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  • Lateefah Sacramento, Ca.

    Mr. Perry, could you please tell the Houston/Brown family to look into 100 percent pure therapeutic grade essential oils that I really believe will help Krissi (Bobbi Kristina). I know a lady whose husband was in a bad accident and he had swelling of the brain and other issues. The doctors could not get the swelling down and she used these oils and was able to bring it all the way down. I really and truly believe Mr. Perry that this can help Krissi. If the family would like to speak to the woman I can put them in touch. Please give them the info ASAP incase they would like to know more. Thank you so much. God bless you!

  • Ben Lewis Durant, Ms

    I write this post to ask a favor Mr. Perry. I am a youth pastor at my church (Durant Missionary Baptist Church). I am also a welding instructor at Holmes Community College. I love working with young people. I enjoy meeting their needs from day to day. There is a problem that has been growing in our young people all around this great country that we live in. They don't have the ability to make good sound decisions about their life. Our African American young people have lost there way. I must admit that we as parents have not been parenting these young people so that they can grow up and become productive citizens. We are doing the same old things and expect a different outcome. I cannot change the world but I am trying to make a difference in my community. As an instructor I talk to students who come to school just to receive a Pell check and drop out one they get it. I put my heart in teaching them skills that will help make there life better not just as welder but a person. We always talk about life lesson that will help with communication people skills. As a youth pastor, I encourage my youth to lead Godly lives but you will make mistakes but its okay because all have sinned and fallen short. I encourage them that their behavior should always line up with what they believe. We have our annual youth conference every year. We try to get people that will inspire and challenge our young people. Here comes the favor. I would like you to come and share with our young people at this year's annual youth conference on April 11, 2015. I know you are a busy person. I realize you are doing a lot great things for us already through movies and television but your presence is needed in Durant, MS 39079. We are a decent size church of about 200 members but I know we don't have the money to afford to pay for your presence. I'm not saying that you are about money but I realize that business is business. I know nothing is free. But would you consider giving us a "WORD". I'm asking for a donation (only your presence in talking to these young African American youth.

  • Erika Tuscaloosa, AL

    Mr. Perry, I am currently an undergraduate at the University of Alabama majoring in Political Science. My passion has always been to help others because I have been so blessed to have such a supporting family. I will be graduating May 2, 2015 and I am still on the look out for jobs in my field. Your story has always inspired me and I was hoping that you had a job opportunity that I could possibly apply for? I want to work with the homeless or those living below the poverty line to help get them back on their feet and have a better outlook on life. If you have any opportunities please respond at your earliest convenience. I just want to be a blessing in someone's life.

  • alfreda w. walker Columbus ga.

    GM...May God continue to bless you and your family. I would like to personally thank you for your contribution to the world. It's a beautiful thing to be able to bring some kind of joy to anyone. Your support to the needed. I have written to you on several occasions. I know you yourself do not read your emails nor comments. I would like to c speak or correspond with some about some life experiences of mines.

  • Michelle Caskey Avondale,Az.

    Hi Tyler hope all is well with you and your family. I am writing on here today because my dad had an accident today in the small town where he lives he had went to the city park to saw up a tree that had fallen down by the sign there and as he was cutting the last of it trimming the branches off to cut it up the tree rolled over and knocked him down and shattered the bone in his leg and he had to be taken 50 mls from his home to a hospital for surgery to have a rod put in his leg . He didn't have to do this job but he likes to help his community stay clean . My dad has insurance but he also has a really high deductible so I am trying to get people donating to help him as a surprise so he is not laying there stressing over the bill because he had just started to heal from a injury to some ribs a week earlier. If anybody reading this would like to help him send it to Darold Blythe C/O Cindy Blythe 204 Ash Ave. Trenton, Ia. 52641 Thank you goal is to reach $9000.00 to cover deductible Have a Blessed day

