston

    Mr prerry myname is above i sam from the Caribbean island st.kittsi had a stroke 3yrs ago i get ssi monthly of $446all am asking of you if you can please asme with$300dlrs am trying to help my friend with lawyer fee thank you sir my address is Averil Carnegie 12451 S rachlin circle Houston tx 77071 thank u either waydir

  • Faye United States

    I was was an addict for years. After a bad relationship where my mate passed away. God gave me my wings. I have stayed clean and am the CSR of Wrigley's XPO. I have remarried, driving a new car, and just moved in a beautiful home. I have some funny stories that would be awesome movies and even plays. Let God search your heart and see won't he tell you we would be a money making team.

  • Tammy Jones-Ferguson Se Washington dc

    Hello Mr. Perry my name is Tammy Jones-Ferguson and I know you my never see this but I was lead to attempt to contact you. My story is your next play I don't know how to get my story to you but I truly don't trust anyone with my story but God who lead me to you.

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