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Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I have a new email system.  This will serve you much better and get emails out to you very quickly.

Please, if you would, take a moment to update your information so you don't miss out on future emails by clicking the link below.


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  • Marion Johnson Kalamazoo,MI 49007

    Mr. Perry: I saw you on the Real. I would like to know if you're going to have Madea to her do Soul Biking???? I do like you movies, they always show how we can be better people. Thank you God Bless

  • Gregory 15152 Prescott CT Waldorf Maryland

    Hi Mr Perry i would like thank you for all the opportunities that you have giving to the young community and old i like to ask you for your help in helping me to find a career in your Tyler Perry Studio. I been trying very hard to become a career orientated person for all my life and no one has giving me the chance to show them i have talent as a black man trying my best to come up in my life and make a better me. My name is Gregory Kent and would appreciate any help you can give me to become all i can be for my family and to my future wife. To Mr Tyler Perry with Lovr and Respect.

  • Carolyn Georgia

    Usually I am very independent and do not ask for help. Reason may be contributed to the lack of the "good samaritan". I realize many need help and we cannot expect for every one that has money to be obligated to help us. I would be grateful to be relieved of all my problems but I request assistance with just one (Medical). Since I lost my job and benefits, dental and vision in particular, I have encountered many challenges. I only request assistance for these services. No money has to come to me, just pay the dentist and the eye doctor. Really need these services. Thanking you in advance, and prayerfully, you will read this and respond.

  • Tykiesha Hicks Texas

    Hi Tyler Perry my name is Tykiesha Hicks I have a beautiful smile. I'm interested in setting something up with u. I live acting and I'm 15 years old. I'm funny and I have a great personality. I would like if u can interview me. I promise u wont be disappointed.

  • Tammy Thomas Stuarts Draft, VA

    I am a public school teacher and I just returned from the local Patriot's Pen essay contest awards ceremony sponsored by the Thomas-Fields VFW Post 7814 in historic Staunton, VA, where one of my students was being honored. While there I heard about the inspiring history of the post, which was started by African American servicemen who served in WWII only to be denied membership in the local VFW upon returning from risking their lives for their country. They handled this disrespect and rejection from their community not with anger or retribution, but by banding together and getting a charter to start their own post. Theirs is a story that deserves to be told!

  • Vanity Winston Milwaukee

    Good morning Tyler Perry my name is vanity winston i have a fresh face and great talent. Am interested in setting something up with u please contact me back... Please u will not be disappointed

  • Monica Jackson Los Angeles, California

    Hello, I love all your TV shows and movies. You're a great actor, producer, and director. I am writing because I know a ministry that is in crisis. They provide shelter and other benefits to ex-addicts, past gangbangers, and the community. They also feed the neighborhood and provide various services. They are on the verge of closing which will shut out a lot of people who need their services. The pastor is a great man and really has a heart for the people and for God. Can you help them? The organization is Love Lifted Me Ministries in Los Angeles, CA. Here is a youtube video on the ministry, it shows what they do for the community.. in advance.Happy New Year and God Bless you and your family!



  • mr boggs Columbus,Ohio

    hello I would like to have a conversation with you. please respond Thank you

  • Tremain Saint Petersburg Florida

    Hello Sir I know your a very busy man. But sir I love acting I can't go a day with out playing like madea for my family lol.. Sir i have been doing this all my life and I pray to God that one day he will send me a breakthrough to be able to work at what I love to do. I love your work with everything that you do I happy how God is blessing you and opening up doors for you I wish you would please open up a door for me.. I won't let you down I'm 21 years old I believe in Jesus Chris.. I just reall want to work with and anything that you would have me to do sir I feel that this is my year for geater and I believe God is gonna use you to help me to pursue my dream on being an actor. I hope you read this and please get back with I really have a good support team which is my family and they believe that is I can work at it I can make it happen with the lord on my side.. I pray that God would let you see this and pleas I left my email up their for you email me.. Sir I just hope you could please bless me with an opportunity I love your work .. I followed you from the house of Paynes to meet the browns and everything else that you done... Again thank you so much sir have a bless on ...

  • Decia South Africa

    Dear Mr Perry You are very inspirational to me, I would love to share my story with you about my life. I've lost all my siblings, parents and grandparents at different times in my life and that leaves me as the only survivor. Each death has a big story behind it. I know I will probably never meet you, but do know that my story can be your next big movie lol. I don't believe in getting things for free in life as I am a hard working teacher that believes in remaining positive no matter what life throws at me. I cry everyday for my loved ones and God sees me through it all. Despite my loss I remain positive and your movies are really wonderful and I can relate to a few of them... My dream is to see my story right under your name... lots of love... Decia

  • frank Duncan Raceland la... hr from New Orleans

    Good evening sir I'm writing a book called MIND OF A HURT MAN THAT CAN BREATHE AGAIN.. Many came and ask if they can use my book in a play. I rather put it good hands.. I'm not finished yet but own all my rights. God bless you

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