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My new Email system

Hi Guys,

I just wanted to let you know that I have a new email system.  This will serve you much better and get emails out to you very quickly.

Please, if you would, take a moment to update your information so you don't miss out on future emails by clicking the link below.


Talk soon,


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  • Fallan Herzog Illinois

    Good morning Tyler Perry, How are you today? I do not know if you read your own emails or someone else reads them for you but I guess I will write you until one of the emails gets to you. I am looking to act and express my character. I am currently working as a ER RN but know that this is not my life long position. I love to make people laugh and build there spirit up through my trials and tribulations. I am determined to make it in this cold world regardless of what society has to offer. I adore you, your morals, your movies, your messages, and your character. You are a very strong and inspiring person. I can put on one of your movies and know that this to shall pass. At times I feel abandoned by the Lord or that I am not getting the message but I keep on going. If anyway possible, if you ever have a moment to converse with me. I would greatly appreciate it. I know I am only a fan to you at this time but with a chance I can be more. My number is . I have a lot to share, I just need that one person who is willing to listen to me and understand me as well as someone who can relate. Well I look forward to hearing from soon. I appreciate you taking the time out to read my message this morning and you have a wonderful day. Sincerely, Fallan Herzog

  • Sarah Murrells inlet,s.c.

    Hi, Mr.Perry, I wrote you just a few weeks ago but I cannot find my comment or a reply from you. But I could be doing it wrong or do not know how to do it. I will try to write it again. I was disappointed when on the "have and have nots" that Jim used the crude comments to Maggie. I have always believed that type of language should be at the very least used only in private between two people or not at all. The fact that you are such a spiritual person really did shock me. Be it real life or not, I do not think it was appropriate. Please forgive me for the judgement call. I usually do not ever do that. I have only missed one night of the entire series. I was soo disappointed that you brought the sleazy part into the script. That is exactly why I stopped going to most movies because of vulgar language and displaying sex on the screen which was (never) what "GOD" intended to display sex in this way. You may think that I am prudish when it comes to sex or sexual things but not at all. I have always had a healthy view of sex between two people truly in love. Thank you for allowing me to voice my opinion. I sincerely hope that I did not offend you in any way. If you will, I would appreciate you not putting my email address on line. People are not always appropriate in this world today. If you reply to me, I hope I will be able to find it. Iol But if you do not want to respond that is okay. By the way, I just love "Love Thy Neighbor." GOD bless, Sarzh

  • Symenthia Bryant Colorado Springs, Colorado

    Mr. Perry I am very excited that you are coming to Denver, Colorado but I am a little confused because on your flier it does say that you will be here performing Madea on the run Oct 21st but also it states later in the flier that you will be here October 23-25th. But when my co-worker and I went online it only says October 21st so we are very confused and also when we pulled up your tour dates there is not a listing for Colorado period so we arent sure what to believe but Colorado has been waiting for you a long time and would love to see you (there are a lot of black people in Colorado) We want you to continue to come here but if the dates are conflicting this can cause a problem, and even when I called the axis office they didnt seem to really know for sure so I figured the best way would be to go to the source or who ever actually reads your e-mails as I am sure you dont read them but we would just like to know the actual date/dates you will be here so we can support you, thanks in advance for all that you do and have done. Symenthia

  • Darlene Matthews Newark, N.J.

    Praise The Lord, Tyler Perry. Good morning, and God Bless You. Happy Belated Birthday and may you be blessed with many more to come, and for God to overshower you with nothing but blessings. Listen, Tyler Perry, it is alright to miss your mother singing Happy Birthday, but know that joy comes in the morning, and your mother is with you in the spirit. I miss my mother and father too, in the spirit they are with me. God gives me the strength to keep on moving forward, even when I can see my through, I know at the end of the tunnel there is light. We have to be strength for each other, and encourage each other, God has a great plan for both of our lives, the plans he has for us is to prosper us, not to do us no harm, or do us evil, but to do us good. Good things come to those who wait , patience is a virtue, good is good, and evil is evil. As children of God we are in the light, not in darkness. We are in the world, not of this world. God Bless you, Tyler Perry. Love Always, Darlene.

  • Keith Jackson Jr. Orlando, FL

    Hello, not sure if this will be seen. We are Fully Armored Productions. A christian/spiritual comic book company looking to get our name out there. www.fully-armored.com.

  • Kimberly Kirby Ellenwood, Georgia

    DEAR TYLER, I am an animal advocate. I, along with many, try effortlessly to save Clayton county dogs. Our animal control is HIGH KILL. We could use your help please. Perhaps a commercial or education for children...nip the problem in the behind with educating our children in this High Gang county..or just spreading the word. Would you please help us?

