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Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I have a new email system.  This will serve you much better and get emails out to you very quickly.

Please, if you would, take a moment to update your information so you don't miss out on future emails by clicking the link below.


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  • Earl Lavell Allison Chicago,il

    Hi My Name Is Earl But I will love to be called by my middle name Lavell. I am a 19 years old college student. I looks up to you I always have Evey since I was about 13. At the age of 14 I stared creating my own home movies called "Madea as life goes on" and "why did I say yes?" These films are on youtube. And at the age of 17 i started creating my own tv show called "The Definition Of Life Tv Show" its a online youtube tv show about chicago and the ways people talk and react to things in chicago. I stared,Directed,produced,edited, written, and published all my movies and TV shows I have made.And I'm also a dancer. My dancing name is danceking YB my videos are on YouTube just search the name. I feel like if you can do it all and make it I can do it all and make it. The reason I doing this because Chicago is a bad place to live and I'm trying to make it somewhere so I can take my family out the hood of Chicago and I also do it to get the kids the out the street and start showing there talent. I also have a chicago talent YouTube channel called: LF Production / Supapaid1214 / Lavell Films . this channel is for people that have talent and that likes it to be known and also records the videos and upload them on my YouTube channel. But I am a working progress and I will never give up. I have faith that one day I am going to make it. Many people have gave up on me. I have no friends or really family that supports what I'm doing everybody. People keep telling me I need to just stop wasting time because I not going to get no where but I know God got my back so its nothing I need to worry about. And I know you have my back and I know you will help me make it to my goals or at least get me to the 2nd step. I just really need your help in this because I feel like there's no one else helping but God And myself. Because even though my family don't believe in me I still love them and wants to get them out the hood of Chicago.

    • Earl Lavell Allison #1988457

      My Email:

    • deek atlanta #1988914

      Go get tea bagged

  • Kedric Crawford

    To everyone that see this post go to givefoward.com and type McGhee family fire recovery fund and give them a gift

  • Daniel Oh Huntington, NY

    Mr. Perry- My name is Dan Oh and I'm from a global non-profit organization called International Youth Fellowship (IYF). I'm helping organize a Christian youth summit called IYF World Camp in New York where we provide high school and college students spiritual growth, world culture experiences, group-based activities, high-level performing arts, and insightful keynote speeches called the Leadership Speaker Series. I'm writing this comment to seek a morning of your very valuable time to come and address our estimated 1500 attendees with your words of wisdom and your personal testimony. I believe your messages will change their lives and awake them from isolation and apathy. Lectures like yours are a vital component of our program. We also have UNICEF USA CEO Caryl Stern slated to speak as well as renowned cancer researcher Dr. Edmund Kim. I have openings on August 26 and 27, 2014 (Tuesday & Wednesday), both openings from 9:40-10:40 AM. I realize how tight the timing is, but I am committed to doing whatever it takes for you to feel comfortable about joining IYF as a keynote speaker. Please contact me: or at me 5 minutes to propose this opportunity to you, formally. Your participation would make a lasting impact on our youth and IYF World Camp in New York overall. Thank you very much.

    • Daniel Oh Huntington, NY #1988143

      Dan Oh contact info: , dan dot oh at iyfusa dot org

  • Contrelle Wright Austin Texas

    Hi name Contrelle Wright. I am a 24 year old professional boxer and new author of the How To Keep A Man Happy. I am reaching out to you in hope would bring better understanding to women who are desperately tired of running into the wrong men, failing relationships. Or honestly just do not know the type of men they are dealing with. In this book I try to take women on this explicit journey of what it takes to keep a man happy. Simply put, a man wants the same thing a women wants-love. I believe men, especially those of the African American descent, are not what they used to be 50-60 years ago. Back then there was a little more structure in the home where there ma been both parents. Now there is not that much structure; most fathers are not around. Conversely, women sometimes do not know their own value. I have seen that a lot of people are impressed by money, but I have learned that not all money is good money. Men would mistakenly betray their own character to please a lady; they would sell drugs, wear their pants off their behind, and hang out on the streets because women have lead them to believe things of this nature are attractive. I aspire for my book to address topics similar to Steve Harvey’s Think Like A Man, Act Like A Lady, but I am hoping to target younger people. I am a Chicago native, but recently moved to Austin, TX with my beautiful lady and son. I grew up with a single mother of 5. Growing up, I lived in shelter homes, the projects, and on section 8. Through it all, my mother was awesome and did the best she could. I went to a Catholic school and graduated with a 3.5 G.P.A out of high school. Though I had been boxing since I was 7 years old, with a record 90 fights 7 losses 54 knockouts I decided to hang in the streets once I turned 16. This is why I could speak from personal experience that some men do the things that they do on the streets just to impress a woman. I have learned that this is all wrong. I am excited to talk more about my book to you and the public audience and would be forever grateful if you would give me to come speak with you on your show.

  • Keelen Fulton Belleville il

    Hi my name is Keelen Fulton from Cahokia il, I am a young upcoming comedian,actor ,& short film producers I have over 100 comedy skits on my YouTube channel @ TheRichyRolllingShow & I have also produced a short film called Snakes

  • shantal hawkins United States

    Hi Mr perry I just want to help with helping homeless It hurt me see them like that please contact me

  • miss tea

    I REALLY LOVE THE HAVE. AND THE HAVE NOT SHOW .WE ARE TALKING ABOUT IT IN STORES ,Dr. Market,job,wherever people congregate.We are talking about this show.You ended the at such a high point, a killing We think this show is a soap opera,to be played daily at least wily.Jan.6 2015 is that so we love this show,but the streets are talking U will loose many viewers.com or

  • j United States

    Tyler would you contact me please. Please I feel helpless.

  • snowy United States

    Tyler stop fooling these people you don't want to help any of them. You only help when the media knows about it. And come out the closet.

    • carol williams new bern, nc #1989191


  • Beckie U.S.A.

    Dear Mr. Perry, I'm an intercessor & am feeling strongly led to contact you to offer to be a prayer warrior for you. Don't want a thing from you. We have all we need from the Lord. Just want the privilege to pray for your needs. So contact me if you feel led. (and you can ask my husband of 38 yrs. - I don't even tell HIM things people ask me to pray for. I'll never share what you share with me with anyone else) Be blessed.

  • MELISSA United States

    Hi Tyler, I want to ask you if you can cause I know that your are a very busy person. Can you take a look at my play. I started this play and I'm writing more, this one I wanted to start off with and show to people on Facebook. PLEEEEEEASE! I would love to work with you one day to make it come to life whether it's that play or the others. It means a lot to me, cause I am a fan of your work. Thank you so much. God bless. You can go to FB and look up "Bella Satin Secrets". Enjoy!

  • Denise LA

    Tyler Perry I believe that after reading Isaiah, you too are one of God's messengers, saving the remnant! Colored Girls told a story of both sadness and success! All too often 'colored girls' are immediately singled out as stronger than steel and that their feelings don't matter irrespective of their eruptive experiences! I know that you are 100% man who is mighty enough to showcase his softer side! Thank you for informing society that 'colored girls' are human beings who tear, bleed and mourn just like all the rest! However , even though we do like all the rest , we are not like all the rest ! Except for people like you, because we are inimitable , no one would hear us when we cry or rush to bandage our wounds or even sit with us when we sigh!

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