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I just wanted to let you know that I have a new email system.  This will serve you much better and get emails out to you very quickly.

Please, if you would, take a moment to update your information so you don't miss out on future emails by clicking the link below.


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  • Shannon

    Hello my name is Shannon. I am the new author of a book Titled "Be Set Free" that I am currently promoting. I am a single mother who survived being held against her will by two men, survivor of homelessness during pregnancy and domestic violence. I have been healed internally from being molested as a child and abandonment from my parents. I have been set free from alcohol, depression, and promiscuous behavior. This book started out as a personal therapy for me but after reading it I decided to write it to bless others. Many people that have read this book instantly felt encouraged after reading the book. This book is based on real life experiences and its very inspirational. I write to encourage many others to be set free from whatever strongholds that prevent them from moving forward. Please share my story with others so that they can Be Set Free. My book is being advertised at the following link: Thank you

  • TSUNAMI tx

    Hello there mr. Perry. I am a 30 yr old transgender and have traveled many places. I have a incredible story as i continue to persevere. I am not trying to get famous or cash n on my misfortune. However no one knows the real and true struggle of a black transgender. I love your movies and i know a strong message can be gained from them. Keep up the good work.

  • sheree Pirtle Jackson tn

    Hello Mr Perry, my name is sheree. If you get a chance to read this before Christmas or whenever. I'm looking for someone to help me out getting my kids something for Christmas. I have 5 kids in my household ranging from the age 9 to 16. Ist hard for me the last couple of years to get things for Christmas. I do work but the money I do have barely be enough bills and food. If you know anyone or if you can help, we will appreciated. Thanks I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

  • rex sanders memphis tn

    Hello Mr,Perry,I would like for you to consider making my book into a movie,the book is called(family ain't s****** is a story about my mother's family that i wrote in my on word's growing up Coldwater Mississppi and then coming to memphis,you can read the book ,it is available on amazon ,thank you and hope you enjoy it.

  • Sirron James Los Angeles, California

    Hi Mr. Tyler Perry I'm a big fan of your movies and plays by the way I'm a 14 year old boy who lives in Los Angeles, California. In a little place called Watts. me and my grandma love all of your plays and movies and we would like to one day be in one of your movies or plays. Hopefully one day we will be in one of your plays or movies.

  • William New York City

    Good morning its 4:44am in New York City I had an idea for a move as many others I see on here. I have no real visuals on myself succeeding in any mainstream realm. I would only like to know what you would think about my movie idea, I saw gone girl last night and I thought that you did a amazing job visualizing this women who had a dissociative connection with reality. and how Ben Affleck well you know ...( no spoilers) I really think I have something here and it would be great if I could give it to somebody who can possibly say that's an amazing idea.

  • Nesyika Bryant Alexandria, Louisiana

    Dear Mr.Perry I'm Nesyika (Nez-Yee-Ka) Bryant But You Can Ca I Am 13 Years Old . I Am Writing A Movie And Like For You To Look At. I'm Trying To Be Like You.I Wanna Come High Like The Stars I'm Also Coming From You I'm Your Biggest Fan To That's Why I Picked You. Could You Please Help Me, A Girl With A Big Dream. I Have two Reasons Why I'm Doing This First This Was My Dream Since I Seen People Who Have Nothing Can Do Something To Change The World And I Love To Act. And Second I I Need To Make A Little Cash My Family Needs Food.

  • Antonio Washington Rockford, Illinois

    Hi Mr. Tyler Perry, I'm a big fan of your work, Especially Madea, Since 2005-06, I was dress up as Madea on Halloween and a tie by Michael Jackson and Madea goes to jail, I've really inspired your work, When you're free and get a chance, please take this time to go on You Tube and type Antonio project take 2, reason is because a good christian friend did my story on June 1st, God spoken to me to do my godly testimony of my story, you see I've been divorced for three years and I've been wiped cleaned out of my stocks, bonds, financial debt total $5,000.00, no health medical,dental benefits, low paying job, low on food, nearly homeless, with no one to turn to, but the story I want you to check out, I will be wearing a red blackhawks cap and t-shirt it's not copyright, it's handmade message, my goal is to meet Lena Dunham from the show Girls because she also inspired me to do this testimony, just like you. Please share this you tube message and spread it to others that will hear it too, Thank you Tyler Perry for your success and have yourself a bless wonderful holiday, Antonio Washington, James 1:3

  • Angela Miami Fl

    Hello Mr.Perry I hope this find you.My name is Angela Perez. I am 25 and live in Miami Florida. I look up to you. I love your story. I would love to meet you. I pray for you and your family everyday. The reason why I am writing you is because you are my only hope of my dream coming true. My mother was told that I have dyslexia. Which is true. I was in special class all my life. To be honest I learned how to read at the age of 21. That's when I gave my life up to Jesus Christ. He told me He wanted me to go back to school. Of course my excuse was I didn't want get picked on in college not knowing how to read. But God. JC told me to pick up the bible and to read to him so I did. Now I stand before you one of the top Medical Assistance and just graduated with my Health care administration. Yay! But again that's not my reason for this. God gave me a vision and I need to sit with you. I can't share it like that. I'm not sure who is reading this. Please help me. This is not a scam. Pray on it he will tell you.God bless you keep fighting the good fight. Love you . Angela Perez Sent from my iPhone

  • beverly smith saint Louis, Mo.

    Hello my name is beverly smith mister perry I'm texting with request for some help for a friend who has given 15 years of her life as a great foster parent starting the age of 49 after working great jobs with children all her life she took on foster parenting now she's 64 and in jeopardy of losing her home she does not have seven to ten thousand dollars to keep her home and continue the payments I am as her friend reaching out to ask for help I have contacted news fox 2 St Louis and Mary Hill and you via voicemail that should return my call I tried to seek help from the community first before reaching abroad but any help would be appreciated I believe that she has helped everyone and she could even me when I had no where to go no where to stay in between going where I needed to go I was able to live with her almost a year I believe that if I had the money I would do it but I cannot do it in and of myself so I'm asking for some assistance and blessing this woman of God because she has no bad record she has no allegations as being a false pretense foster parent she is absolutely a wonderful woman full of humility raise these children they still come back to speak with her and be around her but this is her hour of need and I'm just asking for some help her entire payment of her house is about a hundred and thirty-six thousand dollars the reason I know is because she has expressed it with tears in her eyes and crying on the phone that she can't pay it and has and has requested the asking state to put more children and place however they have not I'm asking for just a miracle not because it's just a Christmas miracle but because of God can do anything miracle please call me if you will or write back if you need any more information or if there's anyone else that's reading this that would like to donate I am trying to find a way to set up a web page for her I have to access the proper channels to do it but I have contacted Fox News Channel 2 in St Louis Missouri please I am asking she's not.

  • Markeisha Hale tanpa, fl 33612

    Hello Mr.Perry My name is markeisha hale I live in Tampa Florida. I am 36 years old, I love all your plays as well as your movie. It is very inspiring and motivating. It helps believe that everything is going on be ok as long as I keep the faith. There's times where I would feel so high spirted and there's times I would feel so down I guess it comes from right when i am like to steps ahead I get pushed back four. It's so hard to keep my head above water.im working every day and I love my job not the best pay but im grateful for what i do have.I hav two twin grandchildren that I love dearly. And all I want is what's best for them. I pray that you read this comment I really need some help. There is more to this I would to chat with you about more I hope and pray that you get this message. God bless you Mr.Perry my email is sir contact me. God bless you and your family thank you for your time.

  • Aline Preptit Howell, nj 07731

    Hello Tyler First of all you are an idol to me and my sons.