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Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I have a new email system.  This will serve you much better and get emails out to you very quickly.

Please, if you would, take a moment to update your information so you don't miss out on future emails by clicking the link below.


Talk soon,


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  • Suzanne Slack Troy.Ohio 45373

    Hi Tyler! Such a very special young man . I know you are extremely busy,but I must share my hope ,pray,make me hear something that my daughter needs us to hear.if in some way you are feeling my intense pain..and my desperate need to move forward ,but My beautiful 17 old daughter was killed by 2 semis....merging onto the interstate.she was on her way to college. Please its been nine years ago and I am tramizied .I work and stay in my room. I know you are the real thing. Thank God for you. We all hope that our loved ones at ok, will we see them again? Why do some people have more tragedy ? I have had many. Wishing you a great season. Suzanne

  • Gertrude,Margret,Nancy Flint Michigan

    Dear Mr. Perry We are concerned Citizens of Flint Michigan that feel that we have been treated unfairly by our justice system, not just with the water issue but in many areas for example illegal eviction, illegal arrest and trials, false documents and promises from not only our State government, but our City officals as well. We are in need of some help to go see the proper Government entities to handle this situation. We are in need of exposure and financial help to do this. Mr. Perry there is four (4) of us that are wanting to go and speak on this issue. If you could please help us in this matter, we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for taking the time to read this and a reply would be very much appreciated. Sincerely Gertrude Marshall Margret Toure Nancy Burgher Contact Info

  • DaQuohn Owney "Blaine Monteith" (18) Chicago Illinois

    Hi, I dont have such an amazing or empathizing story to tell like the wonderful inspireing comments ive read on this site, their are truly some outstanding people in this world, who have dreams of being a movie star, to have the best cars and clothes and jewlery to better themselves and other. To have there time in the spot light and yeah i would want to feel the same DIFFERENCE is... MY passion for acting is a endless waking need an unbearable feeling that repeat everywhere i go, being able to expand myself, learn about myself, and meet other phenomenal people that i will learn from and take with me for the rest of my life and being able to have that chance, that one in a million chance that you will see and read my messege and truly understand my how i feel about acting. i work twice as hard and if that not enough even harder, im a focused, and i admire all the things you have done and the laughter you blessed me with from your movies lol Im Super Thrilled I get a chance to reach out to you. Sincerely, DaQuohn Owney ps. Thank you.

  • Kaysa Elmi Toronto

    Dear Sir Tyler Perry I'm a Acting and Modeling Drama here in Canada, i want a part of your movies, i have a talent and i can dance as well, please email me back thanks.

  • Joselle Ramos Manhattan new york

    I have a 14 yr old adoptive son who doesnt know hes adopted. He my special boy which i love dearly but ive been lost in how to teach him about his heritage or history. He's half black and half dominican and im puerto rican. I dont want him to go thru life lost and unaware so i ask you how do i help him. I admire your words and feel you are a great role model. Can u help me

  • Esther K VA

    Mr. Perry, I have always admired your work, Inspiration and Encouragement. For a long time I have tried and failed to reach you via mail, but today I found your website and I am asking for your help in making my dreams come true. I have held a script that can be made into a movie for a very long time, to help especially young girls and women all over the World who have lost glimpse of hope. In my Community I work with with women and young girls who have been traumatized either by rape, abuse or even wanting to commit suicide. I volunteer in this homes for girls/women or even Food Banks first and foremost to listen and let them know that someone cares, then I give them hope, encouragement, inspiration and we pray together. My story is about courage, hope even when the going gets tough. Success does not come easy, staying focus, prayer and having faith in the Lord is very important in life, no matter how many hurdles you go through. Resilient is the key to success. Mr Perry, you too went through a rough, tough painful ordeal, and today, we are celebrating your success.Even when hope was dwindling, your faith in the Lord kept you going.The most important aspect in life is to never give up. You don't fail until you stop trying. Today I have the courage of asking for your 10-15 mins of your time to discuss about my Script. I will drive from VA to Atlanta just to meet you. I can send an intro of the script prior to meeting you in person if I had the correct contacts. Please, please help me achieve my dreams today. Blessings, Esther

  • Valarie Clark Roanoke Rapids NC

    You are such a great man with a lot of influences on others. Your life story is amazing and what you do for society is even more. Here's what I'd like you to do for me. My son made a mistake. He was smoking w*** and doing only God knows what else. He met a girl they started living together had a fight the roommates called the cops they told him to leave he left but went back they charged him with misdemeanor breaking and entering. He is a bright young man very smart and still has a future. He thinks his life is over. Could you just email him at the above as a little motivation. I'm sure hearing from someone with your great magnitude would make him gain his confidence back. I love and admire you.

  • Valerie McKenzie

    Mr. Perry, I just want to say "THANK YOU" from the bottom of my heart for caring enough to give the twin girls a nice resting place. I have always admired you and to show this act of kindness leaves me speechless. I do not know the family but I prayed someone would help and you did. GOD bless you!!!

  • Jordan Hall 7103 Racine rd Pleasant Garden, NC

    Mr Perry. I am a young black man trying to make it. All I want to do is what pleases God and what's right by my wife and 5 children. I want to give them the best but can't seem to get out of the debt I'm in. I feel as if it just gets the deeper and deeper the harder I try. I'm not a thug or a wanna be. I'm active in the ministry and trying to bring more souls in. Financially I'm worn out and exhausted! These debts are due to bad decisions in the past and hasty decisions as well. I take ownership of it. But I don't want my family to suffer for it. The bible says you have not because you ask not, and when you ask you ask amiss. I am asking for your help to get out of this h*** I have dug us. I understand if you can't or won't and I appreciate you reading this.. I pray that this message finds you. As I am desperate. My contact is . My email is jhall258@ gmail.com my address is above. Thank you and either way this goes God bless you and I'm still a huge fan. Jordan Hall

  • Jacqueline Williams4 Conyers GA

    Hi Tyler, If you do readthis message is regarding "JT" (Jacqueline Taleshia) need help! Please contact o e-mail. Thank you Her mother

  • M Johns Raleigh, NC

    Okay Tyler, I love first of all and I appreciated you. Keep your head up and continue your journey. I love all the characters, but me like other, you know we Love Love and Love Madea :) Just a few things about yes that "Have and Have Nots" :) Some of the people I talk with would like to know why Jim in jail so long and I would love to see Hannah and Candace and Benny really getting along and bonding soon, too much hatred between Candace and my girl Crystal(Hannah). Point two there is also to much going on between the things with Candace and Jeffrey and that Veronica (that need to be closed out) so that Jeffrey and Candace is free from that situation. Its just a lot going on and something needs to be closed out. Like the thing with Jeffrey and Veronica always having something on Jeffrey and the thing with Benny and David. The re-opening of Oscar is going to be great and whats going to happen with Warrick and Jim, but I hope they be out of jail. I think Benny's friend will take care of Ward if and when he gets out. This is just a few things, that some were saying they would like to see because they are losing interest, I agree, but I am with you which ever way you go: I love the other show as well, If Loving you is wrong" cant wait for the new season to see who got that baby :) Hope you will take the comments as they are and not in a bad way. I still you, lu

  • Whitney lake worth fla

    Hello mr Tyler Perry my name is Whitney and I'm writing you hoping you can write me back I'm 26 years old and I have three children that is disable but my youngest daughter that is two year of age she is very severely brain da image im interested in being part of your show I can sing and I love singing alot God is my everything I can't express how much I'm going through but I really am in need of some advice I have a landlord that is the most nasty mad every he evicting me and m family because we call him all the time to fix broke things in our apartment

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