  • Dee Brown III California

    Hello Mr. Perry, I have three very interesting stories to tell and I believe these stories will help a lot of people out.Im trying to reach out to a few people that I feel will turn these stories into a real Sucess not just for me but for others as well.This is a Dream that I have had for over 5 years. I hope that I get a opportunity to share these stories with you or your team please be a listening ear if you can I have to get this out to the world. Also I am a licensed Cosmetoligist of over 10 years and this is something I have been working on in my spare time.One story is based on a young life bringing a young life in the world. The other story is based on a life of a female life growing up without a father. And the third one is based on a life with a Street Hustler..And I have many more Mr.Perry Thank you for your time. Dee Brown III

  • Lona Fowler Eatonton, GA

    I have an idea for a movie for you. I drive a school bus for Putnam County Georgia. I drive a special needs deaf child from Eatonton GA to the Atlanta Area School for the Deaf every day I have been driving her since she was in kindergarten started out taking her to Macon then here 4years ago. Needless to say we are very attached to each other. I am also a trainer I train people to get their CDL’s to drive a bus. There is A LOT more to it than sitting behind a wheel. The story I would like for you to tell is how the public has NO regard for school busses on neither the road nor the children they are carrying. They story would go something like this… A bus driver carrying a bus load full of children about the third stop, stops to unload a child she watches him cross the road with her stop sign out light flashing and a car fly’s out around her hits the child (the sad part is the child does not survive) the story would show the impact that this has on the driver the remaining children on the bus that witnessed this. It can show the effect that this has on the lives of all involved especially the driver who was helpless had to sit there and watch this happen to the child she has transported for several years then goes through ridicule from the public faces possible charges then is cleared and the family that has lost a child. The mother of the child and the driver teams up to launch a crusade starts follow buses and filming these incidents happening trying to bring public awareness. The reason I’m coming to you with this is because I know you are a christen person who cares deeply for children. People running the stops signs (on both sides of the bus) is a BIG problem all over the country children are die or get seriously hurt by this every day.. You can go on youtube and look up cars running stop signs on busses and see what I mean. I would really like to talk to you or a representative for you on this manner. I am hoping and praying someone gets back to me. People need to open their eyes to this problem. NO child should be afraid to ride a school bus. Thank you for your time, Lona Fowler

  • Kim Clark Los Angeles, CA

    I recall hearing you state that you were thankful to God for giving you a platform where you can glorify Him and express His name. Yet, it seems your projects are starting to turn to everything but godly. Everyone is in the bedroom, including the Christians. All of the women seem to have to do a nude scene, adultery or just a plain old slut. What happened to reaching the masses for good? Being a godly influence. I'm concerned that your projects are looking like the world's, there seems to be no differentiation.

  • willie mae gray baker,Louisiana

    Mr.Perry I am 58 yes old and I stopped watching soap opera's in1990 but now that I have started watching the haves and have nots I am totally sprung I have never contacted any producer or show in my entire life but I fine myself so hooked on this show that it borders on obsession please keep up the good work keep it comin I love the cliffhangers you have such a great Artist I can't wait until the next episode thank you so much for the entertainment love willIe Mae !!!

  • Pat Crawley

    Dear Mr Perry, I was reading your story about your grandma quilt. I remember I was looking at one episode of Family Matter when Laura sold her grandma quilt because she did know the story behind the patches. After she found out she was hurt. But she found the lady and was able to get it back.

  • Chasya Baton Rouge, La

    Dear Mr. Perry, I am posting for prayers and for anyone to repost my husband's Go Fund Me page. He was diagnosed with Lung Cancer..Stage IV....in Oct of 2014 just a few days before his 30th birthday. With Medicaid and Disability pending and me currently being laid off, we are struggling to pay medications and bills are piling up. So, I am asking if any of you out there are able to assist financially, we appreciate it, but just sharing the story would be enough. Thanks and God bless. Gofundme.com/ke45gc

  • Alyssa Media, Pa

    Please make Madea's Tough Love into a TV show.

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