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Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I have a new email system.  This will serve you much better and get emails out to you very quickly.

Please, if you would, take a moment to update your information so you don't miss out on future emails by clicking the link below.


Talk soon,


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  • TRACY SMALLS Norcross, GA

    Hello Mr. Perry, my name is Tracy and I am 33 years old. I lost custody of my now 12year old daughter and soon to be 10year old son in Cobb County last year July. I could not afford a lawyer and my ex-husband was able to not only obtain but also maintain an attorney. Mr. Perry I have never neglected, abused, or even cursed at my children they are my world and I have not seen them but once for 3 days since I lost custody. They live in Florida with their father. Though we have joint custody hr will not allow me to talk to the children, have visitation although it is court ordered, and tells me nothing in regards to their life. I don't know what to do..I asking, begging, pleading with you to please help me. I can not afford an attorney to even go back to court and enforce the order that allows me to visitation and communication with my children. My daughter is my first born child and I am dieing without the both of my children knowing they are not in good care with their father whom simply wanted to get out of paying child support. If there is anything you can do, suggest, or advise me on Mr. Perry please contact me. Thank you in advance and I pray to hear from you soon.

  • Elaine mcdew Atlanta,ga

    Hi, mr. Tyler perry my nephew was murdered Tuesday september 23, 2015 while walking to the store on the nw side of Atlanta. 18 year old Kyle Taylor was an awesome kid full of dream and ambition also expecting a baby girl , and his sister had a baby boy the day after he was murdered . Please if it's anything yall can do to help bury my nephew . Hines funeral home in Atlanta ga

  • Kesh Monae Atlanta

    My name is Kesh, I’m a 34 year old caregiver of my 67 year old mother. I’m writing to see if she and I could be the recipient of some complimentary tickets to the “Madea on the Run” play this weekend at the Fox. She suffered a stroke in 2013, and has been in the care of my brother for the past two years. My brother, unfortunately was an innocent fatal bystander in a drive-by down in Florida, this passed Memorial Day. She has since been in Atlanta under my care. I would really love to give her this opportunity to see one of Tyler Perry’s plays live. She LOVES Madea and I would love to see the smile on her face while she enjoys herself at one of Madea’s play. A loving daughter Kesh Monaé

  • Big Chris Las Vegas

    Hello Tyler, I only have one thing to say. Please get rid of Eddie's character on If Loving You Is Wrong. I never have trusted cops anyway, because of the way a cop treated my mom year's ago that sent her to the hospital. Tyler; Eddie really need to be brought to justice. Anybody whose that dirty should not be allowed to live on this earth. I know this is a show for entertainment, but I can no longer watch a person treat other person as if they were an animal. In fact I treat my dog better than the way this so-called cops treat these people on this show. This character has got to go! I know I should not judge anyone or stereotype, but the things that he is doing to his co-workers, and other characters bring tears to my eyes. As a man I re-live every day what happened to my mom, and maybe I need to pray more to get past this. I love all people, especially women, my mother, sisters, aunts, sister-inlaws etc. are precious jewels to me, and i can't stand the thought of anyone disrespecting them.

  • Nayzol Massachuesetts

    Hello, I am a Huge Fun and recently seen your new Play in Hartford, Ct. My question is, Are your to get an App, so that people can never miss a show on Own Channel and always be in tune. I am very excited to see If loving You Is Wrong this next Tuesday. but I can barley afford my cable bill and it sucks there's no way to watch it or catch up on episodes online. Pretty Please Respond to this post.... Thanks! Nayzol :-)

  • daphne causey macon ga

    Hi Mr. Perry I want to know how interview for your plays and movies there is a lot of talent here in macon ga. I am a member Beuahland bible church and there is so much talent there please consider us for your next talent search.

  • Dee Dee Las Vegas

    Dear Tyler, Hey it's me again Dee Dee from Las Vegas! My reason for writing this brief note toady is because I was born and raised in the state of Louisiana; and you were too. I want to know why you have not done enough for that state to help people in poverty stricken towns advance and try to live normal lives. Have you ever took the time and visited Northern Louisiana? There are people in that state that are living in shacks, don't have running water, and during the winter months there is a small town called St. Joseph; that town does not have gas or heating for it's residents because most people can't afford to pay the cost for heating. Several times I have written different state legislators, or should I say people in these big offices, with these big salaries, that suppose to make a big difference; and nothing has been done. You can make a difference. If you just show up and bring Madea with you; I know a change will come. Tyler you don't owe anybody anything; but I know you have a heart. Just look into this matter; and God will keep blessing you. Love Dee Dee!

  • Doris J Earl-Williams Las Vegas

    Hello Tyler, For the past several years you have a web-site inviting the public to come and work with you. Well I have a question? Is Ms. Lorraine the only person that you hired that has a picture? I believe she is a beautiful person, but let some of your other employees shine for a moment. For the past several years you have not shown us any of your employees, except Ms. Lorraine. You want your fans to be honest and tell you what they think, well there it is. We watch the Haves and the Have Nots; with Candace doing her thing; and If Loving You Is Wrong; with all of that drama. But what about your people behind the scenes? They want to be recognized as well. Show us some of your people behind the scenes. I still say you don't have time for the little people,you have your hands full Tyler. When I look at all the comments people are leaving, all of the plays, shows on television, the movies you are writing and producing, when do you have time for people like us who are struggling just to stay on our jobs. My dream was one day to come and work with you Tyler; but now I realize I am in a fantasy land. It's about who you know, and if you already have a little money to begin with. In your heart if you could spread your wings and embrace the entire world I believe you would, but with you becoming such a big and important person, that is really hard to do at this day and time. I would love to see those other people who work for you Tyler; and maybe my wish might come true. Talk to your people about letting us see more than Ms. Lorraine. I LOVE you Tyler! Your #1 fan Doris

  • Robert Holloman Harrisburg Pa

    I am a 36 year old black male. I have overcome many obstacles. I was charged at 18 and again at 23 with the murder of my best friend. At the age of 8 I was molested by a baby sitter. I had two children at the age of 15 to two different women. I then became homeless by 17. I wrote a biography while serving 5 yrs in prison for drugs. I am now a youth advocate, I rehab houses, I obtained my CDL, and in school for electrical wiring. I would be honored to have you read about my life. Guilty Until Proven innocent is the title. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. It is extremely real and heartfelt. GOD Bless

  • Bernice Marion Kings Park NY 11754

    Mr Perry please help me I really don't want to write it on this page even though you say talk to me I have been mistreated in my life I am a 62 year old black female all I ever wanted to do in life was to help people I love people family is everything to me but sometime we can't help them because they try to destroy you he almost dead but I had to pray so I'm asking you to contact me so I can tell you my story God bless please help me.

  • Boney Johannesburg

    I am an Author of a book "A WOMAN WRONGED". I would like to work with you and develop a movie on this novel. Please Mr Perry, respond to my email. This is a good book and will make a great movie. Regards Boney

  • Raven Lowe Euclid Ohio

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