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Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I have a new email system.  This will serve you much better and get emails out to you very quickly.

Please, if you would, take a moment to update your information so you don't miss out on future emails by clicking the link below.


Talk soon,


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  • LaShawnda Partee Georgia

    Dear Tyler Perry, my last job closed without notice. I have been in the restaurant industry for 25 years and I work very hard. Within the past week I have put in over 50 applications on line. I have went to over 20 restaurants trying to get some work. I worked IHOP restaurant for 16 years and after the restaurant I worked at closed last month without notice and didn't pay my last paycheck, I went back to IHOP on riverdale that only gives me 2 to 3 days a week and overstaffs the servers on the floor and gives me 3 tables to serve and rotate on my shift.So I tried out a new restaurant for evenings to only make 5 dollars on one evening shift because there was no customers tonight. I have faith in God. I trust and believe in his word. I do believe in miracles. I have goals, dreams, I have visions. I can cook, sing, and run a restaurant. If you have some work for me I'm available. I am 41 and have 6 grandbabies. I just want to be the one to set a great example. Can you please read my post and find it your heart to give me a chance. Thank you in advannce. Sincerly a young grandmother who can't fail.

  • Rob Long Island

    Good Evening Mr Perry I would just like to ask for your guides on how can I find foundation to help my brother who was diagnosed quadriplegic Please advise

  • Ibeth New York

    I just saw your video of how you make in life and that never give up year after year.Thank you for the encouragement I was born in Panama and I came to this country at 19 years old.i did not speak English I came to N.J to leave with my aunt and her family in Fort Dix. I have to learn English in a community college for two years before I enter college. It was not easy but I did not give up.i had a dream to become a medical technologists .I have to move to N.Y.because my aunt was send to Germany.i move with my other aunt and enter college in N.Y. I became a medical technologists.i married with my college classmate from Nigeria.We have 3 children two are older now and one is a minor she is 17. We bought a house but my husband did investments with the house and now we going to be forclosure. He wants to move to Nigeria and I will stay behind with my daughter who is going to college in september, I need help I do not want to loose the house.i had two jobs. My husband got two mortgages on the house.i need to pay the small mortgage in order to qualify for a mortgage modification.Can you give me advise financially please.Please help me .I am praying for the Grace of God to help me so I can keep this house.i work all ,.my life .I have never been on welfare.I just need a little help. I am sorry to bother you like this but I do not what else to do.God bless you. Please contact me.

  • Janelle Camille Coutain Alma, Ga

    I have had a bilateral mastectomy and would like to share my story and my journey. Please contact me and thank you.

  • Bishop Brenda Brazzell Cleveland, Ohio

    Dear Mr. Perry my daughter and I was setting here and we said that you need to come up with a play with Madea, Uncle Joe Hattie and Mr. Brown. Be encouraged we love the work that you are doing

  • Victor Weech Longview, TX

    Dear Mr. Perry Have you thought about buying Hastings Entertainment.

  • Donald Hill Jr 313 Linwood St apt B Dayton Oh 45405

    Dear Tyler: "You are awesome and I wish you continuous success with all your ventures you deal with. I am not a professional music producer but my peers say I am a great songwriter. I am a person struggling like many undiscovered writers and I simply seek your input as to whether you feel I should continue doing what I love to do which is writing and recording songs. I remember you telling folks to never give up on your hopes and dreams of doing what you love. I simply seek your feedback from some of my compositions I've written. Thank you for everything you've done for bringing so much sunshine in our homes that is well-needed in a not so great world we live in sometimes. God Bless you and I will continue to support your future endeavors/Respectfully Donald Hill Jr/

  • Linda G Hill Charlotte NC

    Mr Perry,I know that you're a very busy man that's bombarded,by so many talented people wanting to get into acting or some form of entertainment,let me be very clear that isn't the case wuth me.I contacting you,because I'm a new author and I'd like for you to review my new book coming out in two weeks,entitled God's Word Fulfilled Through.Faith.I value your opinion and would greatly appreciate an honest review and pointers from you. Thank you in advance for your valuable time,may you have a blessed afternoon. Linda G.Hill

  • Lewis New york

    Hi Tyler Good day I pray gods blessing will continuously pour down on u am 48 and a single mother of 7 children I am also from the Caribbean am going to be brief this a introduction to my personal story that happen to this family of 8 is consist of abuse, every form of abuse, prison homeless hunger madness acs drugs betrayal but through it all we put our trust in God that one our story will be heard and save others Tyler my request to u is for u is to hear my story and make a life time movie from it everything that happen to this family of 8 is nothing but the naked truth , pls hear my story may god bless and keep u pls reply soon thk u

  • Shata Grayson Holly Grove Arkansas


  • Tyrone Waco Texas

    Just go to YouTube and search (gametossa mr Johnson) and the Mr.Johnson full movie will be right there. Thanks!

  • Tyrone Waco Texas

    Hello Mr.Perry. I'm my city I'm known as the baby Tyler Perry! Lol seriously though I'm not asking for any handouts I'm looking for a partnership. I've put in years of work I write,edit,produce and act in films. My Mr.Johnson movie series that the good lord blessed me to create in my eyes will one day be a huge success. Here is the full movie link enjoy!!

    • Tawanna Jersey #2200416

      Hello Mr Perry, My name is Tawanna Williams I am managing Melissa Grant ( she"s An author and movie writer) the name of her book is tanner's best friend tyler (the book can be purchased at barnes and noble it is a print on demand( also the name of the movie is www.lostsoulsthemovie.com please check it out .. this is movie with no budget... I would Love to have your input thank you( this business is so hard to get into) please help us thank you

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