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Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I have a new email system.  This will serve you much better and get emails out to you very quickly.

Please, if you would, take a moment to update your information so you don't miss out on future emails by clicking the link below.


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  • Ann Brown Philadelphia, PA

    Dear Mr. Tyler Perry I am a huge fan of yours. I seen everyone of your plays, Including your first play ever I Know I've Been Changed After watching your Too Darn Hot Party. I listened to everyone that spoke about you. I'm writing you to see if you're willing to give me an opportunity to show you how talented I am.I just want one audition with you.. Knowing that you are a man that's willing to give people a chance, I'm asking you to give me one.. I promise you, you won't be disappointed.. Thank You Ann Brown PS. Even if you're not willing to give me a chance, I'm glad you took the time out to read this.. You are a very talented Black Man,and I love you for that. God bless you..

  • Vivian Terry Bronx, NY

    Hello Mr. Perry, I have only one question. Why is it necessary for you, to continue to call Black Men, Boys. Thank you, VT

  • Carol Scott Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    I just want to say that the Have and Have Nots is sooo good. I really don't want to see it end, but can't wait until the finale. Thank you Mr. Perry. The next time you're in the Pennsylvania area, please visit our church in Bensalem, PA, Love Fellowship Tabernacle.

  • Williene Jones United States

    Hi Mr. Perry, my mother taught me that close mouth doesn't get fed, I'm a funny lady and would love to be a extra for you....maybe my dream will come true for once.

  • Donna Miami florida

    Hi, Mr. Perry my name is Donna I have a beautiful 14 year old son and my 79 year old mom who lives with me, my mom and I are such super fans of all your shows,moves, plays etc. I think I am in love with your brilliant mind and heart . The type of people you have found as as actors are all gems not one failure , which means your mind and your heart dwells together to make perfection. I am so proud of you, that I wish I could have you as my best friend. Thank you for listening Donna H.

    • Pinkie Doyle Oklahoma City #2079889

      Hi Mr Perry my name is pinkie I'm a super fan of have and have nots .I love all of your shows .I want you to know Im proud of you .you are Truley blessed thank for you talent encouragement .I have daughter that has music talent hopefully when she makes it we will be able to meet you . And she can sing at your next too hot party.God Bless you and your Family

  • kayla United States

    My grandma is 87 years old and her one wish is to have one of your wigs...please this one wish for her can you mail it to me please

  • Aaron Millsap United States

    Hi Mr. Perry I know this is unusual to be asking but I need help the owner of the church where I worshiper won't to sale there church we a young church living what we preach and we need help please help us

  • Sophia Pensylvania

    Hi Mr. Perry, I would like to tell you my story. pray about it and if the Lord lead you to call me then please do so. I am the child of a great God, a living God and I am a testimony of Gods goodness

  • opus krukrubo Nigeria

    Good day Sir. I love your movies Sir,And your stories are inspiring.My name is Opus krukrubo,I am from Nigeria.I own a blog.www.Opustjkwrites.blogspot.com I am an aspiring script writer/poet/novelist. But in my day job,I am a lawyer in the Public service. My blog is essentially a "story blog".I write what I like to call "relatable fiction"on my site.Because I believe that in all genres of fiction,one can always find a situation,character or theme to relate to Story telling is a passion for me.I love it. IMy stories stretch from romance to comedy and even to horror.I would really like the opportunity to offer my services as a creative writer/poet/script writer. IIt has long been my dream to be a part of your organization.Please feel free(if you can spare the time) to check out my site www.opustjkwrites.blogspot.com.by the grace of God, my site is growing. My goal is to one day create a platform for creative writers in my country. There's alot of creativity here. I look forward to hearing from you. GOD BLESS YOU And thank you for your time

  • Janejene Annephonsine Oflonga United States

    Hi Mr.Perry I am jane and I am 9 years old and I've watched a lot of your movies with my mom and I'm in 4th grade and I get really good grades in school so I would like to try out to get a role in one of your movies please and thank you for your time.

  • margaret stuckey mesquite,tx

    I am 71 years old I have a story that happen in my life that I feel would interest you and others that happen some fourty years ago, how would I go about discussing this with you to see if you would be interested in making a movie about this. M.Stuckey

  • Gladys Ewing Hillside illinois

    Mr. Perry Please go to youcaring.com Search Cherrish