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Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I have a new email system.  This will serve you much better and get emails out to you very quickly.

Please, if you would, take a moment to update your information so you don't miss out on future emails by clicking the link below.


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  • Dr. Shellielle S. Youhoing Jonesboro, GA.

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  • Gilbert Bolton Michigan

    Untold black history only you can make happen calls for ALL black Hollywood once you research what I have you will understand the importance of telling this powerful untold truth about our (black) history. Please be the first to respond to this idea before others pick up on it. Only yourself partnering with O can make it the way it needs. A Movie of epic proportions!!

  • Debbie & James Breeden Carrollton, Ga


  • James Breeden Carrollton, Ga


  • Newly published author Charlawesta Norfolk VA

    KEEPING IT REAL Hi Mr. Perry, So happy that I was able to find away to reach you, and just praying that my post will be one of the ones that you personally select to read yourself. Oh, I could go on and on about your many accomplishments just to try to impress on you to do something for a total stranger like me, as I'm quite sure so many others have and will continue to do in the future. And that's not saying that I'm not as equally or even more proud of you then many anonymous others. Its just that I'm mostly proud of you for different reasons than a lot of them. And my heart and motivations for contacting you is on an entirely different level of than theirs. You see I'm proud of you for always being a hard worker; for never letting anybody define who you were or who were going to be in the future; for being a dreamer that wasn't satisfied until his dream became a reality; and not as much for your talent as the fact that you believed in the gifts that God had given you so much that you weren't afraid to share them with the whole world. And my belief that you all people would value a hard worker like me who's trying to bring the message of God, love, and family to the brokenhearted lead me to write to you. I became a first time published author April 8th of this year which is 2014. The name of my book is called THE PRICE OF LIBERTY (Merlynn's Pride). If you look for it it's under the Christian, Romance, Urban, and Fiction genre. It's about people taking themselves through real life struggles with God never to far from their hearts I'm praying that you would consider looking it over because I know in my heart that this is a story that you could use. If so please feel free to send me and address were I can send you a free copy of my book. And I can promise you that the first sentence in my introduction will be enough to have you hooked. Thanks for your time. And also congrats on the new little one, and the best of blessings for my family to yours.

  • Melissa United States

    Mr. Perry, My name is Melissa and I am a Senior at UNC-G, in Greensboro, NC, with an expected graduation date of December 11, 2014. First off, let me say that I am a BIG fan of yours. I love the message that you send in your movies. The reason I am writing to you today is to see if you would be willing to help me out on a school project. I am currently in the course Race, Class and Gender. We have a semester long project to complete consisting of research, community service project and a final report. I chose to complete my project on the Homeless in Guilford County. Did you know that as of January 2014, according to the Partners Ending Homelessness Point in Time Count, 897 unsheltered individuals experience homelessness on any given night, in Guilford County, NC? ( For my community service portion of the project, I am putting together Backpacks for the Homeless, called the Care Pack Project. My goal is to put together 10 backpacks, but I got to thinking, how amazing would it be if I could do more? I have been in conversation with my Professor and co-workers at Partners Ending Homelessness, an organization in Greensboro, NC and they believe that I have the social concern, vision, and ability to organize to go beyond this project. I have created the Guilford Homeless Campaign to be able to help the homeless on a bigger scale. You can visit this page at or my website at www.carepackproject.com. I am contacting local business to see if they would be willing to help in any capacity, whether it be a monetary donation, gifts cards for their establishment, or help in any other capacity. I have had a great response with this thus far and have the support of the Sociology Department at UNC-G. I am also in the making of creating a documentary on the Homeless of North Carolina. It will be awhile before I am able to get started, until I can get a grant or help through Kickstarter. This is not why I contacted you. I am not asking for money or anything of that nature. I admire you as a filmmaker and I wanted to see if you would be willing to give me some advice. What is the best way to get started, once you have the ideas in place? Could you give me some advice on what you do to prepare to create your movies? I know that this is a different scale than what you are used to creating, but any advice would be appreciated. I would appreciate any help that you can provide, because together we can make a difference! Thank you for your time. Melissa Donnell

    • stephanie atlanta #2011985

      Hi Tyler Perry my name stephanie me an my family in need of some help i just had my appendix removed an i am n need of some help with my bills an xmas assitance im really in need of an better place to live but on have the money now

  • Frann Covington, Ga.

    Hello Mr. Perry, I first would like to congratulate you becoming a father. You will be a great father. It is a wonderful experience . My reason for contacting you is for your financial help. I know you get a lot of calls, letters, emails asking for help. My husband and I have a church in Covington,Ga. You can see it on website unitedpraise.webs.com. Our church is in foreclosure. The bank won't finance us because we don't have a big congregation and the few we have are low income people, mentally challenged people but love God. The owner wants 250,000 for it. We worked very hard to stay here. If you could help us get this church financed or buy it and we pay you every month it would be a blessing to us. We have no other place to go worship. Please don't ignore my email. If you can help send me a message back you can or you cannot. This is not a fraud for money. It's a plea for help. It you know the word of pray. Whatever you ask in my name it shall be given in my name. Knock and it shall be open. Mr. Perry on the behalf of my church family, I am asking in Jesus name if you will help our church. I am knocking at your door in the name of Jesus that you can open up your heart for United Praise Christian Center located in Covington, Ga. Apostle Richard Murphy/Pastor. May The Lord continue to bless you.

  • Shanda Long Island ny

    Hello Tyler I am 31 year sexual abuse survivor for the last 23 years I've been able to suppress these memories of violation now not only do I remember but the details are very more detailed down to the smell of his breathe my fear now is I'm possibly suffering from PTSD . During my years of numbing suppression and blocking the pain I've been able to lead a normal life I had great friends and an excellent job for the government as I aged and begin to accept my truth I lose what I worked hard for and I can't control these fear emotions I try to turn back and resurpress those thoughts but I can't I sit here in this dark room asking what to do next the way I feel is there's nothing to live for then I see you and you are my confirmation that there is a god can help me re locate my path he has set as my soul is lost

  • Malik knox Buffalo

    Hello my name is Malik knox I am a college student from Brooklyn New York but I go to school in buffalo I have great business Idea but do not no how to go about can I please have some help trying to figure out how to start a business up from nothing thank you and God bless

  • Sha'Ronda Jackson Ga,30233

    Hello Tyler Perry I have sat & thought about sending you an email for months & finally i just decided to reach out to you; acting has been my passion for as long as i can remember & you have been a huge inspiration to me. I'm ready & willing to take that chance & audition only if I could, me & all my different personalities I really think It would be a great opportunity for me. Not trying to take up much of your time I just thought I should take the initiative & walk out on faith on this one because at the end of the day what is for me IS for me. Thanxx for your time sincerely Sha'Ronda

  • wayne

    I think tyler perry should make a movie with peanut the puppet from youtube

  • Staci Smith Atlanta

    Trying to reach Mr. Tyler Perry, hoping he can help me get my water back on in my home. I have lived without water for a year now. It's starting to drive me crazy. I need help. I'm a single parent. I feel so bad for my kids living in this condition.

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