  • Kathy Moncton, New Brunswick

    Hello Mr Perry. My whole family have you at the top of their list for TV shows & movies. You have been a big inspiration to my daughter who has now lived in Carolina's for the past 14 years. I can't even begin to explain how. It is all so overwhelming. It would be truly amazing for her to receive an email of inspiration & support from you with especially with what she is trying to accomplish. Your movies & shows are so with what is going on today but so many people close their eyes. Keep doing what you're doing. It is truly amazing.

  • Monie Jonezy Denver, Colorado

    Hello Mr. Tyler Perry, Well hope all is well with you and your endeavors. As you can imagine your scheduled visit to Denver, CO. has our city buzzing with excitement. We would like to introduce our company and personally welcome you to Denver. MonieJonezy Entertainment is an organization dedicated to providing empowering entertainment and opportunities for families and at-risk youth in the Denver Metro area. The goal of MonieJonezy Entertainment is to adopt a community commitment that will promote encouragement for youth, community empowerment through family entertainment, and reinforce keys to success. We have the support of many local community members. Our successes include selling out 2 different venues, over 800 sold, for our productions “Love Is In Yo Face”, “God Loves me too”, and “A ‘Soulful’ Christmas. Our productions are now available on DVD, including music soundtracks featuring original music written by Denver’s very own Cecily O’Kain and many more. Our base market comes from all walks of life. The primary demographic for one of our productions are middle class Christian families, ages 18 – 45, but each production continues to draw more and more families. The median annual income of our fans base is 27,000-35,000/yr. We have seen a 45% increase in our website traffic over the last few years. Our social media outlets have grown to include over 10,000 followers. We promote an affordable, family-friendly environment, and anyone of any age and background is guaranteed to have a good time. We have teamed up with The Pharaoh Foundation, a non-profit organization, to help cultivate the Arts in our low-income and under-privileged communities. The goal of The Pharaoh Foundation programs to provide families and youth with constructive, empowering, inspiring alternatives to everyday challenges. We understand that to avoid the pitfalls life has to offer, people need to be in an environment that promotes self-awareness and holds individuals to the highest standards of responsibility and respect. This helps to build character and character carries over into confidence, which will lead to our ultimate goal, success. Our purpose is universal; empower families to make positive changes in their lives. We are writing you today to ask you to donate tickets to our organization so that we can attend your Denver show in October. We would like to bring with us a few inspiring actors/actresses that have been casted in our Stage plays and hopefully inspire them to keep pursuing their dreams and hopefully spark a life long love for the Arts. We would like to personally thank you for your inspiration and consideration. We look forward to hearing from you soon. With Gratitude, Team MJE

  • Diane Clory Philadelphia Pa.

    Hi Mr Perry two things I don't know if this web sight is really true but here I go I have written you lots of times since my daughter was two she wasn't talking but I would always put your plays on for her to watch and she tuned in she loves music she's developemental delayed and now she's eleven and she more turned in to she plays and music I could never afford to take her so we wait til it comes out she may have delays and teased by others and over weight eating disorder but she a happy child who loves Praising God no matter what and she love you Tamela and David Mann, Mr Perry you are a blessing to us and the talent God gave you, I also plead to you to please pray for my spiritual mom Rev. Hill her onlychild her son was diagnos with cancer back in November 2014 and it's been very rough he's 34 with a rare cancer people rarely gets, I pray this web site is legit be bless Mr Perry for all the good you have done.

  • angel limas misssouri city texas

    hello my name is angel limas, and i am 12 years old. i am trying to reach you so that you can maybe help me and my family. my uncle is very sick. he has multiple sclerosis and is very very sick. my grandmother is sick as well. we would like to get in a house together and can you please help us out with that? thank you so very much. please we are begging you. and also i would like to be in one of your movies. as far as your house do you think that we could lease one please? thank you again, Mr. Tyler Perry.


    Hello Mr. Perry, My name is Kyle Kirkland and I've been an admirer of your story ever since you started the Madea saga. I actually tried auditioning for some of your work when I was younger (obviously no luck) but today I am contacting you to see if you have any career opportunities available. I currently reside in Atlanta with a degree from St. John's University in New York, yet I've had no luck with job searches from the metro area. I've applied from everything to receptionist to event coordinator... Nothing. So if you could please give any advice, that would be awesome. My e-mail is you and stay blessed.

  • Kiran Syeda Los Angeles, CA

    Dear Tyler, I am one of your biggest fan ever, I have wrote you many many many letters but never had the opportunity to meet you:(. I love everything about you and I wish to meet you one day. I heard you're coming to LA for your show, please please please can I have the opportunity once in a life time to meet you personally????? Trust me you will make my day, month year etc. I drove all the way to Atlanta just to see you but no luck:( I'm leaving my email and contact number and hoping to hear from you, hope you call and say my name :) I heard you never let any one down. :) Stay blessed.

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