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My new Email system

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I have a new email system.  This will serve you much better and get emails out to you very quickly.

Please, if you would, take a moment to update your information so you don't miss out on future emails by clicking the link below.


Talk soon,


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  • joy morris brooklyn ny

    Hello Mr. Perry I am asking for your help I under going chemo therapy three weeks into it I developed blood clot in the left arm I am not able to work I apply for ssi which takes five months I am asking for help please. Thank you

  • Shaunell Texarkana

    Hello my name is Nelly B I have alot of Gospel Stage Play unique and I know..you will Love them As a Play,A movie...A Book. These are ministry to touch on area every one afraid to talk about. My First Play is Titled as My Past Almost Destroyed My Future. By: Shaunell Bradford Aka Nelly B.. This Play is about 2 Homosexual guy's that use to be Lover in the Past and move away from each other and lost all contact with each other. It has been 5 years from the Time they saw each other And one has became a Pastor and has been married now for 4 years. And the other is a minister in there home town. and has a fiance . When there Past in up connecting One is afraid that all h*** is going to let lose one his past secret is revealed .for no one ever new this. But they both finds out that we all have a past and no past sin is greater than the other.no matter what it is. So all the family involved has a unique Past no one wants to reveal. This PLAY has no Alcohol nor Drug use nor Rape in there Past so it touch on area that everyone needs to hear. Please contact me at not trying to become famous nor rich just trying to make in it through life. By help Gods people know that all sinner have a future. ..my Production company name is Nelly B Production... NellyBMyLifeMYWorld B gmail.com or

  • Goldie Davis Meriden Conn.

    merry Christmas. 2014.

  • john efferson los angeles,ca.

    I written a tv show called "Uguess" you might want to be interested in it. here's my number 1. it will be a one mintue pitch.

  • Lisa United States

    Hi Tyler, I have a friend who dreams to do what you do. He's a Writer, Dreamer, and Entrepreneur. I was wondering if you could send him a personal letter or email on tips to be successful and ways he can one day follow in your foot steps and make his dreams come true? This would be the ultimate gift I could give him for the Holidays. Thank you, Lisa

  • John Chapple Bay Area

    Animated Cartoon with a Powerful Message on www.godfearmovement.com Please Watch!! Call me and lets work!

  • Teresa Turner La Habra CA

    You should make a show about visitors who clean peoples houses with out them knowing it and challenge them the clean more than one room are decorate from their purse or car or truck in a irritating way for the older relative houses or even pay their stacks of bills online for them. white their spouse entertains the owners of the house

  • Ronica Alig Sacramento, Ca

    Hello Mr. Perry, First I would love to say you are an amazing person doing great things. A lot of your movies has made me look at my life's struggles and has inspired me that no matter what "I AM A STRONG WOMAN!" I am writing to seek advice for a dear friend of mine. To me he is very talented but does not know where to start or even how to go about being successful with what GOD has blessed him with. He has written a book and a few screenplays that I have read that I feel he can do great things with and be successful with his talent. I would love to help him find a way to get his book published and his screenplays read. If you could please share some information or advice for a direction he could go that would be great. He has put his book on Amazon and has received some great reviews but he would like to take it further. I would truly love to bless him in helping him do so the way he has blessed me and my kids through my life struggles. Thank you, Ronica Alig

  • Senorita Reimonenq

  • John Chapple Bay Area, CA

    Greetings Mr.Perry, Please take a moment and watch my Animated Cartoon with a Powerful Message. Would love to work with you:) God Bless. www.godfearmovement.com

  • Mattie Rogers St.louis Mo

    Hello Mr.Tyler Perry!!!I would like to ask for a little help.I have started a campaign to get help with funding my dream and vision of my boutique .Please share with your family and friends.www.gofundme.com/c56hzw Dreams Do come true....

  • Monique Adams Baton Rouge, La

    Hi Mr.Perry! I pray that all is well and congrats on your new bundle of joy. I just want to share with you a little bit about the woman who means the absolute most to me, my strength, my hero, my mom! Her name is Karen Doughty and she is an advocate for child sexual abuse being that she was sexually abused herself as a child the first time being at the tender age of 4 years old and several times after that by 4 different perpetrators. Thank God she has been healed and delivered. This topic is such a taboo in our society but she is the light in a dark place, a voice to the voiceless. She is now an empowerment coach and has written 2 books, one entitled Empowered to Uproot the Seed of Abuse and the other is the workbook just to help other people who may be suffering and still being held captive to this harsh reality. We know it's one thing to survive something but it's another to overcome and she is leading the way to overcoming! God turns out misery into our ministry and she is my hero because no matter what life has thrown her way she has managed to get back up and keep pressing but what's most amazing is that Everyday she wakes up she makes it her mission to help someone. Not everyone could carry such a load. One of the things she always tells me is that she just has to meet you... she always says that God will make a way so I figured why not plant the seed and just write on your wall and let God do the rest. Whether this finds you or not I just want the world to know how amazing this woman is. My queen, I love you mom! ~Monique